15 Gross Things That Make Kim Kardashian Even Worse Than We Thought

For a varying number of opinionated reasons, we can't argue that Kim Kardashian isn't an idol for many young women (and even men!) all over the world. Love her or hate her as you will, but it seems that whatever habit she's into suddenly sees a massive surge of interest. People want to be just like her.

But this article will show that Kim isn't really the desirable queen that deserves to be placed on the sky-high pedestal that she is all too happy to perch on. With that being said, no one is perfect and we all have a list of weird, quirky, and sometimes even gross habits and secrets that we would rather stay in the dark.

But celebrities don't have the same right to privacy that us normalians do, at least, not in theory. That is, if while out on a family vacation and pictures of us in our swimsuits were taken that we didn't want to be published, most of us wouldn't have to worry one iota. But when you're famous like Kim, nothing is secret. Not her big bum un-Photoshopped on a family trip, or that one weird thing she confessed in an interview ages ago and forgot about. Famous people don't get to keep secrets and especially not gross secrets because everyone loves learning gross and weird habits and secrets about celebrities. That's just human nature.

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15 Kim's Cardboard Cringe

Many people share common fears such as acrophobia, the fear of heights, ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes, claustrophobia, the fear of small spaces, and even mysophobia, the fear of germs. But Kim has her own special brand of fear. Starbuckscoffeesleeveophobia, if you didn't know, is the fear of hearing or watching the cardboard-like sleeve that Starbucks provides on their cups of coffee slide off of the cup. Kim suffers from Starbuckscoffeesleeveophobia, and to deal with her fear, she has to leave the room when her assistant slides the sleeve off. Instead of simply requesting that the Starbucks barista not include a sleeve, Kim runs off so that she doesn't have to deal with the horror of the cardboard sleeve, also known as a paper zarf, cozy, or cup jacket. We're not saying that we judge Kim for this, but we'd be lying if we said that our eyes didn't roll just a bit after learning this.

14 She Keeps Her Mic On All The Time – Even In The Bathroom

Clearly, this is a person who adores bathrooms. Even public bathrooms? Sure! Kim loves to take selfies in bathrooms. It's one of her go-to places to snap pics thanks to the surety of mirrors being in place, of course. She's even known to have impromptu high-fashion photo shoots next to urinals in men's restrooms. But this girl takes it one step further. One of Kim's gross secret habits is that she is known to keep her mic on while filming for Keeping Up With The Kardashians all the time. All. The. Time. Even while using the bathroom. That's pretty gross and inconsiderate when you think of the poor, innocent audio crew and the editors that have to sift through that yucky sound. It can't be that hard to switch a mic pack off and on, can it?

13 Her Love Of Vampire Facials

Though some celebs have recently jumped on the vampire facial bandwagon, it's well known that Kim is solely responsible for bringing bloody attention to this unique facial treatment. She seems all too proud to post multiple photos of her pinpricked bleeding face on social media. The real name for the painful-looking procedure is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and if you've ever wondered how it works, technicians take a couple of spoonfuls of a patient's blood from their arm. Then the blood gets spun down in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red and white blood cells, and the plasma is then injected into the face. And for all of this, Miles Berry, a consultant plastic surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Partners, London, says, "the procedure has a temporary effect through swelling, but there is as yet no scientific evidence of any long-term improvements to the skin." Double ouch.

12 Her Cringy Old MySpace Page

"I'm a PRINCESS and you're not so there!" Before you think about giving Kim the benefit of the doubt and think that this might be a screenshot from a fake page, just know that her LLC in 2007 (prime MySpace year) was named Kimsaprincess LLC. It's a weird habit to consistently call oneself a "princess" after the teenage years. Besides the fact that she was past the "socially acceptable" years of obsessing over being a princess, it's pretty annoying and makes her appear conceited. Shocker. While Kim might not outright call herself a princess these days (at least publicly), it doesn't appear that she has completely moved past this embarrassing habit. She still makes references to being an exceptionally special person, deserving of entitled and better treatment than the regular Josephine Schmosephine.

11 Liar, Liar. Gucci Pants On Fire.

Over the course of her fame, Kim has admitted to having only a small amount of cosmetic procedures done, such as lip enhancements. Regarding her more obvious body enhancements that would naturally fall into question, she says that she has a video of her in high school that proves she's au naturel. But a simple photo-by-photo comparison shows us that something besides a simple lip plumping session has occurred. Besides that, the Kardashian/Jenner family has a strong history of denying nearly undeniable rumors of plastic surgery. Also, in May of 2007, Kim gave an interview in which she absolutely denied the existence of a s*x tape. Yet only thirty days later a tape featuring Kim and then-boyfriend, Ray J, in several compromising positions was released. Is the reason Kim wears so many dresses and skirts is because all of her pants have caught on fire?

10 Early Morning Hand Crack Routine

Kim admitted that something most people don't know about her is that she cracks her hands every single morning. She probably meant that she cracks her finger knuckles every morning, which between 25-54 percent of people admit they also do. It's known that men do this more often than women, and the reasons include a nervous habit and seeking relief from tension. It can also just be a bad habit. An old wives tale says that cracking knuckles and popping joints can lead to arthritis, but luckily for Kim and all other knuckle-crackers out there, there isn't sufficient medical and scientific evidence to support that theory. But it can cause irritation among people around the knuckle-cracker who have to hear the sound of bubbles bursting in the synovial fluid when the bones are pulled apart, by stretching the fingers or bending them backward, creating negative pressure. You're welcome for the imagery.

9 She And Kanye Tested Their Friends When North Was Born

When you're a famous celebrity, it can be understandably tough sometimes to know who your true friends are. Do they like you for you, or for your money, connections, and the fame by association they're due just for hanging around you? Kim and Kanye must have been troubled by this possibility shortly after North's birth because they decided to text photos of a random baby to their friends. The sneaky goal was to see if anyone would betray their friendship by trying to sell the photos to the media. And yep — there were some takers. Soon after the so-called "friends" showed their true colors, Kim and Kanye kicked those traitors to the curb. These kinds of friendship tests seem petty and can be a pretty nasty habit especially considering that Kim has been known to test friendships and relationships before, but we suppose that's one way to know who your true pals are.

8 She Sleeps With Her Eyes Open

In an interview, Kim confessed that she sleeps with her eyes open which "scares the s*** out of people," in her own words. Up to 20 percent of the population suffers from the condition known as nocturnal lagophthalmos, or being able to fall asleep with open eyes. The condition is hereditary and can even occur in infants. Nocturnal lagophthalmos sufferers can experience eye irritation in the morning as a result of not being able to clear dust and debris out of their eyes during the night. This condition also may be indicative of a possible stroke, thyroid disease, or facial nerve damage in the future so Kim and anyone else who sleeps with their eyes open should make their doctor aware of the condition and their experiences. But mostly... yes, this is simply a terrifying sight to see.

7 Stuck In A Retainer For Life

For anyone who has ever suffered the indignity of wearing metal braces on their teeth and/or being stuck with a permanent retainer, you might be surprised to know that Kim also wears a retainer nightly and is stuck with this routine for life. Having had her crooked teeth corrected at some point, now Kim must wear her bright pink retainer every single night unless she wants her teeth to shift back into their previous state of crookedness. While fixing crooked teeth is nothing to be ashamed of, there are some things that are okay not to tell the entire world about. But in the very public world of Kim Kardashian, she must post every personal and overly detailed aspect of her life. Nothing is too personal or embarrassing, not even her beloved pink dental apparatus.

6 She Only Goes To The Beach At Specific Times Of Day

In the world of fat-shaming and body issues that affect women and girls today, Kim Kardashian has fancied herself a beacon of body pride for women, shutting shamers down left and right on social media and praising those who stand up for and shed light on positive body images. But one of Kim's secrets is that when she's on vacation, she has a habit of only visiting the beach at very specific times during the day when the light is flattering. Supposedly, Kim has mastered the perfect beach hours at which the light and shadows work in perfect harmony, so that her cellulite can't be seen. Whether this is true or not, recently the mother of two was out enjoying a family vacation when the paparazzi betrayed her. She hadn't expected to see them when they showed up, snapped a bunch of pics of her nearly bare bottom, cellulite and all, and Kim was reportedly mortified, not proud. The beacon of body pride has greatly dimmed.

5 Proud Of Her Swollen Feet

Pregnant women can get very swollen feet during their pregnancies. That's a fact. Another fact is that Kim K. is pretty obsessed with everything single thing that happens to her and must document it all, including her very unintelligent choice to pack her puppies in super tight high heels while she was incredibly pregnant. Then she took to social media to post this photo. Why Kim felt compelled to show off the fact that she was suffering from a potentially life-threatening condition women can endure during pregnancy known as pre-eclampsia — which causes swelling of the feet — and the fact that she also wanted to document her choice of uncomfortable footwear, is beyond us. Hard to have sympathy for a gal who is about to have a baby any day but still puts fashion over comfort when it comes to her very swollen feet. Kim actually ate a bit of humble pie after posting this, saying that it might have been God "teaching her a lesson" for "thinking she's so hot".

4 Kim And Her Vocal Fry Sensation

You can't hear this right now, but these words are to-tall-y being typed in a vocal fry-yy voo-ice. Take our word for it, it's very annoy-ing. The most common term for this distinct way of speaking is called vocal fry, but if you've never heard of it, maybe these synonyms will ring a bell: pulse register, laryngealization, pulse phonation, creak, croak, popcorning, glottal fry, glottal rattle, glottal scrape, or strohbass? It all means the same thing. It's the lowest vocal register possible and happens when the speaker loosens their glottal closure, which allows air to bubble up slowly with a popping (or frying) sound at a very low frequency. Shown in the photo are the arytenoid cartilages located in the larynx, and when these are drawn tightly together, you get a Kim Kardashian-esque vocal fry. Other vocal fry offenders are Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Kim's former boss, Paris Hilton and of course, other Kardashian/Jenner sisters.

3 Freckle In Her Eyeball

Just like freckles on the skin, some people have freckles inside their eyes. While it's not incredibly common, a choroidal nevus (fancy term for freckle in the eye) is not all that rare either. Kim has one and doesn't seem very concerned by it, though she should be seeing an ophthalmologist once a year at least to make sure that it doesn't change shape or size, just as one would monitor a mole on their skin as it is possible for a choroidal nevus to grow into a malignant melanoma (though it is usually harmless). Sometimes a choroidal nevus will appear later in life as a dark spot in the iris due to sun exposure, or at times, a person can be born with their eye freckle. Kim didn't specify which scenario happened to her, but based on all of her beloved beach time, it's not completely impossible that she developed her extra eye dot due to too much fun in the sun.

2 Plenty Of Piercings

Kim has confessed to having six actual body piercings in total, and while that number may seem somewhat big, the locations are pretty basic: her belly button, one in her right ear, and four on her left ear (three lobe piercings and one high up on her ear). But Kim likes experimental and non-traditional piercings as well, even though these other piercings aren't on her actual body but her artificial nails. Having her long acrylic tipped nails pierced with two to three gold holds per nail is quite artistic and extremely non-functional, and would most definitely prohibit her from doing normal day-to-day activities properly. But when you're Kim K., making a name for yourself when it comes to fashion is everything and going about normal day-to-day functions comes in as only second best.

1 Self-Esteem To The Extreme

In an interview, Kim was asked what she would do if she was a man for a day. In only the way Kim could and in true Kim fashion, her answer was that she would have s*x with that man, AKA herself. So what would any woman do if she had the chance to be a man for just one day? Conduct a social experiment to see if she were treated differently? Get a job interview to compare male salaries versus female salaries? See what the inside of a men's restroom looks like? See what it feels like to wear a jockstrap and play a rousing game of handball? Sign up for a one-time rugby game? No, Kim would rather be intimate with herself... as a man. But it would seem that this is just another scenario that our dear Kim has not thoroughly thought out. If she were transformed into a man for a day, how would she, as a woman, even exist?

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