15Scabbers Ewww!

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I’m sure everybody remembers that, for seemingly forever, Ron Weasley had a pet rat named Scabbers. Now not only did Ron give his pet rodent a ridiculously disgusting name (C’mon Ron,”Scabbers?” Really???) but he also apparently slept with him for years upon years in the dorms at Hogwarts; or whatever

they call the sleeping arrangements there in each house. That’s pretty nasty. But what’s even nastier is that the entire time Ron had Scabbers, Scabbers was actually the creepy and disgusting Peter Pettigrew, the notorious Wormtail. Even worse, the entire time Peter Pettigrew was cuddling up to Ron, Ron’s brothers knew all about it. That’s right- they must have known and they never said anything to Ron. But Geer, how did they know, you may ask. Because they had the Marauder’s Map for like five years, that’s how. They would have seen Pettigrew on the map with Ron. And we know they used it often.

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