15 Harley Quinn Cosplays You Need To See

We all probably know a person who has completely changed because of a love interest. Some women start to dress in a certain way for their boyfriend, and some men start to distance themselves from their friends for a certain awesome woman. Oftentimes, a person who changes because of a relationship does not change for the better.

A comical example of this is in the DC universe and goes by the name of Harley Quinn. She is the Joker's victim/girlfriend/love interest. Did we say victim? She was a brilliant young doctor in Arkham Asylum, who went by the name Harleen Quinzel—brilliant, athletic, and ambitious. She became interested in the Joker and after finally being able to work with him, fell in love with him; the wrong kind of love. He twisted her from a sharp, talented young scientist to his crazy mistress.

He mistreats her, uses her, and is downright abusive. But still, she sticks around, and on many occasions, we see a slightly different Joker when he is around her. Regardless of the finer details of their phenomenally messed up "relationship," the portrayal of Harley Quinn by Margot Robbie in the 2016 Suicide Squad reminded us of how hot this character can be, and of course, unleashed a ton of painfully gorgeous Harley Quinn cosplays. Whether they dressed up like the version from the comics, the cartoon show, video games, or just did their own take on Robbie's look, these cosplay babes look out-of-this-world as maniacal former-psychiatrists. Here are fifteen unbelievably hot Harley Quinn cosplays that are too sexy to miss.

15 Andy Rae

via thenerdyconartist.com

As we said, there are many different versions of Harley Quinn, including games, comics, the show, and of course, the film. The Suicide Squad Harley allows for showing off the most skin. So, spoiler alert, you'll be seeing a lot more of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn style of costumes. Andy Rae is a stunning young cosplayer from British Columbia, Canada, who has been doing this kind of thing since 2014. We'll go out on a limb here and say she has a knack for it.

On her social media profiles, you can see her dolled up as a ton of other characters, most notably an absurdly sexy Sith, Babydoll (from Sucker Punch), a couple of the gals from Sailor Moon, and tons more. She's an avid gamer and you can also follow her on Twitch.

14 AsherWarr

via asherwarr.deviantart.com

AsherWarr, also known on her Deviant Art page as Alyona, is a Russian cosplay model who has impressive talent in terms of her costumes, and also has no fear of showing off some skin. Her take on Harley Quinn, featuring the hammer as seen in Injustice: Gods Among Us, is so stunning that it made us want more, so we checked out some of her other works. We were impressed at her knowledge of science fiction and the fact that one of her sexiest costumes (also a relatively simple one, involving little more than a long blonde wig, black bikini bottom, and long black boots) is Taarna, from 1981's cult classic, Heavy Metal. If you haven't seen that, your geek level may not be high enough. She's been doing this kind of thing for over five years, and although she doesn't update her page all that frequently, we're still fans.

13 Blossom Of Faelivrin

via pinterest.com

German cosplayer, Blossom of Faelivrin (FaerieBlossom on Deviant Art) has a simple but still beautiful take on the classic Harley Quinn look, opting for the full jumpsuit rather than the skimpier outfit worn in the recent Suicide Squad movie. While this look by itself may not be the sexiest of the Harley Quinn's out there (the more recent ones, including the video games and recent movie), her gorgeous face and body help to make this cosplay unreal. Other amazing costumes featuring this hottie include Rey, Catwoman, Maleficent, and quite a few others, but none of them live up to Harley.

12 Enji Night

via impulsegamer.com

This is another classic Harley Quinn look, and of course, there's that signature hammer again. Enji Night, who hails from Budapest, Hungary, is a widely successful cosplay artist and has been turning heads and dropping jaws for over seven years. When we say she's successful, we mean tons of appearances, and of course, a massive social media following, including almost half a million on Facebook, and over 300,000 on Instagram. She obviously has an unbelievably pretty face, but this shot isn't the best to show off her other outstanding asset. While we'd rather sing the praises of achievements than genetics, sometimes, we need to point out genetic masterpieces, and this cosplay goddess is one of the greatest examples of "tiny waist and big hips/butt" that we've ever seen. No, seriously, J-Lo, Kim Kardashian, and Iggy Azalea have nothing on this one.

11 JinxKittie

via billyfiles.blogspot.com

Based out of Durban, South Africa, Kelsey Atkins, who is better known as JinxKittie, has gorgeous eyes and a stunning body which she can show off perfectly as Suicide Squad Harley. She was inspired to get into cosplaying after making a dress that Daenerys wore on Game of Thrones. This was at the end of 2014 and while there was, by her own admission, a learning curve to making costumes, she's definitely got the hang of it now. Outside the world of cosplay, she works as a web designer.

She, like many of the ladies on our list, makes all her own costumes and stresses the need to get creative even in selecting materials for props and costumes because cosplaying on a budget (as nearly all of them do) can be difficult. The character she wants to cosplay most is Jinx from League of Legends, the inspiration for her alias. But according to a late 2016 interview, she is procrastinating that one. Some of her other amazing outfits include Final Fantasy's Yuna, and a few Pokémon that we feel odd saying look sexy, including Cubone and Gengar.

10 Laura Gilbert

via pinterest.com

While many of the lovely ladies on our list like to dress up as many characters (as many as possible in some cases), Laura Gilbert, otherwise known as the Infamous Harley Quinn of Sydney, Australia, is more of a fan of the "do one thing and do it very, very well" idea. She was noticed a few years ago for bearing a significant resemblance to Margot Robbie, and has been a popular cosplay babe ever since, specializing in the Harley Quinn look. While we'd love to see her dolled up like other characters, we're more than impressed with her take on this one. She has hinted that given her success as Harley, and the fact that she (formerly not very familiar with cosplay) is now an enthusiastic member of the cosplay community, she is in the process of getting some other costumes going, including Catwoman.

9 Veronica Bochi

via nerdimports.com

When most people think of Brazil, a few things may come to mind. For the sports fan, obviously, soccer and mixed martial arts (the sport wouldn't be the same without Brazilian jiu jitsu) come to mind. Party enthusiasts might think of Carnival, the annual festival. Plenty of others still, know Brazil primarily for beautiful people. And we found one who cosplays as Harley Quinn! Veronica Bochi is in her 20's and hasn't been doing this kind of thing for very long and has a relatively small social media following. However, she has all the right assets (gorgeous face and amazing legs) to turn heads anywhere she goes. Other than Harley Quinn, she has a few shots of her zombified on her Facebook page and has an awesome Lady Deadpool look.

8 Luna Lanie

via pinterest.com

Luna Lanie's Harley Quinn cosplay shows off her gorgeous body, but we thought this shot worked because it shows off her unbelievable eyes. She started modeling and cosplaying back in 2014 and has been looking somewhere beyond beautiful in every shot she takes, regardless of who she's dressed up as. Harley Quinn, a few characters from the Final Fantasy games, and Wonder Woman make up just the tip of the iceberg. Even when she's not in costume, she usually seems to be taking pictures, which we love. She plays around with different makeup styles, hairstyles and colors, and plenty of lingerie, and all of it is like something out of our dreams. On her website, one can buy access to her private Instagram. We can't imagine what goes on in there, but it says 18+, which only ever means something awesome.

Luna was at the center of some controversy after MomoCon (Atlanta, Georgia) in 2015, where she says she and other cosplayers were s*xually touched by convention-goers who were not punished for their actions. Basically, cosplay is not an invitation to touch or grope, but the security staff at MomoCon didn't live up to the responsibilities of their job.

7 Mirish

Ever heard of that stereotype that all Swedish women are hot? Well, stereotypes aren't exactly accurate one hundred percent of the time. But in this case, 22-year-old Miranda Hedman (known as Mirish on Deviant Art) is a beautiful and talented Swedish babe. Side by side, these shots are both incredible. But we're preferential to the one on the right, as that devious little smile makes it look like she's about to get into some trouble. Aside from cosplay, at which she is outstanding, in case you haven't noticed, she can also draw, and at plenty of times, she just makes herself look absurdly beautiful and takes some pictures. Among her other topnotch cosplays are Daenerys Targaryen and Poison Ivy. However, sometimes, she's just a girl wearing next to nothing, looking hot in the woods.

6 Jessica Nigri

via pinterest.com

Jessica Nigri is one of the hottest names in cosplay, and doing any cosplay-related article without mentioning her would be heresy. She first came to prominence back in 2009, and has since remained a popular figure in the gaming/sci-fi world. It isn't hard to see why she is so popular, and while her costumes are always impressive, her eyes and other assets are exactly what the convention-going community loves. She has dressed up as just about any sexy female character you can name from almost any franchise. She has even dressed up as some male characters, including Super Mario, who is nowhere near hot, but sometimes, the Goddesses of cosplay work wonders like that.

This costume is from 2013 and looks very similar to the Harley Quinn featured in 2013's video game, Injustice: Gods Among Us.

5 Shermie

Looking pretty much perfect as Arkham City Harley is Brazilian cosplayer Shermie, who has been at it for over six years and has produced some magical looks since she started. Like many of the women in this article, she doesn't need to show off a lot of skin to look outstanding, but we always appreciate it anyway. Her social media accounts document costumes that vary from Elizabeth from BioShock: Infinite, Spider-Gwen, Sailor Moon, and Lara Croft. Those are just a few in a list of many unbelievable looks this wonderful gal has pulled off. We'd be hard-pressed to pick a favorite among these looks, but this Harley Quinn captures the essence of the character (as portrayed in the video games, in slight contrast to the quirky, oddly cute and hilarious Suicide Squad Harley), as she's distractingly pretty, but looks like she has a ton of crazy behind the eyes.

4 SuperMaryFace

via projectnerd.com

Supermaryface is a widely successful YouTuber, with almost half a million followers on her channel, to go with her tens of thousands of Facebook fans, and hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. This stunning Aussie-turned-Mississippian lass built her fan base on YouTube, but has branched out to Twitch, as she is an avid gamer, along with other social media outlets. Along with gaming, she's a great cosplayer, and Harley Quinn is one of her best looks. Among her others are an alternative (tattooed) Snow White, the Suicide Squad Joker, Lara Croft, Clark Kent as a woman, and quite possibly, our favorite, Poison Ivy. She had a child recently. Good for her, of course, but too bad for all those of us who want to see her in awesome new costumes, as she's taken some time off.

3 Anna Faith

via thechive.com

You've likely seen the gorgeous Anna Faith before, but not in this form. She started cosplaying back in 2014, a year after Frozen came out. She received widespread notice for her shockingly natural resemblance to Elsa. For a couple of years after first being discovered, she was primarily known for playing Elsa, and her sister Lexi played Anna. But they have both started to dress up as other characters. Most of their cosplays have been from the Disney universe, including Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Rey, and of course, other franchises including Spider-man and comic book character Lady Death. All of these are absurdly hot and we imagine that Anna Faith could forget to shower and wear a tarp and still be pretty hot. Her take on Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is pretty incredible.

2 Kitty Young

via pinterest.com

Okay, so we should make a distinction here. Do not, by any means, forget the "o" in "Young" if you're ever Googling this gorgeous cosplayer. Kitty Young was an actress in the adult video business. Actually, maybe that is something looking up.

But, back to the matter at hand, Kitty Young, the cosplay artist, is gorgeous, talented, and has been blowing minds and dropping jaws with her gorgeous body, beautiful face, and impressive costumes since 2013. She's dressed up like quite a few characters. But among her greatest are Sailor Mars (the red one), Princess Leia, and a couple of versions of Harley Quinn. For the most part, she sticks to the outfits from the early cartoons and 2011's Arkham City look, which we featured.

1 Heidi Mae

via nerdimports.com

Heidi Mae is not only a cosplayer, but also has a YouTube channel (most of these girls do, and they are worth checking out). She also sings and acts. No matter what she is doing, however, she looks beyond stunning. While she looks incredible regardless of what character she is dressed up as, and has plenty of costumes featured on her magical social media accounts, she's out-of-this-world as a non-costumed model as well. She experiments with all sorts of different looks, hairstyles, and outfits, and the results are always something special. In our humble opinion, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn is an amazing costume idea and this character has never looked more troublingly hot than as this magical cosplay.

Sources: Deviant Art, Facebook, Twitter, Batman Wikia, Instagram, Movie Pilot

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