15 Hardest Video Game Enemies To Beat

As grim as it sounds, there will be no heroes if there are no foes. The struggle between good and evil, light and dark, pure and impure, has been represented on and on throughout the years. It's a battle we've all grown accustomed to and it's definitely something we'll see in TV, books, and video games for years on end.

As early as Space Invaders, players have had to face off against an endless list of enemies already. Without the enemies, what's the point in having to play a game you can win without pushing a single button? Video game enemies come in so many forms; some more cute or terrifying as compared to others. Some are weak, some are strong. Some are just way too difficult to defeat.

At a point in every gamer's life, they've probably come across one video game enemy that's too much to handle. It could be because of overpowered stats, unfair mechanics and so on. We don't hate these enemies though. In fact, we love them for giving us a challenge every now and then. Here are the 15 video game enemies that are just too hard to beat.

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15 Crimson Heads (Resident Evil)

Zombies are scary enough on their own already but Capcom manages to always take it up a notch using the Resident Evil series. In the first entry, players saw a zombie unlike any other. It was also a zombie that wasn't as easy to kill as those seen in the George A. Romero films. Those who've played the first game are probably all too familiar with the Crimson Heads.

As compared to regular zombies, Crimson Heads are faster, stronger and more durable. Once players are hunted down by one, it will continue to do so until it's dead. Regardless of what weapon the player uses, they'll still be needing a ton of ammo to take it down. Partner the Crimson Heads' impressive resume and the narrow hallways of the mansion in Resident Evil and you've got yourself one zombie battle that'll last for a few minutes and could take a few tries.

14 Lynels (Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild)

Nintendo's take on Hyrule in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is nothing short of breathtaking. If it wasn't filled with tough enemies to beat, then we would've enjoyed the view even more. Link's biggest challenge in Breath of the Wild isn't Ganondorf. Those who've played the game can attest that the true toughest enemy in Hyrule is the Lynels.

Lynels are some of the coolest looking enemies introduced in the Legend of Zelda series. These majestic creatures are tough though. Aside from having a lot of HP and attack power, Lynels are also quick. Players will be forced to play dirty with Lynels because they are just so hard to beat. On the bright side, Lynels drop some amazing weapons and equipment when they're beaten so at least players are rewarded with something for the big trouble.

13 Wobbuffet (Pokémon)

For a game with more than 700 creatures to catch, the Pokemon RPG series certainly has a few creatures that are a cut above the rest. At the hands of the perfect trainer, each Pokémon's potential can be drawn out. When facing them in the wild, however, some Pokémon are just rage quits waiting to happen. In the long list of Pokémon in the RPG series, one little blue guy stands out.

You'd expect that the toughest Pokémon to beat is some creature like Arceus, whose the literal god of the Pokémon universe but no. This spot falls to Wobbuffet.

How much trouble could this blob be you ask? Well, aside from having a lot of HP, Wobbuffet's main skill is that it can send back whatever the player's Pokémon throws at it at double the damage. For this guy, using the most powerful moves in a Pokémon's arsenal isn't advised.

12 Cherubs (Doom 3)

The Doom series of games has players fighting through literal demons straight from hell. There's bound to be an enemy that's tough to beat in series, right? The toughest enemy in the Doom series isn't some big muscular monster with horns. Sometimes, the worst evil takes form in small proportions. In the case of Doom 3, the Cherubs gave us nightmares.

The Cherubs in Doom 3 is a mix between a demon and a baby. These enemies are the scariest to look at in the game. Aside from being nightmare fuels, the Cherubs are bound to take away chunks of health from players. They move very quickly and they have no particular pattern when flying. There's no trick to beating Cherubs and as most players have found out, the best way to win against these demon babies is by aimlessly swinging the chainsaw in hopes that the Cherubs die one by one.

11 Giant Crabs (Dark Souls 3)

The SoulsBorne series is perhaps the toughest series of games to beat. The game is tough because of nasty enemies that appear left and right. But of course, the highlight of every SoulsBorne entry are the bosses. Aside from the bosses, the game does introduce a handful of enemies that can hold their own against players and to date, the toughest enemy in the series is the Giant Crab.

Yes, in a game featuring monstrosities and demons, the toughest enemy is a Giant Crab. It appears in Dark Souls 3 and it is just a giant crustacean in hindsight but once players get up close and personal, they'll bear witness to just how tough this monster is. It has no weaknesses and it has a really high defense attribute. This means players will have to fight this guy for a few minutes. Aside from being a sturdy wall, the Giant Crab can also deal some tremendous damage so players can't simply hack and slash their way out.

10 Blue Shell (Mario Kart)

Despite the childish themes, the Super Mario franchise has quite a few enemies that are tough on players who think that the games from this franchise are all child's play. With a ton of spin-off titles, you can bet that there's one tough "enemy" in each one and it's bound to give us a hard time.

It's all fun and games in Mario Kart until someone uses a Blue Shell.

Well, technically, a Blue Shell is an item used by an enemy and it's not an enemy itself. Let's look at the mechanics around the Blue Shell first. Once thrown, the Blue Shell will endlessly track down the player leading and it will destroy them no matter what. That sounds like an enemy's goal to us. Blue Shells are VERY hard to avoid. Players have a split second to avoid the Blue Shell before it drops the ground. Trust us, no one gets this trick the first time.

9 Wallmasters (Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time)

What video game enemies have in common with each other is the fact that their ultimate goal in life is to kill the player. It's a simple concept but it's one that has worked perfectly. In Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, the developers took the formula and threw it in the trash by giving us one of the most unforgiving enemies in gaming history.

The Wallmasters are basically hands that crawl on the ceilings of some of the dungeons that Link explores in the said game. What makes Wallmasters so tough to beat is that it's near impossible to kill them unless they drop down. Here lies the problem, if the Wallmasters drop down and they grab a hold of Link, they don't kill him. They bring him to the entrance of the dungeon. That means players will have to go all way back just to get through with the dungeon.

8 Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson's Punch-Out)

Who doesn't know who "Iron" Mike is? He's basically a boxing legend known for his knockout power and deadly uppercut. Tyson's fury isn't limited to the real squared circle though as he has been a prominent figure in video games as well. In the aptly named Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, a 1987 NES title, he was the main boss at the end and boy, Little Mac had the worst time of his life while sharing the ring with Tyson.

As compared to the other boxers in the game, Tyson was definitely overpowered. He can knock down players with one punch. For the first few moments of the bout, Tyson will throw only one-hit uppercuts that could end the match quickly. Even if Little Mac blocks it, he will still take a ton of damage. To beat Tyson, players will need to fully understand his timing and attack patterns. As usual, a lot of patience is a must.

7 Malboro (Final Fantasy)

Final Fantasy games often share the same compendium of monsters. You can see some monsters from the previous entries appear in the next and future entries. What remains the same most of the time though is the mechanics behind these creatures. This is not good for players are they always get to face the wretched Malboro in almost every Final Fantasy game.

Malboros are these huge octopi-like creatures with a huge mouth. While they aren't really impressive in terms of stats, what makes the Malboro so tough to beat is its Bad Breath attack. In some games, Malboros always open a battle with Bad Breath. This particular skill gives targeted players several status ailments including blind, poison, confuse and more. It's a lottery whenever the Malboro spews this putrid breath and players are always wishing that it's only poison that affects their party.

6 Regenerators (Resident Evil 4)

We hate the Umbrella Corporation for creating a near countless list of horrific creatures with their viruses. Throughout the 21-year history of the franchise, we've seen some of gaming's most nightmare inducing enemies through the Resident Evil franchise. Despite this scary roster of enemies, the toughest one to beat has to be the Regenerators in Resident Evil 4.

True to its name, Regenerators regenerate limbs whenever Leon Kennedy shoots one off. Unless players use a specific tactic for the Regenerators, these guys are basically unkillable. To kill the Regenerators, players will have to use a thermal scope to locate a few creatures attached to these enemies. Once players shoot off these mini-creatures, the Regenerator's ability to heal will be gone. What sucks about this is that sometimes players will be forced to get behind the Regenerators to kill the mini-creatures.

5 Deathclaws (Fallout)

The wastelands in Bethesda's Fallout series is teeming with nasty creatures that are all the result of the nuclear fallout that happened decades and centuries prior to the entries. Among the plethora of nasties in the wasteland, what players don't want to come across the most are Deathclaws. The name itself suggests that these creatures aren't one to be easily beaten.

Deathclaws are these huge mutations that stem from the result of what would happen if a nuclear fallout happens to mess up a reptilian creature's body. Deathclaws are fast, high-damaging, and most of all, relentless. Regardless of what players do, it's hard to stop a Deathclaw. Once it's near enough, players can expect a huge portion of their health to be wiped off by these wasteland menaces. Lucky for players, there are a ton of weapons to use in Fallout but still, we'd rather face 10 Mirelurks all at once.

4 Tank (Left 4 Dead)

One of the best co-op zombie shooters to date is Valve's Left 4 Dead games. In the two titles, up to four players will be tasked with a few objectives to do while fighting waves upon waves of the undead. Among the undead are a few special types of zombies including the Hunter, Witch, Charger, Boomer, and others more. Perhaps the most terrifying zombie in Left 4 Dead is the Tank.

True to its name, the Tank is one tough zombie to kill. He takes a ton of damage and players of damage and it will take maximum effort from the players to take him down. He can damage players from up close and from afar so no one's really safe from his wrath. What's even more terrifying about the Tank is the anxiousness we feel whenever the screen starts shaking and we know that there's a Tank heading right for us somewhere on the map.

3 Dry Bones (Super Mario)


Even Mario is on the receiving end of an onslaught of tough enemies. There are a ton of foes in the Super Mario games including the Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Bowser, Bowser's kids and so much more. When it comes to looking tough, Bowser takes the top spot. When it comes to actual toughness, Dry Bones have definitely set the bar.

Dry Bones are basically undead Koopa Troopa. Mario can stomp on them but these baddies will resurrect shortly after. Still, there are a few ways to permanently beat these guys though. If Mario grabs a Star, he can basically one-hit everything and yep, that includes the Dry Bones. Another way of killing these guys is by luring them into lava pits or bottomless pits but this is easier said than done since these guys don't recklessly go into pits.

2 Big Daddy (Bioshock)

2K's Bioshock 1 and 2 are really great games. It's a solid shooter with an even more solid story. It was fun moving around in the game's world despite the horrors that await. It's not all fun and games though as in many corners of Rapture await Big Daddies and their Little Sisters. For a name like Big Daddy, one wouldn't expect this mechanical giant to be such a tough guy to beat. With a drill for a hand, we shouldn't have expected less from them.

What's good about Big Daddies is that they aren't always hostile. Players can determine whether or not a Big Daddy is intent on killing them by the colors they emit. If it's green they're good. If it's yellow, they're neutral but will react to any action from the players. If it's red, run.

Once enraged, Big Daddies will relentlessly charge towards players at high speed. They'll deal good damage and they'll be able to survive a lot of attacks. Even worse, Big Daddies are abundant in Rapture.

1 Ornstein And Smough (Dark Souls)

The SoulsBorne series from From Software is literally filled to the brim with enemies and bosses that would keep us dying and dying on end. The difficulty is what made the series very popular and among the waves upon waves of tough baddies, there are two bosses that stand out the most and we're sure that a ton of players has lost a hair or two from this memorable fight. This duo is a boss and not just a basic enemy but they're just so tough, it's outrageous not to talk about them when the topic is about tough gaming foes.

Ornstein and Smough are considered as the toughest boss battles to date. Introduced in the first Dark Souls, players will be tasked to take on these two at the same time. Ornstein is faster of the two and he can pop in and out of the players range instantly. Smough is slower but causes more damage. What's worst is that if players manage to kill one of them, the other's life gets refilled and he'll be powered up by the powers of his fallen comrade.

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