15 Game Of Thrones Stars You Missed In Harry Potter

Harry Potter and Game of Thrones are two of the biggest franchises of modern times, so imagine being an actor that got to appear in, not one, but both of these fan favorites. That is the case for the lucky actors on this list. What’s most interesting, though, is that self-proclaimed fanatics of each of the franchises often don’t realize that so many of the same people actually appeared in both of their favorites. Some of the actors look so different in either one of the series’ that it’s often hard to recognize them in the other one. So, this list may shock you a little as you begin to realize just how common the Game of Thrones and Harry Potter crossovers really are. Remember this list is only so far, which is to say that more former Harry Potter actors won’t pop up for a surprise appearance in the final season of Game of Thrones when it returns in two years time.

15 David Bradley

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First up on our list is David Bradley who you will probably recognize as having played the part of the hateful Walder Frey in Game of Thrones. Bradley appeared as a recurring character throughout the series until he finally met his well-deserved end in the season 6 finale of the show. Did you know, though, that the actor also made an appearance in Harry Potter as Hogwarts’ caretaker Argus Filch? That’s right, the creepy guy with the cat. In fact, Bradley played his role in seven of the eight Harry Potter movies so it’s surprising that so many don’t realize that it is the same man portraying Walder Frey. It’s safe to say that the actor’s Harry Potter character is a lot less hated that his Game of Thrones one.

14 Ralph Ineson

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Although Ralph Ineson doesn’t play a very important part in the Harry Potter movie series, he still pops up in the final three movies for his role as Death Eater Amycus Carrow. For most of his time in the three movies, Ineson’s character stands around, not saying much while trying to appear evil and intimating. In the books, Ineson’s character had a much more vocal role. But for the movie adaptions, much of the character’s lines were given to Helena Bonham Carter’s Bellatrix Lestrange character instead. For his Game of Thrones appearance, Ineson pops up for five episodes in season 2, playing the role of Ironborn raider Dagmer Cleftjaw. He wasn’t a very likable character as he helped Theon Greyjoy take over Winterfell when he was going through his evil stage. In season 3, although he doesn’t reappear, his name pops up in a report that informs he has been murdered along with the rest of his men at the hands of Ramsey Bolton.

13 Jim Broadbent

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Jim Broadbent made his Game of Thrones debut in season 7, the most recent season of the show to air. Broadbent played quite a significant role this season as the character Archmaester Ebrose. Prior to making an appearance, though, Broadbent played a part in the Harry Potter franchise as potions professor Horace Slugborn. The actor made appearances in both Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows-Part 2. Apart from his parts in two of the biggest modern franchises, Broadbent has also won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his part in the 2001 movie Iris. It is not yet known if Broadbent will reprise his role for the next and final season of Game of Thrones when it returns to screens in two year’s time.

12 Ciaran Hinds

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Game of Thrones fans will be familiar will Ciaran Hinds as having played the vital role of Mance Rayder in seasons 3, 4, and 5 of the show. Mance Rayder is such a memorable character mainly due to his horrific death, which is one of the worst the show had to offer, and that’s really saying something. Hinds’ GOT character meets his disturbing end when he is beaten in battle by Stannis Baratheon. What you may not know, though, is that Hinds also had a brief appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows-Part 2, the final ever installment of the franchise. Hinds plays the part of Dumbledore’s brother, Aberforth, and although his appearance is brief it is not pointless, as he helps Harry and find a secret passage into Hogwarts when they are in search of the Horcruxes.

11 Freddie Stroma

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Freddie Stroma appears in the final three installments of Harry Potter as the annoying and irritating Gryffindor student, Cormac McLaggen. Stroma’s main storyline revolves around his feud with Harry that basically deals with the fact that he is in love with Hermione and is jealous of her and Harry’s friendship. Stroma’s best scene is the one where he throws up all over Snape after Harry tricks him into believing he ate a certain unmentionable part of a Dragon. You may not have realized but Stroma also popped up for an appearance in the sixth season of Game of Thrones as Samwell Tarley’s younger brother, Dickon. Although his appearance was brief, there is still a chance that Stroma might make a return for another appearance once the show is back on air.

10 Bronson Webb

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Next up is Bronson Webb, who will always have the prestige of starring in the first ever opening scene of Game of Thrones. You may remember how the show opened with a group of the Night’s Watch coming across a group of White Walkers. Webb’s character, Will, manages to survive and runs back to the North to tell people what he saw. Sadly, Will end’s up getting beheaded by Ned Stark who feels like it is his duty to keep his word of killing any man who abandons the Night’s Watch. You may not have known but Webb also played a small role in Harry Potter as a member of Draco Malfoy’s hateful Slytherin gang. Webb’s character may not have even had a name in Harry Potter but he was there and had a role nonetheless.

9 Edward Tudor-Pole

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Okay, it’s important to note that Edward Tudor-Pole’s appearance in Game of Thrones is very brief, but hey, it’s still an appearance. Former punk singer Tudor-Pole pops up in the second season of Game of Thrones as a rambling preacher, shouting along the streets of King’s Landing. You may not have noticed it, but trust us, it happened. For his Harry Potter slot, Tudor-Pole can be found in The Chamber of Secrets as an antiques dealer going by the name of Mr. Borgin. Okay, if we’re completely honest, the actor’s scenes were eventually cut from the movie. However, they were acted and recorded nonetheless and can be found as deleted scenes on DVD and Blu-ray versions of the movie.

8 Julian Glover

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Julian Glover’s Game of Thrones role is definitely an important one. He plays the part of Grand Maester Pycelle for the first six seasons of the show, making appearances quite regularly. Glover’s character basically acts as a spy for Cersei Lannister, pretending to be much older and frail than he really is so that no one suspects him. At the end of the sixth season, Pycelle meets a sad end when he is murdered by Qyburn’s ‘little birds’ as they are known. In terms of Harry Potter, Glover doesn’t technically appear physically on screen but he has a vital and important role nonetheless. He voices the Giant spider Aragog who helps Harry out greatly by proving that Hagrid is innocent and didn’t commit a crime he is accused of.

7 Nicholas Blane

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Both Nicholas Blane’s parts in Game of Thrones and Harry Potter were brief but he did still appear in both franchises. In Game of Thrones, Blane appears for a few episodes in the second season of the show, which is a notable enough part. He plays the part of the Spice-King (a self-given title, unsurprisingly). He is one of the 13 who rule Quarth and is eventually murdered under Daenerys Targaryen’s orders. In Harry Potter, Blane played the part of a wizard by the name of Bob, who finds his way into the storyline as he is a work colleague of Arthur Weasley, father of Ron, at the Ministry of Magic.

6 Sally Mortemore

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Next up is actress Sally Mortemore, who never really had a big role in either Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. Nevertheless, she still appeared in two major franchises. For her Harry Potter role, Mortemore popped up in the Chamber of Secrets as a librarian in the Hogwarts Library. Although the camera never directly focuses on the actress and she has no lines, she can be seen wandering around in the background for quite some time. In fact, she pops up in the background for numerous different scenes. The one that she can be seen most clearly in is at the end-of-term feast scene, in which she is sat next to Snape. Mortimore’s scene in Game of Thrones was certainly a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it one. The actress again had no lines and not even a name this time. Nevertheless, if you are quick enough, you will catch him in a season 6 episode of the show as a Braavos inhabitant, wandering around in the background.

5 Daniel Tuite

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Daniel Tuite’s part in Harry Potter is very small. In fact, he’s credited as “Skinny Ministry Wizard” for his brief pop up in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows-Part 1. You’ll have to be quick to catch him, but he is there. For Game of Thrones, Tuite was given a significantly bigger part as he took on the part of the evil alder Frey’s son, Lothar Frey. Lothar meets a terrifying end at the hands of Arya Stark, after serving as his Father’s steward, a man who was responsible for the death of numerous members of her family, Arya baked Lothar into a pie and then secretly serves him to his father to eat. That is the prefect revenge for the Red Wedding and just what the Frey’s deserved.

4 Ian Whyte

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Ian Whyte doesn’t have a Harry Potter character to himself, but instead, he played the part of a body double for actress Frances de la Tour who plays the part of Madame Maxine in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. However, Whyte is far more recognized for his Game of Thrones role as he plays the part of Ser Gregor Clegane (The Mountain) in the second season of the show, a role he took over when the actor who originally played the part had a scheduling conflict. Speaking about his role, Whyte stated, “Gregor Clegane is, without a doubt, one of the worst characters ever committed to literature, let alone film or television. Playing a villain, you can always let go, completely, forget about reality and just go with it. But Gregor Clegane is one of these characters that requires, you know, a real emotionless performance, because this is a man who lacks any kind of humanity or emotion on any conceivable level. But yeah, he’s a difficult character to play, but he is enjoyable.”

3 Ian Whyte (Again)

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Yes, Ian Whyte does not just have one Game of Thrones role. In fact, he has numerous parts. After season 2, Whyte stopped portraying the part of Gregor Clegane and a third actor went on to take over this role. Whyte, on the other hand, played a giant in the Wildling army, known on set as “Dongo the Doomed” for seasons 3 and 4 of the show. You may recognize Whyte as he was the grey-haired giant who would repeatedly launch arrows at the top of the wall. White returned again for seasons 5 and 6. This time, however, he was playing a different giant known as “Wun Wun.” On top of all these parts, the actor also played a couple of White Walkers in seasons 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones. 

2 Natalia Tena

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Natalia Tena is the next actress on our list who has played quite significant roles in both the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones series. Therefore, if you didn’t notice that both her characters are, in fact, played by the same woman, then there is really no excuse. In Harry Potter, Tena played Nymphadora Tonks, who you will recall as having married Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Remus Lupin. Overall, Tena appeared in four of the Harry Potter movies, both The Deathly Hollows moves, along with Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. In terms of Game of Thrones, Tena played Osha, a wildling with a big heart, who ultimately saves the lives of the two youngest Starks. Unfortunately, Tena’s character met a sad end during the finale of the show’s sixth season, so it doesn’t look like she will be reprising her role for the final season of the show.

1 Michelle Fairley

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Many are often shocked to learn that Catelyn Stark made an appearance in Harry Potter as none other than Hermione Granger’s mother in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1. Fairley’s character was part of a memorable and emotional scene where Hermione casts a false memory spell on both her parents in order to prevent them from being used against her by the Death Eaters. It was just one year on from this role that Fairley was cast in the role of a lifetime as Catelyn Stark, Lady of Winterfell. Fairley gave a great performance for the first three seasons on the show, before meeting a tragic and sad end that most of us our still reeling from at The Red Wedding. Many have been waiting eagerly for the past four seasons for Fairley’s character to make a surprise return appearance as if the show were to follow the books, and her character would have been raised from the dead. However, this is unlikely to happen as no hints have been made, and the show has strayed from the books in many other respects at this stage also.

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