15 Gamer Girls We Want To Marry ASAP

Who doesn't love gamer girls? Actually, you might be surprised to learn that there are a lot of people who hate them! There are both men and women alike who just despise the fact that gamer girls exist. If you're one of those people reading this...screw you. A real gamer girl is like a snow leopard. An extremely rare creature you might hear about, see pictures and videos of, but will hardly ever see.

Gamer girls are wonderful people. I mean...well, not all of them. They are people and some of them are horrible like other people, but there are gamer girls who are just awesome. I see why some women hate them. They're jealous that their boyfriends are interested in the cute gamer girl. And guys hate them because gamer girls can kick a** and often destroy guys' delusions of being an epic gamer who is just sooooo cool.

I get the reasoning for both sides, but I still think they're stupid. And below, you'll understand why with 15 sorts of gamer girls you just definitely want to marry. I mean, I think they would be hard to resist. So why are you still looking at the intro? Go discover gamer girls you wish you could have!

15 The Throne Of Games!!!

Ok, I'm sorry but this girl is now one of my heroes. Why? Well, first of all, she has an arcade machine off to the right of the frame. And secondly...SHE HAS A THRONE MADE OF VIDEO GAMES! How friggin' awesome is that? I don't even care what she looks like. The fact that she's sitting on a throne of games is just bloody amazing! The throne is definitely taller than her even if she were standing straight up. And you know what? She's actually also pretty damn attractive on top of that. Sure, you might have to do a lot of laundry, cleaning, cooking, bill-paying, and sponge-bathing but it seems pretty clear that this girl is serious about her gaming and would make a wonderful wife! Imagine playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands with her! I bet she'd kick a**.

14 Wouldn't You Play Friday The 13th With Her? 

This is Sssniperwolf. She is a pretty well-known gamer girl and she is clearly very attractive. And she really gets to me because I'm a huge horror film buff. Wouldn't you want to help this girl survive in the new Friday the 13th? I bet you would like to think that you could be the superhero to save the day for her just to hopefully get a prize. But, let's be realistic. She's a professional gamer and I bet she would play Jason Voorhees and would school most of the people who take her on as camp counselors. You might not believe that. I know she'd school me as I've yet to play the game, but you might think you're far more skilled. I haven't watched her play the game but I'm still happy that she's a fan and I'm sure everyone here is happy that she's hot.

13 Clearly Playing Days At A Time

If your room is cluttered with Sprite, Cheetos, and Little Caesar's pizza...you've definitely not left in a while. That, or you left for a very brief period to collect all these things and go right back to whatever you've been doing. In this girl's case, it's gaming. Wouldn't you love to accompany this girl in bed while she plays? She even has a Pokemon blanket. And no sheets! She really doesn't give a crap about the state of her place. She cares about getting to the next check or save point. Her makeup is already slightly running. Maybe she's playing a real emotional rollercoaster. Don't you want to be there to cry with her and make her feel better? And I'm sure you're thinking that it doesn't hurt given what she's wearing, or how little she's wearing.

12 Gaming In Underwear Or Less...

Ok...I'm sure that now each of you is picturing the person you wish most was a gaming girl...or the gaming girl you think is the hottest and thinking of them gaming without clothes on. I'm sure it's a great thought. Wouldn't you wish for a wife who loves to game that way and uses the excuse that it helps them to concentrate? I feel like that might be a pretty active relationship. That being said though, if it really did help her to focus on her gaming then you might not get as much action as you would hope. She might tell you to F- off because she's trying to concentrate. And then you might have to wait until she's put clothes back on before you can start getting intimate. You just never know with those gamers. But why not enjoy the view regardless?

11 Laid Out By All The Games!

I'm sure this has nothing to do with what might be weighing her down to the floor but I'll just say I'm shocked she can still breathe in that position. Either way though, it's pretty awesome that she's surrounded by a bunch of not only different games but different types of games. That's pretty fantastic. And she even has a matching controller to go with her Deadpool shirt. I don't care if she's just into the "style" of being a gamer girl. And I doubt very much that any of you care either. I think you're just happy that this photo exists. Regardless, I think you might be ok being with someone who looks likes this, loves taking photos like this, and plays that huge variety of games. Life would just never be dull. I think that's great.

10 How I Met Your Mother!

This is just amazing! How could you not just fall in love with and marry someone who takes first-person-shooters more seriously than you!? I bet that's getting you all going right now just thinking about it. And you know she's hardcore because she's a PC gamer on top of it all! I bet she plays kick*ss things like Age of Empires and Starcraft as well. And if she doesn't...then you could always introduce her those games and you both could share your love of different games. How sweet a love story would that be? It doesn't hurt that she's pretty darn cute too...so far as can be seen anyway. And the fact that she doesn't care that someone is taking a picture sort of makes the whole visual way better. How many of you hope that's how you meet your kids' mother?

9 Two For One?

Tell me you wouldn't try to get into polyamory if you had a chance here. Seriously, say it to the screen right now if you can. I didn't hear that. That's what I thought. Why wouldn't you try? These gamer girls aren't just into video games but they have a kick*ss board game and Magic cards as well. Plus they seem to have enough pizza, Coke, and Monster to share. Even if you didn't get married, as long as they have the right games and another controller, there could be some serious gaming experiences. Not to mention that I'm sure you're all dreaming about some sort of other games to be played with these two lovely ladies. And I'm not shocked by that. And this is probably the one case where you might be able to score this sort of experience by staying in your parents' basement until you meet them over a game online.

8 Liz Katz...Meooowww

Ok...would you not want this kitty cat in your bed? I think her type of prowling might be more to do with stealth-killing someone in Call of Duty, but that doesn't mean she would like to cuddle up and purr sometime. And even if she didn't, would you be hurting so much? I have a feeling you'd be more than happy to just sit and watch her playing games. You're probably already wrapped up in looking at this photo of her playing games. I don't blame you. She's smoking hot. You have every right to be attracted to her. But if you want to try and find your way to her little cat bed then you better get back to gaming because you won't run into her by staring at a still photo. I'm sure there are certain things you're planning on doing with the photo, but it won't actually give you a chance.

7 The Girl Of My Dreams!

This specific gamer girl just really gets me right where I live. I definitely am not a huge fan of going out to party or try my dance moves while clubbing. If I had to dance, I'd rather do it with a few drinks and on a Dance Dance Revolution mat with a cute gamer girlfriend of mine. Maybe some of you like the clubbing scene, but I have a feeling a few of you haven't left the basement for a little while so this is probably also the girl of your dreams. Sure, she's not sitting there in her underwear while she plays but wouldn't you just be happy to be able to wear your comfy clothes while she wears hers and you can cuddle and game together. You can always lose the comfy clothes later on, but it sounds like an amazing night in to just be comfy and gaming away.

6 Claws That Match Her Gaming Headset!

That is just really cool. I didn't even notice it at first, I have to be honest. I was more focused on the fact that this gamer girl is pretty damn attractive and has some sort of "rawr" to her to some extent. And then I eventually notice that her nails match her headset. What makes this so awesome is that she's pretty clearly still a gamer girl (since she's serious enough to coordinate her nails and headset) but she also seems to give a sh*t about what she looks like. Personally, I think the girl who will spend hours and hours in bed with you gaming is the better choice, but if you like going out to the bar and like staying at home to game, then I think this lovely lady is the one for you. I'm sure she can put those nails to pretty good use!

5 She's Even Got A Gaming Chair!

This is a pretty good sign when looking at whether or not a "gamer girl" is a serious gamer. If they have a gaming chair, then they're probably pretty legit. I enjoy video games myself. I don't get called a gamer guy (because guys are just assumed to be gamers and don't have any sexist bullsh*t to deal with), and I definitely don't have a gaming chair. I have a PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PS4 but I'm not willing to invest so much of my money into getting a chair specifically for gaming. I mean...that takes some dedication. That or this girl is just really wealthy in one way or another and just likes having the chair to make it seem like she's a serious gamer. That's a pretty dedicated fraud though. She looks pretty invested though. And I'm sure you think she's hot.

4 She Definitely Streams Her Games...

Doornebuzz is definitely a gamer girl. There's pretty well no denying it. I know a lot of guys get really pissy with girls who stream their gaming because they think that the girls are just showing off their looks rather than their gameplay. But I have to say that anyone who invests in the kind of gear like what this girl has in this photo is really a serious gamer. That doesn't mean she's necessarily good. I haven't watched her stuff, but that shouldn't matter. I'm not good at NBA or MLB games. I think those sorts of sports games are stupid and not because I'm bad at them (because go and play the sport rather than sitting on your a**). So even if this gamer girl was horrible at the games she streams, at least she's going through the experience. It's more than I do with sh*tty sports games.

3 No Showering Until You Save Zelda

Alright, aside from this girl wearing a Yankees shirt in this shot, I think it's pretty awesome that she's the type of gamer girl who is straight up enough to admit that she doesn't shower until she completes her mission in a game. Doesn't matter how many hours go by, she has to save Zelda. And I bet she's one of those people who even does speed trials with beating the games too if she's that into Zelda games. And that's pretty hot. I bet you think so. And if you don't...then you're either an idiot or you just really do appreciate good hygiene...which is fair enough, really. I mean, if she takes a really long time to save Princess Zelda, then it might be right for you to not want that kind of smell coming from the bedroom.

2 I Hope You Like Nintendo

It's pretty clear that this gamer girl is a bit of a Nintendo fan. In some ways that's wicked because Nintendo is classic and has some great games in its long history. That being said, if you were going to marry this girl, you might want to let her know that she has to pay for the Nintendo Switch on her own because there are only two games worth getting the system for. It's just not worth the money, even if the games are generally cheaper than PS or XBOX games. It's pretty kick*ss that this gamer girl has Donkey Kong barrels, a Yoshi plush, and a Super Mario 3 t-shirt. And that she has all of these things while wearing fishnets...that's just pretty awesome. Not sure what her Gameboy Advanced background is all about but I'm sure you'd like to make an advance or two here.

1 You Better Hope This Is A Four-Player Game

First of all...just look at this photo for a minute. Nice, right? I'm sure many of you wish this was how girls gamed all the time. Am I right? I'm fairly certain I am. Surely you know that this isn't a realistic look at how most girls game. That might disappoint you, but that's why we're here. To give you a glimpse of what could be. You would really have to think about becoming a Mormon so that it would seem more acceptable for you to marry three women, but I think that might be a small sacrifice in order to land these three. Corn chips, underwear, and video games. Somehow, I think there are many men and women out there who would be more than happy to make a sacrifice or two to land this sort of catch.

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