15 Foxy Wrestling Ladies Who’ve Been With The Most WWE Superstars

With the modern era of women’s wrestling in World Wrestling Entertainment – which has been in full swing for more than a year now – the times when WWE treated its female employees like garnish feels like a lifetime away. Nonetheless, it was only a short time ago that women in WWE were referred to as “Divas” and each and every one of them had some legitimate claim to being the ultimate sex symbol. They were all beautiful and they were all athletic, but they only showed that athleticism in the most feminine of situations in order to keep the sex appeal at a maximum for the straight male audience.

Though WWE got a bad reputation for its portrayal of women, this is something that has been the norm in wrestling for decades. Women from all corners of the wrestling world have been involved in many relationships with the men in the business, and plenty have been known to simply go knocking on the dressing room doors of their male counterparts for a quick roll in the hay. Let’s take a look at fifteen of the foxiest women in wrestling who have been confirmed or rumored to have been romantically linked to the most WWE Superstars.

15 Charlotte Flair 

Women’s wrestling in WWE today is inarguably at its high point. At no other time in history has WWE portrayed female athletes as so respectable and so close to being on the same level as its male stars, and today women frequently perform in the main events of Raw and SmackDown and even occasionally pay per view events. Many different women can be credited as being responsible for the rise of this modern movement but if one woman can be seen as the face of it, it would be the decorated Charlotte Flair.

Though Charlotte Flair is well known these days for being one of the best athletes of any gender in WWE, she’s also somewhat famous for her real life love interests which include former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio and former TNA wrestler and WWE developmental talent Bram.

14 AJ Lee 

AJ Lee is one former WWE Superstar who is destined for the WWE Hall of Fame at some point in the future. In just a few short years she became WWE’s most popular female act and won the Divas Championship on three separate occasions. Lee was also involved in some very high profile storylines with fictional boyfriends like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Kane. Undoubtedly AJ Lee will go down as one of the most influential and outspoken WWE Divas of all time.

Her outspoken side was never more evident than when she went to social media to publicly call out Stephanie McMahon for the low pay women receive in WWE compared to men. It’s unsurprising that she would eventually go on to marry perhaps the only former WWE Superstar more outspoken than her in CM Punk, and she also once dated former WWE star Trent Barreta.

13 Emma 

Tenille Dashwood grew up a huge fan of professional wrestling. When she finally got her big break and joined WWE’s developmental territory NXT she became known only as Emma, but the simplicity of her name would run in direct contrast to her impact on modern women’s wrestling. Together, Emma and her opponent Paige put together a classic match which saw Paige crowned as the first NXT Women’s Champion and ignited a revolution.

Since then Emma has struggled to find her footing on WWE’s main roster, but she’s had no trouble finding boyfriends. Emma was famously dating fellow WWE Superstar Zack Ryder until sometime in 2016 and before that, she was involved with former NXT developmental talent William McNamee, who went by the ring name Mac Miles.

12 Ashley Massaro 

Ashley Massaro is a name all but long forgotten in the wrestling world. She won the Diva Search competition in 2005 to earn herself a contract for one year with World Wrestling Entertainment but somehow managed to stay on with the company for several more years. Ashley seemed to have little in the way of charisma with wrestling fans and even less inside the ring as a professional athlete, but good looks and a little bit of luck were all it took to be a WWE Diva at that time.

She built a reputation for her behind the scenes relationships, though. She was involved with Matt Hardy after Hardy and his girlfriend Lita had their notorious falling out and later Ashley was also linked for former WWE Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion Paul London.

11 Terri Runnels 

Terri Runnels was a true sex symbol for late 1990s WWE in every sense of the word. Though she managed several WWE Superstars throughout her career and was involved in some high profile storylines, the woman who originally made her debut as Marlena became known for the way she would wear her incredibly small t-shirts in a way that revealed her breasts from underneath. What might be lesser known about Terri is that she was linked romantically to not one, but two big WWE Superstars.

Terri was once married to Dustin “Goldust” Runnels for some time when the two were working together on television during Goldust’s original run in the Attitude era, but she was also rumored to have spent some time with the late, great “Flyin’” Brian Pillman.

10 Layla El 

Layla El was one of the earliest winners of the WWE Diva Search competition and, as it turns out, one of the most successful of the participants in the annual tournament. Layla was a rare case of a Diva Search girl who eventually picked up on the physical side of the wrestling business pretty well and actually made a bit of a name for herself as a former Women’s and Divas Champion. She was pretty popular during her run among wrestling fans, and she’s also been welcomed with open arms by a few WWE Superstars.

Today she’s married to former WWE star Ricky Ortiz and the two seem to be living happily ever after. Before that, however, she was rumored to have been involved with Cody Rhodes and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.

9 Melina 

Melina Perez has definitely built up a reputation for “getting around.” She’s a former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion and has recently returned to the ring on the independent scene following a hiatus after being released from WWE a few years back, and there’s no denying her romantic connections to a few former WWE Superstars, but it’s likely it all got blown out of proportion due to some personal dramas that unfolded before the public.

Despite her assumed track record for having been with a ton of wrestlers, Melina is only linked to three men: former WWE Superstars Mike Knox, Batista and of course, John Morrison. Unfortunately for all involved, their dirty laundry has been aired in a less than desirable way and they’ve all suffered for it.

8 Miss Elizabeth 

Oh, Miss Elizabeth, how beloved you were.

There was never any more universally adored character, male or female, in the World Wrestling Federation than the sweet and wholesome Elizabeth Hulette, who broke into the business at the arm of her real life husband and future WWE Hall of Famer Randy “Macho Man” Savage. Savage would become one of the two biggest stars of the 1980s next to Hulk Hogan, but it can be argued they wouldn’t have done it without the emotional involvement the fans experienced when Elizabeth was present.

As it turned out, though, real life wasn’t so glamorous, as rumors persisted that Elizabeth and Hulk Hogan had an affair. Much later, at the time of her passing, Elizabeth was living with former WWE and WCW legend Lex Luger.

7 Lita 

Lita is one of the most influential female wrestlers of all time. Amy Dumas, to use her real name, won numerous Women’s Championships during her time in WWE and helped light the famous Attitude era on fire with her daredevil maneuvers and high-risk offense. She’s known for being one of the most unique WWE Divas with her bright red hair and tattoos, but something that may have overshadowed her wrestling accomplishments is her relationships with the men of WWE.

Early on in her career, Lita was involved in a long term romantic relationship with Matt Hardy until she cheated on him with WWE Hall of Famer Edge. This leaked out to the public and became a hot storyline for the company, but Lita’s good looks didn’t let her down after that, as she also managed to land CM Punk after she retired from the ring.

6 Paige 

Three seems to be the magic number here, and Saraya-Jade Bevis, better known as Paige in WWE and Britani Knight on the independent circuit, only recently joined the group. But when she became a member of the “three” club, she really jumped in head first, didn’t she?

Paige is one of the most talented female grapplers WWE has ever had under contract, but this former Divas and NXT Women’s Champion has certainly come with her fair share of drama. Not only has she been suspended twice, she’s also been involved in many fights with her real life beau and former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. Most shocking of all is the leaks of her personal videos earlier this year which showed her engaging in some adult activity with former WWE star Brad Maddox and current star Xavier Woods.

5 Rosa Mendes 

It wasn’t too long ago that Rosa Mendes retired from professional wrestling after becoming a parent with her real life, non-wrestling husband. Mendes, whose real name is Melina Roucka, got her foot in the door as a competitor in the WWE Diva Search, but despite years of training she never caught on to the in ring aspect of the business and racked up one of the worst win-loss records in the industry. She floated around from one WWE Superstar to the next as a manager on screen, and her record for floating around to their bedrooms wasn’t anything to sneeze at, either.

Before finding the man who she would eventually start a family with, Rosa Mendes was rumored to have been romantically linked to Primo Colon, Santino Marella, Batista and the much older wrestling legend Michael Hayes.

4 Maria Kanellis 

Having recently made her big return to WWE with her real life husband Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis has been a hot topic of discussion among wrestling fans lately. She originally performed for WWE after competing in the Diva Search competition a decade ago, but Maria is now back and looking better than ever. She’s a pretty well-respected name in the business these days, and did you know that she’s also been quite popular with the men of WWE?

Before meeting her husband Mike Bennett, who is now wrestling for WWE under the name Mike Kanellis, Maria was also linked for four other current and former WWE Superstars you may know as Carlito, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and WWE Hall of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland.

3 Sunny 

If you know anything about Tammy “Sunny” Sytch then you knew to expect her on a list of wrestling women who have had relationships or slept with the most WWE Superstars. Sunny’s extraordinary contributions to the original Extreme Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation in the 1990s as a sex symbol may never be surpassed, but they were certainly put on the back burner to a degree when compared to her bedroom activities, for which she became well known.

Sunny was always closely linked to the late Chris Candido, who was also known as Skip in the WWF, but she was also involved (or rumored to have been involved) with Shawn Michaels, the “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, Chris Masters, Bret “Hitman” Hart and even current WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler.

2 Missy Hyatt 

Though she only ever had the most fleeting of connections to the World Wrestling Federation early on in her career, Missy Hyatt went on to make a major name for herself in World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling as a valet who quite often got mixed up in the physicality of the ring. Missy’s exploits when the cameras were off, however, overshadowed all of that, as she has been notoriously linked to many men in the wrestling industry.

Having romantic connections to nine former WWE Superstars – Val Venis, Scott Putski, Raven, Kid Kash, Tom Prichard, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Road Warrior Hawk, Eddie Gilbert and Jake “The Snake” Roberts – as well as many others in the wrestling business, you’d think Missy Hyatt could easily take the number one spot on this list. That is not to be the case, however.

1 Kelly Kelly 

Kelly Kelly was one of the most popular female competitors of all time, but if you thought this bubbly and wholesome representation of the PG era WWE Diva had a squeaky clean record you’d be kidding yourself. Kelly, a former Divas Champion whose real name is Barbie Blank, is now starring in the E! television network’s reality series WAGs as the wife of famous ice hockey player Sheldon Souray, but her time in WWE saw her linked to a truckload of the company’s big stars.

While Kelly may not have been the most naturally gifted wrestler to step foot into the ring, no one can ever take away the good looks that were rumored to have romantically linked her to 10 current and former WWE Superstars: Justin Gabriel, Batista, John Morrison, Chris Jericho, Test, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, Alex Riley, Randy Orton and John Cena.

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