15 Hair-Raising Facts About The "Other" Industry

Adult entertainment has been around since men learned to draw on walls. Seriously, that's a fact. When they unearthed the remains of Pompeii in the 1860’s, they found some major NSFW hieroglyphics in clay houses. Ever since then, the industry of s*x has really turned out to be a booming career path.

The thing about the adult industry is that somehow, with a revenue higher than the Sears Tower and body of work that could fill Fort Knox, nobody seems to be watching it. Well, at least that's what people claim when you ask if they watch p*rn. However, the statistics would point very much to the opposite. In fact, the adult industry is one of the most popular and profitable businesses out there. No business has ever been so consistent in numbers. It's depression-proof. In any economy, in any country, in every future generation, people are going to want it. There's a lot to be said about that. I took the liberty of rummaging up a few facts about the “other” industry as they call it. I hope you find them as titillating as I did.

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16 The Amount Of Websites Has Multiplied

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Okay, so back in 2001, I guess people were still driving to adult video stores and buying sexy DVDs because there were only 70,000 adult sites on the internet at the turn of the millennium. Fast forward sixteen years and here we are with over 5 million. That's what I call a booming business plan. For those a little bit slower when it comes to numbers, that's a 7,042% increase. And the bubble shows no sign of bursting anytime soon. Growing and evolving preferences, matched with a yearly revenue in the billions, makes the adult internet industry an endless black hole of money-making possibilities that everyone wants to dip their toes in. Even regular people are getting into the mix, with personal cam shows boasting the highest traffic on the net.

15 Australia Bans Movies With Small "Girls"

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In Asia, certain parts of adult films are blurred out. Specifically, any images of genitalia get the pixelated treatment and they have their reasons. Most of which derive from their basic ideas of decency. Same goes for Australia. The boys “down under” took strict measures in 2010 to avoid the promotion of pedophilia by banning adult movies (whether they be published via BluRay or on the web) that feature small-chested women. Supposedly, certain groups down there think certain aspects of the female form, if they're lacking in “volume,” it may tempt viewers at home to explore illegal urges they may not normally have. Are there facts to back up this claim? Not really, but better safe than sorry, I suppose. It's just too bad for the ambitious, larger-chested ladies out there who have to travel across the globe just to pursue their dream of being watched for 50 seconds before the viewer clicks on the next video.

14 The Most Searched Word...

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I feel like the origins of the word “MILF” is often forgotten, but it's by no means vintage slang. The word was invented by the writers of American Pie, who needed a funny term to refer to Stifler's attractive mother. Little did they know they were starting a damn revolution. According to a recent study conducted by creepy people, “MILF” is officially the word most often typed into the search bar on adult websites just beating out “teen” for that coveted top slot. Now from state to state, the top search results vary. But in its entirety, older women (specifically mothers), are America's favorite. If you do not know what “MILF” stands for, I advise you to look it up elsewhere because that's not the kind of site this is.

13 Making Money For Hotels

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When you're on vacation, you want to relax. You've worked hard and deserve some time off. You deserve a swanky hotel with good room service. You deserve a mini-bar stocked with the finest snacks the local culture has to offer, and you deserve to have your favorite adult movies supplied to you at a reasonable price. Alas, the latter doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. If you can believe it, adult movie rentals account for 70% of service revenue in the hotel biz. That means, statistically speaking, the next time you're taking a gander at the room service menu of any place anywhere, and you see all the delicious items and artisan delicacies available for purchase, just remember that seven out of ten people would rather go hungry and watch two people go at it on TV.

12 Their “Moneymakers” Have Gotten Actors Into Trouble

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Jesse Spencer had one hell of a career in the adult film industry. In 2009, he was inducted into the Adult Video News Hall of Fame and as far as male stars go, he was one of the rare few who became well-known. But in 2013, he made a career decision that would inevitably put him behind bars. “Mr. Marcus,” as Spencer was known to fans, purposely fudged the numbers on his annual STD results in order to continue on with performing before his lie caught up with him...which it eventually did. In 2013, Spencer was sentenced to thirty days in jail for knowingly giving syphilis to two performers. To make matters worse, the outbreak shut down production within the entire industry and risked the lives of many others. “I have to live with this. No one else does,” Spencer was quoted saying. “I'm sorry. I'm very sorry.”

11 You'll Never Guess Which State Watches Films The Most

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Every now and then, one of the largest adult sites releases the particulars about its users' viewing habits state by state. The top searches from each state is something I highly recommend you look into if you're on the search for a quick laugh. But if you have plans for the next few hours and would prefer a quick answer, I'll just go ahead and tell you. According to last year's results, Kansas is the state that watches the most adult programming on the internet. Don't be fooled by some sources claiming Utah watches the most because that's a fabrication made up for god knows what (Utah was actually ranked 40th). So, if you're out there at the moment and you're thinking ‘Wow, I'm really abusing my free access to these inappropriate videos. Surely, my actions have swayed the results of my state's statistics’, then maybe you have. But not more than those freaks in Kansas. And if you're in Kansas, you're not reading this because you're busy with other sites.

10 Even World-Renowned Martial Artists Aren't Exempted From The Draw Of The “Other” Industry

Via Forbes

In recent years, everyone's favorite kung-fu master, Jackie Chan, has been M.I.A. But before that, he was one of the biggest stars in the world. Chan used to be an unknown actor struggling to make a buck just like every other youngster in search of fame and riches. And when you're living on your buddy's couch and breaking boards on street corners for nickels, you do what you have to do to make a buck here and there even if that means appearing in a less appropriate film. That's right. Back in 1975, Chan starred in an adult film to keep the lights on and he ain't ashamed by it. “I had to do anything I could to make a living 31 years ago, but I don't think it's a big deal, even Marlon Brando used to be exposed in his movies,” Chan said. He then added, “Those movies at that time were more conservative than the current films.”

9 You'll Never Guess What Percentage Of The Internet Is Rated XXX

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I've been doing quite a bit of...ahem...research on the topic of adult websites and erotic content uploaded/downloaded on the internet. In doing so, I've noticed that a lot of quick lists would have you believe that the internet is actually 50% adult content. But don't buy into that too quickly because the actual number is far less. In fact, a recent study revealed that out of the million most popular websites in the world, 42,337 were s*x-related sites which is only 4%. Disappointed? If it makes you feel any better, 13% of all web searches are for erotic content. But all in all, we're looking at definitively less than 10% of the internet being for adults only. Experts say back in the 1990's when the net was primarily only being used by men, the percentage of erotic-related searches was closer to 50%, if not 60%. But ever since these ladies got their hands on a mouse and keyboard, all the statistics have been knocked onto their sides.

8 The “Other” Industry Is The Wealthiest Industry In The World

Via ABC news

As if you thought it could be anything else. S*x sells, dammit! But I doubt you know exactly how well it sells. The adult industry is worth close to $97 billion. Let me put that figure into perspective for you. The adult industry is worth more that the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Baseball (MLB) combined. This only goes to show that it truly is our national past time raking in $12 billion domestically. In fact, almost $3,000 are spent on adult movies every second of every day. In less than one minute, the adult industry has made more than a teacher does in an entire year. But for the record, dirty movies never took summers off. So there's that.

7 10% Of Adults Are Addicted To It

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Okay, the first thing everyone thinks to himself is: How much is, like, an addicted amount? The answer is, ‘I'm not really sure’. So let's just leave it at that. What we do know is that quite a handful of people out there in the world watch so much that it's getting in the way of their lives and have admitted to their families, friends, and freaky-deeky co-workers that they have a problem. That handful isn't made up of just men as 2% of women have also been known to get wrapped up in adult films just as much as their male counterparts. An addiction of this type is categorized with the following symptoms (just in case you were still worried that you too might be one of the victims of such a horrific plague (laughs silently): Loss of many hours (sometimes entire days) to use of adult film, trouble at work or in school (including reprimands and/or dismissal) related to poor performance, misuse of company/school equipment and/or public use of adult movies, and of course, physical injury caused by compulsive masturbation. Now, these are just a few of the many symptoms of addiction. So if you feel like you're showing any signs, please contact your local CVS pharmacy and ask if they carry the big jug of Jergens lotion.

6 A New Movie Is Made Every 39 Minutes

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Holy crap! That's a lot of bumping and grinding. Just thinking about the friction alone is making me chafe. However, when it comes to the “other” industry, it's important to remember that quantity (not quality) is the key factor in its success. Hollywood puts out about 600 movies each year which are small potatoes when you compare it to the adult industries’ staggering 13,000 yearly production rate. The reason for the massive output is a simple case of cause and effect. The cause: the growing need (or maybe cravings) for more and more niche movies specific to “tastes.” The effect: the industries’ ability to produce short low-budget movies that are right to the point and, well, get the job done. The “other” industry isn't after Academy Awards after all. Heck, they're not even after Golden Globes. They have their own award shows for categories that are a tad bit racy to be listed here.

5 88% Of Top Rated Movies Are Aggressive

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If you're not familiar with the way most of these adult websites work (and judging from the stats about how many of you out there are active users, I'm sure I'll need to explain this to very few of you), they allow their videos to be rated by viewers. This allows them to determine what demographics like what type of content the most, and propel those videos to their homepage (much like when Facebook suggests you buy a $50 yoga mat because you misspelled “Yoda” in the Amazon search bar ONE TIME). Anyway, the interesting fact about this little logistical sales tactic is that 88.2% of all top-rated adult movies are in fact extremely aggressive. And when I say aggressive, I mean aggressive TOWARDS WOMEN. Now, I don't mean to get preachy here, but in an age when even men are calling themselves feminists while close to 100% of men are watching X-rated movies on the web, AND the better half of their favorite movies include, let's call them “forceful acts” toward the fairer sex, well...something's amiss, right?

4 Men Focus On A Girl's Face The Most

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It's obviously no secret that this industry is based on a woman's assets. No matter what your preference may be, everyone knows the viewers tune in to see what's hidden underneath the clothes...or do they? Turns out, the thing men zoom in on the most while watching erotic flicks are the girl's face rather than anything below the neck. No one is really sure as to exactly why. This is most likely because the subjects of such a study are too embarrassed to elaborate. But experts do speculate that it's because the face is the most relatable feature. For instance, a man sees more faces of women on the street than they do bare breasts bouncing around. And based on a quick poll I just took of the men in my apartment, they all agree, a good-looking face trumps all. So ladies, the next time you're heading to the gym to squat, stop yourself and practice your contouring instead.

3 Gay For Pay Is A Real Thing

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As I've mentioned above, the industry is based around women. While it has been proven that women watch adult videos almost as much as men do, the primary customer for the “other” industry are male. Since men like watching the ladies so much, women get paid exponentially more than male performers. The average pay for a woman to act in a scene is somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 (some of the top performers even sign contracts for close to $250,000) while a fella typically makes a measly $150 per scene. However, men like watching men too. And that is good news for the boys because it's the only real way they can make a living. Gay for pay is what it is affectionately referred to and it's a big business. That's when a straight man does gay adult film for a bigger paycheck. That may sound a little bizarre to some of you, but it's the only way for them to rake in what the ladies do. Anything for a quick dollar, right?

2 There Are Even Movies For Animals

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I know what you're filthy little minds went to immediately, so let me put a pin in that ASAP. When I say there are movies for animals, I'm not talking about those that include a curious donkey and down-on-her-luck exhibitionist, no! The type of movie I'm talking about is far more cuddly. A few years back, Chinese zoos were having trouble getting their pandas to do the deed so they thought it might be helpful if they encourage their s*x drives with a little viewing party. That's right, scientists actually showed videos of pandas getting it on to other pandas. Guess what? It worked. The Chiang Mai Zoo saw 31 cubs born in a ten-month period after the introduction of the experiment. Although these types of results haven't been seen in any other country that has attempted the off-the-cuff method, it still has worked so well. In fact, they've now tried giving pandas Viagra, but all they got were a bunch of studly pandas rather than babies.

1 The “Other” Industry Is Bigger Than Hollywood

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As if it wasn't already an understood fact at this point in the list, but it needed to be addressed directly. As stated earlier, Hollywood puts out close to 600 movies a year while the adult industry pumps out nearly twenty times that amount. The result is an immense profit that would even make the wealthiest Tinsel Town exec drool all over his desk. We're talking billions here. Okay, but maybe that's just the average gross over the course of several years. Certainly, if we compared one of Hollywood's biggest years to the same year in the adult industry, we'd see that the major studios aren't always getting beaten out. Alas! It's true. Hollywood is always on the losing end in this match-up. Take 2005 for example, a year that saw not only a Star Wars movie hit theaters but also a Harry Potter flick in addition to hundreds of other releases. The yearly take -8.5 billion dollars. Not a bad pay day no matter where you're sitting. But how much did the “other” industry pocket? $8.6 billion. Sorry, Disney! Try again.

Sources: forbes, cosmopolitan

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