15 Flat Celebs Men Think Are Super Sexy

Big-breasted women are always seen as curvy and voluptuous sex symbols, but small-chested gals can be just as titillating (get it?) and alluring. For those women who embrace their petite and pretty boobs, their brilliant confidence and sheer sexiness shines from within when there is not much to work with on the outside.

These 15 gorgeous gals may not have double Ds (or even a B-cup, for that matter), but they use what they’ve got to their utmost advantage. Not every female body type was meant for big juicy melons up top, and these lovely ladies prove that sometimes smaller is sexier. They have not given in to the trend of getting breast implants or bulky padded bras. They delight in their perky little handfuls and men are drooling over them (hopefully not literally).

Just think, these breathtaking gals can get away with going totally braless, and when they become senior citizens, their bags of boobs won’t be hanging down like giant dried prunes by their knees. They can run and play without incident and they don’t look like hoochie mamas when they wear low-cut tops and slinky dresses.

If you haven’t yet given small-breasted babes a chance, here are 15 opportunities to learn that bigger isn’t always better. Small can be super-sexy even when the gals aren’t super-sized in the bosom department. Heck, not every guy is a “boob man” and these pics will help you understand why. Victoria’s Secret may just be that bitty boobs are the hottest.

15 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is a standout among her famous sisters - one reason is due to her lack of curves which her sisters flaunt with wild abandon whenever they get the chance, which is basically all the time. Kendall, on the other hand, has used her tall and svelte frame to catapult herself into the intriguing world of modeling where she is one of the hottest commodities of the current time. While Kim, Khloe, and the others are all about big boobs and bodacious butts, Kendall enjoys her small-breasted body and so do lots of other people who follow her on Instagram and love her photos in magazines from all over the world. Not only does Kendall stand out for her height and beauty, but her athletic and slim shape make her unique in the family photos as well.

14 Rihanna

Singer Rihanna is known for her mega-hits, powerful vocals, super-cool personality, and her smoking hot and totally toned physique. It’s hard to even realize that she is not all that blessed in the boob department. But with her smoldering eyes, fit and fab body, and swoon-worthy sex appeal, Rihanna does not need a large chest to stand out from any crowd. She always wears daring styles to show off her enviable frame and men lust after the star for her amazing ability to reel people in with her charisma. She’s always hanging with the popular crowd and seems to have fun in the sun while vacationing in skimpy bikinis on luxurious white sand beaches all over the world. Rihanna is totally hot and proves that small breasts are just the right fit.

13 Zoe Saldana

The sexy and stunning Zoe Saldana is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood but her boobs are staying small for the long haul. She’s a new mom and action flick hero and her petite frame (including her chest) makes small more powerful than ever before. Men are in awe of her unique beauty and women admire her talent and naturally gorgeous appearance. She’s a total babe in every sense of the word, a star with potential that keep soaring, and a body that gets sexier every time you look at it. Fans adore her for her sweet attitude and natural talent and we’ll be sure to see more of the gorgeous Zoe for years to come. She’s too pretty to miss!

12 Natalie Portman

Lots of fellas say that actress Natalie Portman is one of the sexiest celebs around. Her mesmerizing eyes, glossy brunette hair, and perfectly petite frame make Natalie one of the hottest gals to ever grace us with her presence on the big screen. And while the screen may be big, the actress’s boobs sure aren’t. She may be very well-endowed in the talent department, but when it comes to filling out her lingerie, she’s a mere amateur. But who even cares? Ask nearly any large-chested woman if they’d take Nat’s body over theirs, and surely most would be happy to swap. Plus, with a perfect face like hers, who’s looking down anyway? Natalie is smart, sexy, and sophisticated and you don’t need big boobs to achieve any of that.

11 Kate Hudson

The adorable actress, Kate Hudson comes from a famous family (her mom’s Goldie Hawn), but she has gained major notoriety in her own right. She is perky, personable, fun, and flirty, and is always in great shape, even post-pregnancy. Her beachy blonde hair and all-American looks make her the perfect girl-next-door type. But this girl next door is certainly not bouncing out onto the front deck with giant melons, she’s got just a smattering of boob which suits her carefree looks and active lifestyle just fine. We’ve loved watching the fun-loving Kate in her many “rom-coms” and she always wows the audience with her natural presence on screen. Kate is great and even without much in the breast area, she’s a total knockout.

10 Olivia Wilde

What man isn’t completely wild over the fabulous actress Olivia Wilde? She is drop-dead gorgeous, with a body that’s slammin’ and a face that is arguably prettier than that of any model’s. You may have seen the outrageous Olivia acting in a variety of films such as Drinking Buddies, Meadowland, Deadfall, Love the Coopers, Rush, and In Time (and others), and she always steals the scene with her excellent acting chops and breathtaking beauty. While everyone is busy being mesmerized by Olivia’s stunning face, it’s easy to see why no one cares much about her less-than-plentiful bosom, because she’s got just the right amount of everything. Her comedian/actor hubby is surely one heck of a lucky dude to be linked to a lovely lass like the wonderful Wilde!

9 Miley Cyrus

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus may have a penchant for sticking her flickering tongue out, but one thing (or shall we say two things) she never sticks out is her chest. That’s because she simply can’t. Miley is quite flat-chested and seems to love flaunting the small bits she does have in barely-there stage ensembles and risqué red carpet get-ups. Her catchy songs are always hits and she has made the often-tricky transition from child star to grown-up with ease. She has shed her innocent girl-next-door image and has become something of a sex symbol who loves to be the center of attention as she swings wildly from her “Wrecking Ball,” something that would be far trickier with a large and cumbersome bosom.

8 Paris Hilton

She doesn’t have “hills” up top, but the impeccable Paris Hilton is certainly one sexy woman. Her tall frame, slim and fit build, and flowing shiny blonde hair are plenty to make Paris a site for adoring eyes from all over the world. She always looks beachy and classy and her knock out body is the envy of many women who wish they could be like the socialite for even a day. Surely Paris wouldn’t trade in anything her life has to offer for a set of enormous knockers. Plus, if she wanted a set, she could certainly afford it. The Hilton family is all about big hotels, not necessarily big breasts and Paris shows that small-chested gals are the heiresses with the mostess.

7 Lupita Nyong’o

The lovely Lupita Nyong’o is one of the most gorgeous and talented women on the big screen as of late. She wowed the crowds with her acting work in movies including 12 Years a Slave, In My Genes, Queen of Katwe, and The Jungle Book, to name a few. Her luminous and supple skin, fantastic bone structure and features, and mega-watt smile make the lust-worthy Lupita a stunner whether she’s on screen or wearing gowns created by the hottest designers on the A-list-studded red carpet. She’s an Academy Award winner and even without the formal praise, she delights fans no matter the movie she’s featured or starring in. Flat-chested as she may be, her overall looks are as fabulous as a woman can get.

6 Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss rose to fame thanks to her slender “waif-like” frame that made her stand apart from the more voluptuous supermodels of the time of her entry into the modeling biz. Her super-thin physique paired with her barely-there boobs made the marvelous Moss a fixture on catwalks from Milan to The Big Apple. Her beautiful image was splashed across magazine covers and TV commercials and she was the “it” girl of the ‘90s. Her small boobs became something to covet and men found her slim and simple frame suddenly desirable. Moss is still doing a good deal of modeling to this day and her clean and natural look is still in style and probably will be for decades to come.

5 Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is a force to be reckoned with both on the small and big screens, but her bite-sized boobs, on the other hand, are small all the time. The stunning actress is considered a hot commodity who is adored by men and women alike, and she likes men and women alike right back. Her body is fit and sexy and her small breasts only make her more uniquely hot and interesting to look at. She often changes her hairstyle and dabbles in a variety of clothing choices, but one thing always remains the same – her small chest, which suits her great body to a tee. Stewart is down-to-Earth and seems to be a free-spirit and her natural body proves she’s totally cool with just being herself.

4 Keira Knightley

The beautiful and brilliant actress, Keira Knightley, keeps moviegoers’ eyes glued to the big screen due to her sheer raw talent and absolutely stunning facial features. The admirable actress is super-slim with gorgeous brunette hair and captivating deep brown eyes. Many men (and women) consider her to be a glowing goddess and none of them give a hoot that she doesn’t have big hooters. With such a delicate and petite frame, Knightley’s small breasts suit her impeccably and she always appears to be confident acting on screen, showing off on the red carpet, and in interviews promoting her work. She is a timeless British beauty who most certainly does not need a large set of boobs to be considered a ravishing sex symbol.

3 Emma Watson

Fans have adored the super-cute and utterly talented Emma Watson since she was a kid starring in the popular Harry Potter films. She grew up to be a true beauty with talent that has expanded and great looks to be admired. She’s all grown up but her breasts are on the smaller side, which is the perfect fit for her petite frame and style. Now we can enjoy seeing the elegant Emma as she stars in Beauty and the Beast; although no matter what role she lands, she will always be considered to be the “beauty.” She’s already had a long career and she’s just in her 20s. Watch as this breathtaking actress continues to make memorable movies in the years to come.

2 Sienna Miller

The blonde and beautiful actress, Sienna Miller, is a big-time Hollywood star, but her breasts are small-time beauties (in a good way). The British-American darling has lit up the big screen in hit movies including Burnt, Alfie, Factory Girl, The Edge of Love, Stardust, Unfinished Business, Interview, Mississippi Grind, and many others, and her work on screen doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Not only is the sultry Sienna a successful actress, but she has done some modeling as well, proving her hot looks are made for the moving picture as well as the stills of modern photography. She’s a stunner from any angle and shows that big boobs aren’t necessary at all for an actress to be considered smoking hot.

1 Ariana Grande

Her remarkable voice may be “grande” but her chest sure ain’t. The petite and perfectly pretty Ariana Grande was blessed with super-adorable looks, a petite and fit figure, and outrageous, top-notch vocal talent, but as far as her breasts go, she was only doled out a handful, if not a little less. She can sing with the best of them and her cuteness is undeniably attractive. Ariana is so popular now, and with her vocal abilities, we will surely see plenty more of her in the decades to come. She’s a flat-chested cutie, but her notes are never flat! She loves to play up her hair and makeup and her clothing is always on trend. With looks like hers, who needs an ample bosom?

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