15She had no idea she was a trailblazer

There are those people who set out to be the first at something that statistically and realistically seems impossible. It’s an uphill climb, and they scratch and claw every step of the way. Then, there are those who achieve those kinds of goals and have to have it pointed out

to them after the fact. Sailor Brinkley-Cook was one such woman who had no idea she’d accomplished one of those crazy first-time moments when she was informed that she and Christie Brinkley were the first mother-daughter combination to ever appear in their own solo photos for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. How’d she find out? She read about it on the Internet. When SI asked her about the unique honor, she said: "I didn’t realize until I saw that as a headline on the website yesterday. And I was like ‘Wait. Wow. That’s pretty sick.’”

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