15 Former Child Actors Who Turned Out Totally Ugly

Over the years, there sure have been a lot of cute child actors out there. It's just too bad that so many of them turned out to be super ugly adults. I wonder what it is, really, that can make someone who was so cute as a child turn out so super weird-looking when they grow up. Of course, you have the kids like Gary Coleman, who was a child star mainly because he looked so much younger than he really was, and when he grew up, the world just was like "Okay, go away; now you're creepy." But that isn't what I'm talking about; I'm talking about totally normal-looking kids -- well, actually, better than normal. They were kids that were super famous child stars but now look totally odd.

I guess it's just one of those things that are impossible to figure out -- they were super cute and adored by many, and now, they're adults whom people just want to go away. In terms of wealth, some of them are totally loaded because of their past fame, while others are struggling because they've faded off into obscurity. Worse, others have turned into total messes. As a matter of fact, all of these former child stars have one thing in common: they're all now super ugly. Well, at least they were cute once, which is more than a lot of people can say.

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15 Austin St. John-Power Rangers

Austin St. John got his start as the Red Power Ranger, a role he held for a year and a half or so until he left because of a contract dispute. Austin is a very experienced martial arts practitioner, and, in fact, he's been practicing martial arts since he was 5 years old. Now it isn't that he's all that terrible-looking. When it comes to this list, he actually isn't all that bad-looking, not like that's saying much -- being one of the best people on this list is kind of like being one of the skinniest people at a fat camp. Anyway, no matter how you slice it, Austin didn't turn out to be all that hot, which probably explains why he doesn't do much acting anymore. As of late, he's been supporting himself as a paramedic.

14 Daniel Radcliffe-Harry Potter

Now, as weird-looking as Daniel Radcliffe is now, he's not the worst person on this list. Not even close, in fact. It's more that he had such enormous fame playing the role of Harry Potter in what now seems to be about 300 movies and not really the fact that he looks really awful as an adult. Radcliffe started doing the Harry Potter movies at age 11, when he was totally cute, and continued on until he was a young adult and simply not very cute at all. He continues to act; for example, he recently starred in the very odd movie Swiss Army Man, and there's no doubt he's worth a lot of money. And again, it isn't that he's really all that terrible looking, but after being Harry Potter, there's nowhere to go but down.

13 Frankie Muniz-Malcolm in the Middle

I can name one guy whom we don't have to feel bad for, and that's Frankie Muniz, who's the former star of Malcolm in the Middle. And why is that? Well, it's mostly because he's now worth $40 million. Sure, he used to be a super cute kid, and now, he's kind of goofy-looking, but hey, I can take being goofy-looking if someone gave me 40 million bucks. Sign me up for that deal. He still acts every once in a great while, but for the most part, he just hangs out, plays drums in bands, and drives race cars -- you know, the kinds of things that multi-millionaires do. At least some of these rather bad-looking former child stars are living the good life, and there's nothing wrong with that.

12 Macaulay Culkin-Home Alone

Of all the people on this list, none really epitomize what this list is about more than Macaulay Culkin. He's one of the most popular child stars of all time. Most people remember him from all of the Home Alone movies that he starred in, but he was well known back then for many other movies as well. The guy even hung out all the time with Michael Jackson when he was a kid; just think how awesome that must have been! Right? Then all of a sudden, he started looking like Rickety Cricket from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The whole thing really is amazing. How could someone go from so adorable to so freaky looking? Needless to say, Macaulay doesn't have much of an acting career anymore.

11 Mayim Bialik-Blossom

Mayim Bialik used to be the star of the TV show Blossom. Even back then, you could tell that she was never going to be a classic beauty, but at least she was cute. Well, kind of, anyway. Well, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that didn't last with her as an adult. She's continued to have a good career, though. She's currently one of the stars of The Big Bang Theory, so that's pretty cool, right? Well, sure it is. The only thing that isn't cool is that there are a few hot women who also star on the show, which sort of points out even more how much she really doesn't look all that awesome. With that said, she obviously is very intelligent and is making millions, so Mayim, keep doing you.

10 Haley Joel Osment-The 6th Sense

Haley Joel Osment was a very successful child star. His biggest role, of course, was in The Sixth Sense, a movie for which he received many awards and rose to enormous stardom. He was always a little bit different looking, mostly because of his eyes, which, on a kid, made him really stand out and look interesting. Now, as an adult, he continues to act, but not with any success. His eyes are still the feature that you really notice when you look at him, but what used to make him stand out and look interesting, now makes him stand out (not in a good way) and look really odd. One actually has to feel bad for Haley. The guy's been acting since he was 4 years old, had enormous success, and now, the only time you see his name is on a list like this one.

9 Edward Furlong-Terminator 2

Edward Furlong was an absolute teen idol who was in all sorts of successful movies, most notably Terminator 2. Since then, his career and his life have totally gone off the rails. He's battled drug addiction, has had numerous legal problems, and has spent some time in jail. This truly is a long way to fall for someone who used to be so incredibly popular when he was growing up. What can we say, though? He really has had some problems, and those problems have affected his looks, without a doubt. He's had some roles here and there, but none of any magnitude. It seems like former child stars who look awful, are criminals, or have really bad drug problems just don't get a lot of respect in Hollywood.

8 Lark Voorhies-Saved By the Bell

Lark Voorhies, seriously? What the heck happened? Lark played the role of Lisa Turtle in Saved By The Bell, and I can tell you one thing: she looks pretty awful as an adult. How did someone that was so darn cute wind up so odd-looking? Now, you might wonder why if I'm talking about ugly adult actors that were on Saved By The Bell, I'm not talking about Dustin Diamond, who played Screech. Well, the answer is simple, really: this is about child actors who were once cute that turned out awful-looking. Diamond was already super ugly even when he was a kid; in fact, he got the gig, in part, because he was ugly. Lark, on the other hand, was adorable. The operative word there is was because she sure isn't adorable anymore.

7 Tina Yothers-Family Ties

Tina Yothers was one of the child stars of the show Family Ties, along with Michael J. Fox and Justine Bateman, who both went on to have distinguished careers, probably because they don't look totally terrible as adults. Now, this is a bit of an odd one, as even as a child star, Tina was pretty odd-looking. She got the gig when she was super young, and she was kind of cute then but got a little bit odder-looking with every year. She also used to be blonde and then dyed her hair black after the show went off the air, which she has continued to do throughout most of her adult life. I get the point: she was trying to make herself look different because she didn't like her appearance as a blonde. Sadly, the black hair didn't do much to rectify the situation.

6 Raven-Symone-Cosby Show

Raven-Symone used to be super cute. In fact, she was so cute that they brought her on The Cosby Show pretty much just for that reason. All of the other kids on the show were getting older, and that was a bad thing as far as the producers were concerned as they weren't that cute anymore -- all except for Lisa Bonet, of course. She wasn't that cute anymore, I suppose, but then again, that was mostly because she was totally smoking. Well, as cute as Raven was, she sure isn't good-looking anymore. The reality of the situation is that she looks pretty awful. Man, what an embarrassing thing that must be, although I would imagine not aging all that well is nothing compared to how bad Bill Cosby feels right now.

5 Ron Howard

Of course, Ron Howard probably doesn't care a whole lot that he turned out to be ugly. He's become one of the most popular movie producers and directors of all time. But still, he was one of the most successful child actors ever, first as Opie on The Andy Griffith Show and then as Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. No one who ever saw him back then would've ever guessed he would have turned into such a 'doofy' looking adult, but he did. Sure, he's a really talented, rich, and powerful 'doofy'-looking adult, but that's what this article is about: really cute kids who turned into really ugly adults, and no one fits that bill better than Ron Howard does -- that's for sure.

4 Michael Fishman-Roseanne

Here is the thing about Michael Fishman, he couldn't act at all, even as a kid. When he first started on Roseanne he was so young that all he really had to do was sit around in his pajamas and make funny faces, and he wasn't even very good at that. As time went on and he got older it became more and more obvious that he had no acting skills at all. He would go entire shows and hardly ever get any lines. So is it any wonder that he has pretty much dropped off the map? He not only is an odd looking adult man now, but he is an odd looking adult man who can't act.  There are all sorts of those guys in the world, the only difference is that Fishman got lucky when he was a kid and made some bank.

3 Jason Hervey-The Wonder Years

Jason Hervey was in all sorts of TV shows and movies when he was growing up, including Back to the Future, Pee-wee's Big Adventure, and Police Academy 2, but he's best known for his role in The Wonder Years. Hervey wasn't really cute, actually. He usually played characters who were kind of jerks. He was one of those child actors who were short, so he was always playing kids younger than he actually was. Then he turned into a short, really odd-looking adult, and the roles ended. He wound up getting into public relations and working with Scott Baio on a few reality shows. That must've been hard since Baio still looks amazing, and Hervey... well, he really doesn't look amazing at all.

2 Danny Bonaduce-The Partridge Family

Danny Bonaduce was once famous for being one of the kids on The Partridge Family, which was on way back in the 70s. Now, some 40 years later, and somehow, Bonaduce is still around. He's been arrested a few times, has been on a few reality shows, and has attempted to be a comedian, a professional wrestler, and a radio personality. I honestly can't think of a single person who actually likes Bonaduce, but for some reason, he still keeps hanging around and figuring out ways to make money. This would be amazing if he was good-looking, but he really isn't -- not even a tiny little bit. The guy is actually incredibly ugly, which makes it even more difficult to figure out why he hasn't gone away.

1 Danny Tamberelli-Pete and Pete

Everyone remembers how cute Danny Tamberelli was when he was on The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Am I right? You know I am; that kid was adorable! Well, as an adult, not so much. Tamberelli is pretty much out of the acting business now, although he has played in a few bands. Now don't get me wrong: it sure doesn't seem like a bad life. He must've made enough money that he doesn't have to get a job mowing lawns or anything. And of course, he's goofy looking -- there's no doubt about that -- but still, things could be worse, right? That's the thing with some of these guys: do you feel bad because they've lost their looks and their fame, or do you feel jealous because they've made enough money not to work?

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