15 Forgotten ‘90s Sitcom Characters We Want To See Make A Comeback

The ‘90s era was great for so many things. Windbreaker sales were at an all-time high. Magnetic tape for cassettes and VHS was one of the most in-demand materials. And some of the best sitcoms in history were all on the air at the same time. Most of the stars of those shows are still hugely popular today or, at the very least, are remembered often. Shows like Home Improvement, Ellen, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air made the lead actors into superstars who still do incredibly well in the industry today. Some stars, like Blossom’s Mayim Bialik took a hiatus and came back into the spotlight years later. Even if the stars of those major shows don’t hold the lead roles in shows anymore, almost all of them are still acting on big shows or we all know well what happened to them. But what about the lesser characters on ‘90s sitcoms? Where are they?

We went through the popular ‘90s sitcoms and looked for some of our favorite secondary characters. We found many of them still acting. Some have become incredibly popular since. But there were several who had essentially stopped acting. This shocked us because these were actors who portrayed great characters on massive shows. Some stopped acting for good reasons, whereas others just don't have quality roles come their way anymore. Well, we're calling for comebacks. We know that these actors have more great work left in them, so we want to see them back on our television sets. If nothing else, we want to remind you about these actors who we all used to love.

Here are 15 Forgotten 90s Sitcom Characters We Want To See Make A Comeback.

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15 Richard Karn – Al Borland From Home Improvement

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Aside from his stint in hosting Family Feud, Richard Karn is known for one character and one character only, Al Borland from Home Improvement. Karn broke into acting doing commercials for a hardware store, and then he landed his first serious gig on Home Improvement. Al was fantastic on the show and really stood out as one of the bright spots. Al was the straight man to Tim Taylor's shenanigan-prone klutz and the two had dynamic chemistry. Although Karn did have a couple guest spots on Tim Allen's new show, Last Man Standing, he's not done a whole lot of consistent work since leaving Home Improvement. He's done some soap opera work and a few low-budget films, but we would love to have him back on a sitcom. He's got comedy chops for sure, and we know he could hold his own.

14 Marques Houston – Roger On Sister, Sister

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We'll be honest. We loved Marques Houston's music when he was part of Immature. We enjoyed him when they changed to IMX. Heck, we even enjoyed Houston's music when he went solo, but enough is enough. Get back to acting. Remember Roger from Sister, Sister? He was awesome. We want more of that. We don't care if you're a Jehovah's Witness now Marques. Start acting again and show us that you still have the ability. Houston was a star from an insanely early age, so we understand that he wanted some time away from the screen, but it's been long enough.

13 Rider Strong And Matthew Lawrence – Hunter Brothers From Boy Meets World

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We're well aware that Rider Strong and Matthew Lawrence just finished up returning to their Boy Meets World characters, Shawn and Jack Hunter, on Girl Meets World, but we demand more from them. Although Shawn is the big draw, we also decided to include Lawrence because we loved him too. If you forgot, Lawrence played Jack, Shawn's brother, on both Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World. Aside from those shows (and Brotherly Love in the '90s), Lawrence has done a few guest spots here and there but nothing consistent. Strong is in the same boat. He had that great role in Cabin Fever years ago, but that was about it. These are two excellent actors (especially Strong) who deserve to be acting on bigger shows. Now that Girl Meets World is done, we're hoping that 2018 brings bigger and better things for both of the Hunters.

12 Jenna Von Oÿ – Six From Blossom

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Jenna von Oÿ rose to fame in the '90s playing Blossom's best friend, Six, on Blossom. After that, in the late '90s, she took a role on the show The Parkers. She then left acting behind and was largely forgotten. But, if you remember Blossom, Six was a real treat on the show. Her fast-talking character was one of the best things about the show, and we missed her when she was gone. Now, she has returned to acting, but not at the same level that she used to be. She's also done a bunch of voice work, but her days in front of the camera can't be over. She still looks fantastic. Although looks aren't everything in the real world, in Hollywood, especially for a 40-year-old woman, they are. While von Oy might not look as good as she did when she was in her 20's, she's still got it, and we hope that she finds a new show to try and pick up where she left off.

11 Terrence 'T.C.' Carson – Kyle Barker On Living Single

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Terrence 'T.C.' Carson has not been inactive, but he has been forgotten by just about everyone. Well, his face has been. Carson is one of the most prolific voice actors working today, but he hasn't had a major starring role in a live-action show forever. On Living Single with Queen Latifah, Carson played Kyle Barker, and he was fantastic. That was also his last big live-action role. Since then, he's done Star Wars, Life with Louie, Lilo & Stitch, Afro Samurai, Justice League, and about 15 enormous video games, but those were all voice gigs. Now, there's nothing wrong with voice acting, but we miss Carson's mug.

10 Heather Locklear – Caitlin On Spin City

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Heather Locklear was obviously most famous for T.J. Hooker and Dynasty ('80s shows) and Melrose Place (not a sitcom), but her role as Caitlin on Spin City showed her off to the '90s sitcom crowd. Since she ended on that show, Locklear has done a few things, but nothing worth talking about. Well, she did have a recurring role on Franklin & Bash, but we want more. Locklear is still super attractive too, so she could be utilized in any number of ways. Right now, she just has to leave Too Close to Home because nobody is watching that show. Get her back on a sitcom that people watch. Put her in a sexy mom role with a hot younger daughter and you have a hit. Wait, isn't Locklear's daughter a hot new actress? Team up!

9 Holly Fulger – Holly Jamison On Ellen

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Holly Fulger is the beautiful actress who played Ellen's quirky best friend, Holly, on Ellen. Despite that show being a huge hit, it didn't help the careers of the actors in it, save for Ellen DeGeneres. Since that role ended, Fulger has done next to nothing. She still looks great and when she has appeared in the odd thing, she's done well. But it seems like she'll never be a big actress again. That's really too bad because she's incredibly talented. In the last decade, Fulger has been in only one thing, so we're not holding our breath on her making a comeback. But, if she did, we would be cheering for her.

8 Amy Yasbeck – Crystal Bernard From Wings

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Amy Yasbeck is famous for three things. She's famous for being smoking hot in the '90s. She's famous for being the widow of the legendary comedian John Ritter. And she's famous for playing Crystal Bernard on Wings. Now, there were other things as well; quality things like Splash, Too, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and The Problem Child movies. But, those three things up top were the main reasons why Yasbeck was on our minds in the '90s. Well, in recent years, Yasbeck has slipped out of people's brains. Although we've seen Yasbeck pop up on shows like Modern Family and Pretty Little Liars in the last few years, these were fleeting moments. We ask that this beauty come back full time. It's been 20 years since Wings went off the air. That's far too long a time to stay away.

7 Shae D'lyn – Jane From Dharma And Greg

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Both Shae D'lyn and the show that made her so recognizable, Dharma & Greg, are both criminally underrated. D'lyn really broke out playing Cousin Vicki in Vegas Vacation, but it was playing Dharma's best friend, Jane, on Dharma & Greg that made her into a well-known star. Sure, maybe you didn't know her by name, but if you were watching sitcoms in the '90s, you knew Jane from Dharma & Greg. She was hilarious on the show but she never turned that role into anything near what we thought she would. Instead, she sort of faded away. Sure, there were recent small roles on Boardwalk Empire, Café Society, Orange is the New Black, and Gypsy, but she needs a starring role again. She's still funny. She's still attractive. She just needs the right vehicle.

6 Rena Sofer – Just Shoot Me

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The Bold and Beautiful fans are screaming right now reminding us that Rena Sofer has been a main cast member for the last several years, but soap operas don't count. We would be afraid of insulting soap fans but we all know grandmas can't work the internet. Aside from the soaps, Sofer hasn't done enough comedy for our liking since she stopped playing Vicki Costa on Just Shoot Me. Technically, Sofer wasn't even a '90s sitcom actress since she didn't start on that show until the new millennium, but that's okay. After Just Shoot Me, Sofer would go on to play Marilyn Bauer on 24 but that wasn't comedy. She would star on Blind Justice as well, but that show was terrible. She also had recurring roles on Heroes and NCIS. Really, when you break it down in this way, Sofer's been really busy, but it's comedy that we want.

5 Joseph Marcell – Geoffrey From The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

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The name Joseph Marcell probably isn't all that familiar to people. The character name Geoffrey isn't very recognizable either, but the name G is. We all loved G on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The classic straight man with a sense of humor so dry, it cracked. Well, like every other actor on this list, Marcell just faded away after his stint on a major sitcom. Yeah, sure, he was on The Bold and the Beautiful, but we already told you what we think of soap operas. Since 2014, Marcell hasn't been in anything, so it's high time that he returned. At almost 70 years old, Marcell still looks fantastic too, so we hope he's up to it.

4 Daniel Davis - Niles From The Nanny

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Aside from a couple Star Trek episodes and maybe Dynasty, no one would really know Daniel Davis from anything other than The Nanny. It was on that show that Davis became better known as Niles, the upper-class British butler. His dry humor, close in proximity to Geoffrey's from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, was one of the best parts of the show. After that gig, Davis sort of bounced around here and there but never found a long-term home on any show of note. Recently, he's had small roles on Gotham and The Blacklist, but he was not utilized like we know he can be. You don't just lose the type of delivery he had, so we are confident he can make a comeback.

3 Ryan Stiles – Lewis On The Drew Carey Show

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We're as big of fans of Whose Line is it Anyway? as anyone else, but Ryan Stiles is supremely funny. We would love for him to stay on Whose Line and work on a relevant sitcom. Remember The Drew Carey Show? Stiles was fantastic on it. We want more of that. Even though he had a great recurring character on Two and a Half Men, Stiles is due for a starring role. We want to see him every week, and we're pretty sure he will if Whose Line ever goes off the air again. We're not necessarily hoping that happens, but if it meant that Stiles went back to scripted situational comedy, then we're all for it.

2 Dennis Haskins – Mr. Belding On Saved By The Bell

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Listen, it wasn't like we expected Dennis Haskins to become a megastar after Saved by the Bell, but you have to understand, Mr. Belding was important to us. He's like our safety blanket and we miss him, even if we are all grown up. He's done about a thousand things since the greatest show of all time went off the air, but they've all been very tiny roles. We're far enough removed from Saved by Bell that it's time to bring him back in a similar way. If it takes Haskins playing a meta-type Belding role in a new comedy, then we're all for it. In fact, that might even be brilliant. But it can't be a cheap off-shoot of Saved by the Bell. It would have to be a modern twist on the show. Of course, it doesn't have to be this type of show. It can be anything, really. Just bring him back into a comedy that people watch. Enough of the small gigs that get missed by everyone.

1 Nate Richert – Harvey From Sabrina The Teenage Witch

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In the late '90s, Nate Richert was one of the most recognizable faces on television. He played Harvey, Sabrina's boyfriend on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. These days, Richert is almost unrecognizable. We're not saying that time hasn't been kind to Richert, but he looks way too different now. He disappeared from the industry and he grew up. After Sabrina, Richert did a few very small roles before he stopped acting altogether in 2006. Since then, and still to this day as far as we know, Richert has been focusing on music. His folk-style music might be awesome, but it doesn't keep him as front and center as we would like. We miss the old Harvey. It's time to bring him back. Maybe if they ever rebooted Sabrina the Teenage Witch like they've always talked about, he would return. Since Sabrina is said to be a character in the upcoming season of Riverdale, maybe the interest level will increase and that show (and Richert) can come back.

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