15 Garbage Movies That Ended These Actors' Careers

They say that you should try and live your life with no regrets, but it's impossible for the stars on this list to not regret the movies that we're going to talk about below. Especially because the reason you don't talk about some of these actors anymore is because of these god awful movies.

Movies that honestly if you were walking down the street and they offered you the script, even you would be able to tell were going to be a trainwreck.

Some people on our list help prove that they should never have left the television screen, some prove they can fail there and on the big screen, but they all prove that their careers took a significant (if not fatal) hit with these movies.

Along with all of these movies being ripped into by the general fanbase and critics, we also make sure to highlight some of the biggest box-office failures of all-time.

There's such a thing as a movie being so bad it's good, not here, these movies are just bad.

While some of these stars have a few moments in the horizon that may prove a redeeming factor or have proven that Hollywood isn't sick of their voice just their acting, but that doesn't make the movies below any less damaging.


15 Alexis Bledel - Post Grad And The Good Guy

Alexis Bledel is definitely no stranger to succeeding on the smaller screen, having previously been the leading role in the incredibly successful (and eventual Netflix series) Gilmore Girls. But if you look at her trajectory on the big screen, there is little doubt that she has failed to make that transition.

The movie that perhaps hammered that home is The Good Guy which took home a meager $100,000 at the box office and helped solidify that she didn't have leading actress qualities. It didn't help that the same year Bledel appeared in the forgettable film Post Grad which also stars Michael Keaten and Jane Lynch, but that wasn't enough to have the film make back their budget of $15 million, instead only earning $6.4 million at the box office.

Bledel will be taking a run on the small screen again with the series The Handmaid's Tale.

14 Will Friedle - National Lampoon's Gold Diggers


Now we need to do a little bit of a warning with the next one. Will Friedle is arguably recognizable for every television fan in the 90s because he had an iconic role in Boy Meets World, but if you look at his film career it's clear that it may have been the peak of his physical acting career.

Especially when he appeared in the movie National Lampoon's Gold Diggers which was definitely enough to take him off the "want list" for most Hollywood studios. The movie also starred Chris Owen (you know, Sherminator from the American Pie franchise) and followed Owen and Friedle in their attempts to marry older women.

We do have to give him some credit though, because as a voice actor, Friedle has actually done well for himself including voicing Peter Quill in an animated series around Guardians and the Galaxy and Batman in the Batman Beyond series, but don't expect to see his face again anytime soon.

13 Jennifer Love Hewitt - Jewtopia

Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the best looking women in Hollywood, but she really cannot pick a successful movie script. In fact, JLW has never had a movie with a positive score on RottenTomatoes. When it comes to the movie that was the final nail in the coffin, we circle back to 2013 with the movie Jewtopia.

The movie was based on an off-Broadway play, so I mean the potential was there for something great, but instead, it scored 10% on RottenTomatoes and nobody seems to know it exists.

Though when you consider she appeared in both of those godawful Garfield movies, it should be clear that she's never cared much for a strong script.

JLW did spend time as the lead on The Client List, which was canceled and made a re-occurring guest role on Criminal Minds but that doesn't erase her awful film history.

12 Katherine Heigl - Unforgettable


We might be jumping the gun here, but Katherine Heigl's most recent film Unforgettable may be what finally pushes her out of Hollywood. She's notorious for her awful attitude on-set, and the failures of some of her recent projects including the television series State of Affairs is proof that the audience doesn't care to see her on a regular basis.

Critics aren't buying into the movie either and the 25% that it currently has, certainly isn't going to make people start to run to the theater. Especially when you consider Guardians of the Galaxy is right around the corner.

The redeeming factor may be Rosario Dawson who fans surely love for her time in the Marvel universe on Netflix.

11 Adrien Brody - American Heist 

There was a time in Hollywood when Adrien Brody was considered to be an outstanding actor, in fact, he even took home an Academy Award back in 2002 when he appeared in The Pianist. But unfortunately for Brody, his career has had plenty of misses and one of his most recent, American Heist, may have put the nail in the coffin for him.

Acting alongside Hayden Christensen (both of whom helped work as executive producers), the movie ended up only being released to 10 different theaters in America, bringing in only a few thousand dollars versus the $10 million budget.

Critics ripped into it scoring it with 23% and helped hammer home the fact that the world was tired of Brody.

10 Gene Hackman - Welcome To Mooseport


Gene Hackman may be considered by many people to be one of the greatest actors to ever step in front of a movie screen. With multiple films that were a huge hit with critics and fans throughout his career and two Academy Awards (one for Best Actor and one for Best Supporting), we're sure there are plenty of fans who are heartbroken that his last movie was Welcome to Mooseport.

Also starring Ray Romano, the film limped to a pathetic $14.6 million at the box office in comparison to their $30 million budget. Understandably it didn't fare much better with critics, scoring 13% on Rotten Tomatoes.

While you can make the argument that Hackman was getting up there in years and retirement was just around the corner, it doesn't make it any less sad that this was literally his last kick at the can.

9 Marlon Brando - The Island Of Dr. Moreau

When it comes to problems with The Island Of Dr. Moreau we don't know how much we can blame on Marlon Brando, but it was one of his last ever films and it was god awful, so you better believe it's making a spot on our list.

The film was truly sabotaged by Val Kilmer who arrived late to set, refused to say the proper dialogue and would bully the other actors and crew constantly. The director, who mind you had wanted to make this movie for years, was also fired in the middle of production.

Brando eventually got fed up with the constant rewrites and issues that he literally had a radio receiver on him while on camera so someone could feed him the lines as he had refused to learn them.

The diva behavior from both Kilmer and Brando ended up turning the 6-week film project into 6 months of uncomfortable tension.


8 Lindsay Lohan - The Canyons


Lindsay Lohan may be one of the biggest examples of self-destruction in Hollywood, but nobody can take away how fantastic Mean Girls was. Yet when it comes to most other projects that Lohan has signed on to, they've been terrible. While you could point to something like I Know Who Killed Me which bombed, nothing proved that Lohan had given up quite like The Canyons.

Releasing in 2013, the film had a limited release earning under $1 million at the box office. Though when you consider Lohan's co-star was the adult film star James Deen, how high could expectations be?

We're sure if they teamed up for a different kind of movie it would have been far more profitable.

7 Freddie Prinze Jr. - Delgo

You may love listening to Freddie Prinze Jr. voice on Star Wars Rebels, but you probably don't love anything he did for the big screen. They're considered overwhelmingly terrible by critics with only 1 positive, but perhaps the most significant flop came in 2008 with the movie Delgo.

The movie was computer-animated so we can't completely blame his acting ability on this one, but looking at the numbers it is considered to be one of the biggest flops of all-time.

With a budget over $40 million, the movie only managed to earn roughly $900,000 at the box office.

6 Sarah Michelle Gellar - The Air I Breathe


Sarah Michelle Gellar definitely can be entertaining in a horror movie. After all, nobody can take away her success in Scream 2 or the classic I Know What You Did Last Summer, but in 2008 her decision to take a role in the film The Air I Breathe helped solidify the fact that her acting career was done.

The movie featured various actors who personified different emotions, in Gellar's case she was given the task of playing the feeling sorrow.

With 12% on RottenTomatoes however, it's clear the people who felt true sorrow were those who had to watch it. Gellar did have some success on television following her flop, but we're sure the failure of TAIB is making sure she stays there.

5 Jessica Alba - Mechanic: Resurrection

When it comes to Jessica Alba's least favorite acting role, she may have to select the time she was cast as the Invisible woman in the Fantastic Four franchise. It was reported that she had a strained relationship with the director, including him insulting her ability to cry and instead, going with fake CGI tears.

But when it comes to reasons that Alba is no longer in movies, it definitely doesn't help that her last big-screen appearance was in Mechanic: Resurrection. Sure, starring alongside Jason Statham may sound like fun, but the 29% on RottenTomatoes shows that critics definitely didn't have a great time.

Since stepping away from Hollywood, Alba has focused on her own company, The Honest Company, which sells non-toxic household goods.

4 Paris Hilton - Hottie And The Nottie


If you want to be ecstatic that Paris Hilton doesn't have an acting career, the best movie you can give that credit to is Hottie and the Nottie. Coming out in 2008, the movie followed an attractive (at least according to the movie) Paris Hilton in her attempts to find a date for her ugly friend from elementary school.

Sound captivating? Of course not, and the $28,000 it made at the box office will surely solidify that feeling. Prior to this film Hilton had already made her unfortunate presence known in other god awful films like House of Wax (25% on RottenTomatoes) and Repo! The Genetic Opera (35%) but it has nothing on the 5% that The Hottie and the Nottie earned.

Nobody in their right mind will watch this movie and honestly say they enjoyed their time.

3 Warren Beatty - Town & Country

Do you think Warren Beatty had himself a good time while making Town & Country? When you consider it was the last movie that he made for fifteen years we can assume it definitely made him want to step away from the industry.

The movie also featured Diane Keaton who played a character married to Beatty, and with the $90 million budget, there was definitely high expectations. The $10 million that it earned makes it clear that it missed on all of them.

The 13% that it earned from Rotten Tomatoes also didn't exactly push people towards the theaters.

2 Keenan Thomas - Fat Albert


Keenan Thomas is no stranger to being in the public eye as you can travel all the way back to 1994 for his first ever film role in the outstanding D2: The Mighty Ducks (...nostalgia might be playing a factor here), but when it came to making it as an actor in major movies, Thompson can blame Fat Albert for his failings.

The film failed to make an impact at the box office and critics panned it with a rating of 25%. Thomas has been able to be a welcome face on Saturday Night Live since 2003, but his big-screen failing with Albert has solidified that he won't be leaving there and into a leading role anytime soon.

Thomas will try and use his voice acting to his benefit in 2018 with his appearance in the movie Amusement Park alongside Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Garner.

1 Jim Caviezel - Passion Of The Christ

Of all movies on our list, The Passion of the Christ is perhaps the least deserving when it comes to being referred to as an awful movie. Sure, critics didn't exactly love it (49%), but it did make over $600 million at the box office.

But even before taking on the project, Mel Gibson warned lead actor Jim Caviezel that it would hurt his career,

"He said, 'You'll never work in this town again.' I told him, 'We all have to embrace our crosses'".

Caviezel confirmed this fear in a 2011 interview saying he lost out on countless roles and was shunned by people in the industry after his role. It clearly wasn't due to lack of talent as when Caviezel did get the opportunity to show off his skills on the television series Person of Interest he was outstanding, but that definitely wasn't how he envisioned his career going.

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