15 Game Of Thrones Season 7 Mysteries (And Their Answers)

The seventh season of Game Of Thrones has come to an end after an epic seven episodes, and now it’s time for us to look towards the end of arguably the greatest show ever made for television. As we wait patiently for the show to finally come back and give us the end we’ve all been looking forward to either in 2018 or 2019, let’s look back at some questions that were still left unanswered at the end of season seven. Some of these questions have been around for a long time, while new revelations in the last season have brought up some pretty interesting theories and notions that we can expect to see expanding in the final season. But the biggest question is, can all these mysteries be solved with just six episodes (albeit much longer episodes) in season eight?

Be warned that this post contains all kinds of SPOILERS for season seven and everything prior, so if you haven’t caught up on the series and don’t want to know absolutely everything that’s about to happen, turn away now and come back once you’ve had your mind blown by the last few episodes. Here are 15 questions that are still unanswered as of season seven, as well as possible answers to all these major Game Of Thrones mysteries.

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15 Who Is The Night King?

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Question: We’ve seen the mysterious leader of the undead army only a handful of times throughout the entirety of Game Of Thrones so far. But from what little we’ve seen, we can tell that he’s a foe unlike anything the world of man has had to face for a very, very long time. But who exactly is this mysterious figure?

Answer: There are many potential answers to this glaring question that’s begging to be answered in Season 8. These theories range from the Night King being a future, warped version of Bran Stark all the way to him just being a mythical villain with no real on-screen backstory.

The most plausible answer is that the Night King was a former member of the Night Watch. In fact, he was the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, which means he has been around for nearly 8000 years. While the books speak of the Night’s King (an arguably different character) falling in love with a “pale, cold, blue-eyed woman” beyond The Wall, and inevitably losing his soul to her in the process, the show has revealed that the Creatures Of The Forest created the Night King by injecting him with shards of Dragonglass in order to help them fight the armies of men. Legend pins the Night King to a number of houses, but an episode with Old Nan refers to him as a Stark from a bygone age.

14 What Does The Night King Want?

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Question: We know that the Night King and his undead army have destroyed the wall and are inexorably marching South. But if it’s not power via the Iron Throne, what could possibly drive this mysterious force?

Answer: While many theories revolve around a truce being struck between the living and the dead, and the dead coming to seek vengeance because someone f*cked up on that truce along the way, there could be a more straightforward answer in store for us in Season 8. With six feature length episodes left in the series, the motivations of the Night King could be as simple as him wanting to claim dominion over the world of man because the long winter has finally come, and with it, the opportunity for the army of the dead to finish the war that begun several millenniums ago. During their time in the cave on Dragonstone, Jon Snow and Daenerys study cave paintings depicting the war between the Children of the Forest, man, and the White Walkers. If the Night King and his army were banished to the farthest North and shut out by The Wall, this could just be him finally being able to unleash his pent-up wrath on anyone and everyone who stands in his way.

13 Is Viserion An Ice Dragon?

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Question: Avid A Song Of Ice And Fire book readers are aware of the supposed existence of Ice Dragons. And with Viserion turning into a blue-flame-spitting weapon of the Night’s King, does this mean that what we saw during the finale of Season 7 was, indeed, an Ice Dragon?

Answer: No. While the White Walkers seem particularly icy and being cold seems to be their thing, Viserion is in no way, shape, or form an Ice Dragon. The concept of Ice Dragons hasn’t been touched on in the show, but the books speak of these beasts to some extent. They’re pretty much an entirely different species from the fire dragons on the show, and more importantly, a few times bigger than even Drogon! In A World Of Ice and Fire, author George R.R. Martin briefly mentions Ice Dragons: “These colossal beasts, many times larger than the dragons of Valyria, are said to be made of living ice, with eyes of pale blue crystal and vast translucent wings through which the moon and stars can be glimpsed as they wheel across the sky."

So while Viserion is a part of the Night King’s army now, he’s still the same dragon he always was. The blue flames that took down The Wall isn’t ice; it’s merely just blue flames.

12 Who Are The Golden Company?

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Question: This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of The Golden Company on Game Of Thrones, but we’ve never heard the term used as prominently as it was during the Season 7 finale, when Queen Cersei explains to her brother/lover/baby daddy Jaime Lannister that the not-so-cowardly Euron has actually sailed off to summon The Golden Army to serve the Queen. But who are these quirkily-named folk?

Answer: Whimsical as they may sound, The Golden Army isn’t anything to scoff at. This legendary army comprises of 10,000 sellswords and mercenary soldiers who are rented out for their services on the battle field. Originating from Essos, the Golden Company has an impeccable reputation…they never, ever, break a contract. Their motto is, “Our word is as good as gold” which is why it’s going to take all of Cersei’s gold to hire an army via the Iron Bank – which is what Tycho Nestoris suggested a few episodes into this season.

We’ve also met a former member of the Golden Company on the show, and it’s none other than the fan favorite king of the friendzone, Jorah Mormont! The Golden Company bands together elite, skilled soldiers who are either exiled or no longer belong to any community in Westeros in order to form a formidable, vicious army that could topple empires when called upon.

11 How Powerful Are Bran Stark’s Visions?

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Question: Bran Stark, or should we say the Three-Eyed Raven as he’s so eloquently referred to himself throughout this season, can see all manner of things that have happened in the past, and all things that are currently taking place. But how powerful and accurate are these visions, really?

Answer: Well, based on the Season 7 finale, apparently not as powerful as we once imagined. While Bran Stark may be the most powerful warg and greenseer in history, he’s still learning to use and hone his newfound gift. His mind may be forever lost in the vastness of time and space, but that doesn’t mean he’s a fully-formed Three-Eyed Raven just yet. Bran Stark can see things that are happening in multiple locations by warging into his trusty ravens. He can also travel to the past and focus on specific events when in contact with ancient weirwood trees. But that doesn’t mean he can see absolutely everything, nor does it mean that he has seen all there is to see. Bran had to be prompted by Samwell Tarly to focus on the secret wedding between Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark in order to be aware of it. Think of Bran as more of a new hard drive that’s constantly collecting information as he scans through thousands of years of history, and not like a completed encyclopedia.

10 What Was The Wall Made Of, And How Could Viserion Destroy It?

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Question: The Wall has been an integral part of Game Of Thrones lore in the books, and it has served as a defining plot point since season one of the TV show. But why is it so powerful, and why has it taken this long for the Night King to destroy it?

Answer: To say that The Wall is a colossal structure would be a massive understatement. Guarded by the Night’s Watch, the Wall stretches for 300 miles along the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms and is 700 feet tall. It has defended the realm for thousands of years from both the free folk, or wildlings, and the mythical White Walkers who live beyond its impressive, impenetrable barriers.

While it’s said that the Wall is made of solid ice, many believe that ancient magic was also woven into the very foundation of the structure. That’s why the White Walkers couldn’t breach its borders. That’s also where Viserion comes in. We’ve seen time and time again that magic defeats magic, and the Night King has wandered, gathered, and waited for years before finally securing a weapon that could break the ancient magic of the Wall and topple the structure in the process. Viserion’s fire was all that was needed to finally decimate the legendary Wall in the north.

9 Has Jaime Lannister Gone Rogue?

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Question: We saw Jaime Lannister finally come to his damn senses when the “kingslayer” walked away from the toxic, incestuous, degrading relationship he had with his sister and overall Queen of the Realm, Cersei Lannister. Ugh. What does this mean for Jaime’s army? Has he gone completely rogue?

Answer: Jaime Lannister is pretty much on his own at this point. While we can be certain he’ll fetch good ol’ Bronn on his quest to aid Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow (now Aegon Targaryen) in the great battle against the Night King in the north, the once mighty commander of the Queen’s army is now not much of a commander at all. He’s a lone man out to stick to his promise, to join the fight against a common enemy so that the living can stay…well, alive. However, Jaime’s presence will be of utmost importance to Daenerys because as we all know, the man is a master tactician in the battlefield and an expert swordsman. His expertise in tactical warfare is far superior to that of even his brother, Tyrion, and Jaime’s contribution will be priceless to the efforts of Jon and Daenerys as they prepare to vanquish the commander of the undead.

8 What Happens To Arya’s List Now?

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Question: Arya Stark is a dangerous, ferocious character whom we’ve all loved since the day Game Of Thrones debuted. And we’ve all wondered if she’ll get to finally kill off everyone who’s on her list…the ones who are still alive, that is. Now that she’s reunited with her family and back in Winterfell, what does that mean for her list of victims?

Answer: It’s unclear if Arya will follow through with her list because of how much some characters have changed over the course of the seasons. The Hound is alive but is pretty much a hero at this point, so will Arya slay him when he shows up at Winterfell? Also, Thoros may be dead thanks to a Wight bear, but Dondarrion may have survived the Night King’s destruction of the Wall. Will Arya slit his throat when he shows up at Winterfell? Ser Ilyn Payne and Melisandre are also still out there, although we haven’t seen the former in ages! I think it’s safe to say that Arya will focus her efforts on Queen Cersei and The Mountain – the latter of which may be slain by The Hound in an effort to redeem himself in Arya’s eyes. OR, The Mountain kills his brother The Hound, and Arya proceeds to finally put the giant zombie to rest.

7 Are There More Dragons In The World?

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Question: We know that the once mighty dragons – loyal allies of the Targaryen bloodline – were driven to extinction. Daenerys seems to have the only living dragons in existence, but could there be more dragons in Westeros?

Answer: For the longest time, fans were convinced that there was a dragon hidden in the Wall. And not just any dragon, but a beast so large and so terrifying that it would dwarf Daenerys’ dragons in both size and power. Theories suggested that it was this dragon that gave the Wall its enchanted properties, keeping the White Walkers at bay. There were also claims that the Wall itself was made of a massive Ice Dragon, one that would make everything in the world – including Drogon and his kin – look like puppies in comparison. I guess all that is behind us now since the Wall has been breached and the Night King is due South. However, a chapter in the books describes the first time Bran Stark has one of his visions as such: "He lifted his eyes and saw clear across the Narrow Sea, to the Free Cities and the green Dothraki sea and beyond, to Vaes Dothrak under its mountain, to the fabled lands of the Jade Sea, to Asshai by the Shadow, where dragons stirred beneath the sunrise."

While George R.R. Martin has said we’ll probably never see Asshai, and Bran’s vision could have been of dragons in the past, there is reason to believe that a place as mysterious and isolated as Asshai could still house a number of dragons – some even bigger than Drogon.

6 Why Was Jon Snow Brought Back To Life?

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Question: Jon Snow’s death at the hands of his own kin at the end of season five was a torturous cliffhanger for us fans, but not for the reasons showrunners were anticipating. Fans pretty much knew something was up with Jon Snow and that he would be brought back to life. There was just too much left for his character to do on the show. The question is, why was Jon Snow, along with others like Dondarrion, given second lives by the Lord of Light?

Answer: Sadly, we may never get a proper answer to this question. In the penultimate episode of season seven, Jon Snow asks Dondarrion why he thinks the Lord of Light brought them back. Dondarrion responds that he doesn’t know, but what he does know is that those who are resurrected are soldiers meant to serve. He goes on to explain that they may never know for sure why this God wants them alive, but he’d rather fight to protect those who can’t protect themselves, than serve a stranger on an iron throne. Jon Snow then bookends the conversation with a familiar, “I am the shield that guards the realms of men” before Dondarrion says, “Maybe we don’t need to understand any more than that. Maybe that’s enough.”

5 What Does Jon Snow’s Bloodline Mean To His Relationship With Daenerys?

Question: The R + L = J theory has been going on even before the books were turned into a hit series on HBO, and fans of both mediums were finally allowed to rejoice during the finale of season seven when Bran Stark – now the Three-Eyed Raven – revealed to Samwell Tarly that Jon Snow is, in fact, a legitimate heir to the Iron Throne and the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyana Stark. What could this mean for Jon’s newly-consummated relationship with Daenerys Targaryen?

Answer: Well for one, his name isn’t Jon Snow anymore, it’s Aegon Targaryen – a name that carries a lot of history in the Targaryen bloodline. But as far as his relationship with Daenerys is concerned, it’s a pretty complicated one. Simply put, Jon is the son of Daenerys’ brother, which means she is his aunt! While incestuous relationships are considered normal in Targaryen families to keep the bloodline pure, it’s going to be a pretty gross pill to swallow if these two continue to stick together. Not to mention, if the deed was done and Daenerys is pregnant next season, things are going to get all sorts of awkward and weird.

That being said, there is a notion that the child of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will be the true “prince who was promised.” It’s a swerve that would make a lot of fans angry, but also make the most sense in the process.

4 Where Did The White Walkers Get Those Massive Chains?

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Question: In the season seven penultimate episode called “Beyond The Wall,” Viserion is slayed by the Night King and then reanimated and turned into a Wight at the end of the episode, after being dragged out of the icy depths by massive chains and hundreds of hardworking soldiers of the Night King. But where did the Night King manage to get such ginormous chains in the first place?

Answer: First of all, if large chains are your biggest concern on a show about shadow babies and dragons and a girl who has a bag of faces just lying around, you clearly need to reset your suspension of disbelief. But kidding aside, there are two very likely places where these chains came from. If you rewatch “Beyond The Wall” you’ll notice what looks like a dock not far from where Jon and his “dirty dozen” were surrounded. Docks would mean ships have traveled there, ships would mean shipwrecks, and shipwrecks pretty much means the Night King was able to harvest the massive anchor chains on the ship. Another likely answer would be, from the ships that the White Walkers salvaged after their vicious attack on Hardhome a few seasons prior. Keep in mind that the Night King is probably a powerful greenseer not unlike Bran (if he isn’t actually Bran himself!), and lured Jon Snow and his people into this clusterf*ck just to get himself a kickass, blue-fire-breathing dragon.

3 Is “Cleganebowl” Still Happening?

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Question: We came so close to seeing the Brothers Clegane have an epic throwdown in the season seven finale but alas, it was not to be. The Hound warned his brother, The Mountain, of what was coming for the big ugly bloke, but that’s pretty much all we got from the much anticipated Cleganebowl. Is there a chance that it could still happen in season eight?

Answer: It’s pretty likely. The great war is only just beginning, and when push comes to shove, Cersei is going to have to take the fight to the North, Golden Company in tow, to rid herself of Daenerys and Jon Snow once and for all. Either that, or Daenerys will send her army to King’s Landing after learning, via Jaime Lannister, of Cersei’s false promise to aid them against the Night King and his army. One way or another, The Mountain and The Hound are going to meet again. Either the Hound destroys his brother and redeems himself in Arya’s eyes, or the Mountain kills the Hound before Arya puts an end to Qyburn’s freak, finally checking the Cleganes off her list in bittersweet moment.

Or the Night King’s undead giant just squishes the Mountain like he was nothing. I’d be good with that, too.

2 What Happens To Gendry Now?

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Question: After disappearing for several seasons, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, Gendry, finally showed up again in the fifth episode of season seven, wielding a hammer like a total badass. His character has pretty much faded into obscurity since then, which begs the question, what happens to Gendry now?

Answer: There’s so much working against Gendry at the moment. Yes, he did run back to Castle Black to send a raven to Daenerys Targaryen when Jon Snow and his mates were trapped in no man’s land, but we haven’t had an update about Gendry since. For one, he was probably resting in Castle Black when the Wall came crumbling down. We’re still unsure if Tormund and Dondarrion even made it out alive. (Spoiler alert, they obviously did) And as if there wasn’t already a queue of complicated people lining up and killing each other for the Iron Throne, it was just revealed that Jon Snow is now Aegon Targaryen, the totally legal and not-bastard-son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyana Stark, and the true heir to the throne. Simply put, other than aiding in the fight against the impending invasion of the White Walkers and their 100,000 strong, there’s not much else for Gendry to do next season. He was written in to complete an arc that was, by all means, forgotten about until fans started clamoring for some closure.

1 Who Will Take The Iron Throne?

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Question: Ah, the riddle of riddles. The question that this entire war is built upon. Who will finally get to claim the Iron Throne?

Answer: If you think that this series is going to have a happy ending, then you haven’t been paying attention. While we may find some satisfaction in whoever finally rules over Westeros, author George R.R. Martin himself has said that the end will be “bittersweet” at best. So unless HBO completely cops out and takes the easy way by giving fans a fairytale ending, which would dismiss everything Game Of Thrones was built on, expect to see an epic end that is both joyful and heartbreaking at the same time.

The most obvious end would be Jon “Aegon Targaryen” Snow and Daenerys ruling together as King and Queen of Westeros. But that’s an unlikely scenario. There’s a chance that Tyrion takes it, and there’s also a scenario where the Night King is finally given a backstory and his claim to Westeros’ destruction actually starts to make sense. For all we know, the Throne won’t matter in the end. But the most likely end would be the destruction of all our heroes – Daenerys, Aegon, Arya, and even Tyrion…with only Jon and Daenerys’ child surviving the onslaught and later, after being raised by someone noble, ascending to the Iron Throne as Azor Ahai, the Prince Who Was Promised.

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