15 Guys Everyone Thinks Are Gay But Get The Hottest Girls

Ever since it came out that Ryan Seacrest was back on again with his girlfriend, Shayna Therese Taylor -- a model and fitness expert -- the rumors have been swirling that he's going deeper into the closet. Seacrest, who has been plagued by the rumors that he's gay ever since American Idol first came out, has -- in the past -- been linked to several other beautiful women, such as Dancing with the Stars pro dancer-turned-judge Julianne Hough and former Miss Teen USA Tara Conner.

Those dates, however, haven't stopped the rumors about his orientation from swirling.

And Seacrest isn't the only Hollywood star that's been rumored to be gay. We've found 15 men -- besides Seacrest -- whom everyone thinks are gay, but who somehow seem to bag the hottest women.

Here, then, is a list of 15 allegedly closeted celebrities and some of the many women they've bagged over the years. You mad, or nah?

15 Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood Pamela Racine Allegedly Gay Celebrities

Rumors about Elijah Wood being one of the allegedly closeted celebrities have been swirling ever since he's starred in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. Despite those rumors -- especially those that have involved him hooking up with his co-star, Dominic Monaghan (a relationship that was "shipped" when LOTR was popular, which didn't help the rumors; in fact, they only continued to swirl) -- he's managed to bag some of the hottest women in Hollywood (which, of course, led to some major jealousy from the men who wanted these women all the same). In addition to having a brief fling with the sexy Bijou Phillips, he's also had relationships with Franka Potente and Pamela Racine (with whom he's pictured above, and clearly they look thrilled). And while he's currently single, there's no telling who the next sexy celebrity will be on his arm. Whoever it is, though, will be a very lucky lady, because Elijah is definitely hot, hot, hot!

14 Taylor Lautner

Taylor Swift Taylor Lautner Allegedly Gay Celebrities

Twilight actor Taylor Lautner is another one of the allegedly closeted celebrities that has managed to bag some women that men can only dream of bagging. Let's face it: the Twilight series is terrible. It's a terrible storyline, acted out by terrible actors (although their subsequent roles have been much, much better), and it's liked by terrible people (seriously, ladies, it's not cute to attack Robert Pattinson's girlfriend, FKA Twigs, on her social media accounts). And because of all this unremitting awfulness, some people have suggested that Lautner is, in fact, gay. But while Kristen Stewart has come out of the closet, Robert Pattinson is very happy with FKA Twigs, and Lautner has been linked to a bevy of beauties. Prior to hooking up with his current love, Billie Lourd (the late Carrie Fisher's daughter), Lautner was linked to Taylor Swift (with whom he's pictured above), Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Victoria Justice, and Lily Collins.

13 Ryan Seacrest

Now here's our boy! If there's one person that can never seem to get away from the gay rumors, it's the former (and possibly current) American Idol host. Supposedly, the rumors about Ryan Seacrest being one of the biggest allegedly gay celebrities in Hollywood started thanks to Simon Cowell, who made a crack at his expense one night during the show. (These same rumors suggest that Cowell and Seacrest were once lovers, and when they broke up, Simon left Idol.)

While no one has ever been able to catch Ryan Seacrest with any one of his alleged male lovers (and Lord knows that man hasn't met a camera lens he didn't like), they have been able to catch him with a bevy of beautiful women. Of course, everyone knows that he was in a long-term relationship with Julianne Hough (who recently got married to hockey player Brooks Laich), and he's back on again with his former longtime girlfriend, Shayna Therese Taylor. But most people don't know that he was also in a long-term relationship with Amazing Race contestant Shana Wall, and he briefly dated former Miss Teen USA Hilary Cruz (with whom he's pictured here, though they don't exactly look like the most loving of couples in this picture).

It's the relationship with Cruz that stands out in people's minds the most because, according to the gossip site Lipstick Alley, it was strictly a "business arrangement" between the two -- and this wasn't the first time that Seacrest commissioned a woman to pretend to be his girlfriend. Again, while nothing has been definitively proven, it's interesting that Cruz couldn't even be bothered to pretend to like the man, let alone date him, which doesn't help the rumors about his sexuality.

12 Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen Natalie Portman Allegedly Gay Celebrities

Gay rumors follow nearly every actor in Hollywood, but when the Star Wars prequels came out and Hayden Christensen was featured as the actor who played a young Anakin Skywalker (the man who would grow up to be Darth Vader), he immediately got dogged with the "gay" rumors. That's why he's on this list of allegedly closeted celebrities in Hollywood -- because from the minute he became famous, he wasn't known for being a big dater, or escorting some of the most beautiful women on his arm. Amazingly, however, even though he hasn't been very public with his relationships, he's been in quite a few with some of the most beautiful women on the big, and little, screen: he's dated Eva Longoria, Sienna Miller, Reena Hammer, and even was rumored to have a fling with his on-screen wife, Oscar winner Natalie Portman (with whom he's pictured -- looks like He's Just Not That Into You, Natalie). Today, Christensen is married to Rachel Bilson, and they have a daughter together.

11 Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk Allegedly Gay Celebrities

No matter how many hot models Bradley Cooper sleeps with, he'll always be referred to as one of the allegedly closeted celebrities in Hollywood today. We're not sure where, or how, the rumors started, but before dating model Irina Shayk (with whom he's pictured above) -- with whom he has a daughter -- he was married to Jennifer Esposito. Cooper's dating roster reads like a who's who of hot women: Suki Waterhouse, Renee Zellweger, Denise Richards, Jennifer Lopez, and Cameron Diaz are just a few of the many women he's dated. That's an impressive roster no matter who you are, but it's doubly impressive if you're supposed to be a gay man!

10 Alexander Skarsgard

Alicia Vikander Alexander Skarsgard Allegedly Gay Celebrities

He's a member of the legendary Skarsgard acting family, but Alexander Skarsgard is the only one that, to date, has been dogged by rumors of being one of the allegedly closeted celebrities in Hollywood. As in the case of Bradley Cooper, we're not sure why Skarsgard -- whose famous father is Stellan, and whose famous brothers include Peter and Gustaf -- has been dogged with these rumors, but it's pretty clear that he's not bothered by them, considering he's been linked to such hotties as Alicia Vikander (with whom he's pictured above), Charlize Theron, Elizabeth Olsen, Katie Holmes, and Amanda Seyfried. He's currently dating fashion blogger Alexa Chung.

9 George Clooney

George and Amal Clooney Allegedly Gay Celebrities

George Clooney isn't just an actor -- he's a force of nature. He's involved in everything from acting to politics, and he's also the spokesman for Nespresso. But this superstar has also long been dogged by rumors of being one of the allegedly closeted celebrities in Hollywood. It's rather hard to figure out how these rumors came about, but one thing we do know is that he's dated some really gorgeous women over the years. Before getting married to Amal Alamuddin (with whom he's pictured above) -- with whom he has a set of twins -- he was married to actress Talia Balsam. That experience turned him off from the prospect of marriage, so he literally dated almost everyone in Hollywood: Lucy Liu, Celine Balitran, Karen Duffy, Kelly Preston, and Stacy Kiebler are just a few of the over 50 actresses (yes, 50!) and models he's been seen with over the years, prior to settling down with Amal.

8 Alexander Ludwig

AnnaSophia Robb Alexander Ludwig Allegedly Gay Celebrities

Alexander Ludwig's breakout role was, of course, in the hit TV show Vikings, where he plays Bjorn the Ironside, the eldest son of Ragnar Lothbrook (Travis Fimmel). But Ludwig's also been in a few major movies, such as The Hunger Games films. When, however, he was snapped wearing pink swimming trunks during San Diego Comic Con, the gay rumors started swirling, and as a result, he's on this list of allegedly closeted celebrities. There's nothing wrong with being gay, and the actor has no problem with the gay rumors that swirl around him. But in reality, the actor -- who is currently dating Lindsey Vonn -- has had a bevy of relationships, and was previously linked to AnnaSophia Robb (with whom he's pictured above, AND OMG LOOK HOW CUTE THEY LOOK!), Leven Rambin, and Nicole Pedra.

7 Zac Efron

Zac Efron Vanessa Hudgens Allegedly Gay Celebrities

People weren't sure if Zac Efron would have successfully made the transition from teen idol to adult actor, but when they saw his performance in Neighbors (and Neighbors 2), Dirty Grandpa, and Charlie St. Cloud, all doubts about his talent were removed. However, there were some people that had some doubts about whether Zac was, in fact, one of the many closeted celebrities in Hollywood. And it's one of those rumors that he just can't seem to shake off, despite the fact that he's been linked to some of the hottest women on the big -- and little -- screen today. In addition to having a fling with Michelle Rodriguez (who is another one that can't seem to shake the gay rumors), he also was in long-term relationships with Lily Collins and Sami Miro. He's best known, however, for his long-term relationship with Vanessa Hudgens (with whom he's pictured above), whom he met on the set of High School Musical.

6 Will Smith

Will Smith Nia Long Allegedly Gay Celebrities

The gay rumors about Will Smith have been circling since he starred in Six Degrees of Separation, where he played a gay man. And while that alone isn't enough to make people think that he's gay, when combined with other things -- such as his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, saying that they have an "open marriage," and the late Alexis Arquette saying that Smith was one of the allegedly closeted celebrities in Hollywood -- it makes people wonder. But despite the rumors, Smith has managed to land some very gorgeous women. Prior to being married to Jada Pinkett Smith, he was linked to Garcelle Beauvais and Tyra Banks. He also allegedly had a fling with Nia Long (with whom he's pictured above). Smith was previously married to Sheree Fletcher, with whom he has a son who is now an adult.

5 Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum Jenna Dewan Allegedly Gay Celebrities

We suppose we understand why Channing Tatum is rumored to be one of the allegedly closeted celebrities in Hollywood: because, from the day he became famous, he wasn't known to date anyone. Sure, he'd had a lot of on-screen pairings -- such as opposite Cody Horn in Magic Mike, which was probably his career-defining role -- but he wasn't known for being out and about on the Hollywood dating scene. That all changed when he met actress Jenna Dewan, pictured above, who was previously linked to Shane West and Justin Timberlake. They got married and had a child, and the two have been married for seven years now. Sounds like it all worked out in the end!

4 Leonardo DiCaprio

Gisele Bundchen Leonardo DiCaprio Allegedly Gay Celebrities

Now this one is completely left field: Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be one of the alleged closeted celebrities in Hollywood. Considering he's a member of the so-called "P***y Posse" that includes Lukas Haas and Tobey Maguire, we can only assume that these rumors were started by someone who is clearly jealous of the fact that Leo can get any woman he wants. He's had, to date, over 40 relationships in the public eye, and aside from the bevy of models that he's dated, he's also rumored to have had flings with Rihanna, Claire Danes, Demi Moore, Bijou Phillips, Naomi Campbell, and Gisele Bundchen (pictured above). Now, not for anything, that's impressive!

3 Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan Mackenzie Mauzy Allegedly Gay Celebrities

Sam Heughan is slowly, but surely, becoming a big star thanks to his star turn as James "Jamie" Fraser on Outlander. However, the more of a star he becomes, the more the rumors about his sexuality began to surface. That's why he's on this list of one of the allegedly closeted celebrities in Hollywood today -- thanks in no small part to his history in the British theater, and in roles where he played gay men, Heughan has been dogged with allegations that he's gay. However, he's also been seen with some very, very gorgeous women. When Outlander first came out, he was rumored to be dating his co-star, Caitriona Balfe (Balfe, for her part, denied it vehemently, and confirmed instead that she's dating music manager & pub owner Tony McGill). He's been linked to model Cody Kennedy, actress Amy Shiels, and schoolteacher Abbie Salt. Currently, he's dating The Bold and The Beautiful actress Mackenzie Mauzy (with whom he's pictured above), and the two are getting very serious.

2 Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Tasha Smith Allegedly Gay Celebrities

As one of the most successful black men in the entertainment industry today, Tyler Perry has been subjected to some pretty hefty rumors regarding his sexuality. But one of the biggest ones, of course, was the fact that he was one of the many allegedly closeted celebrities currently working and living in Hollywood. This is thanks to his successful role of Madea in a variety of movies, including Diary of a Mad Black Woman. But believe it or not, Perry has been linked to a variety of women, including actress Tasha Smith (with whom he is pictured above) and supermodel-turned-entrepreneur Tyra Banks. Today, however, Perry is in a long-term relationship with Gelila Bekele, with whom he has a child.

1 Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney Jamie Hill Allegedly Gay Celebrities

Kenny Chesney was a huge country star -- so huge, in fact, that he bagged Renee Zellweger. But the marriage was over as quickly as it started, and when they divorced, Renee told anyone and everyone who would listen that Chesney was "a fraud." That statement led many people to believe that Chesney was gay, and he landed on this list -- and other lists -- of allegedly closeted celebrities in Hollywood today. Even though Chesney denied the allegations by simply saying "it's not true," the rumors continue to dog him today. But in addition to marrying Renee Zellweger, Chesney was in a relationship with Vanessa Millon and Adrianna Costa. He is currently dating beauty queen Jaime Hill (pictured above).

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