15Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe is by herself a perfect example of an icon who will remain relevant in the minds of people until we decide that entertainment is not something humanity needs to have anymore. We hope we are not around to see that happen, but that is besides the point.


reason why Marilyn Monroe is the perfect example of this is because we didn’t even need to give you a set of background info on her. Everyone knows who this woman was. She was (and will always be) the reference when the subject was (and is) women acting or when somebody tries to find a way to describe what it meant to be a beautiful woman in the 20th century.

Unfortunately, this beautiful woman died at the early age of 36. Yes, it seems that the more talented and impactful a person can be in society, the earlier they are taken away from us. Monroe had yet to finish the filming of a comedy named Something’s Got to Give when she overdosed on barbiturates.

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