15 Filthy Rich Villains From The Marvel Universe

Many superheroes are filthy rich and dedicate allocated portions of their vast wealth to making the world a better place. They develop technology that enables them to possess super abilities and strengths. Tony Stark as Iron Man and Bruce Wayne as Batman are two of the most popular playboy billionaires who moonlight as masked crime-fighting vigilantes.

However, every superhero has at least one supervillain counterpart. Some, like Stark, have more than others. They too often have access to large sums of cash to fund their evil doing just as much as their mirror images have the funds to do good. These are the people with less than moral intentions who put their money towards causing havoc and trying to destroy the world.

We have compiled a list, in no order or ranking, of some of the wealthiest villains and have focused on those bad guys in the Marvel Universe. There may be some villains who you would have included on this list, but there is only room for so many, as we have limited the filthy rich villains to 15. Please enjoy our list of 15 Filthy Rich Villains from the Marvel Universe.

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15 Victor Von Doom

Victor Von Doom is the public enemy number one to the Fantastic Four. Initially, he was an ally and provided funding for Dr. Reed Richards’ research, but things changed once Doom obtained unthinkable powers. We guess it is true that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Von Doom is a genius inventor and dabbles in the dark arts, for he is a sorcerer as well. Von Doom was born to a tribe of Latverian Romanis under a ruler known only as the Baron. Doom's mother was Cynthia Von Doom, a witch, and was killed by Mephisto while Doom was young. Dr. Doom, as he is known, is a polymath and a scientific genius who has invented different weapons and gadgets to use against his enemies. Dr. Doom has amassed a net worth of $35 billion from his criminal enterprises, technological advances, and scientific discoveries.

14 Magneto

This X-Man seems to have been a hero, then a villain, then a hero again, and once again a villain. His ability is that he can manipulate all kinds of metal. Different media platforms list Magneto with different birth names, but most are consistent in his biography. Magneto's father was a decorated World War I veteran for the Allied Forces. Magneto battled discrimination while the Nazis were strengthening their position in the world and fled to Poland but were captured and sent to the Warsaw Ghetto. Magneto's family escaped but were betrayed and captured again. Magneto's parents and sister were executed and buried in a mass grave, but Magneto managed to escape. His powers are a result of the cruel human experiments Hitler had ordered. Magneto is only worth about $500 million. We use the word "only," because he could walk into a bank, remove the vault door, and take all the money he needs, but $500 million must be enough. He probably gets by living on a budget and clipping coupons ... NOT!  Ian McKellen is the actor most associated with the role of the older Magneto and Michael Fassbender has portrayed Magneto in his younger days.

13 Kingpin

The Kingpin has a net worth of $40 billion. He was born Wilson Fisk, and grew up in poverty in New York City. Fisk was also bullied a lot and picked on because of his obesity. Wilson decided to train hard to defend himself at first, but he soon turned his defensive knowledge into offensive knowledge and began to intimidate other bullies into joining his gang. Fisk became Don Rigoletto's bodyguard and the most trusted thug of the bunch. Fisk soon killed Rigoletto and took over his criminal empire. Kingpin was a bad guy with bad guy enemies such as; the Maggia crime syndicate and HYDRA. He was overpowered and fled to Japan where he started a spice business to regain his wealth before returning to New York and starting a series of gang wars. When Spiderman was out of action for a period, Kingpin organized a coalition of the various crime families. Despite his battles with Spiderman, Kingpin was the biggest archenemy of Daredevil. Both Michael Clarke Duncan and Vincent D'Onofrio are the most famous actors to play Kingpin in theaters.

12 Loki

Loki is the adopted brother of Thor and son of Odin. This makes him royalty and a potential heir to the throne of Asgard. There is no way to measure his wealth in dollars because he is a mixture of royalty and a God. Loki grew up with resentment towards his brother, Thor, who was the biological son of Odin. Loki was unhappy with the differences between him and Thor as Thor was mightier, stronger, and a better warrior. This caused Loki to act out in a mischievous fashion. Loki is most known for his shenanigans and disgust for Thor. This caused Loki to come to Earth and unleash a havoc that mankind was incapable of handling. Thor followed his brother to Earth and formed the Avengers with Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye. Together, the Avengers defeated and imprisoned Loki, but later in the story, Thor enlisted Loki's help in future battles. Tom Hiddleston tackled the role of Loki in Thor and The Avengers.

11 Emma Frost

Emma Frost is a Marvel mutant from the X-Men stories. She is often considered a neutral as she started as a villain who does eventually switch sides. She is rumored to have a net worth of just under $1 billion, which pales in comparison to some of the people on this list, but we don't have even have a $100 million, much less a $1 billion. Do you? We didn't think so. Therefore, she gets the status of being included on our list of 15 Filthy Rich Villains from the Marvel Universe. Frost was a long-time of the Hellfire Club under the name the White Queen. Emma Frost is a power psychic mutant with the additional ability to encase her entire body in a diamond shell. Everyone knows the value of diamonds.

10 Dr. Octopus

Otto Octavius had a rough start growing up. His father worked in a factory and was physically abusive towards Otto and his mother. This caused Otto to be withdrawn, reclusive, and shy in school. However, Octavius’ mother was determined to see her son become a good man, unlike his father, and encouraged him to be the best he could be in his academic endeavors. Some believe that Otto had minimal mutant telepathic powers that caused his father to suffer an aneurysm during the last time he was abusing Otto. This is what drove Otto to become obsessed with the study of physical science. During a botched scientific demonstration of Dr. Octavius’ research, he was transformed into the devious enemy of Spiderman. His spine became fused with his invention of mechanical arms intended to assist with his research with atomic physics. As the youngest scientist to ever serve on the National Board of Nuclear Science, coupled with his various inventions, you know Doctor Octopus has a bigger bank account than any of us do.

9 Sandman

Spiderman has man enemies on this list. We suppose a prerequisite of battling Spiderman is that you need money. As we all know, it costs lots of cash to fight a radioactive boy with spider-like characteristics. One of Sandman's first big crimes we witness in progress, on the big screen, is trying to rob an armored car full of loot. William Barker, later known as Flint, was born in Queens, New York and along with his mother, was abandoned by his father at the age of 3. Flint found that making sand sculptures helped him escape his reality of a miserable childhood. Barker was sent to a fine preparatory school where a boy named Vic bullied Flint. Flint learned how to defend himself, and Vic and Vic's pals eventually befriended Flint in high school. Flint became a star athlete for the school football team. When Vic incurred a large gambling debt to a local bookie, he begged Flint to fix a football game for him. Flint did and was kicked off the team when the coach learned of this. Flint assaulted his coach and was expelled because of it. This was when Flint began his life of crime. Crime does pay, in the funny pages anyway. It is truly difficult to know the real net worth of a criminal because they don't usually do tax returns, but be assured the Sandman is a wealthy man. Thomas Haden Church was the grainy gangster on film.

8 Justin Hammer

Justin Hammer is often the enemy of Iron Man in the Marvel Universe. He is the main reason many of Iron Man’s other enemies have access to technologically advanced weaponry. Justin Hammer encourages those enemies to use those assets for violent crimes rather than bringing them to the market and basking in the financial benefits of such. Hammer contracts these villains to execute missions against his competitors and enemies such as Tony Stark. This English born business man is a multi-billionaire who uses those monetary resources to fund his criminal enterprises. Hammer has hired mercenaries that go by the name the Death Squad to assassinate Tony Stark and Iron Man. Hammer fires the Squad after repeated failed attempts at taking out Iron Man. Hammer is relentless though and later hires many others to kill Iron Man, who also fail. Expect Hammer to continue to spend his billions to take out his competition. Hammer helps Ivan Vanko escape from prison and funds his research.

7 Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)

Osborn is another one of your friendly neighborhood Spiderman's arch rivals and for sure one of the wealthiest. Osborn is an unethical businessman and head of Oscorp. In his thirst for further success and riches, while trying to win over a government contract, Osborn quenches his physical thirst by becoming his own test subject by drinking an untested formula. As the first human test subject, he is driven to insanity and takes on a Halloween theme by dressing as a goblin and developing mini detonators he calls pumpkin bombs to bring havoc to New York City. Norman Osborn, as the Green Goblin, is airborne. His ability of flight can be attributed to his Goblin Glider. Willem Dafoe most notably played the character. Osborn is worth an estimated $10 billion, most of which was inherited, so no need to give him credit for being an evil genius who achieved his fortune with his know how. He was a whack job even before he drank the Kool-Aid.

6 Harry Osborn

You really could read most of Norman Osborn’s bio and just change the name to Harry. Harry Osborn is the son of Norman Osborn and heir to Norman’s estate, Oscorp, and the Osborn Family fortune. The younger Osborn is friends with Peter Parker, who is also Spiderman. The two attend the same college together, and both have their sights set on the same girl. When the Green Goblin becomes extinct, Harry realizes the kind of man his father was and gets mad and goes mad. Harry has problems with using drugs, this may have contributed to his insanity, plus he was his father’s son. Harry soon becomes the Green Goblin. This Osborn also inherited his riches, so he too is worth around $10 billion. James Franco is the actor we most associate with the role of Harry Osborn.

5 Red Skull

Johann Schmidt was born to Hermann and Martha Schmidt in a small village in Germany. Schmidt's mother died during childbirth, and Hermann blamed his infant son, so he tried to drown his new baby but was prevented from killing Johann by the doctor on duty. Skull's father committed suicide shortly after the collapse of his family. The boy was an orphan than kept to himself until his teens. He was a bellhop at a major hotel, and Schmidt serviced the room of Adolf Hitler. Hitler recruited the boy in the Nazi Party during their rise. Red Skull forged a closeness with the Nazi leader by tricking a fellow orphan to try to kill Hitler only so Skull could appear as the hero and save Hitler’s life. Hitler personally took over mentoring Schmidt and gave him such duties as espionage and sabotage. In some versions of the Red Skull's story, Hitler gave him a unique uniform and grotesque mask to become Red Skull. In the Hollywood version, Schmidt endured one of those common freak accidents that disfigure and empower ordinary men with extraordinary abilities. In either case, a high-ranking Nazi General with ties to Hydra just like the Red Skull would be given access to unlimited and unquestionable financial resources.

4 Darren Cross / Yellowjacket

Darren Agonistes Cross is the mortal enemy of Ant-Man. Cross is a millionaire with common slight character variances found between the comics and the more popular theatrical releases. In one version, he is the founder of a successful technology corporation that bests in unnamed competing organizations. His size-altering powers come from a pacemaker installed to regulate his heartbeat. In the Ant-Man movie version, Darren Cross is a protégé and subordinate of Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym. Cross develops a Yellow Jacket suit which is a more advanced version of Hank’s Ant-Man suit. Like Ant-Man’s suit, as Yellow Jacket, Cross can manipulate his size. One of the main upgrades to the suit designed by Cross is that it can fire laser beams from appendages added to the back. Ant-Man destroys the suit by shrinking between the molecules to penetrate the titanium of the Yellow Jacket. Nonetheless, before being defeated by Ant-Man, the Yellow Jacket has a lot of greenbacks.

3 Obadiah Stane

Stane was played by Jeff Bridges in the Iron Man films and has known Tony Stark most of Stark’s life. In fact, Stane worked with Tony’s father when Howard Stark was still alive. Through underhanded trickery and backroom deals, Stane seizes control of Stark Industries away from Tony Stark. This is when the evil Obadiah designs his own version of the Iron Man suit, the Iron Monger. Obadiah Stane is a stain on Stark Industries; we can believe he embezzled a ton of cash while he was stealing the entire company away from Stark. This is another case where there are difficulties in obtaining an actual figure on net worth, but it must be more than $100 million.

2 Aldrich Killian

Wealthy superheroes attract wealthy supervillains. Aldrich Killian is another one of Iron Man's evil counterparts. He initially approached Tony Stark but was easily dismissed by Stark who told Killian he was eager to work with him and asked him to meet on the roof in a few minutes. Killian went to wait for Stark who never showed. This is the single incident that inspired Killian to oppose Iron Man/Tony Stark. Killian has a super genius level intellect, and with the help of Maya Hansen, Killian developed the Extremis Virus. In Iron Man 3, Killian hires an actor to play the role of a terrorist named the Mandarin. Killian terrorizes the world, and the fictional Mandarin takes the blame for it. Guy Pearce plays Killian. It is never disclosed what Killian’s total net worth is, but based on what we see, it must be comparable to Tony Stark’s $12.4 billion net worth.

1 Alexander Pierce

Alexander Goodwin Pierce is a double dipping millionaire getting paid from both sides. This only adds to his wealth. He is one of HYDRA’s leaders and their top undercover agent who has infiltrated the American government by becoming a high ranking official in SHIELD. His big claim to fame is that he created Project Insight with the goal of giving HYDRA absolute global control and world domination. His primary objective is to create so much chaos in the world that the people just forfeit away their rights and liberties through their own free will. Pierce, played by Robert Redford, was eventually defeated, and saw his plans foiled by the Avengers.

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