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15 Former Child Actresses Who Did Racy Films

15 Former Child Actresses Who Did Racy Films


These are always the types of lists where it feels like we should all feel bad or sad for the actors on this list because they moved from child roles into adult roles, like really adult roles. We’re not about to try that here. It’s difficult enough for a child actor to move into the world of adult roles without us limiting what type of roles they can or should be in. Every time an actress who we saw as a child shows a little skin in their adult lives, people tend to be a bit more shocked than if it were a new adult actress. Is this because we can’t disassociate the adult from the child? Well, if that’s the case, let’s make sure you’re able to before we move on, otherwise this is going to get awkward for you.

The truth is, everyone grows up. Even actors. As time trudges on, we get older and, as we get older, our bodies change. One of the benefits of growing up is that we get to choose what we do with our bodies. The actresses on this list used to be child actors, now they’re not. They all made the decision as adults to show off a lot more of their bodies than they used to. Plenty of actresses have done this in their careers, but not all of them have made it onto this list.

There are two types of actresses that are not here. First, we’ve eliminated the actresses that have stayed in the public eye throughout their careers and have done a lot of nude and racy roles, like Christina Ricci. Second, we’ve not included actresses who didn’t get a lot of exposure as child actresses, say like Scarlett Johansson. We’ve tried to stick to well-known child actresses, whose racier adult roles might not be all that recognizable. There’s no Lindsay Lohan on this list either, so all you LiLo fans can shove off. Here are 15 former child actresses who got into racy films.

15. Jaimee Foxworth


via Closer

Jaimee Foxworth is always on the lists of “child stars gone bad” because, when she grew up, she dabbled in p*rnography for a while. Even though Family Matters was on the air until 1998, Foxworth’s childhood character, Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter in the family, was written off the show in 1993. It was weird too because Judy just disappeared one day and no one ever mentioned her name again. The whole world forgot about Foxworth/Judy until she entered the p*rnography world in 2000 under the name Crave. This genre of films might not be what was expected when we said “racy roles,” but Crave’s got racy locked down. It seems that she’s coming back to everyday acting now that she’s a mom and she has a short film set to be released, but once you go into p*rn, it’s hard to get back in good with the average film fan.

14. Lisa Bonet



Lisa Bonet will forever be remembered as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show, but she’s also got a bit of controversy attached to her name as well. In 1987, Bonet left The Cosby Show to start up a new spin-off that focused on her character, A Different World. That same year she did Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke which featured some intense sex scenes and nudity, which spelled the end of her innocent character, Denise Huxtable. She would return to The Cosby Show, but she never got the same reception. Once people had seen her nude, that was it. After that, Bonet worked on the film’s Bank Robber and Dead Connection, both of which added to her increasingly racy resume. Nowadays, Bonet’s professional work is a little tamer. She’s married to Jason Momoa and has a couple of little rugrats, too.

13. Elizabeth Berkley



For those of us who grew up watching Saved by the Bell, Elizabeth Berkley will always be that little know-it-all who got addicted to caffeine pills and sang “I’m so excited,” Jessie Spano. But almost everyone remembers her other big role as well, the leggy stripper from the undeniably terrible, Showgirls. There would be other roles for Berkley in the future, roles where she could show off her bodacious body, Any Given Sunday and Moving Malcolm to name a couple. We haven’t seen a whole lot of Berkley in the last several years, but if they ever do a Showgirls sequel, you can bet that she’ll be back and looking as good as ever before. Ok, maybe not as good as before but close.

12. Melissa Gilbert



Melissa Gilbert will always be best known as Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie, which was honestly the worst show ever. Seriously, how boring was that crap? Wow. Either way, Gilbert played that character from when she was 10 until she was 20. The year after she ended with that role, 1985, Gilbert was baring it all in Sylvester. She would play quite a few sex symbols after that, but for people who never watched any of the terrible movies she was in, you might not have known that little Laura Ingalls Wilder had grown up so quickly.

11. Drew Barrymore


The great and beautiful Drew Barrymore started acting at a very young age. Really, she was a star by seven-years old. She then went through a difficult time in her life in her early teens, but she got herself on track by 17, which feels odd to write. The girl had partied more by 15 than most people do in their lives. The weird thing was she was doing some risqué films at that tender (under)age of 17 as well. She first did Poison Ivy and then Guncrazy (which was a great role for her). At 18, she posed for playboy, performed in about six different nude roles and flashed David Letterman on the air for his birthday.

Sometime around this period, Steven Spielberg, her godfather, sent Drew a quilt with a note saying, “Cover yourself up.” In the package, there were also several clippings of her Playboy shoot all edited to have her look like she was fully covered.

10. Alyssa Milano



From 1984 to 1992, Alyssa Milano was Samantha Micelli on Who’s the Boss. She was the crush of everyone at the time, so when 1995 rolled around and Milano was ready to show off her body, it was a great time to be alive. Deadly Sins and Embrace the Vampire came out and were absolutely awful movies, but Milano was naked pretty much the entire time, so people hung in there and loved every minute. Then there was Poison Ivy 2, Fear and a few other movies that no one saw, but no one cared. The shackles were off Milano and there was no turning back for her. We always talk about being typecast and people feel bad when someone gets pigeonholed in a certain role, but then when a beautiful actress gets stuck doing nude or sexy roles, people tend to criticize their acting talents. That’s just a weird little double standard we thought we would point out.

9. Shawna Waldron



Speaking of Poison Ivy movies, Shawna Waldron, the little girl who played the tomboy, Becky O’Shea, in Little Giants, was also in a Poison Ivy movie, the fourth one, which hardly anyone even knew was a thing. There was also a movie Waldron did somewhat recently called Lizzie, that had her in another erotic role. This is something that we should expect more from out Waldron in the future. She looks the part at 33-years old, and it’s not like anyone’s watching her films anyways. Nah, that’s not fair. Even if Waldron is a straight-to-DVD kind of actress, she’s still been a working actress for over two decades, so that’s something to be proud of. We’ll watch even if you won’t.

8. Dana Plato


via Closer

Dana Plato rose to stardom playing Kimberly Drummond on Diff’rent Strokes. When that sitcom ended in 1986, the now-22-year old, tried to make it in the film industry, which she found quite difficult. There was a long period of drug and alcohol abuse after that for Plato. She got breast enhancements in 1989 and posed for Playboy to help her rise to the top, but it never worked. In 1991, Plato robbed a video store for $164 and was arrested. Sad. Late in her career, she decided to try some nude roles like Compelling Evidence and Different Strokes: The Story of Jack and Jill… and Jill, which hilariously riffed on Diff’rent Strokes. Sadly, in 1999, after a humiliating interview on The Howard Stern Show, Plato overdosed in what was ruled a suicide.

7. Nicholle Tom


via Closer

Playing Ryce in the Beethoven franchise and Maggie Sheffield on The Nanny, Nicholle Tom has been acting ever since she was 12-years old. For everyone who recognized her from her childhood roles, seeing Tom in such a revealing light as Maureen in Masters of Sex a few years ago may have been a little strange, at least initially. But why should we even feel strange in the first place? She looks amazing. Oh, and here’s a cool piece of trivia: Tom has also voiced Supergirl in the DC animated universe for quite a while. Not bad for the little girl from Beethoven.

6. Madeline Zima


via Woman’s

What is it about the young girls from TV series The Nanny taking on racy roles as adults? Fran Drescher must have been teaching them some freaky deaky stuff. Pretty much the only other child actress in that show other than Nicholle Tom, Madeline Zima—she was in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle as well—also starred in a racy role or two when she grew up. Her big role was in Californication, a role that she got to show off quite a bit, but there was also the film The Collector. Come to think of it, most of Zima’s work now is of the sexy/racy variety. She’s grown into a major sex symbol over the years, so we should expect to see much, much more of her over the next little while. Plus, she’s still quite young at just a tick over 30, so she’s got a lot of mileage left on those looks too.

5. Vinessa Shaw



Vinessa Shaw was about 16 when she was in Hocus Pocus playing Allison, but she wasn’t destined for the sweet and innocent roles as she was in that classic film. Five years later, in L.A. Without a Map, Shaw was completely nude on camera for the first time. The following year, she played the pr*stitute Domino in Eyes Wide Shut, but even though the profession and the film as a whole may suggest something erotic, she didn’t reveal too much within. Since then, she’s played the racy sex symbol in almost every film of hers: 40 Days and 40 Nights, The Hills Have Eyes, Two Lovers and Siren. Most recently, Shaw was playing Kate McPherson on Ray Donovan, which had her once again baring it all on camera. She’s come a long way from Disney.

4. Danielle Harris


via Screen

Danielle Harris is a little bit of a horror legend and many fans don’t even know her name. She started out as a child playing Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5. Years later she would appear again in the Halloween franchise, playing Annie in the Rob Zombie remakes. If you’ve seen these later roles, Harris plays one of Laurie Strode’s promiscuous friends, one who has a tendency to get butchered while she’s completely naked. More recently, she appeared in Hatchet III, again naked, showing off her body whenever she gets a chance. Like many of the stars on this list, Harris has kept herself working in the industry by playing to her strengths, which is her beauty and her screams. No judgement here.

3. Kristen Stewart



Love her or hate her, Kristin Stewart has been around a long time in this industry and she’s undeniably a sex symbol. Stewart rose to fame in 2002 at the age of 12 with Panic Room. By the age of about 16, she was being cast as shy but sexy in almost everything. She started getting some racier roles in about 2010 in Welcome to the Riley’s and The Runaways, but then in 2012, Stewart decided to take on her first nude role with On the Road, something that she would do again in Personal Shopper. Don’t expect this to be a frequent thing with the always shy Stewart. Even though there are plenty of critics who assault her acting abilities, she has proven capable of carrying films and film franchises. While her sex appeal will have filmmakers climbing on top of each other to give her racy roles, she’ll have a variety to choose from, and we’re betting most will be a lot more tame than the ones we’ve listed here.

2. Marguerite Moreau



Marguerite Moreau was 15-years old when she first played Connie Moreau in The Mighty Ducks back in 1992. She also reprised that role a couple of years later in D2: The Mighty Ducks. After that it was love interest time for Moreau, who has been beautiful her entire career. By 2003, filmmakers were asking for just a little more from her and she started accepting roles that showed off a new side of her, the bare-naked side. First, it was the 2003 film, Easy, then Off the Lip in 2004 and the most recent of the batch was Caroline and Jackie just a few years ago. Almost at 40, Moreau still looks as good as she ever did, so we should see her continue in these types of roles. Well, we should hope she continues in them because she excels in them.

1. Gaby Hoffmann


via Life &

Gaby Hoffman played the little girl who fell off the bleachers and choked on a friggin’ hot dog in Field of Dreams in 1989. She was also in Sleepless in Seattle and Uncle Buck as a child. Decades later, Hoffman appeared in the extremely weird Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus and shed her clothes. The whole thing was strange, but it seemed to give her confidence in her body and her eyebrows. Now, she basically gets nude in everything she does. It’s still strange. Maybe it isn’t. Who knows? Hoffman doesn’t have what you would traditionally call a beautiful body, but her lack of shame is attractive, so that’s got to count for something.

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