15 Game Of Thrones Memes That Will Make You Laugh (And Cry)

Waiting for Season 7 of Game of Thrones has been excruciating! Thankfully, the fantasy epic is making its long-awaited return to our screens this weekend. In the run up to season 7, hardcore GoT fans will have probably re-read the books and binge-watched the entire series back to back just to get in the mood. These are all great coping methods, but personally, I prefer the lazy option – basking in some of the glorious memes the Internet comes up with!

George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series is as tragic as it is epic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make light of a bad situation (make that a lot of really bad situations). Us Thrones fans need some serious cheering up in between seasons. Some of our favourite characters are long gone, Cersei is still alive (Boo!) and our emotional scars from the Red Wedding episode are still as raw as they were back in 2013. Oh, the feels.

Season 7 promises to be no fluffier. Winter is coming, which means serious sh*t is hitting the fan and we’re going to need counselling by the time it’s all over. So to celebrate, we’ve found some of the best GoT memes around that are guaranteed to hit you in the feels all over again – but hopefully make you chuckle as well. It goes without saying that there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead. But the fact that you’re even reading this proves you know what’s behind these memes - you better hope you do! Laughter is coming (and possibly a few tears).


15 Ramsay Bolton Dog Food

If you didn’t cheer or do a little happy dance when Ramsay was fed to the dogs, then you’re dead inside. There’s always been stiff competition for the worst character on the show, but the trophy has got to go to the endlessly slimy, relentless a-hole that is Ramsay Bolton. He was a rapist, a baby murderer, and a flayer of manhood - and that’s not all he accomplished. That’s why it was all the more epic when Sansa got her epic revenge by watching Ramsay eaten alive by his own dogs.

The hounds hadn’t been fed for days and it wasn’t a pretty sight. We were so happy to see the end of Ramsay though, which is why some people have celebrated his long-awaited death in meme form. This is definitely one of the best. A friendly behind the scenes photo of Sansa (Sophie Turner) with one of the Dire Wolves has been brilliantly mocked up to look like a genuine advert for puppy chow - and Ramsay Bolton is the main ingredient. Revenge is yummy.

14 Ned’s Heading...For A Beheading


Six years ago, we would not be prepared to laugh at this #TooSoon. But since then, there have been so many deaths in Game of Thrones that we’ve almost lost count. Eddard "Ned" Stark was the first major death on the show and to say fans were devastated is an understatement. Now though, enough time’s passed that we can look back and laugh at it, right? For a little while, perhaps. Then the heartache just comes flooding back.

The truly heartbreaking thing about this meme (as funny as it is) is the fact that it reminds us of every other GoT tragedy. Ned’s brutal beheading is what kick-started all the bad blood between the Starks and the Lannisters, so we’re not just sad about Ned’s death, we’re crying for every other death in the wake of it. The picture of a grief-stricken Catelyn screaming in the Red Wedding episode finishes it off nicely. If your aim was to kick us in the feels, meme creator, mission accomplished.

13 Tyrion’s Christmas Wish

Will Tyrion survive the next season? This is everyone’s biggest fear and we’ve got good reason to be nervous. Tyrion Lannister is an awesome character and is many people's favourite on the show. The fact that a character as well liked as him is still around is more than a little bit suspect to us. We’ve watched so many people we care about die one by one (and in horrific ways). Could they just be toying with our emotions and saving the best (or worst) death till last?

It’s too horrible to contemplate! Fans should have learned by now not to get too attached to characters, but the “God of t*ts and wine” has been there from the very beginning. Is it so naive to think he might make it? Probably. That’s what makes this meme so great – it sums up how we feel and how desperate we are for Tyrion to hang on for one more season. He might have been naughty and nice in equal measure, but please Santa – I mean George - spare him!

12 Badass Lyanna Mormont


This feisty little lady put everyone in their place at the end of season 6 by proving she has more balls than the entire Night’s Watch put together. 10-year-old Lyanna Mormont of Bear Island stunned us all into submission during the final scenes of the last season and gave us fresh hope that the Stark’s may actually have a chance. She even stands her ground in front of Ramsay Bolton by pulling the best “F**k you” gaze we’ve ever seen.

But her finest hour was the rousing speech she gave in the presence of Jon Snow and other Lords in the North. With a strength and wisdom beyond her years, she declares that every man put their differences aside to support Jon Snow and fight their common enemy of White Walkers. In just one scene, she becomes a leader and gets a room full of grown men to side with Jon as the rightful “King in the North.” Badass up in here!

11 Hodor Saves The Day

The gentle giant of Winterfell made the ultimate sacrifice for Bran and co in the last season by literally acting as a human shield between his friends and the ravenous White Walkers and it was heartbreaking. After nearly 6 seasons, we also finally got to find out why Hodor is named Hodor. Thanks to Bran’s time-travelling visions, we discovered that the screams of “Hold the door!” in the future caused the young Hodor (Wylis) to have a seizure...until he could utter no other word than "Hodor."

Hodor’s death was one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in GoT ever (and that’s saying something!), so we’re grateful to memes like this for being able to see the funny side of things. Here, Hodor has rather brilliantly swapped places with Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco in the music video for “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” We’ll never hear that song in the same way again.

10 D-Bag George R.R. Martin


Cersei, Joffrey, and Ramsay are not the most evil characters associated with GoT – this guy is! When it comes to killing off characters, George R.R. Martin is the least forgiving writer ever. But maybe we should cut him some slack. History was brutal, after all, and he’s only telling it like it is. We’ve become so used to the hero surviving in films and TV that we’re not prepared for the sudden death of everyone we care about (boy are we not prepared…).

In an interview with The Guardian, Martin defended his “honest” decision to purge his main characters :“You don’t get to live forever just because you are the cute kid or the hero’s best friend.” Mmm, fair point. Doesn’t it bother GRRM that he kills off so many characters? He must be able to distance himself somehow: “I tend to think I don’t kill them. The other characters kill ‘em. I shift off all blame from myself.” Nice try, Martin, but you will always go down as literature’s chief serial killer.

9 Hipster Ned Stark

The Patriarch of the Stark family and Lord of Winterfell, Eddard Stark was the first to go back in season 1. Since then, Ned’s death has started something of an alarming trend in Game of Thrones – characters you care deeply about being murdered horrifically before your very eyes. In this sense, Ned is the original hipster of Westeros – we just wish he started a trend for another reason! *sobs*

Death is such an intrinsic part of the show that it’s easy to become desensitized to just how awful it made us feel when Ned was decapitated at the end of the first season. Part of us shouldn’t have really been surprised. It was a shock for sure, but Sean Bean famously dies in every single one of his films. It’s like a condition within his contract. Even so, Ned’s cruel and untimely death shook us up, so we’ll try and take some comfort from the fact that he died before the real bloodbath began.


8 Lannisters Are True To Their Word


This is perhaps the darkest thing a Lannister could ever say to you, so the fact that this line has been turned into a credit card advert is quite genius. If only the sinister promise that a “Lannister always pays his debts” was referring solely to financial debt, the show wouldn’t be half as gory or unexpectedly soul-crushing. They may be the wealthiest House in the Seven Kingdoms but they prefer to pay with people’s lives when they settle their disputes.

Not only does this meme play on the boastful Lannister motto, it also sums up the chasm of difference between the meany household with the rest of Westeros. The Mastercard slogan “For everything else...” could be referencing the fact that the average citizen in Westeros actually has a moral code and are forced to repay their debts the old-fashioned way. You know, without murdering everyone in sight to cover up your own scandals...Cersei.

7 Don’t Get Attached To Anyone...Ever

Ask any GoT fan who their favourite character is and watch a sad wistful look glaze over their face as if you’ve asked them how they’re long-dead relative is doing. Either that or they’ll punch you in the face. The sad and irreversible truth about being a Game of Thrones fan is that sooner or later, your heart will be skewered, ripped out, and thrown in the wastebasket. About 70% of the original cast are dead. Gone. Finito. And it hurts like hell.

We still struggle to come to terms with their death long after the season has ended (I still have recurring nightmares from the Red Wedding from time to time!). As this meme cruelly points out, there’s almost no point in making a family tree for the individual Houses in Westeros. It might be simpler to just draw up a list of survivors...on the corner of a post-it note. The next person to ask us about our favourite character is getting stuck with the pointy end.

6 Less Talking, More Fighting


Ever heard of the phrase "Careless talk costs lives?" Oberyn Martell clearly hadn’t and it led to his super grisly end in the final scene of the season 4 episode "The Mountain And the Viper." During the trial by combat that was supposed to save Tyrion’s skin (Oops), Prince Oberyn of Dorn got a little too...shall we say, complacent in his fighting method. He had a bone to pick with his opponent, the Mountain. After all, Martell’s sister was raped and murdered by him.

In hindsight, Oberyn should have let this go and shown his hatred in actions, not words. Sadly, he launched into a Shakespearean speech about how his sister was wronged and betrayed yadda yadda – until the Mountain shuts him the most gruesome way imaginable. It’s so painful to rake over “What if’s?” where Game of Thrones is concerned, but not half as painful as Oberyn’s headache must have been.

5 Shae Gets To Hear Some Home Truths

How could you do it, Shae?! The relationship between Tyrion and his harlot Shae may have ended horribly, but it started out as one of the few genuinely romantic relationships on the show. There was actual love and affection between them and it was sweet and sincere. So naturally, the show bulldozed all hopes for this continuing when Shae betrayed Tyrion in two ways – breaking his heart and sentencing him to death in the space of a few episodes.

In the epic court trial episode – which won Peter Dinklage an Emmy – Shae stunned Tyrion (and us) when she gave a false testimony and pinned Joffrey’s murder entirely on Tyrion. Shae loved him once but she sent him well and truly down s**t creek with this lying confession and it got us pretty mad. There’s no better response than Ron Burgundy's angry rant in Anchorman – it sums up how we all secretly felt in this moment.

4 When Your Date Lies About Their Profile Picture


We’re all guilty of adding a few filters to the photos we post to social media, but those doing it on dating sites like Tinder are truly kidding themselves if they think this is gonna go unnoticed. Enhancing your dating profile pic is like, well, this. On the left, we have Khal Drogo, epic war paint across his chest, a thousand yard death stare and eye shadow that is so on fleek it’s criminal. The background is pretty cool too. Always gotta have a nice background for a dating app pic.

Then on the right, we have Khal Moro – the poor man’s Drogo. He doesn’t even have war paint on his chest. His eye make-up is pretty amateurish too. Still, at least he has that whole “Pale and interesting” thing going on. This should be a lesson for all Tinder users: If your date looks too good to be true, they probably are. And if they’re not who they say they are, you can always set your dragons on them.

3 Shireen Baratheon’s Involuntary Sacrifice

Horrifying moments in Game of Thrones are ten a penny, but this didn’t stop our jaws hitting the floor when Stannis Baratheon just stood by and watched his innocent daughter burn alive. In the season 5 episode "Dance of the Dragons," Melisandre and her crazy blood magic convince everyone to take leave of their senses and decide that Stannis’ only child is the best form of sacrifice in order to help him win the war against the Boltons.

All the poor girl did was spend time reading fables and bonding with Ser Davos. It’s bad enough that she was pretty much ignored by her mother, who considered her facial disfigurement to be a sinful blight on the family. The obedient and loving daughter that she is, Shireen promises to fulfil her dad’s wish as he leads her to a pyre. By the time she realizes that her parents wish is for her to be burned needlessly at the stake, it’s too late.

2 Oberyn Martell’s Health & Safety Warning


If only the Prince of Dorne had been wearing protective headgear, Tyrion wouldn’t be on the run and everything would be fine! But when has Game of Thrones ever taken the easy route? That’s right, never. During those final grisly moments in the trial by combat episode, it’s a safe bet that the viewers were screaming one of two things at their TV screens: 1 - “Hurry up and kill him, Oberyn!” or 2 - “Hey, how come The Mountain gets to wear armour and not you?”

Oberyn’s advice to his former self is too little too late. To be fair, we couldn’t have ever predicted this was the way he would be killed – or that he would be killed at all! Remember when we actually harboured some hope during that fight? Prince Oberyn wasn’t just too cocky for his own good, he was a little too vain. Yes, your long Golden robes are very pretty and we get that you didn’t want to cover your (once) handsome face, but seriously? Some armour wouldn’t have gone amiss.

1 Tommen Shows Us Why It’s Called "King’s Landing"

Cersei’s youngest child, King Tommen, was a rare entity in Game of Thrones in that he didn’t have a malicious bone in his body – in other words, he was hopeless at being a Lannister. He was too kind and too pure and it always felt as if he wasn’t meant for the world he was brought up in. Which makes it even more poignant when he took his own life and jumped from the window of the Red Keep in the season six finale.

As much as we feel for Tommen and everything he went through, we can’t help but laugh at the pairing of R. Kelly’s lyrics to Tommen’s suicide. (Hey don’t judge, we’re just trying to heal with humour!). Considering how pure and innocent Tommen’s character was, the lyrics are actually pretty fitting. Of all the characters to have died in the show, the tragic young King is probably the only one who truly deserves to be in Heaven. So maybe he did fly after all...I’m not crying, YOU'RE crying!


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