15 Former WWE Stars That Have “No Chance” Of Being In A WWE Video Game

On October 13th, the WWE will launch their newest video game WWE 2K18 as Seth Rollins graces the cover of the game. Once again, there really aren’t many surprises when it comes to the game’s roster, even the DLC add-ons are pretty standard featuring the likes of Beth Phoenix, The Hardys, Aleister Black and even our good buddy, Elias Samson. Those of you expecting names like CM Punk need to keep on dreaming, because the only way you can use a Superstar like Punk is either by creating him on your own or downloading him online.

In this article, we take a look at wrestlers similar to Punk that are basically blacklisted from the game. From Alberto Del Rio to the likes of Earl Hebner, the number of stars that are banned from the game is quite substantial. For the most part, a controversial past or rocky relationship with the company is the reason for them not being involved in the game.

Pull out your notepad and get ready to write these names down as created players because you won’t be seeing them in a WWE video game. Here are 15 former WWE stars that have “No Chance In Hell” of being in a WWE video game. Enjoy folks!

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15 Alberto Del Rio

Burning bridges with the WWE is another way for the company to completely neglect you. It looks like Alberto Del Rio took that route following his recent release going on a verbal tirade against the higher ups of the company, particularly Triple H. He’s now a member of the GFW brand and given all his recent shots, a WWE return seems highly unlikely at any point.

He’s been in numerous WWE games in the past and he’s also been rated quite generously; a former WWE and US Champion, the developers of the game gave him the proper credit he deserved. However, the only way you’ll be able to use the Mexican moving forward is through the Create-A-Superstar option cause there’s simply “no chance in hell” he shows up in the game anytime soon. As for Paige, she’s still good (for now).

14 Chyna

A trailblazer in the business, it’s quite sad to see the lack of recognition Chyna has gotten from the company since her release way back in the early 2000s. How a female that won the IC Championship never gets mentioned is truly beyond us at this point. With her recent tragic passing, the WWE did put up a nice montage paying homage to her brilliant career, however, since then, Chyna content has gone back to being few and far between.

With all that in mind, picking Chyna in a video game is another big time hurdle at this point. We remember the days of picking the Ninth Wonder Of The World in games like No Mercy on n64. Yeah, it’s been a while since she was a playable character. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Chyna’s WWE legacy, at this point, it looks as though nothing is changing.

13 Eugene

The early 2000s were a weird period for the WWE. They were moving away from the Attitude Era but still pushing edgy content; that era is now referred to as the Ruthless Aggression Era. Although it had various flaws like this gimmick we’re about to discuss, many would say it was above and beyond better than the current climate in World Wrestling Entertainment.

For this gimmick, we go back to 2004 when Eric Bischoff’s specially challenged nephew Eugene, made his WWE debut. Looking back, we have no idea what WWE’s creative team were thinking with such a character. Things would only get worse when Dinsmore would get bullied by the other wrestlers. It was all so bad and an angle the WWE wants to keep as far away from public knowledge as possible. For that reason, picking him in a game would not do the company any favors and just remind the masses and the new generation of this cringeworthy character.

12 Earl Hebner

Some of you might be scratching your noodles at this one but don’t forget, referee Earl Hebner was featured in various WWE games in the past. From WWE No Mercy to SmackDown Here Comes The Pain, this referee was a pretty big deal back in the day with the company and video games let that be known for the authenticity of the game.

Earl ended up burning bridges with the company on multiple occasions. After a lengthy run spanning from the late 80s, Earl was let go by the WWE for illegally selling company merchandise. The relationship between both sides would only get worse as Hebner recently added his name to the laundry list of Superstars going against the WWE in the class action lawsuit pertaining to CTE related illnesses. Not only does his involvement in a video game seem unlikely but sadly, for now, we can say the same for his Hall of Fame status.

11 Scott Steiner

Like Alberto Del Rio, Steiner took the bitter approach following his WWE release. Till this day, he continues to bash both Triple H and Stephanie for his time with the company, blaming the duo for his failed stint. Steiner was hotter than ever entering the WWE but lost all the momentum following a championship feud with The Game. He never recovered and later, left the company for good.

Steiner was actually asked about being snubbed from the game last year, although he made the claim that he wasn’t angry with the decision. To be quite frank, adding Steiner as a part of the legends list would be welcomed given the fact that his character did gain traction at one point, particularly in WCW during the late stages. However, for the time being, Create-A-Superstar is the only place you’ll find Big Poppa Pump.

10 Gail Kim

With the Women’s Division on the rise, it would truly be something to use Gail Kim in a WWE video game against the likes of the new blood which includes Asuka and Charlotte Flair, among others. Wouldn’t that be a treat?

However, those dream matches can’t even take place in the game, unless of course, you take the creation route and make Gail. The former champion left the company on terrible terms after she eliminated herself from a Battle Royale. According to the backstage gossip, Vince didn’t find Gail attractive which led to her downfall. Kim bet on her talent forging an excellent resume with TNA. She vowed to never return to the company and it appears as though her in-ring days are coming to an end. With such bad blood, Kim’s WWE involvement at any point seems unlikely. When’s the last time you saw Gail Kim footage by the WWE?

9 Shane Douglas

Still taking part in shoot interviews and indie events, Douglas loves the wrestling business. The only problem is the WWE did not share the same love for his talent. Coming in as hot as ever following his ECW stint, WWE completely dropped the ball with Douglas. Shane believes the failed push was purposely done out of spite, while the likes of Kliq members believe Douglas just couldn’t keep up with the pace of the company back in the day. In any event, Shane has remained bitter to this day constantly taking shots at the company for his failed run. For that reason, we should not expect him to make an appearance in a video game anytime soon.

It’s a major snub especially for those that want to add some ECW flavor into their gaming experience. But hey, you can always create him, right?

8 Muhammad Hassan

In another “what the hell were they thinking” moment, the WWE inexplicably created an Arab American character that was insanely controversial in Muhammad Hassan. The poor dude was actually of Italian descent and a New Yorker. Such a gimmick plagued his career and the WWE cut the cord on the angle following the 2005 London bombings. With an outraged UPN Network, the company completely erased the gimmick from existence. This is the same guy that many thought would be WWE Champion at some point....

He did manage to enter a WWE video game in the 2006 edition, but over a decade a later, he hasn’t been in a game since (nor will he ever be gain). Certain wrestlers were doomed because of a gimmick and Hassan takes the cake when it comes to said statement.

7 Paul London

For those of you that remember playing the SmackDown Vs Raw video games, you’re likely aware that London was in the game and actually a joy to play with. His character had an arsenal of high risk maneuvers along with being one of the fastest players in the game. For that reason, he was a really popular choice among the fanbase.

Nowadays, picking him as a playable character can only take place in the creation format. Following his WWE release, London, like a couple of others, burned all bridges with the WWE constantly taking shots at the product and those making the big decisions. It’s a shame especially considering he had an avenue back to the company with Brian Kendrick, but that no longer seems possible. For what it’s worth, he’s still plugging away nowadays as a member of Lucha Underground.

6 Debra

You can also add Sunny to the list of former Divas you won’t see in a WWE game. For Debra, she burned all bridges after accusing Steve Austin of abusing her. Following such claims, many believe the WWE desperately tried to protect Austin’s identity, so they completely blacklisted Debra from the company. Try and think of the last time you saw those “puppies” on a WWE montage. Yeah, not recently that’s for sure. You won’t find her in the game either, but seriously, who in the hell would even take her?

Sunny is another trailblazing Diva you won’t find in the game. Unlike Debra, it’s Sunny’s controversial personal life that won’t land her a spot in the game. Also, those numerous shoot interviews spilling the beans on backstage romances hasn’t helped her cause one bit either.

5 Marty Jannetty

Jannetty can thank his trainwreck of a personal life for not being in a WWE video game. Fans would love to utilize The Rockers but that doesn’t appear to be a possibility based on his antics, particularly via Twitter. He recently made headlines for admitting he was urged to have intercourse with a certain family member (yup, we’ll leave it at that). “No Chance In Hell” WWE puts such a figure in the game. Just imagine a youngster googling his name and finding some Intel; that wouldn't be the best for business.

Along with that disturbing recent story he’s also been a mess as pictures have been taken of the former 90s WWE star wrapped in a carpet intoxicated, and even walking in a lobby pond. Filing a class action lawsuit against the WWE, you’ll have to settle with just using Shawn “The Rocker”.

4 Jeff Jarrett

Not to worry people, if you want to use a guitarist and knock someone’s head off with the musical instrument, you now have an alternative in The Drifter, Elias Samson. As for Jarrett, there’s simply “no chance in hell” you’ll be seeing him in anything WWE related, never mind the video game.

Jeff completely tarnished his WWE legacy when he leveraged and pretty much blackmailed Vince into paying him a huge amount of cash for dropping the IC Title. Jeff’s contract had expired so he wasn’t obligated to defend the title; with the company not wanting to see another belt in the trash they obliged and that was the last you’d see of Jeff on WWE TV. Since leaving, he tried for years to compete against the WWE. He’s failed big time and he’ll fail to get into any WWE game as well.

3 Chris Benoit

The past WWE games that included Benoit rated the former WWE wrestler quite generously and rightfully so, as he was a brilliant technician inside of the squared circle that possessed both the athleticism and power to thrive as a WWE Superstar. Trying to sustain such an identity, it all came crashing down on Benoit as he eventually took his own life, along with the lives of his wife and child. Following the details of the incident, the company has moved on like Chris never existed, and you truly can’t blame them.

Benoit in a WWE game is impossible unless you create him. Chris content on anything WWE related is also an impossibility; due to his actions Benoit is blacklisted by the company for life. Had such an incident never taken place, Benoit was HOF bound and likely to be involved with the company for a long time.

2 Owen Hart

This entry here on The Richest really pains us due to his legacy of excellence both in the ring and off-screen as a family man and funny guy backstage. Owen was loved dearly by everyone that knew him. Sadly, his legacy has been concealed in a box since his tragic passing. With on-going disputes between Owen’s wife and the WWE, footage of Hart has been prohibited. For that reason, his involvement in the video game has also been non-existent for years.

In this instance, we truly hope we're wrong and that there is a “chance in hell” that Owen eventually appears in the video game and we can finally pay proper homage to his brilliant career. However, for the time being with the ongoing disputes, that remains a long shot.

1 CM Punk

In his final 2K video game appearances, CM Punk was rated like a big deal. He was ranked in the 90s and was atop of the cream of the crop in the games. Perhaps nobody would predict that the same wrestler would be extinct from anything WWE related just a couple of years later. Following his release, of course, Punk burned all bridges with the company, spilling the beans on his relationship with many behind the scenes, including one Triple H.

Many WWE gamers will still manage to use Punk, whether that’s by creating him themselves, or downloading him online. Without a doubt, Punk will be one of the first created players and a much sought-after character in the game despite not being an actual playable character. Who wouldn’t want to use Punk and go up against The Authority in a season mode storyline?

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