15 Game Of Thrones Fan Theories From Beyond The Wall

It's not a shock to anyone that Game of Thrones is full of fan theories. Even the book series A Song of Ice and Fire has so many theories that you could never unpack or find them all. But there are some very interesting categories of theories. For example, there are a bunch about the Wall, and things going on beyond it. And how perfect that the last episode to date was called 'Beyond the Wall'?

The theories have a wide range of detail. Some go on about how Daenerys will never make it back to sit the Iron Throne because she will instead go to save a young dragon (Jon Snow). Some think Jon Snow may not make it south of the Wall after the next battle with the White Walkers. And others think that Bran is Bran the Builder....or The Night King...or both! And some just think that he will let the White Walkers through the Wall.

Of course, none of that will really matter if the theory about Eastwatch-by-the-Sea is true. Since the water is freezing there, could the White Walkers just simply...walk around the Wall? Either way, here are some pretty interesting, and weird fan theories about what's going on at and beyond the Wall!


15 The White Walkers Will Just...Walk To Westeros

So, everyone is pretty sure that the White Walkers will enter Westeros, right? Many people think the Wall will fall, or that the wights will simply be able to climb it or stroll through it thanks to Bran's mark from the Night King. But what if they just simply walked around it? This is a legitimate theory. There was a deleted line from the Hound's vision which goes “the waves are frozen”. And if anyone has noticed how the formation of the land has been changing on the map in season seven, you'll notice that the water by Eastwatch-by-the-Sea seems to be forming into a nice, clear ice walkway for the White Walkers. Which would kind of make sense since they're called White Walkers. But that does seem a little ridiculous to be the way they end up making their way into the south. Wait for Winter, and walk..

14 Azor Ahai And The Stone Dragons From The Wall


Well, this theory may very well have been completely ruined by season seven because of the appearance of the zombie dragon Viserion. In the books, Jon Snow has passing thoughts about the ice dragons from the tales he was told as a child. But there is also mention that the true Azor Ahai would be able to bring dragons to life from stone (which people assume Daenerys has already done). But what if that stone was actually the stone from the Wall? And that's what also brings it down, as ice dragons burst forth from it? It sounds pretty damn cool. But given that Viserion has now been turned into a zombie ice dragon, it seems unlikely that such an epic Wall explosion of dragons will happen. That doesn't mean it won't. We all know that George R. R. Martin likes to mess with his audience. So don't count it out just yet.

13 Bran 'The Builder' Stark?

There are some people who think that Bran Stark might very well also be Bran The Builder from centuries past. How could this possibly work? Well, anyone keeping up with the show is aware that he has the power to influence the past. And he can also warg into the bodies of people and creatures. Could it be that he warged into someone's body and influenced the past in such a way that he was the one who built the Wall? I admit that this theory has a pretty big flaw in it. If he built the Wall in the first place, then why is it that he's the one who is likely to let the White Walkers through it thanks to the brand the Night King gave him? It could be that it was his fate to build the Wall, and then take away it's power only when the world of men had a fighting chance. It's possible. Only time will tell.

12 The White Walkers Are The Good Guys!


Who would have guessed this? This theory hinges on a sort of "humanity is horrible for the world so get rid of it" kind of theory. Ultimately, the gist of the theory is this: the world of men have overcome all of the magical creatures, and have driven themselves and each other mad. Therefore, the White Walkers have come to bring balance back to the world. “That was in the dawn of days, when our sun was rising. Now it sinks, and this is our long dwindling. The giants are almost gone as well, they who were our bane and our brothers. The great lions of the western hills have been slain, the unicorns all but gone, the mammoths down to a few hundred. The direwolves will outlast us all (but not really since they're mostly dead), but their time will come as well. In the world that men have made, there is no room for them, or us.”

11 Daenerys Doesn't Make It To The Iron Throne

There is a strong theory that Daenerys may never claim her long sought after Iron Throne in King's Landing. Why is that? Because she's going to do the right thing and take on the undead forces beyond the Wall. And she's going to do this with Jon Snow (though he shouldn't be able to cross the Wall at all since he's been killed and has come back). Either way, the theory goes that Dany will take her two remaining dragons, fight off the undead Viserion, and go on to crush the forces of the Night King. Though this fan theory ends with Dany also dying, and not being able to take her “rightful” place as Queen of Westeros. Now that might be sad for some people, but I'm still trying to get over Ned Stark and Stannis if Dany does meet up with Khal Drogo and their little baby, don't get too upset.

10 How Jon Survives Near Drowning


So, thanks to the incessant fan theory about Longclaw winking at the audience in the last episode, there are people who think that Bran might have been the reason that Jon Snow survived his plunge into the zombie-filled, frozen lake. "The logic goes that Bran somehow warged into Jon [or his sword? I’m unclear] and helped his half-brother [actually his cousin] make it back up to the surface safely. There is zero evidence Bran was involved in any of the action North of the Wall this week, but that’s not stopped crazy fan theories before."Besides, Bran is too busy trying to figure out if he's the Night King, or Bran the Builder...or both. I don't know what Bran could possibly have to do with Longclaw winking (if it even did), but that's where people's theories go.

9 Longclaw Blinks?

There is a lot of stuff to unpack from the 'Beyond The Wall' episode of Game of Thrones. Like this current theory that Longclaw (Jon Snow's sword) winked at a certain point in the show. When Snow is emerging from the frozen lake (and there are theories about how he managed to do that), it appears that the sword's wolf eye shifts colour. Almost like it winked. Some people think it has been imbued with a magic power we have yet to see. The director from the episode says he didn't know what anyone was talking about. But, of course, fan theorists aren't going to give up that easily. He may have said it means nothing, but in a show where there are so many hidden gems, people can't help but think it still holds some meaning. What's more, why would they go through the trouble of showing us the scene of Jon trying to return Longclaw to Jorah unless the sword actually held more meaning than we thought?


8 Bran Is The Night King!


This is an awesome theory! I absolutely love it! If you can recall, Leaf shows Bran the making of the Night King. And after his vision, Bran nurses his hand, and comes to the gripping realization that Leaf was the one who started the whole damn thing with the White Walkers. The way it's played makes it seem like Bran was the one tied to the tree. Which could happen if he warged into the man, trying to change something of the past. But, of course, somehow this would be him making everything come true for the future. And given how messed up Hodor was when Bran entered his mind...imagine what that would do to someone centuries in the past. Perhaps both Bran and the man lose their minds, and his consciousness is stored away in the head of the Night King. At least he can walk.

7 The Horn Of Winter!

The Horn of Winter! How many of you know about this wonderful weapon? Realistically, unless you've read the books, or have looked it up online, you won't have any idea what I'm talking about. But in the books, the Wildlings talk often about the mythical Horn of Winter. It's a horn that would bring the Wall crumbling down to make way for the Wildlings (and the White Walkers) coming into Westeros. Oh, and for those who have read the books and seen the you remember in season two when Sam finds dragon glass at the Fist of the First Men? Do you remember what else he finds? That's right, he finds a horn. Does anyone think that's just coincidence? How many think that that might just be the Horn of Winter!? Could it be Sam who brings down the Wall?

6 Gigantic Ice Dragons


“Colossal beasts, many times larger than the dragons of Valyria...said to be made of living ice, with eyes of pale blue crystal and vast translucent wings through which the moon and stars can be glimpsed as they wheel across the sky.” This is how Martin described the ice dragons that the White Walkers supposedly have in their arsenal. Could that mean that Viserion then is not the only dragon that will join the forces of the dead? Could there be much larger dragons waiting in the wings (pun intended) to face off against Drogon and Rhaegal? And if the ice dragons of old are said to be many times larger than the Valyrian can the people of Westeros ever hope to win? Of course, now that Viserion has gone to the dead side, the chances are that the other ice dragons, whether breaking free from the Wall or being risen by the Night King, will not be making an appearance.

5 Bran Helps The Night King

Specifically, about the Wall, it seems that it could be far easier than the White Walkers might have thought, to get through it. On his little raven trip over the Walkers, Bran was caught by the Night King. Not captured at all, but certainly noticed. And in that time, the king branded the little cripple boy. And now there is no magical barrier that can hold back the wights from Bran. Now, there are two theories here. One suggests that Bran will inadvertently allow the White Walkers through the Wall when he crosses it for safety. Then Bran will render the Wall's magic useless. Another theory within this suggests that Bran will perhaps gain enough power to lead the army of White Walkers. Because why can't he warg into the Night King's body? I think that would be amazing.

4 What About Viserion?


For at least a year if not longer, there have been theories surrounding the appearance of an ice dragon. And where would an ice dragon come from? From beyond the Wall, of course. What's interesting about this fan theory is that it has come true! Maybe not in the way people had thought or hoped, but it has happened. And perfectly enough, it happened in the episode titled 'Beyond The Wall'. The Night King skewered Viserion with a single spear (and who knew it would be that easy). So now the great enemy beyond the Wall has a zombie dragon. There have been hints that have given this theory credit for some time. The GoT books make mention of ice dragons in Old Nan's stories. And it also doesn't hurt that Martin has written a kids book about ice dragons fighting fire dragons. It was bound to happen.

3 How To Kill The Undead Army

There is a very interesting theory here that is not totally without an evidence base. In the last and penultimate episode 'Beyond The Wall', a White Walker is slain. And when he is slain, it seems that every wight he ever reanimated falls back to death. Now, we all know how the Night King was made (thanks, children of the forest). But since he was the first to make a White Walker, would it not make sense that his death might end it all? To be fair, he now has a dragon on his side, but Bran could probably warg into Viserion and mess all that up anyway (if Bran isn't the Night King in the end). So could it be that simple? Just manage to get a well-aimed spear of dragon glass into the Night King...and then all of the White Walkers and wights drop?

2 The Dragon Riders...


There is one incredible theory that has to do with Daenerys' dragons and the people who should ride them. This might not seem to have to do anything with the Wall, or anything beyond it, but believe me it does. There was once a theory that Daenerys, Jon Snow, and Tyrion Lannister would each be the dragon riders (since they have all come away unscathed from touching the dragons). There is a prophecy about the dragon having three heads, so it would make sense that each rider would have some Targaryen blood in there. Which would work for all three of those characters. But since one of the dragons is decidedly a zombie dragon, there are new theories sprouting up all over about who could ride it. The two top guesses? Will it be Bran and his warging abilities? Or the Night King?

1 Jon Snow Gets Gravely Wounded...Again?

Some of you may recall from one of the trailers for season seven that Jon Snow is seen riding away from something. But he's not just riding normally. He's riding slumped over as if nursing an injury. Most people are of the opinion that Jon Snow makes it out alive from the battles with the White Walkers and their wights. But some of those people also believe that he won't get away without first being gravely injured yet again. He likely won't die and be reborn again, but “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” And chances are that he and Dany will hook up, then discover they're family...and Dany will probably be ok with that.


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