15 Filthy Celebs We Wouldn't Touch With A 10-Foot Pole

In Hollywood, there are few things more important than being perceived as clean. I mean that in all senses of the word. Obviously, celebrities who garner a reputation for being particularly crude or blue when on camera can expect their workload to reduce due to studios being skeptical of their ability to appear at public events or on talk shows without saying something offensive or embarrassing. Similarly, it is important for a celebrity to show that they have good hygiene so the public will gravitate towards them and be happy to see them on television and approach them in public for a picture and a handshake.

While the vast majority of Hollywood notables have managed to make themselves at least appear to be clean, usually thanks to the assistance of a dedicated team of PR experts, there are a few who have been unable to do so. In fact, not only have they been unable to convince us that they are clean, they have been unable to convince us that they are anything less than absolutely filthy. Through a series of drunken escapades, drug fuelled rants, and questionable sexual practices, these celebrities have earned a reputation for being less than stellar in their personal and moral hygiene.

Here are a few filthy celebs we wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

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15 Paris Hilton

It’s difficult to think of anything that Paris Hilton is famous for other than getting really, really drunk and making a series of really, really poor decisions. During her early 20s, Hilton was regularly seen in both nightclubs and tabloid headlines, generally being protected by a gang of sober, stolid bodyguards appointed to look after the socialite by her wealthy parents.

In recent years, Hilton’s embarrassing drunken episodes have become less frequent, so I guess she has mellowed a little with age. Of course, the passing of time hasn’t made the disgustingly rich star any more talented, nor has it made us forget about her wilder years, during which she is said to have been both the recipient and donor of a variety of STIs.

14 Jenna Jameson

Although Jenna Jameson today likes to think of herself as a serious entrepreneur, the 43-year-old Nevada native achieved her greatest fame through her 187 adult films, which led to her being dubbed “The Queen of P*rn”. Jameson has also appeared in mainstream productions such as Howard Stern’s 1997 film Private Parts.

Jameson’s raunchy sexual exploits have not just been limited to the screen. For much of her adult life, and possibly even prior to it, Jameson has been sleeping with people of both sexes and in 2004 claimed that she had slept with 100 women and 30 men off-screen. Jameson documented her oftentimes careless and ill-planned sexual adventures in her tell-all autobiography. She has been involved with multiple equally promiscuous celebrities, including Nikki Tyler, Marilyn Manson, and Tommy Lee (the drummer who gave Pamela Anderson hepatitis C).

13 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera generally looks incredible during her live performances and whenever she appears on the red carpet, but the current Voice judge has been captured on camera several times looking worse for wear, coming home early in the morning looking bloated, grubby, and unkempt after a messy night on the town.

Aguilera has also had a series of high-profile flings with fellow celebrities, as well as countless rumored romps with commoners she decided to raise to Heaven for one night only. In 2010, the singer admitted to having a fascination with latex and leather clothing, saying she rarely makes love without donning some sort of outfit composed of one of those unbreathable materials. That means a night with Aguilera must be one sweaty, sticky, odorous affair.

12 Amanda Bynes

Back when she was appearing on Nickelodeon as the star of perennial 90s kids favorite The Amanda Show, Amanda Bynes was the picture of innocence. The young star was quirky, down to earth, and seemed to be incapable of anything less than exemplary behavior. However, the past couple of years have revealed Bynes to be a little less responsible than we originally thought.

In April of 2012, Bynes was arrested for driving while intoxicated, an incident which triggered a public breakdown which would last for over a year. From that point on, Bynes was a loose cannon, frequently appearing in public after long and disorderly nights out. Her behavior even landed her in court on a couple of occasions, which resulted in a series of infamous photographs of the star showing up to legal proceedings in dirty sweatpants and an unconvincing wig. Today it seems Bynes has managed to get herself back to relative normality, but it is hard to forget her past careless behavior and the impact that it had on her body.

11 Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson isn’t exactly known for being the most reserved or traditional woman in the world. The blonde bombshell achieved her greatest fame when she was cast in the hit television series Baywatch, in which she was pretty much contractually obligated to run around in skimpy swimwear with her rear end wiggling for all the world to see.

In 1995, Anderson married Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, who she had known for only four days prior to their beach wedding ceremony. The couple remained together until 1998, which is actually pretty impressive. In 2002, Anderson announced that she had contracted hepatitis C from Lee, which isn’t all that surprising considering the fact he was a heavy metal drummer. Anderson herself isn’t entirely sure just how she came to be infected with the disease, but she has stated her belief that it was likely spread from Lee’s body to her’s through the unhygienic and ill-advised practice of sharing tattoo needles.

10 Kim Kardashian

Ever since Kim Kardashian entered into a relationship with Kanye West, a union which at the time of this writing has turned her into one of the most powerful women in Hollywood and produced two children, she has been attempting to present herself as a responsible and mature member of society. However, I don’t think any of us could forget the loud, drunken, sexually promiscuous Kim Kardashian of yesteryear.

Kardashian’s careless sexual exploits have been well-documented and, in fact, are what led to her rise to fame in the first place. In 2007, Kardashian’s name first began appearing in headlines when a sex tape featuring her and fellow questionably talented person Ray J was leaked. It has since been claimed that Kim leaked the tape herself.

9 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has starred in such films as The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and, of course, Mean Girls. However, the former teen idol is more famous for her eccentric behavior and drunken exploits which likely arose from the pressures of having achieved such a great degree of fame at such a young age.

During her wilder years, Lohan, who is today reported to have converted to Islam, had a variety of sexual partners, both male and female. It is claimed that one of those partners infected her with herpes. This could easily be brushed aside as a rumor, but it seems to have been confirmed by another of Lohan’s ex-partners who claims he was diagnosed with the disease shortly after a fling with the Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen star.

8 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen, the former star of the inexplicably successful television series Two and a Half Men, has never been known for his good behavior. Since the early 1980s, Sheen has been known for his party lifestyle and womanizing ways, but it was only in 2011 that his antics really became a problem.

During his very public breakdown, Sheen upped his drug and alcohol consumption and began moving adult film stars in and out of his house at an alarming rate. Many people assumed Sheen’s perpetual partying would quickly result in his death, but the iconic actor somehow managed to come out the other end of what is likely the most infamous Hollywood meltdown in history. Of course, Sheen didn’t make it out completely unharmed. In 2015, he announced that his behavior during that hellish year resulted in him contracting HIV.

7 Britney Spears

Who didn’t have a crush on Britney Spears back in the early 2000s, when the flawless, fresh-faced star was at the height of her fame? Thanks to songs such as Oops!... I Did It Again and ...Baby One More Time and the raunchy videos that came along with them, Spears became the most sought-after woman in the world. Every man on the face of the earth wanted to make love to her, and during her much-publicized 2007 breakdown, it is rumored that many of them did.

During this time, it looked like Britney’s career had come to an end, as scandal after scandal rocked her and made a successful comeback less and less attainable. As a result, the star began to self-medicate using alcohol, drugs, and sex. It has been said that Spears’ promiscuity during this turbulent period was so great that it left her with genital herpes.

6 Sunny

Professional wrestling isn’t the most moral industry in the world. Pro wrestling autobiographies and documentaries are filled with stories of drug use, alcohol addiction, and infidelities, but they are almost always centered around male performers. It is rare that a female performer is indicted in such behavior, but then again, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was never just another woman.

When she began appearing in the World Wrestling Federation, Sunny was a gold-haired goddess capable of doing no wrong. However, she was reported to be sleeping with numerous male wrestlers behind the scenes, despite the fact she was supposed in a committed relationship. Over the next couple of years, she began drinking heavily and using drugs, and her substance abuse issues only worsened when she left the WWF in 1998. Today, Sunny’s issues with drugs and alcohol have left her bloated and broke, forcing her to turn to flirty Skype sessions and adult films to earn any sort of money.

5 Steven Tyler

The frontman of Aerosmith, it can be argued that Steven Tyler is one of the final true rockstars in the world. The guy has done it all. He has sold millions of records, trashed hotel rooms, played to hundreds of thousands of adoring fans, and had one night stands with an equal number of women.

Although Tyler’s many sexual partners may seem like an impressive feat, it has actually taken a pretty drastic toll on the guy’s body. The singer slept with so many women in his heyday that he ended up contracting a multitude of STIs. In 2006, Tyler revealed that he had been suffering from hepatitis C, a disease with which he was diagnosed in 2003. Hepatitis C is most commonly contracted via the sharing of used needles.

4 Kristanna Loken

New York native Kristanna Loken has appeared in films such as BloodRayne, Lime Salted Love, and Academy Boyz, but it is her portrayal of the character T-X in the 2003 film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines for which she is best known. Loken has also worked extensively as a model and, as a result, has been the obsession of men around the globe for years.

Loken has spoken openly about her romantic relationships many times in the past, going so far as to state that she is bisexual. The actress and model even declared that she has often found her relationships with other women to be more fulfilling than her relationships with men. Loken hasn’t stated just how many sexual partners she has had, but she has made vague suggestions that the number is north of the average. While there isn’t anything wrong with having multiple sexual partners, there are rumors that Loken isn’t the most careful of lovers and as a result has contracted a number of STIs, including genital herpes.

3 Pink

Alecia Beth Moore is far better known by her stage name Pink, which is generally stylized with an upside down exclamation mark that I’m currently unable to find on my laptop keyboard. Pink is unique in that she has managed to embody the classic rock and roll lifestyle during a time when most female singers - and male singers, for that matter - are little more than models using autotune.

Pink has been dirty, raunchy, and unapologetic for her behavior. She has, as she has so enthusiastically sung about, started many a fight. Similarly, she has drank many a beer and slept with many a man (she has also been photographed making out with female partners on a number of occasions). Although the multi-millionaire artist is today married to former freestyle motocross competitor Carey Hart, she has made no secret of her outrageous past, even once referring to herself as a “reformed slut”.

2 Madonna

During her heyday, Madonna was one of the biggest stars in the world, nobody is going to deny that. When she was at the height of her fame, she used her power to break down barriers for women and abolished the stereotype of the quiet good girl by being brash and outspoken, proudly boasting about her many alcohol-fueled sexual exploits.

That being said, there comes a time when everybody must hang up their thigh-high sexual deviant boots, and Madonna just hasn’t done that. Instead, the star, who is now pushing 60, continues to indulge in one night stands and careless flings, a fact of which she wants everybody to be aware. It recently came to light that the "Human Nature" singer has even entered into an odd relationship which sees her sharing her 31-year-old boyfriend with his twin brother, whom he has described as his “soulmate”.

1 Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong, for those who are too young to remember (or have just forgotten about him because it’s been so long since he had a meaningful role), was once one of the most sought-after young actors in Hollywood. When he was in his early teens, he appeared in Terminator 2, and his career just sort of took off from there. Unfortunately for Furlong, he fell victim to the substance abuse which has destroyed the lives of so many teen stars in the past.

While still in his teens, Furlong began dating a woman more than ten years his senior. From there, he entered into multiple relationships with multiple women before marrying in 2006 and divorcing in 2009. Furlong is known to have had issues with addiction and has openly admitted to using drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

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