15 Fitness Models On Instagram Who Are Hotter Than Jen Selter

While we all have our preferences with regards to who and what is deemed attractive, overall, hotness is in the eye of the beholder. However, in a world in which the modelling world is filled with equally beautiful women awaiting their big break, there is always an up and coming starlet just awaiting her big break. While Jen Selter is one of the array of reigning fitness model queens, she is by no means the only beautiful fitness model in existence. Sure, she might be your favorite, but there are thousands of extremely gorgeous, Instagram fitness models that are equally deserving of your random ogling.

Without taking anything from Selter, (indeed, how could we?!) it has to be said that there are tons of fitness models on Instagram that could be just as big as Selter, if not bigger, if they only had the opportunity. Moreover, given that she was able to garner so much attention and followers based on her plump posterior, the “nicest butt” battle is one that could go on for decades. NO matter if you like women who are slender, a bit thicker, or anywhere in between, there is a fitness model on Instagram that you will love! Moreover, given that I am very much a champion of gorgeous, successful women, it only makes sense to write my own list of models who I believe deserve a platform equal to that of Selter. Indeed, although one’s number of followers is a factor when considering one’s level of hotness, it is but one factor of many. With that said, the following is an overview of 15 Instagram fitness models that are “hotter” than Jen Selter, in no particular order.

15 Emily Skye @Emilyskyefit (1.9M Followers)

An Australian born and raised model, wellness coach and fitness guru, if you follow Emily Skye on Instagram, odds are, you either love to stay fit, or just like watching her show you her methods of doing so. A natural beauty, Skye gained the majority of her notoriety by frequently posting makeup-free pics to encourage her followers to embrace their own personal beauty. Often posting short, easy to follow workouts, Skye effortlessly shows her massive following how to stay fit anytime, anywhere. Although she began her modelling career at the tender age of 15, she still looks amazing over 15 years later. Furthermore, more than just a pretty face, Skye has taken to using her platform to promote causes such as mental health awareness and overall healthy living.

14 Kayla Itsines @Kayla_itsine (6.6M Followers)

A personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur from Australia Kayla Itsines is doing big things. She inspires her millions of fans on the daily basis via her various pages sprawled across social media. The creator of the eBook series, Bikini Body Guides, as well as a meal and workout plan app, Sweat with Kayla, which generated more revenue than any other fitness app in 2016! Moreover, after being named one of Time Magazine’s 30 most influential people on the internet and her and her partner, Tobi Pearce, were listed in the BRW "Young Rich" list of the wealthiest Australians aged under 40 who did not inherit their money. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, have you seen her body?! She remains an icon for those who want to maintain a lean build while still having a few curves.

13 Mara Teigen @Marateigen_ (736K Followers)

If you don’t know who this young lady is, you have likely been living under a rock! The model and Angelina Jolie doppelgänger has been causing quite a stir since well before appearing in Kylie Jenner’s music video last year. She officially began her modelling career in 2013 and has since booked gigs with the likes of Milani Cosmetics, Michael Costello, Sports Illustrated, and much more. Moreover, also famous for dating Buffalo Sabers player Evander Kane who notoriously tried to win her back by buying her a billboard over 1Oak Club in Los Angeles after they broke up. With her massive Instagram following, Teigen posts tons of gorgeous photos of her working in the modelling field. No matter if you love or hate her hype, this young twenty-something model is just getting started!

12 Keaira Lashae @KeairaLashae (111K Followers)

Next, coming in strong with 111K followers, Keaira Lashae is a gorgeous fitness personality that offers videos on Instagram, Youtube, and a variety of fitness-focused sites. Essentially a Jane of all trades, Keaira sings, dances, makes fitness videos, and much more. With over 1 million followers on her Youtube page alone, it should be clear that this young fitness guru is a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps most well-known for hosting her own online dance-fit series, “MOVE”, on the popular site, Dailyburn.com, with over 2.5, as well as her features in The New York Times, Essence, Women’s Health, and Shape Magazine, as well as many others. Moreover, a new mom who has a body positive outlook on life, Keaira Lashae provides some of the best choreographed workouts around, often incorporating many fun, sexy popular dances (i.e. body rolls and twerking) that are designed to get women as excited about learning new moves as they are about staying in shape. But please don’t get it twisted, this diva is also an AFAA certified trainer and kickboxing instructor making her an all-around fitness trainer.

11 Cenna Summers @Censkiii (554K Followers)

Another Aussie export, Cenna Summers has garnered a massive following due to her insane level of hotness. Edgy and heavily tattooed, Cenna represents a more new age idea of beauty in that women no longer have to be scar/ink-free in order to be considered a model. A self-proclaimed fitness junkie who is simply helping her followers follow in her own badass footsteps, Cenna posts an array of tips and tricks to help women all across the globe look as great as they feel. Moreover, have you seen her fitness selfies?! No matter what this lady is wearing or how she chooses to pose, she always looks amazing! She is showing girls how to “own it” by simply being yourself and not taking “no” for an answer.

10 Katrina And Karena @Toneitup (938K Followers)

Double the hotness, double the fun, Katrina and Karena bring us two fitness gurus in one! Founders of the Tone It Up program, these young ladies offer a fresh, exciting, energetic, and personable approach to fitness. Two real-life best friends, these young ladies decided to found this brand as a means of not only achieving financial independence while staying in shape, but also to encourage women all over the world to do the same. So far featured on the pages of Shape, SELF, In Style, Women’s Health and featured in Forbes and People, these up and coming gurus have exploded onto the fitness scene with no signs of slowing down. Offering a series of fun beach-inspired workouts, the ultimate goal of the #ToneItUp gals it to “inspire millions of women to live the life of their dreams every day”.

9 Lyzabeth Lopez @Lyzabethlopez (2M Followers)

An award-winning holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, TV host, fitness instructor, writer, and social media mogul, Lyzabeth Lopez is doing great things with her awesome name. Seasoned in fitness training, this vixen has an equally impressive resume dating back to the early 90s. Known for her beautiful body and awesome fitness model work, you may have seen Lyzabeth on the pages of Inside Fitness, Optimyz, Natural Muscle Magazine, and much more. Moreover, she has a collection of accolades, including being recognized as #1 Fitness Model in Canada by Inside Fitness Magazine. A sultry, exotic beauty, Lopez is actually of Venezuelan, Israeli, and Italian descent. Moreover, with the help of her bubbly personality and her vast array of knowledge in the fitness realm, she has built a brand encompassing her passion for fitness as well as her millions of dedicated followers from across the globe.

8 Ana Cheri @Anacheri (9.4M Followers)

Last but certainly not least, Ana Cheri is essentially the fitness queen of social media. Not only does she have an impressive 9.4 million followers, but she has also built an impressive career for herself. Starting in 2009, she began to take her brand to the next level by booking jobs with Toyo Tires, Punch Magazine, Grand Prix, FOX Racing, and much more. Now the Brand Ambassador and Motivational Speaker for Shredz Supplements, she is moving forward in her fitness journey by providing her following with tips, products, and services that can help them look as awesome as she does. With an already epic legacy behind her, At the end of 2015, Ana even posed as one of the last fully nude Cover-girls for Playboy as Miss October 2015. Quite an honor, it seems that Cheri will just continue on slaying her photo shoots and collecting tons of followers along the way.

7 Jenelle Salazar @Getbodiedbyj (591K Followers)

A spokesmodel, actress, artist and smokin’ hot Mexico native, Janelle Salazar is a hot little vixen that keeps her followers coming back for more. An actress at heart, some of her first roles include spots in Las Vegas, CSI, The Jamie Kennedy Show, and even hip-hop star Nelly’s “Number One” video. Moreover, this sultry seductress manages to stay in such great shape due to her career as a personal fitness trainer and she has even interviewed the likes of comedian Tommy Davidson, model/actor Tyson Beckford, rapper Young Joc, Kandi Burress Housewives of ATL, actress Vivica Fox, and many more. As if that wasn’t enough, have you seen her Instagram photos?! What’s not to love? This girl is muy caliente, in every sense of the word!

6 Tanya Poppett @Tanya Poppett (352K Followers)

A fitness expert with a special interest in HIIT-style boot camps and other trainings, Tanya Poppett is certainly poppin’ in the world of social media. Complete with 352K followers, this fitness model icon has exploded onto the fitness scene with no signs of slowing down. With her well-known brand, “Achieving Balance”, her workouts typically require nothing more than your own body weight and a few, easily accessible items. But please don’t get it twisted! Her workouts are insanely difficult and, although they provide equally awesome results, they are by no means fashioned for the faint of heart. Moreover, a body positive coach, Poppett embraces the various body types of women and simply encourages her followers to find a healthy size that they are comfortable with.

5 Cally Clarice Breaux @Callyclarice (222K Followers)

A well-known sculpted bikini competitor, Cally Clarice has a budding brand as amazing as her physique. With her 222K followers, she has managed to build a brand of fitness (and women) enthusiasts from all across the globe. Still an up and comer, although her pictures are plastered all over sites such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Instagram, among many others. With the ultimate goal of motivate and inspire women to live up to their best body potential, she posts tons of pictures detailing her private life by providing candid glimpses of what it takes to make it to the top. Moreover, freshly engaged to an equally gorgeous specimen (sorry, fellas) for many women, Cally represents the amazing things that can happen in your life if you just work hard and stick to your goals!

4 Anowah Adjah @Anowaadjah (232K Followers)

A full-figured fitness phenomenon not at all unfamiliar with controversy, Anowah Adjah is a “Nigerian Powerhouse” and fitness model who encourages women everywhere to embrace their size and curves, despite what mainstream culture may say. Nevertheless, her views have been considered controversial and while she clearly has a massive following, many have conflicting views on her message. Luckily, these people seem to misguided. Although Anowah encourages women to embrace their curves, she also encourages them to be as healthy and fit as possible. In fact, her well-known mantra “lose the gut, keep the butt” denotes just that. Featured in all sorts of publications, this mother of twins serves as a great example to mothers everywhere!

3 Natalie Jill @Nataliejillfit (514K Followers)

A rags to riches story of sorts, although Natalie Jill didn't have the toughest life, she has certainly experienced her fair share of hardships and failures. In fact, before becoming the fitness hottie she is today, Jill was at one of the lowest points of her life. She had lost her house, her retirement, as well as her husband, and the only thing she managed to gain…was weight. Struggling with these issues as well as a back issue and an autoimmune disease, known as Celiac Spruce, Jill is very much an advocate of "making your own luck" and changing your life around for the better. Moreover, a great example for older women, Jill actually never did any fitness modelling until the age of 39! A mother who gained over 50 pounds during her pregnancy, Natalie is here to show women you can still have it all at any age!

2 Jeanette Jenkins @Msjeanettejenkins (385K Followers)

A fitness guru to the stars, Jeanette Jenkins lives a life that most dream about. One of Hollywood’s most sought after trainers, Jenkins has more than 25 years’ experience of whipping your favorite stars into shape. Her list of clients have included the likes of P!NK, Kelly Rowland, Tracee Ellis Ross, Serena Williams, and many more. Founder and President of The Hollywood Trainer LLC, Jenkins offers an entire online healthy living weight loss club that promotes the use of her heavy-hitting DVDs, healthy eating and more. A natural athlete since a very young age, her ultimate goal is to help everyone uncover (and in some cases, revive) their inner athlete. Her 18 DVDs are presently being sold in 14 different countries. Not bad for a woman who was raised in public housing by a single mother of three.

1 Lauren Fisher @Laurenfisher (750K Followers)

One of the country’s up and coming and most promising female athletes, Lauren Fisher finished in 9th place overall at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games and she also won the USA Weightlifting Junior National Championship (Women’s 63kg weight class) that same year. Moreover, in 2016, she was the 1st Place winner at the California Regionals as well. In addition to those and many other award and accolades, it should become immediately obvious why Fisher is on this list. If not, have you seen her pics?! Not only is this young lady gorgeous, but her body is so perfectly cut you’d think you were staring at an anatomy statue! Definitely “body goals” for the ladies and girlfriend goals for the gents, keep an eye on this young lady (as if you had any other choice) I have a feeling she’ll be making headlines for quite some time.

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