15 Game Of Thrones Characters Who Got What They Deserved

Prior to watching Game Of Thrones and completely throwing away any semblance of a social life that I had, I was warned to not get attached to any of the show's characters. I was warned that any person that I could mildly care about was sure to me a most brutal and painful demise. These warnings were correct, but I truly wasn't prepared for some of the spectacular ways that these characters would go on to meet the One True God. With a constant shuffling of the deck and with new characters entering the fold, I'm always reluctant to enjoy one, as I've had to spend many sleepless nights binge-watching Game Of Thrones and watching these people die.

I'm sure that I'm not the only person who truly liked Ned Stark. He seemed like a great guy, even though he was forced to play the role of the unfaithful husband and father of a bastard (surprise, surprise). After watching poor Ned lose his head, I kept my distance from becoming attached to a character. Ned's death was one that he didn't deserve, and it was truly sad to see. Most characters, however, get exactly what they deserve in Game Of Thrones. Death, torture, and the loss of loved ones come for every character, and it seems like very few will survive the show's final two seasons. After all, winter is here.

Loads of characters have endured many hardships, and most of them are completely well-founded. The names on this list, though varied in degrees of punishment, got exactly what they were owed. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be sure to grab your pitchforks. Don't hate me for this. The characters here deserved it, and I have the proof.

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15  15. Theon Greyjoy

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Present redemptions hardly make up for past transgressions, and Theon Greyjoy became a character that I downright despised. He had an odd upbringing in that he was taken captive in a war, but was raised by House Stark. He was never considered a son of Ned Stark, but life could have been exponentially worse for the ironborn heir. Theon remained loyal to the Stark family, and accompanied the King in the North in his endeavors to try and regain power. It was during this time that Theon arrived home on the Iron Islands, and promptly betrayed Robb Stark. His taking of Winterfell led to his capture by Ramsay Bolton, and Theon got his comeuppance.

Ramsay tortured Theon endlessly, and ultimately broke him. He assumed the new identity of Reek, and was Ramsay's whipping boy for a good chunk of the series. After Sansa Stark wed Ramsay, Theon was able to shed his Reek persona, and helped Sansa escape. Currently, Theon is teaming up with Khaleesi, and he and his sister have given her a fleet of ironborn ships in order for her to gain the Iron Throne. Theon, while doing well now, fully deserved what Ramsay did to him.

14 Viserys Targaryen

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As the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Viserys Targaryen was willing to stop at nothing to claim the crown that was his. He was so adamant about gaining power that he married his sister off to Khal Drogo to ensure the help of the Dothraki army in an attempt to overthrow King's Landing. Daenerys was far stronger than Viserys had anticipated, and used her newly acquired position as a Khaleesi to get Khal Drogo to do her bidding. Viserys grew tired of waiting, and drunkenly tried to make a statement to the Khal. Seeing that Viserys wanted a golden crown, Khal melted gold in a cauldron, and poured the boiling cauldron atop Viserys's head.

This guy was a royal douche from day one, so seeing him taken out in incredibly brutal fashion by Khal Drogo was incredibly satisfying. Any person willing to sell his sister's body for political gain is awful, and they deserve what they get. Drogo became a character that I liked, and, of course, he was killed off.

13 The Waif

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Arya Stark has had an awful shake of things ever since the day she had to witness her father get his head chopped off. She's mostly been on the run, and has had run-ins with some terrible people. One person that was decent to her was a man named Jaqen, and the two forged an odd, but compelling relationship. After meeting up with her long lost pal, Jaqen tried training Sansa on how to become no one. The other person there was the Waif, and she was the worst. She was constantly hard on Sansa, and was ruthless to the young girl for her own enjoyment.

Eventually, Arya decides that she's had enough, and attempts to leave. Jaqen sends the Waif after Arya, and the tormentor repeatedly tried to kill the youngest Stark girl. She is nearly successful, but Arya, being the clever girl that she is, outsmarts the Waif, and kills her. It was great to see Arya overcome adversity, and it was especially nice to see the Waif meet her demise.

12 Walder Frey

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Of course this terrible man would wind up on this list. Filch, I mean Walder, was a rotten human being, and his death was as satisfying as any others. There didn't seem to be a single character that actually liked Walder Frey, and there's a reason. He was rude, arrogant, and his marriages to younger women were insanely creepy. Robb Stark was due to wed one of his daughter's and Robb's betrayal (which I will discuss later on) led to Walder conspiring against the King in the North. Frey's actions led to the infamous Red Wedding, and many people died that night. Unbeknownst to Walder, a highly-skilled Arya would find him and murder him.

Watching Walder Frey die towards the end of season 6 was so satisfying, and it was an excellent showcase for what we can expect from Arya in the show's final two seasons. Walder didn't deserve the life or the power that he had, but he did deserve to die in an incredibly fulfilling way.

11 Meryn Trant

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The world of Westeros operates similarly to our world in the sense that pedophiles are in need of some serious punishment. Meryn Trant is a knight, though his actions would leave you wondering where his allegiance truly lies. The man, for as decorated a swordsman as he is, doubles as a pedophile, and quickly found his name on Arya's list of people to kill. Eventually Trant makes his way to Braavos, the new home of the vengeful Arya. After being spotted in a brothel where he pays to be a pervert, Arya takes vigilante justice into her own hands, and kills Meryn Trant.

I'm sure that by the end of the series, Arya will be able to cross every name off of her list. Meryn Trant was a disgusting person, and seeing Arya take him out the way that she did left me speechless. Pedophiles are the scum of the earth, and Arya, a young girl, killing Meryn was poetic justice at its finest.

10 Alliser Thorne

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It was quite evident early on that Alliser Thorne was going to be a character that I hated. He was a grizzled old man that was steeped in the traditions of being part of the Night's Watch. He seemed to like any semblance of decency, and downright hated Jon Snow from the moment the two crossed paths. Even after becoming the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Jon set their differences aside, and appointed Alliser First Ranger. After disagreeing with the way that Jon decided to team up with the Wildlings, Alliser conspires to kill Jon Snow. Needless to say, he was shaking in his boots when Jon arose from the dead, and soon met his demise for being a traitor.

Jon Snow coming back was a massive shock to viewers, and we all knew what had to be done. Alliser was rotten, and his conspiring to kill Jon Snow was downright sickening. The Bastard of Winterfell got his revenge, and Alliser is nothing more than dust in the wind.

9 Lancel Lannister

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I have found ways to hate most every member of House Lannister, but Lancel is quite an odd cookie, and he mainly just creeped me out. Much like dear old Jaime, Lancel loves the idea of sleeping with his family, and begins to have an affair with his cousin Cersei. It's gross and weird, but is seemingly normal to the dysfunctional Lannister clan. Lancel soon realizes the error of his ways, and changes his life in the eyes of the One True God. He becomes a religious fanatic, and dimes out Cersei to the High Sparrow. Being someone who always gets her way, Cersei devises and carries out the leveling of the Great Sept of Baelor, killing a great number of people, including Lancel.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn't hate Lancel as much as I was weirded out by him. Had he chose to not become a religious fanatic, Lancel would still be breathing. However, his following of the High Sparrow was both annoying and foolish. In the end, Cersei got what she wanted, and now sits on the Iron Throne.

8 Tywin Lannister

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You have to hand it to the guy; Tywin was a master of retaining power and leaving others fearful of what he was capable of. The Lannister name was fortified by Tywin, and he did an incredible job of maintaining a high level of respect in Westeros. Tywin was also a terrible person who wanted nothing more than to see his own son Tyrion be killed. He was a nasty old man, and was intimidating to others on a frequent basis. Of all the things that he cared about most, Tywin cared about his family's legacy. Cersei and Jaime ruined that, and Tyrion was always a disgrace to him. It was rather fitting that it was his most hated son that put an end to his life.

Aside from Jaime, the entire Lannister family is awful to Tyrion, as they all blame him for the death of his mother. Tywin was especially hard on him, and didn't consider him to be anything more than a monster. After escaping certain death, Tyrion takes a detour to kill his father who is sitting on the toilet. It was hilarious to watch, and was a great moment for the youngest Lannister.

7 Robb Stark

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I hate to be the one to break it to you guys, but Robb Stark got exactly what he deserved at the Red Wedding. Granted, seeing everyone else get killed may have been a bit too much, but Robb shouldn't have left that building alive. He was slated to marry one of Walder Frey's daughters for political gain, but ultimately broke his promise, and wed another woman. Walder conspired with House Lannister, and he wiped out the King in the North. Robb was an incredibly popular character, but pulling a shady move like that left Walder no choice.

In all fairness, Robb tried to do right by offering someone else to marry a Frey girl, but it was not enough to repair the damage that was done. Frey learned that he couldn't trust Robb Stark, and instead opted to be loyal to the Lannister family. Sorry Robb, but you had it coming.

6 The High Sparrow

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Despite giving off the impression that he was humble and was only doing the bidding of his Lord, the High Sparrow totally got off on having an insane amount of power, and he was someone that I truly despised. Seeing him put forth a valiant effort to wipe out Cersei was a thing of beauty, but he was also unbearably manipulative, and found himself in Cerei's warpath. After calling Cersei to trial despite her walk of atonement, the High Sparrow was ready for the second phase of his punishment of Cersei. She, however, leveled the Great Sept of Baelor, and killed the High Sparrow in the process.

Of all characters on the show, I hate Cersei the most. But, seeing her pull off something this spectacular was as incredible as it was horrible. Many innocent people died that day because she simply refused to stand trial. This, mind you, was all her doing and she once again found a way to come out on top. Some people who died that day deserved it, and no one deserved it more than this guy.

5 Stannis Baratheon

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Stannis was someone that I sort of liked at first. He was a fearless fighter on the battlefield, and he was the rightful heir to the Iron Throne after Robert's death. As it were, Stannis became a wretched human being, and his pursuit of power led him to do unspeakable acts. Topping the list of terrible things Stannis did was burning his own daughter alive as a religious sacrifice. Power seems to corrupt all, and Stannis fell victim to the power that awaited him. His daughter was a lovable character, and seeing her burn alive was one of the show's darkest moments.

Thankfully, Brienne, seeking the justice of her fallen Prince Renly, saw an opportunity to kill Stannis, and capitalized immediately. The wounded man was sitting with his back against a tree when Brienne found him. After delivering some chilling words, Brienne delivered a fatal blow, and Westeros was finally rid of Stannis.

4 Roose Bolton

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The Warden of the North Roose Bolton, much like Theon Greyjoy, was a traitor that had a hefty price to pay for his betrayal. Initially, Roose worked alongside Robb Stark, and proved that he was a trustworthy companion. As we've seen, the prospect of power can corrupt any man, and Roose fell victim to Lannister charm. In exchange for turning on Robb, Roose was named Warden of the North, and was now in a position of power. Despite his newly acquired power, Roose had a huge target on his back, and the man to do him in was none other than his son Ramsay.

As I mentioned earlier, Ramsay was the man responsible for breaking down the traitorous Theon Greyjoy. Time and time again, Ramsay showed that he was terrible, and killing his own father for political gain was one of his worst crimes. Roose dying led Ramsay to fill his spot as Warden in the North, and fans were both thrilled and horrified at the events that had transpired.

3 Craster

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Of all of the disgusting people that have been introduced on the show, I'm pretty sure that Craster is the worst of them all. He makes Cersei look like a novice in the field of incestuous relationships, and has spent the better part of his life sleeping with his daughters and granddaughters. All the boys that are born are immediately sacrificed, and the women become his sex slaves. This news didn't sit too well with the Night's Watch, and a few of them took matters into their own hands. Craster was killed, though things didn't improve for his widows. Aside from Gilly, the others were left to the mercy of Karl Tanner, who was quite evil, himself. Nevertheless, seeing Craster die was great.

It's sad that Gilly was the only woman to break free initially. Prior to this, however, they were all relegated to being Craster's sex slaves. As deprived as Meryn Trant was, Craster was on another level. Eventually, Karl Tanner received his comeuppance as well, and he was met with a most brutal death.

2 Joffrey Baratheon

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The epitome of evil and the most hated child in Westeros was a tormentor of many, and an all-around awful person. Joffrey took no greater pleasure than the moments he spent belittling and berating others. At one point, Joffrey was set to marry Sansa Stark, and let her view her dead father's head resting on a spike for no other reason than to watch her squirm. He was vile to his family members, especially his uncle Tyrion, who was quite fond of slapping the brat. Joffrey was so twisted, that he rented a prostitute, and spent his evening pumping her body fully of arrows until she died. Thanks to some trickery and a carefully placed jewel on a necklace, Joffrey was poisoned, and died at his wedding.

The image of Joffrey choking to death in his mother's arms will be an image that makes its way across the internet until the end of time. He was rotten to the core, and deserved to go out in a most brutal and humiliating way. Joffrey may be one of the worst characters on Game Of Thrones, but the top spot on our list goes to a man who takes evil to heights that only people like Cersei can soar.

1 Ramsay Bolton

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While Joffrey is a pretty popular choice for most awful character on the show, Ramsay Bolton is the obvious choice in my book. Ramsay is responsible for breaking Theon Greyjoy (though it was deserved), killing Roose Bolton (once again doing the Lord's bidding), and killing Rickon Stark. If that wasn't enough, Ramsay was also an awful husband, and raped his wife Sansa Stark. At the Battle of the Bastards, Ramsay let his army storm the battlefield while he sat atop his horse and watched with glee. Thanks to some help from the Knights of the Veil, Jon Snow's army won, and Snow wasted no time in tangling with Ramsay. Snow bested Bolton, and Ramsay was taken prisoner. While incarcerated, Sansa Stark unleashed Ramsay's filthy hounds on him, and they ate him alive. Finally, all was well in Winterfell.

Watching Ramsay die is one of my personal favorite moments from the show. Bolton spent his time on Game Of Thrones making other people miserable, and he was considerably more evil than Joffrey. The most satisfying part of it all was seeing the look on Sansa's face as he was being eaten alive. She finally got her revenge, and for once, things went right for Sansa.

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