15 Geeky Munchkins Who Turned Into Cool Adults

Everybody loves a story about an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan; especially if it is a true one. If it involves a celebrity or two – even better! That is why we are going to take a look at 15 geeky munchkins who grew up so steamy we can’t look away!

Today, when you look at some of the hottest stars out there, it is hard to imagine what they used to look like when they were just little kids. You might remember some of them from their first acting jobs during their childhood or you might have absolutely no idea what some of them used to look like back then because it is so hard to believe it is the same person! One way or the other, it is always an interesting thing to see just how much these people have changed over time. Nobody expected some of these little nerdy munchkins to turn into some of the steamiest actors today and that element of surprise is what makes their growing up story even more interesting! So let’s take a look at 15 people who really did the growing up part of their life right!

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15 Jennifer Love Hewitt

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There is no doubt that Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the hottest actresses out there today, but you might not remember that she didn’t always look that way. She started her acting career as a Disney Channel star and she was just another one of those geeky little munchkins you used to see on the screen, wearing her hair in a high ponytail, oversized clothes hanging on her petite figure, chunky sneakers on her feet etc. Who would have known she was about to become one of the hottest stars when she grows up? Today, she is known for her amazing hour-shaped and curvaceous body, for her cute face with a lovely smile, and for her sassy attitude. Whenever there is a list naming the hottest celebrities out there, you can bet her name is on it!

14 Lacey Chabert


When you think about the geekiest kids on Nickelodeon, one of the first names that pop into one’s mind is Eliza Thornberry, a character voiced by Lacey Chabert. Eliza always wanted to learn and to help different people and animals; she could even understand what animals were saying to her. Does it get any nerdier than that? But let’s talk also about her role in The Party of Five where she portrayed Claudia Salinger, a teenage girl facing all kinds of issues any teenager faces on a daily basis. However, since then, Lacey Chabert grew up and turned into a gorgeous young woman. Who would have known that somebody spending such a big part of her career being a nerd could be so gorgeous? It is actually a bit of a shame that she still sometimes chooses voice acting over appearing on screen.

13 Tania Raymonde


Do you remember the super geeky girl, Cynthia Sanders, from the series Malcolm in the Middle? She was one of the students in Malcolm’s class for gifted children and everything about her just screamed geek! Today, she is the exact opposite of that as she turned into an unbelievably gorgeous young woman with nothing nerdy about her at all! We got to see her again in the series Lost where she started working when she was 17 and appeared in some of the episodes during the next 5 years. At that point, it was already obvious that the Tania we used to see on the screen as a child isn’t the same Tania that we get to see today. She is currently working on the series Goliath where she plays one of the main characters, Brittany Gold.

12 Emma Watson

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When Emma Watson first appeared on the screen playing the biggest geek in the magical world of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, she was just another unknown, nerdy little munchkin. However, since then, she grew into a lovely young woman, great actress, and a true hottie. When talking about child stars turning into super attractive adults, her name is almost always on those lists and for a good reason, too. Just remember little Hermione with her big, thick hair, and awkward personality, and then look at Emma today and you’ll see it is pretty amazing how much she’s changed over time. Not only is she a gorgeous and talented actress, she also seems to be a pretty great person as well. She has never been the subject of any major scandals, and she seems to be a really intelligent and compassionate lady.

11 Chloe Grace Moretz

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Chloe Grace Moretz took the acting path when she was only 7 years old and she has been a successful actress ever since. She became well known for her work in the movie Kick-Ass where she portrayed a geeky little girl with trust issues. The film really showed that Chloe was able to work in a genre that other kids would probably find a little confusing, but it was clear right then and there that she will be a star of many great films to come. As the years went by, she got a bunch of other great roles and she has been very busy every single year which gave us a chance to see her transform from a nerdy child into a teen and, ultimately, into a gorgeous young woman.

10 Madeline Zima

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We met Madeline Zima at a very young age when she portrayed little Grace Sheffield in the popular TV show The Nanny. Grace was a weird little kid with a quirky personality, a pretty advanced knowledge of psychology at such a young age, and with a unique perception of the world. Sure, she was really cute, but she was also as geeky as geeky goes. Once The Nanny was over, we didn’t get to see her for a while, and then she returned to the screen playing Mia in the show Californication. Man, that was really something totally different than we were used to seeing from her! She turned into an unbelievably hot and attractive young woman with piercing eyes and an awesome figure, and all that initial geekiness vanished completely.

9 Alexa Vega


Alexa Vega is best known for portraying the snarky pre-teen Carmen Cortez in the Spy Kids movies. However, today, she is a whole new person and one of the most amazing Hollywood child to adult transformations. Besides being a talented actress, Alexa is also an experienced gymnast and has a rocking figure that is really hard to go unnoticed. At the age of 15, she was named one of the hottest female teen stars and her beauty only increased with years. So when you look at the young, geeky Carmen from Spy Kids, it is pretty hard to believe that is actually Alexa Vega as we know her today. She really went from being a nerdy munchkin to being a stunning young lady breaking hearts of her fans all around the globe.

8 Abigail Breslin

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When talking about Abigail Breslin, the first of her roles that comes to one’s mind is the role of a nerdy, chubby Olive Hoover in the popular movie Little Miss Sunshine. Olive was a pretty awkward kid who developed a huge passion for beauty pageants, with her super weird family supporting her. It was immediately clear that she wasn’t a natural beauty that could actually win the finals of the pageant – but things have changed dramatically since then. An ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan and it is truly amazing how gorgeous she is today. Nowadays, Little Miss Sunshine could win any beauty pageant out there without even trying too hard! She has also been exceptionally busy as her acting career is going really well so we will definitely get to see a lot more of her in the future.

7 Nicholas Hoult

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We all remember Nicholas Hoult playing an intelligent and nerdy boy, Marcus Brewer, in the film About a Boy with Hugh Grant. He was a cute little kid, but at that point, he really didn’t look like somebody who will turn into a real heartthrob once he grows up. However, Nicholas surprised us all and did exactly that! Following the success of this great movie, he moved onto a number of new projects and started dating some of the hottest actresses out there, for example, Jennifer Lawrence. Though he is still developing his career, he already has a couple of slam dunks in his resume and there seems to be a bright acting future in the store for him. If he gets tired of acting, he could probably easily try working as a male model since he obviously has the looks for it.

6 Matthew Lewis

Via theferkel.co.uk

Oh, just remember the cute and pretty awkward little dude from the Harry Potter movies, Neville Longbottom, and then look at Matthew Lewis now! The transformation is just stunning! Sure, Lewis was always kind of an adorable kid, especially since we’ve gotten used to seeing him portraying confused little Neville, but nobody expected him to turn into the hottie he is today! He looks like a completely different person and in the best way possible! He continued his acting career after the final HP movie was released and lately, you might have seen him in TV series Happy Valley, Ripper Street and in the movie Me Before You etc. Hopefully, we will get to see more of this great looking guy in the future, especially the female audience that is crazy about him!

5 Joseph Gordon Levitt

Via listchallenges.com

Joseph Gordon Levitt made his acting debut in the hit sitcom Third Rock From the Sun, playing the youngest main character on the show, little alien boy Tommy Solomon. He was a cute, long-haired, geeky actor who had to play a character much older than he actually was, and a bit smarter than all the other humans in the show. During the years the show ran, we got to see Joseph turning from a nerdy child to an even nerdier teen and pretty much nobody expected him to turn into a heartthrob he is today. Once the show was over, Joseph took some time off from acting to focus on his studies and he returned to the screen hotter than anybody anticipated. Nowadays, not only is he a hot and popular actor, but he is also a pretty successful writer and director.

4 Shia LaBeouf

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We all remember Shia LaBeouf playing the lead in the widely popular TV show Even Stevens. He was a young, geeky prankster who had a hard time fitting in with the rest of the world. It was immediately obvious that LaBeouf wasn’t a typical child star; he wasn’t all cute and perfect like most of the kids you have had the chance to see on the screen. On the contrary, he was a little weird and dorky, but he really stood out from the rest of the pack as a very talented young actor. As he grew older, two things became very clear to his fans. First, his looks changed dramatically and he became as steamy as it gets. Unfortunately, the second thing wasn’t as fortunate, as it appears that he might have gotten a little bit unstable in the mental health department.

3 Patrick Dempsey

Via dempseycenter.org

Most people know Patrick Dempsey as one of the doctors in Grey’s Anatomy, often referred to as “McDreamy”, but when you look at the pictures of him from his earlier days, it becomes pretty obvious that he was more of a “McGeeky”. Neither his hair nor his nose wasn’t as perfect as they are today, and he often wore a geeky, round glasses that made him look even nerdier. However, as the years went by, he learned a thing or two about the hair products, got himself some better clothes, lost the glasses, and turned into secret celebrity crush of thousands of women from all around the world. He left Grey’s Anatomy in 2015, starred in Bridget Jones's Baby, and we will get a chance to see him in numerous already announced future projects.

2 Neil Patrick Harris

Via ew.com

Neil Patrick Harris became known all across the world as the biggest womanizer ever, Barney Stinson, in the hit series How I Met Your Mother. It is almost impossible to believe that the same guy who portrayed Barney was once a super dorky kid wearing superhero T-shirts and big, round glasses. Harris started acting as a child after being discovered by playwright Mark Medoff, who cast him in Clara’s Heart. The drama about a kid who finds himself in a tricky position with his parents, who are going through an emotional crisis after their other child dies. He eventually develops a close bond with a housekeeper portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg. Yes, people, it is true. That little kid was actually Neil Patrick Harris! He really changed a lot since then and in a good way, too!

1 Josh Peck

Via therichest.com

Josh Peck is one of those guys you probably wouldn’t even recognize if somebody didn’t tell you it was actually him. We got to know and love him as that dorky, chubby kid from the Drake & Josh series, but the years passed, he lost a bunch of weight, and transformed into a real heartthrob. But not only is he a great looking guy, he also seems to be a really nice person with a great sense of humor. He has worked on numerous interesting gigs both as an actor and a voice actor in films such as The Angry Birds Movie, three Ice Age movies, Danny Collins, and many more. His career seems to be heading in the right direction and so does his personal life as he married the love of his life in June 2017.

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