15 Foxy Celebs We Love Seeing At Music Festivals

Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals in the entire world. Featuring countless musicians over a few day period, over 100,000 people make the trek out to Indio, California to soak in the atmosphere.

And you better believe you're going to be ecstatic that celebrities are also no stranger to the draw of a good time, and as evident by the photos we have below, these 15 women clearly dressed to impress and party.

So why take the long journey when instead you can sit back as we bring you the hottest photos out there, all in less time than it'll take you to go put gas in the car.

In fact, Ariel Winter was so eye-catching both in 2016, and most recently when she donned some pink hair, that she takes up two spots on our list. Though speaking of brightly colored hair, Kylie Jenner also made sure to do everything she could to catch your attention (you know, besides showing off her body).

It's clear that the weather in California is hot and while that may lead to some reduced clothing, we assure you that the women on our list are even hotter!

15 Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough may be known for her moves out on the dance floor and her time on Dancing with the Stars, but the above photo is clearly evident that she doesn't mind doing some booty shaking when at Coachella either!

The above photos take us all the way back to 2013 when Hough elected to attend the music festival with some friends. As an extra fun twist, it was also very shortly after her breakup with Ryan Seacrest and you know there's no way he didn't see the photos!

Both Hough and Seacrest have both since moved on, including Hough getting engaged to professional hockey player Brooks Laich.

14 Sarah Hyland

While Gigi Hadid who you'll see below attended Coachella with a partner and had her relationship end shortly after, Sarah Hyland seems to have figured it out with her long-term partner Dominic Sherwood who she is still currently with.

The two have been seen out in public on multiple occasions but were exchanging some serious PDA when the two of them attended Coachella back in 2015. But why show a photo of them locking lips when we can instead take the time to show how beautiful Hyland is?

While you definitely know Hyland from Modern Family, she may not even be the best looking woman from the series that we have included in this list as Ariel Winter has also turned heads at Coachella on multiple occasions.

13 Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is no stranger to impressing the world with her voice, but you probably are going to expect plenty of things at Coachella that definitely wouldn't fly in any Disney show!

As you can tell from the above photo, not only does Hudgens look gorgeous as ever, but she's clearly not afraid to embrace the spirit of the event with her awesome sense of style.

When talking about a particular outfit on Ellen, Hudgens expressed why she loves Coachella,

"I couldn't wear walking around to the grocery store. Which is why I love Coachella because it gives you an excuse to wear things that you wouldn't normally wear."

We're sure you love her sense of style as well!

12 Ariel Winter In 2016

This year Ariel Winter was sure to catch everyone's attention because as you'll see below, she decided to not only show off a serious amount of skin but she did so while also rocking some pink hair.

However, if we take a trip back to 2016, you'll see Winter stepping away from the pink hair, but it's hard to say that she wore any clothing that could be considered even kind of revealing.

I mean to be fair, it is really hot there and it's not like Winter doesn't look great, but we're sure her ex-boyfriend Laurent Gaudette who attended the festival with her doesn't need to be reminded of who he let walk out of his life.

11 Lea Michele

Lea Michele looks amazing whenever she rocked out on the television series and even if her overall physical appearance is getting dialled back with her other television show Scream Queens, there is no denying that when she decides to attend a music festival that she is clearly aiming to impress!

Granted when you consider Lea Michele has been very outspoken in the past about her love of hitting up the gym and staying in fantastic shape, perhaps you aren't too shocked that she decides to flaunt her body when the situation calls for it.

After all those music festivals get hot, so are you really going to be hating on her for showing off some skin?

10 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to turning heads wherever she goes, but when it comes to attending Coachella she made sure that the main focus wasn't what went on her body, but what went on her head.

"I think it takes a minute for me. You'll start thinking about it early, even if you change your mind ten minutes before you get dressed. For me, I need to try and find a hair color that I haven't done before. There's not much left, but I'm committed to finding new options," said Jenner when talking about her highlighter style hair.

While the tight-fitting outfit may be what you're left talking about, it's clear why all eyes were firing Jenner's way.

9 Bella Thorne (And Dani)

You also definitely wouldn't be alone if seeing how gorgeous Thorne looks at music festivals motivates you to go and check her out in the new show!

There is one outfit that you won't be able to see Thorne wear at Coachella though,

“I’ve witnessed a lot of freaky things at Coachella, but the scariest thing that I witness every time are the girls with the nipple tassels. I don’t get it. I’m not understanding why you’re just wearing bikini bottoms, nipple tassels, and thigh-highs. That is an incomplete outfit,” said Thorne in a past interview.

She attended the festival with her older sister Dani who is also included in our photo.

8 Kendall Jenner (And Hailey Baldwin)

Kendall Jenner has definitely had herself a rough 2017. While Pepsi has been a huge stepping stone for many talented entertainers, we don't have to dedicate this blurb to explaining the fallout that came from the commercial fiasco.

And while she definitely turned heads wherever she went at Coachella, don't expect any new information to come from her camp on the fiasco. In fact, Jenner went as far as to make sure that all reporters were informed not to ask about it and if they did, Jenner would leave the interview and that reporter would never be allowed to interview Jenner again.

Thankfully nobody went over the line, but you better believe you would have heard about it if they had!

Also included in the above photo is her gorgeous BFF, Hailey Baldwin.

7 Gigi Hadid

We're jumping back to 2015 to bring you the above photo of Gigi Hadid but when you consider she looks outstanding in the above photo, are you really going to be blaming us? Though when you consider Hadid is an incredibly successful model, of course, she's going to be bringing her A-Game to a festival like Coachella!

The above outfit also gained attention for the fact that her boyfriend at the time Cody Simpson was getting all up in her business throughout their time together at the festival. It clearly wasn't working for her, because the photos were published in the middle of April and by May it was all over for the two.

Hadid has since been dating Zayn Malik who will hopefully be able to be more successful than Simpson if they attend festivals together!

6 Ariel Winter In 2017

Ariel Winter may have gotten her big break at a young age when she was cast on Modern Family, but as the series keeps plugging along she is making an active effort to let the world know that she should be considered one of the sexiest young celebrities in Hollywood.

One place where Winter is clearly comfortable showing off her good looks is at Coachella. When talking about her fashion choices, Winter revealed

"I just have to find a bunch of bra tops and bandos...yesterday I wore a T-Shirt but it was so hot I decided to wear a bathing suit or bra top."

Winter also opened up more about her pink hair, saying

"Just because, I thought it would be fun. I love pink and I've never done like a crazy wig before so I thought it'd be cool."

5 Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is no stranger to stripping down to let the world take a look at her body, so naturally, for an event like Coachella, she isn't going to hesitate when showing off her seriously toned stomach.

Ratajkowski is also well aware of the partying aspect of Coachella, including admitting in a past interview that it was where she first experimented with drugs

"I've been coming to Coachella for years. I think, to me, I've already experienced it. My first Coachella was when I was 14 years old. I smoked pot for the first time—yes, you can print that! It was for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show, and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Smoking pot, watching Karen O…I was definitely 14!”

We're sure Ratajkowski may be a lot smarter about her partying now that she's trying to make it as a successful model!

4 Katy Perry

Katy Perry is no stranger to turning heads in her various music videos or whenever she puts on (or takes off!) an outfit for a night on the town, so naturally when it comes to attending a huge music festival like Coachella she is going to make sure she brings her A-Game.

And we're sure you wouldn't be the only person out there who loves any opportunity for Perry to wear a modified swimsuit and pose for some photos.

While Perry has been unlucky in love as of late, including a messy divorce with Russell Brand, we're sure it'll only be a matter of time before a new fellow is singing a duet with her!

3 Sophie Turner (And JinJoo Lee)

Sophie Turner may look beautiful in Westeros, but you can imagine life's a lot less stressful when she's able to just sit back and chill at Coachella; which she did this past year.

Also seen in the photo is JinJoo Lee, who is the guitarist for the pop rock band DNCE. For those unaware, Turner has been romantically linked to Joe Jonas who is also a member of the band since the end of 2016.

While we aren't too sure how much of their time is spent listening to old Jonas Brothers records, at least Turner will have someone close to her to support her in case her character prematurely gets the ax before the series wraps up!

2 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is known for many things, and definitely, not all of them are good but one of them is that she absolutely knows how to party. So naturally she's going to make an appearance at Coachella and given the nature of this list, we're sure she's happy that we elected for a photo in which she's actually looking pretty good!

While Hilton may not be desirable to you, she was actually able to entice Chad Michael Murray into having an affair on his beautiful wife Sophia Bush; promptly ending their 5-month marriage.

We're sure it's Murray that wouldn't mind forgetting some of his troubles with a party weekend at Coachella!

1 Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is a beautiful and talented up and coming model who has an Instagram that is well worth following, but do not mistake her for a woman who doesn't also struggle with body issues,

"This generation has a lot of eyes on them. Everybody my age struggles with insecurities, so take that and multiply it by seven million people...There are people much older than me saying horrible things who have no business paying attention to what a 19-year-old does. It's not the best feeling in the world."

Baldwin also admitted that she would make an active effort to shield her kids from growing up in a similar situation.

While Baldwin may have her fair share of haters online, it's clear from the above photo that nobody should be hating on how beautiful she looked at Coachella.

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