15 Former And Current WWE Stars That Live Far Away (Cause They Hate Fans)

Back in the 90s, most of the wrestlers resided in the California area. Nowadays, things have changed, especially with WWE Superstars. With the new Orlando, Florida Performance Center being built, more and more Superstars are making the jump and moving close by, especially new talents emerging from ground up. Heck, even HBK himself recently left Texas to live in the Florida area near the Performance Center.

Although, not all the wrestlers live in upbeat Florida or California areas, some appreciate the private life more so than others. For many on this list, it shouldn’t come as a shock that not only do they live far away, but they also despise public interactions with fans outside of work. Some even go as far as to embarrass fans that approach them in public by posting a tweet of them on social media. Who are we referring to? Scroll down to number 15 if you want to find out!

From Massachusetts to Iowa to even Saskatchewan, the addresses in this article are really secluded, leading us to believe these 15 former and current WWE stars aren’t the biggest supporters of fan interaction choosing to live a private life. Here are 15 former and current WWE stars that live far away (cause they likely hate the fans). Enjoy folks!


15 Sasha Banks – Boston, Massachusetts

Now you can argue that some on this list might not necessarily hate the fans, but more so, love to live a private life away from the spotlight. However, when it comes to Sasha, we’ve seen numerous examples of The Boss ripping fans to pieces for approaching her in public settings, particularly airports. The pic you see above is pretty bad, though Sasha will go even further to embarrass those that approach her. Heck, even a father of one of her fans posted a pic of the three together (with his daughter) and Banks managed to ruin the dad for approaching her in a public setting... Isn't she a babyface?

In addition to her hate of public encounters with the fans, Banks also lives a quiet life away from the normal wrestler destinations such as the Florida or California areas. The Boss lives quietly alongside her husband, WWE costume designer Mikaze in the Massachusetts area. Keeping things on the down-low, they quietly tied the knot last year in August of 2016.

14 Seth Rollins – Davenport, Iowa


Unlike Sasha, we must give Rollins some major props for at least posing for pictures with the fans. Rollins has admitted he isn’t the biggest fan of interacting with the people outside of an organized event, though, in the past, he has kept his cool and posed for multiple pictures. Don’t believe us? See for yourselves by making a quick search.

Living a private low-key life outside of the ring, Rollins still calls Iowa home to this day. He hasn’t moved to the Florida or LA areas, instead, he’s chosen to stay close to his family and friends throughout. Even if it means a little extra travel, he’s willing to do so in order to live a private life closer to his loved ones. Along with his own wrestling school, Rollins spends his days off on the road alongside his buddies and dog Kevin. Who needs the fans when you got family, friends and a dog?

13 Dean Ambrose – Las Vegas, Nevada

Dean has been criticized as of late for lackluster performances, although it finally seems like he’s got some added energy as of late joining forces with his fellow Shield buddy, the previously mentioned Seth Rollins. In truth, the critics are way too harsh on Dean, as a matter of fact, nobody in the company has worked more dates in the last couple of years than Dean, so we think it’s only fair to cut the dude some slack.

Along with working more than 200 shows a year, Ambrose travels a little further than most residing out of Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside his new wife, the popular WWE host Renee Young. Now like Seth, Ambrose isn’t the biggest fan of interacting with fans, though he’s always nice enough to stop for a picture; just don’t expect much conversation, unless he’s with Renee who can do the talking for him.

12 Xavier Woods – Atlanta, Georgia


Despite his success with the WWE and his New Day buddies residing in the Florida area, Xavier Woods has stayed true to his Georgia roots. The WWE Superstar resides out of Atlanta, Georgia nowadays, and we’ll feature another Atlanta born Superstar a little later on this list (hint, he’s a current WWE Superstar and has been for quite some time). Scroll down to the next entry if you want to find out who we’re talking about.

Like most on this list, Woods doesn’t necessarily hate the fans as he’s said to be quite nice at organized WWE meet and greets (though in truth, most are obligated to be nice). Residing out of Atlanta, Woods likes his privacy. Some fans even have stories of Woods bailing on them; one candid story indicated that Woods once past a red light in order to lose a screaming fan that was next to him in the other car. Not cool, Xavier. Not cool....

11 R-Truth – Indian Trail, North Carolina

Remarkable to think that the 45 year old veteran was wrestling the indie circuit back in the days of the Monday Night Wars during 1997. What’s even more unbelievable is how little he’s aged throughout the years. Today’s Truth and the Truth of a decade ago looks almost identical; seriously the dude has God given genetics still actively wrestling to this day appearing on Monday Night Raw as a regular.

Outside of the ring, Truth lives a quiet life with his family residing out of the North Carolina area with his wife and children. Pictures are available of his beautiful home online. Let’s just say Truth made a “killing” (no pun intended) during his time in the pro wrestling business. One can assume given his lengthy WWE career, the former US Champion should be most certainly set for life.

10 JBL – Bermuda


A telling sign that JBL really isn’t a man of the people is by searching his name and looking for pictures of Bradshaw and his fans. The pics are few and far between which is absurd given the fact that he’s been in the wrestling business since the early 90s and started his run with the WWE in 1995. So yeah, that’s pretty odd and quite telling as to how he feels about the WWE Universe.

His stock took a major hit recently. As you probably heard, JBL and Mauro Ranallo were linked to a story pertaining to JBL bullying the commentator. It wasn’t the first time such an allegation was brought up. However, given the closeness shared by Vince and Bradshaw, nothing came of the ordeal. At the age of 50, we assume Bradshaw will continue to lay low in his personal life.

9 Paul Heyman – Scarsdale, New York

Looking at the managerial pool in the WWE today, nobody (and we mean nobody) holds a candle to the great Paul Heyman. Nowadays, he’s taken a backseat to his former creative duties, only working as a part-time talent, representing Brock Lesnar. In his everyday life, Heyman resides out of Scarsdale, New York. It’s there where Heyman works his everyday job running an Advertising Agency.

We love Paul, but he really isn’t a people person (or of the fans at least). Heyman has talked down to several interviewers in the past, rarely breaking character. In the pics he does have with fans in public settings, he usually looks none too pleased about being noticed in the first place. The picture above is a little example of that. Again, at the age of 51, like JBL, we have no reason to believe that’ll ever change.


8 Scott Steiner – Detroit, Michigan



You’d figure father time would slow down Steiner’s mean streak but that clearly has not been the case. At the age of 55, Steiner continues to rant about his time in the WWE, specifically taking shots at both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H to this day. Yikes.

He’s also not the kindest to meet in person; it certainly depends on the day you catch him. In some interviews he seems more playful, though most of time he comes off in quite the intimidating manner. Several fans have shared their encounter stories with Scott, one of the worst discussed the fact that Steiner just wants fans' money and told his security guard at one meet and greet to, “take his money”. That’s no way to treat a fan, especially those that wait in line just to get a quick word or picture with their favorite childhood WWE star.

7 Sable – Maryfield, Saskatchewan

Agreeing to move to Saskatchewan likely shows how Sable feels about people. She met the perfect dude, as the two live a secluded lifestyle nowadays on a farm raising two boys (Turk and Duke). Both Brock and Sable have been married for over a decade now tying the knot back in 2006.

Like Lesnar, Sable was never one to mingle with the people. Even back during her 90s run, Sable was often secluded amongst her peers. Along with her ex-husband Marc Mero, the two were viewed as a couple of outsiders according to their former co-workers. Sable left the company on terrible terms during her first run, even suing Vince McMahon’s company. Her return in the 2000s was well worth it however, as she met her current man during her final run in the company.

6 Daniel Bryan – Phoenix, Arizona



Okay, so we realize saying Daniel Bryan hates the fans is a huge stretch; after all, Daniel owes his career to the fans as it’s because of the WWE Universe that he was slotted into the main event of WrestleMania XXX. So yeah, hate is definitely not the world we’re looking for here.

However, Bryan loves to live a private life, secluded from the public mayhem. Bryan has admitted, he isn’t the biggest fan of interacting with others, he prefers to live quietly while appreciating the beauty that life has to offer. He’s kind of a weird dude, but we love him that much more for it.

Nowadays, Bryan’s name is all over the wrestling gossip websites as he’s slated to return to the ring in the future. It remains to be seen if that’ll be in a WWE ring or elsewhere...

5 Kane – Knoxville, Tennessee

We now turn our focus to a good buddy of Daniel Bryan, Kane. Glenn Jacobs will go down as one of the most underrated Superstars in WWE history. Behind the scenes, he was one of the wittiest ever and in the ring, he could move for a guy his size, at nearly seven feet. At one point in his earlier days, the guy was flying off the top rope hitting a clothesline; now that’s not something everyone of his stature can pull off.

Outside of the ring, Kane has lived a private life back at home with his spouse Crystal Goins, and his two children. Pictures of Kane’s residence are available online due to the fact that he put his home up for sale (let’s just say working with the WWE for more than two decades has paid off quite nicely for the Big Red Machine).

Again, Kane isn’t a jerk with the fans and he usually stops for a picture. Though, given the candid pics online, he isn’t the happiest to pose for the photos.

4 Lana – Nashville, Tennessee


No, Lana and Rusev didn’t just show up to Predators’ playoff games for fun, they actually reside in the area. Nowadays, things aren’t running the smoothest for the duo, at least on-screen. Rusev is getting beat in mere seconds by the likes of Randy Orton while Lana has lost all of her luster since being put in the ring. Release bells have surrounded the two as of late, although Lana has time and time again taken to Twitter denying such reports.

Her husband Rusev is actually said to have quite the sense of humor with fans, though the same can’t be said for Lana. Many claim she’s very stuck up when it comes to fan interactions. She’s also constantly bashing those of the WWE Universe online via Twitter, which certainly doesn’t help her cause either....

3 Randy Orton – St. Charles, Missouri

To be fair, Orton has changed his ways quite a bit since meeting his new wife, Kimberly Kessler. The two have a child together, and Orton appears to be a different man, even with the fanbase. Though unfortunately, we’ve seen enough evidence to indicate otherwise from the past.

Orton hasn’t had the best history with fans, he took things to another level calling one fan in particular “Miss Piggy”, and putting her picture on the worldwide web for the world to see. Randy took such action due to the fact that the fan mistreated his wife. Not the best decision from The Viper.

Like we said, he’s cleaned up his act and in fairness, he almost always stops for a picture, even if he looks uninterested in several of those candid pics. If you make a quick search pertaining to wrestler-fan photos outside of the ring, Randy is right up there with the most out of any other WWE Superstars.

2 Goldberg – Bonsall, California


His WWE departure in 2004 ended off on a horrible note. Many were sure that was the last we’d ever see of Goldberg in a WWE ring. Though, like we’ve seen time and time with McMahon’s empire, “never say never”. Goldberg was welcomed back to the WWE last year and he did a hell of a job in a feud with Brock Lesnar given his age. Goldberg also appeared to be a new man telling the WWE Universe he returned for his kid and for all the kids around the world. Quite different from his WCW days that saw him spear everything that moved with no remorse, particularly if they wore black and white...

Residing out of a beautiful mansion in California, Goldberg spends his days customizing vintage cars as his hobby. Again, he doesn’t really hate the fans, and is actually great with the people, but prefers to live a private life with his wife and kid.

1 Brock Lesnar – Maryfield, Saskatchewan

We end off the article with the most obvious choice; his advocate Paul Heyman said it himself on the Stone Cold Podcast, “Brock hates people”. Now for a guy that hates fan interaction we need to give him some credit, as the pics we’ve seen with Brock and the fans really aren’t that bad, so props to him for at least standing and agreeing to take some pictures from time to time.

Though the truth is, Lesnar just likes to “clock in and clock out” during his days as a WWE Superstar. He really doesn’t chat with anyone. He does his thing, hops on a private jet and heads back home to his farm in Canada. Of course, all flight accommodations are taken care of by the WWE, as that was a condition in his new contract. What makes it all so great is the fact that Lesnar basically plays his real-life persona in the ring with the WWE.


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