15 GoT Characters Who Are Probably Going To Die This Season

One of the most brutal series in existence, hardly an episode goes by without some death--and as the creators proved early on, no one is safe. Even if they’re the protagonist.

With teasers and possible spoilers leaked at SXSW, fans have started speculating once again about what might happen in the seventh and penultimate season--including who might die. This will be the second season that goes “off-book”--meaning that while previous seasons were based directly on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, the show timeline has now surpassed that of the movie timeline. While there was still book material for the sixth season to pull from, the seventh season is absolutely and completely distinct from the book series. It isn’t even the last season, which means that there’s no guarantee it will look anything like the ending Martin gave to showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss when HBO got the rights to the series. Furthermore, Martin hasn’t actively written for the show since season 4, so he can’t even intervene if things get really bad.

This means that literally anyone could die. As Cersei so memorably told Ned Stark, in the game of thrones, you win or you die--and not everyone can win. Since we aren’t getting a new season until July and the internet spoilers out there are questionable at best, we have plenty of time to speculate about who the series’ next victims will be--either in this season or the next.


15 Meera Reed

As sad as we are to say it, Meera Reed is probably joining her brother before the series is over. She’s been one of Bran’s constant and most faithful companions, and as we’ve seen from the previous seasons, Bran’s companions--no matter how faithful--have a knack for ending up dead.

In the books, when Bran reaches Bloodraven’s lair, he observes that he hasn’t seen the Reed siblings in a while; around the same time, he is fed a mysterious green paste. Many have suspected that the green paste the Children of the Forest fed Bran was actually the Reed siblings. While it seems unlikely that Meera is going to get turned into green paste, Jojen is definitely dead, and maybe Meera is going to follow him to the grave soon. Most likely she’ll die protecting Bran, just like Maester Luwin, Jojen, Summer, and Hodor. Look out, Meera: being friends with Bran Stark has dangerous consequences.

14 Robin Arryn


Honestly, we’re surprised Robin Arryn has survived this long. Introduced way back in season one, the Lord of the Vale is an obnoxious child who has the potential to turn into another Joffrey--and we all know how that ended.

If Robin’s book storyline is anything to go by, then he is most certainly doomed, and like Joffrey, his will be murder by poison. In the books, Littlefinger is slowly having Robin poisoned by a sedative for his nerves; when Robin dies, the new Lord of the Vale will be Harry Hardyng, who Littlefinger is trying to match with Sansa. By marrying Sansa to the Lord of the Vale, Littlefinger means to control the Vale and the North. We’ve already seen Littlefinger force Sansa into a political marriage, so the show may well dispense with Harry Hardyng, but Littlefinger may still have reason to want to get rid of Robin.

13 Littlefinger

We can’t wait for this particular death to happen. Littlefinger has been a mustache-twirling master manipulator ever since season 1, and unfortunately he’s still swanning around Westeros and weaving a web of deception. And granted, most of the events of Game of Thrones wouldn’t happen without Littlefinger, but it’s time for him to step aside and let someone else take the reins. Scratch that, it’s time for Littlefinger to die in a horrible fire and leave Sansa Stark alone once and for all. What’s more likely to happen, however, is that Littlefinger’s scheming will go too far and he will have to answer for his crimes. His death will probably come in the form of an execution--perhaps Jon or Brienne will behead him, or Dany’s dragons will set him on fire. Maybe he will even get thrown through the moon door. Whatever happens, we can’t friggin’ wait.

12 Daenerys


Sad to say, but Daenerys is one of those characters we doubt is going to make it through the series. The Mother of Dragons has been on an unstoppable path, taking what she wants with fire and blood. That will only work for so long; eventually, someone is going to stand up to Daenerys. The Breaker of Chains believes that the people of Westeros have been hoping for the restoration of the Targaryens to the iron throne, and she also believes that as the only remaining Targaryen (that she knows of), it is her duty to rule. And sure, there are no more Baratheons to contest her claim, but we can’t see Cersei lying down and taking it, nor can we see the North willing to bow to another ruler from the south. Eventually, someone is going to tell Daenerys no. Maybe it will even be one of her dragons--who knows?

11 The Mountain

There’s no way that the Mountain is going to survive the series. Already dead (or is it undead?), his sole purpose in being brought back is to defend Cersei--and since we all know that Cersei is going to die, that means her protector has to die first. Like Cersei, we are pretty sure we know how he’s going to die too. Book and show fans alike have been predicting “Cleganebowl”, a final showdown between the two Clegane brothers. When the Mountain and the Hound inevitably face off, Gregor Clegane is almost definitely going to die.

Of course, it’s always possible the Mountain will survive Cleganebowl, but even if he does, his death is not long in coming. Cersei has many enemies, some of whom the Mountain will have to fight. He’s also on Arya’s kill list, so she may just finish him off. However it happens, Gregor Clegane is doomed to die.

10 Varys


As one of the principal players in the game of thrones, folks have been speculating what the endgame will be for our favorite master of whispers. The most popular theory is that he’s a secret Blackfyre--a bastard branch of the Targaryens that believed the iron throne was their right. The Blackfyres rebelled against the Targaryens several times, but without success. There are some who believe that Varys is a Blackfyre and is only using Daenerys as a placeholder until the Blackfyre heir takes their rightful place on the throne. In the books, Tyrion meets a young man who resembles the Targaryens and who claims to be the presumed dead Prince Aegon, but many fans suspect that he is actually the Blackfyre heir.

But since the Blackfyres have been unsuccessful and since we all know Daenerys will take what is hers with fire and blood, it’s likely that if Varys is working for the Blackfyres, he will meet the same unlucky end as his ancestors who rebelled against their Targaryen lords.

9 The Sand Snakes

Okay, let’s be real here: the Sand Snakes have been destined to meet a grisly end ever since they were introduced. By far one of the least interesting and most poorly executed plot lines, the Sand Snakes have proven that they will stop at nothing to get what they want--even if what they want is impossible. Even though the Sand Snakes have backed Daenerys Targaryen, it’s only a matter of time before they try to break free of the seven kingdoms--something Daenerys is unlikely to allow. If Dorne is going to break free, it will be at the cost of the Sand Snakes’ lives. Or maybe someone who wants revenge for the deaths of family and friends will come along and take an eye for an eye. Who knows--maybe the Sand Snakes will even turn on each other. Whatever happens, it’s not going to be pretty.


8 Cersei


Cersei’s is one death for which we cannot wait. One of the major bad guys in the series (and certainly the longest-running bad guy), Cersei’s comeuppance is going to be huge and well-deserved. Not only that, but we know how it’s going to happen, too. When a young Cersei went to visit the woods-witch Maggy the Frog, she was told, “And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.” Valonqar is High Valyrian for “little brother”, so Cersei has always interpreted the prophecy to mean that she will be killed by Tyrion. However, as some astute fans have pointed out, Cersei was born before Jaime, meaning that he could just as easily be the valonqar. Some have taken it further, arguing that valonqar only means “little brother”--not necessarily Cersei’s own brother. It could be almost anyone.

7 Qyburn

When Cersei dies, her minions are almost inevitably going to die with her, and that includes Qyburn. A veritable Viktor Frankenstein, Qyburn was removed from the maester’s order because of his questionable experimentation with dead bodies. He’s already turned Gregor Clegane into an undead warrior, and there’s no telling who else might be victim to his next experiment. Eventually, it’s going to get him into trouble. Whether it’s the relative of a victim or someone who’s simply disgusted with him, Qyburn is going to meet an end that’s as grisly as the experiments he’s been performing. Maybe Jaime will finish him off, or maybe the Mountain will really turn into a Frankenstein’s monster and try to destroy his own creator. Maybe Cersei will decide she can’t trust him. Maybe Qyburn will kill himself rather than own up to his actions. Whatever happens, it won’t be pretty.

6 The Hound


But it isn’t just the Mountain who’s doomed to die; both Cleganes have been set up for a grisly ending from the beginning of the series. Like his brother Gregor, Sandor was presumed dead but actually wasn’t. Also like his brother Gregor, Sandor has started a new life--but where Gregor is a Frankenstein’s monster with a penchant for killing, Sandor chose to live amongst peaceful, religious folk. The Hound was compelled back into a life of violence when men killed all of the peaceful folk that had accepted him without question. Now, Sandor’s path is indubitably leading him straight to a confrontation with big brother Gregor, and it won’t be pretty. Gregor, if you remember, held his brother’s face in the fire when he played with his favorite toy--imagine what he’ll do now that they’re grown men.

Even if Gregor doesn’t finish him off, the Hound’s fear of fire has been a major plot point in the series, and and it may just be the way he’ll die, too.

5 Grey Worm

In season five, viewers were left with a cliffhanger wondering whether or not Grey Worm was going to die. Even though he pulled out of it just fine, fans are now starting to speculate that he might die in one of the upcoming seasons. The showrunners have done this before--made us believe a character was going to die and then keep them alive, only to kill them off later, after the audience thought they were safe.

It’s also possible that Grey Worm was supposed to die in season 5, back when we originally thought he was going to die. Perhaps the showrunners realized that even though he was supposed to die, he still had a part to play before the end. Now that Grey Worm has been established as an important member of Daenerys’s squad, has been shown to have a sense of humor, and has been given a love interest to boot, he’s almost certainly going to meet a tragic end.

4 Theon Greyjoy


Theon has already been through so much, and sadly, viewers may have to suffer through watching more of Theon’s torment. In the books, Theon is found by Stannis Baratheon after he escapes Ramsay and held prisoner. In a sneak-peek of The Winds of Winter that George R.R. Martin released a while ago, Theon is waiting to be executed by Stannis. Even though Stannis is dead in the TV show and has the protection of both his sister Yara and the Targaryen queen, many believe that he is still doomed. Maybe Jon or Arya will want revenge for the brothers they don’t know are still alive, or Theon’s evil uncle Euron will finish him off. Theon has become one of the series’ most beloved characters, and the showrunners know this, so if and when he does die, they’re going to make it as painful for us as possible.

3 Jorah

There’s no way Jorah is going to survive. He has greyscale, an incurable disease that’s practically a death sentence for anyone who has it. Even though there are those who have survived (Shireen Baratheon, for one), it’s fatal more often than not, and it’s been spreading so rapidly that Jorah’s days are numbered. However, Jorah’s not just going to go off and die (as much as we wish he would). If greyscale was supposed to kill Jorah, then he would have died in season 6, not be ordered by Daenerys to find a cure.

Jorah is going to play an important role before he dies. Maybe he’ll be killed in battle or die saving Daenerys. Maybe he’ll uncover a vital piece of information before greyscale takes him. However it happens, Jorah is going to die, but before that happens he’s going to do something big. Let’s just hope it happens early on.

2 Olenna Tyrell


As much as we hate to say it, Olenna Tyrell is probably going to join her son and grandchildren in the afterlife. The Queen of Thorns has lost everything and now lives only for revenge--a trope that usually spells the end of a character in this series. Olenna has nothing left to live for, save watching Cersei Lannister die--and even that is a small comfort after outliving the people she loved and cared most about. Olenna may find herself killed by Cersei, or even betrayed by the Sand Snakes or Daenerys herself. Maybe Olenna will simply die of old age and grief--but this is Game of Thrones, so that’s unlikely. Perhaps she will even take her own life, too grieved to go on without those she loves and the world she worked so hard to build. However she goes, we’re sure it will be an end befitting everyone’s favorite grandmother.

1 Gendry

Poor, poor Gendry. We haven’t seen him since he set off in his little boat in season 3, and now he’s probably going to die.

It’s not much of a spoiler to say that Gendry is going to be in this season, because news outlets exploded when fans spotted Joe Dempsie on set. So now that we know he’s going to be in the season, the question becomes: why? What does season 7 have in store for Gendry? Ideally, we’ll see him reunited with Arya and Hot Pie again, maybe confronting Melisandre and the Brotherhood for trying to kill him. Maybe he’ll even meet Queen Daenerys--and maybe that’ll be the reason he gets offed. With all of the Baratheons dead, perhaps Daenerys will want to make sure that there are no rivals to the throne--even if they’re illegitimate. Maybe Daenerys will kill Gendry--or Melisandre will succeed in killing him for his king’s blood. Better get back in that boat and row away, Gendry.

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