15 Gross Dudes Who Somehow Still Manage To Get Girlfriends

Dating is hard. It seems like all the good ones are taken, and if you do eventually find someone that you’re willing to be with, there’s something small wrong with them that you just can’t get past. Maybe you’re someone who seems like he has it all but still can’t find anyone who’s willing to date you. It’s unfortunate, but one thing that really seems to make someone a super eligible bachelor is the fact that he has fame and fortune.

No matter how gross a guy from Hollywood gets, it seems like someone who’s rich and famous never really has any problem finding a date. You can be a known abuser, rapist, or public racist; however, if you have a little extra cash in the bank and paparazzi following you around, you can still find a date! It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth. In this list, we’ve gathered fifteen gross dudes known for abusing, raping, or having public meltdowns, in which they spew racist and homophobic words.

Despite being un-dateable in pretty much every way, all of the guys on the list are currently dating or at least rumored to be dating. And the ladies in the pictures? We’re not here to shame the ladies because maybe they really do know a different side. We’re more curious as to what it is about these guys that keep willing ladies around them! Who do you think is the grossest dude on the list? Ladies, would you date any of these guys despite the things they’ve done? Here are 15 Gross Dudes Who Somehow Still Manage To Get Girlfriends:


15 Johnny Depp

If you asked most people if they wanted to date Johnny Depp ten years ago, it’s likely that no one would say no, even the straightest of men. He was a total hunk in his prime and was probably one of the most popular actors at one point in his career. Unfortunately, whether it was because of alcohol abuse or just his inability to handle aging, he’s definitely taken a nose dive. The past two years haven't been kind to Johnny as he found himself in a legal battle over his dogs and then followed it up with a nasty divorce from the beautiful Amber Heard. To make matters worse, he also allegedly beat Amber up, photographic evidence proving the ordeal. For whatever reason, however, this guy still manages to get girlfriends! The girl on the right in the photograph above is his alleged new love. What girl would date someone now known for abusing his wife?

14 Howard Stern


Howard Stern is a typical gross guy who somehow managed to get his voice blasted all over the world for listeners to have his ideas and thoughts told to their brains. He’s built a career off of being a pervert and is basically the radio’s version of your creepy relative who talks about sex too much. Despite making a career out of being the least dateable guy ever, he somehow managed to land a pretty attractive girlfriend whom you can see in the photograph above. In addition to everything that’s ever left his mouth that’s made him a terrible dude, he also just isn’t very attractive. The big black curls have always been his signature look, and everything else is just blah. If you saw this guy in real life and didn’t know he was famous, you probably wouldn’t look twice. However, fame seems to put a spell on some pretty ladies.

13 Charlie Sheen

If you had to say who the grossest dude in Hollywood is right now, there’s a good chance everyone would have Charlie Sheen in their top five. After all the rumored abuse, both physical on his girlfriends as well as his own drug and alcohol abuse, Sheen dropped another bombshell recently. Apparently, he’s HIV positive and failed to reveal this to several ladies that he had sexual relationships with. Despite all the terrible things he’s done throughout his career, he still never seems to have an empty bed at the end of the night! The girl in the picture above is just one of the women who’ve agreed to continue sleeping with Sheen despite everything he’s done throughout his life. Perhaps she knows a different side to him that the rest of us don’t, but it still seems strange that she even allowed him to make it past the initial greeting.

12 Chris Brown


Chris Brown is arguably the worst on this list. He’s best known for dating the beautiful and talented pop star Rihanna. He’s also known for beating her up so badly that she almost lost her vision. The pictures of what he did to this woman were blasted all over the internet and magazine stands before her bruises were able to heal. Luckily, she survived a terrifying ordeal and is recovering with her extremely successful music career. Chris isn’t doing so great. After the ordeal, he pretty much lost all connections that would help further his career. Eventually, however, people became blinded by the fame, and he ended up coming out with new music. He also landed another girlfriend, who actually gave birth to his baby as well. They eventually broke up after rumors of physical abuse, and he’s moved on to the girl on the right. Ladies, if someone did to another woman what Chris did to Rihanna, run as far away as possible!

11 Charles Manson

Charles Manson is one of the most well-known serial killers of all time, even though he never actually killed anyone. He led the gruesome cult known as "the Manson Family" that actually went through with all the murders. He’s still serving a life sentence in prison, however, for all the things that he was responsible for. Despite being such a messed-up person, he still has a following and managed to land himself a girlfriend even while he was locked up behind bars. The girl was said to be mentally stable by her parents and took up an interest in Manson after doing a report on him for a school project. She ended up dating Manson for a bit, but they eventually broke off their relationship. It’s still pretty insane to think about he was able to have any lady interested in talking to him romantically.

10 Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson is another Hollywood actor who took care of his sorrows with the bottom of a bottle and ended up taking a nosedive. He returned last year with a critically acclaimed hit; however, we’re here to remind you of the gross dude he really is. He first put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth after blaming the Jews for all the wars in the world after being arrested for driving under the influence. He later made some homophobic comments in an interview, really making another large group of people upset. However, people say dumb stuff all the time, and everyone forgives them. Mel made it even harder to like him after telling the mother of his child that she deserved to be raped and be arrested for domestic violence. And despite all of the terrible stuff he’s done in his career, he’s still managed to land himself another girlfriend!

9 Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf was everyone’s favorite child star. He was goofy and interesting and had a promising career as an adult, too. However, he found himself fitting the stereotype of the typical child star who went downhill. He’s had several instances of public outrage. You might say that he’s a celebrity and that celebrities get followed too much, but how many normal healthy people still end up having public breakdowns? Aside from racist rants, he’s also gotten in trouble for domestic violence disputes as well. He’s still another guy on the list, however, who’s managed to land a pretty lady, the one standing next to him in the photo. Perhaps the women standing by these guys’ sides are all they need to go from being gross dudes back to being Hollywood hunks. We still can’t help but wonder what goes on behind closed doors that keeps these ladies around instead of them running away as fast as they can.


8 Robin Thicke


Robin Thicke became popular for his song about date rape. He refers to "blurred lines" as though some women who say no really mean yes. The song got a lot of hate because the lyrics bring up issues concerning rape culture that has allowed men to take advantage of women for years. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also found himself in a legal issue over potentially lifting some of the beat from another song. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he also got caught with his hand up some girl’s dress after posing for a photo with a fan! He found himself in a bitter divorce over the whole issue, forcing him to eventually release an apology album for his ex-wife. He still hasn’t managed to pull himself back up from the dust yet; however, he’s managed to land himself a pretty lady. Not only is she willing to be his girlfriend, but she’s also pregnant and expecting to give birth to his child soon.

7 Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is another guy on this list who seemed to have it all at one point. He was a very handsome and talented actor, definitely the most popular Baldwin brother, and had a beautiful wife. He ruined that all as well and found himself in a violent divorce with his ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger. Like Depp, he also physically abused her. Aside from his marital issues, it appears he’s not the greatest guy to be around in general. He allegedly made rude comments to his costar Tina Fey while shooting their show. He would comment on her appearance as well as those of the other actresses in the series. He still managed to land another beautiful wife, though -- Hilaria, pictured above. They also have three children together! Perhaps he’s a changed man; however, most women would still be hesitant to hook up with someone like Alec, who has rumors floating around him.

6 Michael Fassbender


Michael Fassbender is definitely one of the most handsome older actors still working in Hollywood right now. He’s incredibly talented and has a wide range of impeccable characters he’s able to play. Unfortunately, he’s also known for being an abusive husband. That’s rather unfortunate, as all that talent really gets spoiled when we look at the screen and are reminded of the abuse in real life. What is it about talented men that make them think it’s OK to beat up their wives? When entering a marriage, you agree to do so on the terms that it’s the other person’s job to protect you and take care of you. How could someone physically harm another person whom they vowed to love? Unfortunately, Fassbender is another abuser to make this list. He still somehow got the beautiful girl pictured above to date him, however.

5 Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck is a talented actor and brother of Ben Affleck. He’s also known for his directing work and has had a pretty successful career. Everyone thought he was such a great guy until an old lawsuit appeared to remind us that most actors in Hollywood are too good to be true. It turns out from the settlement between him and some past coworkers that he harassed them on set and even showed up in their beds uninvited one night. If a normal dude just popped into some girl’s bed, he’d be known as the creepy attempted rapist forever. However, if you pair that with a successful acting and directing career, people somehow still want to work with you and have you in their movie. It’s unfortunate that there are guys out there who can do nasty stuff like this and still work, but lists like this one are provided to remind us of the truth.

4 Jared Leto


Jared Leto is a beloved actor known for many roles but, most recently, for his role as The Joker. A lot of people are big fans of his, but what many probably aren’t aware of is his history of rape. He used to be in a popular band, and with a band comes groupies. What a lot of people aren’t aware of is that he used to sleep with underaged girls constantly. He also forced himself on several girls who weren’t willing to have the rough sex that he was looking for. Despite all of these gross rumors and the fact that he does some pretty messed up stuff to his coworkers, he’s still an eligible bachelor who's been rumored to have a lot of different girlfriends. He’s pretty secretive about his love life, but the picture above managed to capture him with one lady who was willing to date him.

3 Scott Disick

Scott Disick is best known for fathering Kourtney Kardashian’s children. He’s also a pretty gross dude known for cheating on her constantly and choosing partying over parenting. After his tragic split with Kourtney, he’s been seen with a different girl pretty much every other week. The thing is, though, he’s only famous for being someone’s baby daddy! What do girls see in him? It doesn’t seem like he’s really managed to land himself a long-term girlfriend besides Kourtney, so the girls are probably just around for a good time and to let him buy them drinks. That seems reasonable; however, it’s still strange that he manages to get these girls to be seen in public with him! It seems like most women wouldn’t want to be known as the homewrecker either; however, fame and money can really do some strange things to people.

2 Sean Penn


Sean Penn is a talented actor known for countless roles. He’s critically acclaimed, and for some time, it seemed like he’d have a promising life -- until he was arrested for tying up his wife, Madonna, and torturing her for hours. Luckily, Madonna was able to survive, but the repeated abuse from Penn left her scarred emotionally, for sure. Unfortunately, this ordeal wasn’t enough for Sean to be blacklisted eternally, and he's still managed to land himself some other successful roles despite being an abuser. How could anyone hear what terrible things he did to the innocent woman yet continue to cast him in productions? Is it that the controversy alone is enough to make a movie popular? Or do people really not care about the abuse and wrongful imprisonment of an innocent woman? Madonna was pretty popular as well, but it’s clear her fame wasn’t enough to keep Sean Penn on the blacklist.

1 Brad Pitt

At one point in time, Brad Pitt was probably the hottest actor in Hollywood. He managed to land two different women also voted Hollywood’s most beautiful women at one point or another. Eventually, he messed both those relationships up and wound up alone. Now, it might seem to many women like a great opportunity to hook up with someone they've always dreamed of dating. However, these women have to remember that he also found himself in a nasty custody battle after he allegedly abused his family in a drunken rage! He’s also known for being a cheater, as he left his beautiful wife, Jennifer, and immediately went with Angelina. Sure, he’s hot stuff, but looks can only take you so far. It’s rumored that he’s dating again and that he’s not having any trouble finding ladies to keep his bed warm. But really? Who would want to be someone’s sloppy seconds like that? Unfortunately, plenty of women.



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