15 Game Of Thrones Spin-Offs That HBO Should Seriously Consider

There are only 13 episodes of Game of Thrones left. Seriously, only 13 episodes left. If you find that terrifying, you’re not alone. I mean, what will the general public discuss now? I mean, we might have to talk about real world issues.

Since Game of Thrones is such a big expansive world, HBO could easily commission a spin-off of Game of Thrones, and shouldn’t they totally want to? Not only is it one of the most popular shows on television but they also make a ton of money off of the merchandise and appeal. They sell Hodor coffee mugs and Tyrion shot glasses! No network would want to give up on that kind of a cash cow television series.

Even George R.R. Martin seems to be slightly on board with a spin-off. When asked, he said, “There is certainly no lack of material.” He's completely right about the material. There are, like, a zillion stories to tell within the world that Martin created. He constructed backstories for the families that go back thousands of years. If you wanted to, you could find out information about Daenerys Targaryen’s great-great-great-great-great grandparents. No joke. Also, not only does his expansive world peek into where our beloved characters came from, but it documents wars that took place thousands of years ago - wars just as interesting as The War of Five Kings.

With all of Martin's material, below are fifteen spin-offs that HBO should seriously consider. They range from shows taking place in the past or future to shows focusing on one of the interesting characters from the current series. With all of these options, HBO better do something to keep our Game of Thrones hunger satisfied.


9 Robert’s Rebellion


Considering this war set the scene for most of the conflict bubbling up now on Game of Thrones, one of the most obvious choices for a spin-off would be a series that dives deep into Robert’s Rebellion.

One obvious downfall of this particular spin-off would be that fans may feel they know most of what went down during Robert’s Rebellion because we’ve already been introduced to many key players and we already know how it ends. The difference, though, would be that we are meeting the key players 17 years prior to when Game of Thrones takes place. I mean, I’d watch baby Ned Stark grow into a man any day of the week.

Not only was this a bloody war but it also involved some serious political scheming, because what would a Game of Thrones spin-off be without political scheming? Tywin Lannister was angry that The Mad King turned down a marriage between Cersei and Prince Rhaegar, causing Tywin to want to take down the Targaryens - which he most certainly did in the end. It would be extremely interesting to watch the Lannisters rise up in the ranks of power and become the family that we met in the beginning of the show - regal, entitled and empowered.

14. The Lyanna And Rhaegar Love Story


While the relationship between Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen was basically what started Robert’s Rebellion, the relationship is interesting enough to warrant its own series. Well, admittedly, this would probably work best as a mini-series instead of a full-on series but still, give us the Lyanna and Rhaegar mini-series!

Isn’t everyone dying for some insight into Lyanna and Rhaegar’s relationship? Because both characters are dead when the books begin, we never hear anything solid about the relationship that started a war. Instead there are rumors of this being a romance and rumors of this being an abduction and rape. This mini-series could finally let us know what really went down.

What makes this even more interesting are the theories as to why exactly Prince Rhaegar, who was married and had children, decided to cheat on his wife with Lyanna Stark. Perhaps, it sincerely was a wild love at first sight thing but there are some other theories. One theory rests on the idea of Rhaegar figuring out that his offspring with Lyanna would be The Prince That Was Promised - Jon Snow. Since The Prince That Was Promised is essential to saving Westeros, he cheated on his wife and started Robert's Rebellion in order to, uh, save the world. Honestly, this may be the only case of infidelity where the excuse kind of justifies the actions.

8 War Of Conquest


There are a lot of viewers who are big fans of Daenerys Targaryen, and sure, that is partially due to the fact that she’s super hot and appears super naked sometimes. She also has a huge fan base because of her character. She is one badass woman and has proven herself to be a fearless leader, y'know on top of the whole super hot and naked thing. A series about Aegon's Conquest would showcase the earlier Targaryens and badass female characters, so what is there not to love?

Being that this took place 300 years before Game of Thrones, this series would include a bunch of characters and situations that most of the viewers have never heard of before, which would make it seem fresh and new. In this war, Aegon Targaryen conquered almost all of Westeros with the help of his sister-wives, Visenya and Rhaenys. Of course, the sister-wives would totally be the downfall of this series – having to watch incest all over again.

Watching the Targaryens take over with the help of their full-grown dragons would be entertainment enough, but this is also where many of noble houses were established. For example, knowing that they wouldn’t win, House Stark bent their knee to the Targaryen forces and because of this there is not a single Stark sword is on the Iron Throne.

7 The Long Night


Back in season one, Old Nan told Bran Stark about the Long Night and, uh, it sounds pretty terrible. Supposedly it lasted a generation. Yeah, so kids were born, lived and died during a winter. Like I said, it sounds pretty terrible. Also, this went down 8,000 years before The War of Conquest so we’re talking about 8,300 years before the Game of Thrones that we’re watching right now. That being said, there wouldn’t be too many characters who we know or have heard of at all in this story.

The White Walkers came from the Lands of Always Winter with a plan to take out all living life and make the whole world endless winter. So, if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, this spin off would be like The Walking Dead meets Game of Thrones. Of course, this would be slightly more uplifting than The Walking Dead because we know it all ends okay - the First Men and the Children of the Forrest rallied together to defeat the White Walkers. The Walking Dead, on the other hand, is pretty bleak and will most likely end on a pretty bleak note.

11. Gossip Girl: Lannister Edition


This one is a bit more out there, but could you imagine a show about the Lannisters as teenagers? It would be so good. Cersei would be like a cruel, cool girl from Mean Girls or Gossip Girl. Tyrion would be more like his Season One self - preoccupied with booze and brothels. Jaime would be the entitled golden boy whose dark secret is that he beds his sissy. Oh, the drama!

The most interesting part would be watching Tywin raise all of his children into the people we see on Game of Thrones now - y'know the three messed up adults who all have severe daddy issues. With the loss of their mother Joanna more fresh than the current Game of Thrones, they could have a ton of emotional baggage to tackle.

Overall, it would be interesting to watch how this family became the most amoral family in the show. And again, teenage Cersei.

6 The Valyrian Freehold


A spin-off about the Valyrian Freehold might be the coolest of all ideas for Game of Thrones because fans of the show have been told almost nothing about Valyria, which was once known to be the greatest city in the world.

The territory spanned much of Essos. From what we've seen of Essos now, it looks like a shit show. You have Dothraki wandering around doing whatever they want and the Unsullied previously enslaved. In the past, though, Valyria was a developed kingdom, where they would use magic to forge Valyrian steel swords. In Valyria, there were dragons and magic basically everywhere. It sounds like Disney World but in real life.

Valyria kept expanding its rule and reach until The Doom of Valyria. In 114 BC, a cataclysmic event destroyed the Valyrian Freehold. The Targaryen family had survived because 10 years prior, Daenys Targaryen had a vision of the fall of Valyria. After her vision, the Targaryens moved to Dragonstone and took five dragons with them, which is how the Targaryens came to have the only dragons in the world, as the rest perished in The Doom of Valyria.

Tell me you don't want to watch the rise and fall of a magic empire and the beginning of the Targaryen power!

9. The Lyanna Mormont Show


When they introduced Lyanna Mormont in Season Six, I was like, "Hey, can I watch a whole show about this girl?" I would seriously just watch an hour of her not even speaking, but rather just giving withering looks to everyone who pisses her off... and it seems like everyone pisses her off. I think she may have come out of her mother’s womb with that seething stare. To top it all of, the character is only 10 years old. 10 years old! She has more sass than Cersei and Dany combined and she's 10.

Of course, a whole show centered around one character who originally appeared as a minor character is usually a bad idea. Regardless though, if HBO announced a Lyanna Mormont show, I’d tune in.

5 The First Men


We were introduced to the conflict of the First Men through a Bran flashback and it could certainly make for a great spin-off series.

If you're in need of a little refresher: The Children of the Forrest were just chillin' and enjoying life until the First Men started moving in on their territory. This resulted in a ton of fighting and the creation of the White Walkers. When the White Walkers went rogue, the First Men and the Children of the Forrest had to band together to take them down and push them back to the deep North. Considering the battle that would have taken place during this time and the amount of magic used, it would be highly entertaining. Also, like with a few of the other spin-offs, we don't know many of the key players in this story so it would feel fresh and exciting.

7. The Bachelorette: Sansa Stark


This one is more or less for funsies but Sansa Stark for The Bachelorette, am I right? After watching Sansa be betrothed to Joffrey, one of the sickest individuals on the show, only to then marry Ramsay Bolton, the other sickest individual on the show, it would be nice to not watch her being passed around like a piece of meat. Fans may be hoping that Sansa Stark finds comfort and happiness in the final two seasons of the show but that seems unlikely because it is Game of Thrones, after all. She’s more likely to wind up with someone worse than Ramsay... or dead.

That being said, it would be fun to watch Sansa Stark giving out roses to potential husbands on The Bachelorette. I mean, she could finally get a say about a thing or two in her romantic life. What is worrisome about this spin-off is that in the past, she has had some pretty bad taste in men. She was the one would wanted Joffrey to begin with. She was also super into Loras Tyrell, who was not into women at all. Perhaps the best outcome one could hope for is that she'll reunite with Tyrion on Game of Thrones and realize what a catch he was all along.

6. Dynasty: The Targaryens


Having sat on the Iron Throne for nearly 300 years, there are quiet a few stories one could watch about the Targaryens. Instead of a straight-up series, this could be an anthology (like American Horror Story) and every season could be about a different moment in the Targaryen dynasty. There's the potential for Easter eggs and connections between the stories but essentially it would have the freedom to hop around the timeline in order to show the most dramatic parts of the Targaryen dynasty - and, oh, there was drama.

One season could be about the scary Maegor I Targaryen, who loved violence. He was actually the one who saw the completion of The Red Keep. Upon the completion, he threw a large feast to celebrate the builders of the secret tunnels. After the feast, he had them all slaughtered so he'd be the only one who knew all the the secrets of The Red Keep. That is some Red Wedding style violence right there.

Oh, there was also the time that Rhaenyra was declared the heir by her father but upon his passing her half-brother Aegon II stole the throne out from under her. She still declared herself the Queen of Westeros, which resulted in Aegon having her eaten by his dragon. Yeah, Aegon had his half-sister eaten by his dragon. Talk about sibling rivalry.

There were also good Targaryen Kings, but they're just a little less interesting, right?

4 Where The Wildlings Are


We’ve had a few major characters on Game of Thrones who were wildlings, but as a whole we’ve been exposed to fairly little about their society.

Watching anyone survive beyond The Wall would be interesting, but the wildlings even more so because their culture functions in very specific ways. For example, the wildlings don’t actually all act together as a tribe, but rather function in rival clans. They will, however, unite behind a single King Beyond The Wall if need be.

Not only would learning about their culture be a great show, but watching the apparent racism against wildlings would make for some great drama. Many people of Westeros have forgotten that The Wall was built to keep White Walkers away. Instead, they wrongly believe that The Wall was created to keep the barbaric wildlings away.

Oh, and selling point: the giants! More giants. Always more giants, HBO!

3 Melisandre, The Early Years


Melisandre is not everyone’s favorite character. I mean, she was like, "Yo, Stannis, let’s burn your adorable daughter or something." Then, Stannis totally burned his adorable daughter. At that point, most people who were even into Melisandre switched sides.

The cool thing about a Melisandre spin-off though wouldn’t depend on her actually being liked. No, the cool part would be that it could take place hundreds of years prior to the War of Five Kings but Melisandre would look exactly the same. As we found out at the beginning of Season Six, Melisandre’s necklace is what keeps her looking young, even though she’s, like, a million years old. Beginning as a slave in Essos, Melisandre has lived some crazy life and seen some crazy shit. Seeing her descent into deeply believing her religion would be an interest psychology study, as it would be like watching someone fall into a cult.

Also, have you seen Melisandre's body? Come on.


2 Olenna Tyrell’s Early Years


I live and breathe for Olenna Tyrell. Not only is she clever and wonderfully sarcastic but she steals every single scene she’s in. That being said, I would love to see a young, hot Olenna Tyrell show.

We don’t know too much about her past, except her epic story about how she was engaged to marry a Targaryen but wasn't too keen on that idea. It was her sister who was supposed to marry Luthor Tyrell but the night before Luthor was to propose to her sister, Olenna snuck into his room and, err, you get it. Then Luther was super into Olenna and forgot about her ol' sissy.

Knowing what she is capable of on the show (ahem, taking down Joffrey) it would be entertaining to watch Olenna Tyrell become Olenna Tyrell. It would be like a Sex and the City version of Game of Thrones. Young Olenna Tyrell obviously loved brunchin’ with her girlfriends to give them the deets on her nights with Luthor, right? Also, Olenna is totally a Samantha.

2. The Dothraki Hour


While the Dothraki were introduced in the pilot episode of Game of Thrones, we’ve yet to learn too much about their customs, which are quite different from those of the people living in Westeros. The Dothraki basically rage all day, err day.

What we do know of the Dothraki is that they are violent warriors who put very much pride on the ability to ride a horse. We also know that they don’t believe in money. Of the more structured parts of their culture, we know that they do have some very strict rules applied to widows of Khals, rules which we were exposed to in Season Six of Game of Thrones.

Because these people are sometimes relegated to the role of just being savage killers, it would be interesting to see a show that explores the way in which their society actually works. Also, this series would have boatloads of what brings in some of the GoT audience: nudity and violence.

1 Game of Thrones: 30 Years Later


Ah, one of the most interesting things in Game of Thrones is the turning wheel of families in powers. Dany famously said that she wants to break the wheel. If she were running a campaign, that would probably be her slogan and it would be a pretty damn good one at that.

In the world of Game of Thrones, the family trees go ridiculously far back, like further back than most of us could trace our own real life family trees. On these GoT family trees, there are plenty of bad branches. The Targaryen family tree, for example, had three strong siblings take over Westeros, then had the Iron Throne passed down to some very fair and just rulers and some very vicious and unjust rulers.

This means that no matter who births you, you could turn out to be... well, a new Ramsay Bolton. Jon Snow could have a son who turns out to be like Joffrey. Arya could have a daughter like Cersei. The good families could grow evil and the evil grow good. There is no telling what way it will go.

If we were to fast forward to 30 years after our current Game of Thrones world, viewing who is in power, who is still fair and who turns out to be evil AF would be both entertaining and frustrating. Who knows, Dany could win the Iron Throne just to end up going mad like her father.

Since we still have Season Seven to look forward to before we have to panic about spin-offs, check out this list of everything we already know about Season Seven of Game of Thrones!

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