15 Villains The CW's Arrow Needs ASAP

The Green Arrow is DC's finest archer, and one of the most interesting members of the Justice League. Previously unknown to many, this Robin Hood imitator has since had his own TV show on the CW (runn

The Green Arrow is DC's finest archer, and one of the most interesting members of the Justice League. Previously unknown to many, this Robin Hood imitator has since had his own TV show on the CW (running on its fifth season) that brings a lot of the character's history together in a satisfying way. Each season introduces a new big bad villain for Oliver Queen to face, and he is constantly being challenged mentally and physically.

However, one point of criticism that show has faced is that many of the villains used are not Green Arrow villains. Considering that he's fought Ra's al Ghul, Damian Darhk, and Deathstroke, it's a point well taken. That said, there are plenty of Green Arrow villains that have been present throughout the show, such as Count Vertigo, Brick, and the Dark Archer.

It needs to be noted that Green Arrow, relative to other DC heroes, doesn't have that big of a rogues gallery, and he doesn't have a lot of iconic names in his roster as Batman and the Flash do. Still, it might prove beneficial to the show if the writers begin bringing more Green Arrow villains into the fold and making them the central antagonists. As of right now, the villain he is facing is Prometheus. They've fought in the comics, but he is primarily a Batman bad guy.

Going forward, we'd like to see these 15 Green Arrow villains on the CW.

15 Constantine Drakon

Don't confuse his name with the current flashback villain Konstantin Kovar. Drakon is a much different individual who poses a much different threat to the Green Arrow. He has appeared in the show, but was neither memorable nor true to his actual character from the comics. He was born as a small child and was heavily made of for it. However, he decided to respond like most children do and begin killing at the age of ten. Realizing that he was a murderous prodigy, he chose to make a career out of his skills. He is one of the best fighters in the DC Universe, using a set of martial arts in order to take down his foes. This has factored into him becoming a great assassin, and foe of Green Arrow. One particular instance sent Drakon on a job in Star City, which brought him face to face with Oliver Queen. Arrow is no stranger to bringing in all kinds of assassins into the fold (there is an entire league after all), so Drakon would fit in very well. What would be even more interesting is if he was incorporated into the flashback scenes as someone hired by the Bratva or Kovar to bring down Oliver.

14 Cyrus Broderick

DC Rebirth is all the rage these days, and it's time for the writers of Arrow to start incorporating some characters from it. Cyrus Broderick is a big villain to Oliver Queen. He is the head of the financial department at Queen Industries, but is in with some dark plots in order to make Oliver Queen's life a living Hell. He often makes all kinds of terrible deals with other crime lords that necessitate the appearance of the Green Arrow. Naturally, this frustrates him greatly, and he quickly begins conspiring not to kill the Arrow but to completely trash his image. Even when dealing with brutal matters, Broderick exhibits an excellent sense of business and control, which makes him one of Mr. Queen's smarter villains. He eventually discovers who Oliver is and seeks to rob him of everything he has. Broderick would make an excellent big bad for a future season of the CW show, considering how they could even hide his identity with a mask and voice modulator early on (similar to what he does in the comics). One way the writers could introduce him is by making him a direct competitor to Mayor Queen's campaign.

13 Blood Rose

It's always fascinating to see how Oliver Queen's past manages to come back and haunt him time after time. In the comics, one woman from his past was named Blood Rose. They held a romantic relationship for some time, but that was many years ago. Eventually, Rose was turned into a robot and she sought out revenge on Queen. She did so by fighting the Green Arrow over and over again. She used a set of firearms and super strength in order to fight the Emerald Archer, but eventually he came out on top and she hit self-destruct. In the show, it's always great when people from Ollie's past return with some unresolved dynamic, and Blood Rose could offer a similar feel. Granted the fact that she became a robot is a bit ridiculous and likely something that would need to be changed, but considering Oliver is now riding the single train, it might be a perfect time to introduce her. Perhaps her biggest sign of potential is that she was altered by another villain that poses an even bigger threat to Oliver Queen. This is someone who could take the place of the big bad.

12 Midas

Once a measly scientist who was working on something to change the way toxic waste was handled, Midas was distracted by a woman that allowed some terrorists to destroy the project by blowing it up. He was immediately set on fire, and he doused himself by jumping into the nearby toxic waste. This disfigured his appearance and he came out a monster decorated with burns and toxicity. He gave up on becoming human and has since accepted his fate. Along the way, he not only altered but fell in love with Blood Rose. However, because the Green Arrow injured her, he vowed revenge on the Emerald Archer. They engaged in many battles, and while Midas could've easily killer Oliver, he thought better of it due to his fear of the Justice League. During one of their battles, Blood Rose was destroyed, and Midas left in order to rebuild her piece by piece. The duo of Midas and Blood Rose would be a fascinating dynamic to watch, being an evil take on Beauty and the Beast. Unfortunately, the effects to create Midas would be quite expensive, and they'll probably just resort to casting a human actor to portray the character.

11 Onomatopoeia

It's one thing to have a villain with ideals that put him in direct opposition to a superhero. But it's another thing when a villain deliberately begins targeting heroes. The villain Onomatopoeia is as unique as he is disturbing. His name comes from the way he talks. He simply mimics various sounds that are made from guns, knives, and anything else. He then targets superheroes that don't have any powers. This put Green Arrow and his cohorts directly in his crosshairs. He began by targeting people like Connor Hawke and shot him. While in the hospital, Onomatopoeia then killed the doctors that were trying to save his life. Nobody knows who he is or why he does what he does- only that he means business and needs to be stopped. A villain like this could work well in Arrow. Many times, the threat of a bad guy is undermined once they take off the mask, but having someone faceless like Onomatopoeia would eliminate that altogether. He is a faceless evil and would provide a great challenge for Oliver and his friends. The character was originally set to appear in an episode in season one, but was removed because there were some who felt that he wouldn't translate to live action well.

10 Komodo

As you'll see in a few entries on this list, Arrow has brought in some classic Green Arrow villains but has adapted them very poorly. As such, many fans of the show and the character want to see the proper versions of these characters make a real appearance. The first example of this is Komodo. This deadly archer was a big part of The Outsiders, when it was revealed that Robert Queen was still alive. He had a really cool costume, amazing archery skills, and a vendetta against Oliver Queen. That said, Komodo has already been introduced in Arrow. In one episode in season 3, Team Arrow was trying to figure out who killed Sara Lance, and an archer assassin just happened to be in Star City at the time, so they tracked him down, only to figure out that he wasn't the guy they were looking for. His name was Komodo and it was a massive disservice to the actual character from the comics. Not only would we like to see a proper version of Komodo appear on the show, but we would also like to see an adaptation of The Outsiders War.

9 Electrocutioner

When Prometheus attacked the Green Arrow in the comics, there were a few other villains who were working with him. Many of them abandoned Batman as his enemy and opted for the Emerald Archer instead. Thankfully, Arrow killed Prometheus, and he was left tying up loose ends. One of these ends was Electrocutioner (who was a Batman villain before turning to fight the Arrow). He bears a suit that holds electric currents that end in gauntlets over his fists. He can charge his gauntlets to deliver painful or lethal blows of electricity, which make him a danger to get close to. Because he worked with Prometheus in the comics, it would be a perfect fit to see him appear this season of Arrow. His powerful equipment would be prime to challenge the newly formed team and give them a run for their money. If not this season, it may be a good decision to include him in the beginning of season 6, as Oliver attempts to clean up all of the mess started by Prometheus. Electrocutioner has appeared in a few projects in the past, his biggest one being a boss in Batman: Arkham Origins.

8 Richard Dragon

The original incarnation of Richard Dragon was a hero who trained other heroes in the ways of martial arts. He was one of the best fighters in the DC Universe, being able to contend with people like Batman. However, his New 52 version is a little bit more unhinged. He was the son of a crime lord who was killed by John Diggle (disguised as the Arrow). After that happened, he trained with the League of Assassins in order to fight the Green Arrow one day. Not only did he surpass his master's abilities, he even killed his master and took his last name of Dragon. The he moves to Star City to target the Emerald Archer by placing a $30 million bounty on his head and organizing a team of bad guys to take him down (called the Longbow hunters). Arrow does manage to fight them off, but only to be faced with Dragon himself. Even with Diggle's help, both heroes still get badly injured. Facing a plotline on the CW with a bounty and a team of assassins would be very fun to watch, especially considering that plot had been so poorly done on a particular Batman game.

7 Professor Ojo

Arrow has introduced some technological villains in the past, but none of them were very good (as was the case with some baddies who faced Felicity Smoak). Instead of bringing in people like that, the CW could instead introduce a villain that's incredibly smart and not incredibly ridiculous to watch on screen. A prime candidate for this would be Professor Ojo. He had close ties with the League of Assassins (though he isn't a great fighter) as far as their crime empire goes. To antagonize Green Arrow, he placed a cybernetic floating eye above the streets of Star City. Oliver took it down and then managed to be faced with another when he visited Arkham Asylum. It was revealed that these eyes were surveillance for Ojo and were only hints of what the villain could really do. Having a villain like this appear on the CW show would bring a new dynamic for the team as opposed to the crime lords and Green Arrow knock-offs. Ojo has appeared in previous DC properties such as Young Justice, and it wouldn't be too far off for him to have a spot on the show, knowing that the writers aren't above including some lesser-known characters from the comics.

6 Deathstroke

Yes, I am aware that Deathstroke has already appeared on the CW as a big bad for season 2 of Arrow. The reason that I've included him on this list is because this character has since seen a terribly long hiatus. Apparently this is because the Deathstroke character is tied up in another big DC project (assumedly the solo Batman movie), but that is no reason to exclude his great presence from the CW show. He was arguably one of the best parts about the entire show and had a lot of great moments and nuances to make him stand out among the crowd. Coupling that with a great costume and actor to portray him, there's a horrible necessity for Deathstroke to once appear again on the CW. I'm not talking a half-handed cameo either, which is what happened in the Invasion crossover event. The show isn't quite the same without him, and there is a weird disconnect with season 2 as a result. There's no question that bringing him back on the show would increase its structure and viewer base. Two versions of the Flash can exist across multiple universes, why can't Deathstroke be given the same treatment?

5 The Real Count Vertigo

Count Vertigo has already been introduced in Arrow, but it was a vastly different take in regards to the character from the comics. In the show, he was portrayed as a drug dealer who actually sold the drug vertigo and injected it into anyone who crossed him or attempted to stop him. While this is fine for what it is, he was eventually killed by Oliver in season 2. The version in the comics is a bit more interesting. Instead of having anything to do with the drug Vertigo, Count Vertigo actually induces a pulse that disorients anyone that is in range of it, giving them similar effects to being on Vertigo. The Count has been a constant rival of the Green Arrow, forcing him to think outside the box in order to properly take him down. While introducing yet another Count Vertigo on the show might warrant some criticism, there's no denying that having a comic-y version of the character that was created by the Particle Accelerator or an Earth 2 version would be fun to watch. Then we could see how a Black Canary vs Count Vertigo battle would go down.

4 China White

There is little coincidence that resulted in Oliver Queen ending up on Lian Yu, and it's high time for the show to properly explore that. It's been a long time since China White has appeared on the show, and it would be great to see her included once more, this time having a hand in Oliver's tragic history. This could go along with an adaptation of The Outsider's War, where Robert Queen is alive and China White was part of a much bigger plot to put Oliver there in the first place. China White was also a big business partner for the young Oliver Queen, and by tricking him into investing in her company, she managed to increase the drug trade exponentially. In the continuity of Arrow, she is currently in prison as of her last appearance and hasn't been seen since the days of Deathstroke and the Dark Archer. If she ends up returning, hopefully she'll have more of her comic roots along with her.

3 The Star City Slayer

Arrow is no stranger to serial killers, and the Star City Slayer seems a perfect fit for the show. The Star City Slayer was an older fellow who was a member of a Satanist cult. He and his wife both were avid Christians before doing a complete 180. They took part in many sinister rituals together before the man's wife became pregnant. She wanted to leave the cult, and he wanted to use the child as a sacrifice. In horror of this man's desires, the wife left him all alone. When he had an eventual grandson, this Star City Slayer held him captive because the boy had a connection to a beast that he was trying to summon. In attempt to get the beast out of hiding, the old man began kidnapping and killing various youths in Star City and feeding their blood to his grandson. This was how he earned the name the Star City Slayer. Granted, this might be a bit dark for the audience of the TV show, but they could easily incorporate a version of this character who kidnapped children or people because of some crazy cult he was involved in. Better yet, the Slayer could be someone brought in by Prometheus to torment Oliver.

2 Cheshire

Cheshire is a pretty big villain in the world of the Green Arrow, however she doesn't have many run-ins with the Emerald Archer. Most of her contentions are with his ward, Speedy (AKA Red Arrow or Arsenal). During one of Speedy's missions working undercover, the two of them met and became deeply in love. The result was a child, whom she left for Speedy to raise. Cheshire then went on to work with Deathstroke and fight with her old lover on many occasions, constantly being an emotional thorn in the ward's side. While Roy Harper is no longer on the show Arrow, there are still plenty of ways the writers could introduce Cheshire. For starters, she could be a past lover of Oliver Queen. Another option is to make her an assassin that one of the new recruits (Wild Dog or Ragman) unfortunately fall for. In the show Young Justice, Cheshire was revealed to be the sister of Artemis. The writers could easily pick up that storyline for the show, and either give the traitor some back up or even a new identity entirely. She could be personally trained by Prometheus to become someone much more lethal than an archer.

1 Tommy Merlyn

Ever since Prometheus was revealed, many people once believed that it was Tommy Merlyn under that hood. While that no longer seems likely, there's a strong desire to see Tommy back in Arrow. He was the best friend of Oliver Queen before his untimely demise at the end of season one. In the comics, they had a similar friendship, and they got into plenty of dangers together due to Oliver's time as the Green Arrow. After an accident left Tommy badly burned, he lamented that his recklessness would get more people killed in the future. Much later, he took up a bow and arrow and followed in his father's footsteps as the villain Merlyn. This change of pace for a character could fit very well into the constraints of the CW show. Many people want Tommy to come back, but if he does return, it's going to be for no reason. Introducing Tommy as another villain would be quite the twist; as far as whether he'd be the big bad or not, I'd leave it up to the writers to determine what would be best. Star City has changed a lot since Tommy's death, and it would be interesting to see how he would adapt to it all.

Sources: Wikia, DC Comics

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15 Villains The CW's Arrow Needs ASAP