15Phoebe’s Biological Mother

Most of us were shocked when we realized that unlike Phoebe thought, Lily was not her actual birth mother. Apparently, Lily, Frank (Phoebe’s father), and another woman named Phoebe Abbott were all in a relationship. Then, Phoebe got pregnant and didn’t know what to do, so Lily and Frank decided

to stay together and raise the twins.

We first meet Phoebe in season 3 episode 25 (The One At the Beach). Phoebe initially thinks that Phoebe Abbott is Lily’s friend, but then learns the truth. We last see Phoebe Abbott in season 4 episode 11 (The One With Phoebe’s Uterus) when Phoebe is asking for her birth mother’s advice on whether she should be a surrogate mother for her brother.

While it is true that Phoebe’s birth mother was mentioned later in the episodes (albeit very rarely), it still felt incredibly lazy on the part of the writers to completely exclude her from the show.

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