15 Filthiest Hollywood Celebs Revealed

Everyone is guilty of skipping a shower every now and then, but this is extreme and just plain gross!

Being a celebrity can make a person seem like absolute perfection with zero flaws, which causes their fans to try and achieve impossible standards. This flawless image was easy to maintain back in the day when there were no paparazzi, interviews were rare and carefully constructed, and there was no such thing as social media. However, all of that has completely changed over the years. Hollywood starts most celebrities with a down-to-earth, boy-or-girl-next-door image, making it easier for the audience to relate to them while watching them on both the big and small screens. Progress has also been made in terms of diversity, so not every star is a thin, white, impossibly beautiful person.

The appearance of paparazzi following stars everywhere from nightclubs to shopping for groceries, while a terrible invasion of their privacy, means that the public can see that they’re not always the image of perfection when they don't have a team of stylists and make-up artists behind them. With the rise of social media, many stars have embraced this by posting untouched, make-up free selfies, and talking about their habits in interviews. While their honesty is a breath of fresh air, the air around many of them is anything but fresh! Here are 15 of the filthiest Hollywood celebs exposed.

15 Julia Roberts Is Too Lazy To Shave Her Pits

Permanent A-lister and America’s sweetheart Julia Roberts has established herself as both rom-com queen and serious dramatic actress. But what she doesn’t seem to take seriously is how important personal hygiene is! Julia’s also known for being an environmentalist; talking about how we need to be more eco-friendly to save the planet. Her idea of saving the planet? Avoiding showers and deodorant! Her former bodyguard revealed that she doesn’t shower for days to save water, and she doesn’t wear deodorant because she claims it’s not eco-friendly. She’s also admitted to being too lazy to shave on a regular basis, flashing her hairy pits on the red carpet. Hey, good for her for not giving in to crazy beauty standards for women, but showers and deodorants are gender-neutral requirements, no one likes stinky people!

14 Megan Fox Doesn't Flush The Toilet

Megan Fox has regularly topped various ''Sexiest Celebs'' lists ever since starring in Transformers back in 2007, and ten years and three kids later, she's still considered one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. Hot girls are usually super-clean, right? Wrong! The brutally honest actress has revealed in interviews that she's actually quite lazy and dirty. She leaves dirty clothes everywhere in the house which she completely refuses to clean (poor housekeepers!), and as if that's not bad enough, she often forgets to flush the toilet, even when she's not at home! In an interview for FHM in 2007, Megan was quoted as saying: “Friends will tell me, ‘Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.’” Ew, that is really disgusting and kind of rude!

13 Jennifer Aniston's Stinky Mouth

The world fell in love with Jennifer Aniston way back in 1994 when Friends debuted on the small screen. For ten years Jennifer made us laugh as Rachel Green, and we all wanted to know if Rachel would finally reunite with Ross Geller after years of breaking up then making up. Jennifer then went on to star in many blockbuster movies. Now in her late forties, she hardly looks a day older than she did during her Friends days thanks to her healthy lifestyle, which she gladly promotes in interviews and through sponsorships. What’s not so friendly is her breath! Jen drinks a lot of coffee and doesn’t seem to use breath mints or brush her teeth often enough to get rid of the dreaded coffee breath, making her many co-stars feel sick when she gets too close to them. Rachel would never!

12 Brad Pitt Doesn't Shower, He Uses Baby Wipes Instead

Brad Pitt has been an A-list actor and heart-throb for over two decades, with a list of celebrity exes including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow. But he’s not just a pretty face, having shown off some serious talent in movies such as Inglourious Basterds, Moneyball, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The latter two earned him Academy Award nominations for Best Actor. However, what he has in talent and looks, he lacks in the hygiene department! Brad is one of the many celebs who refuse to shower, instead preferring to clean himself with baby wipes. It seems a co-star suggested this once on set when Brad was unable to take a shower, and he decided to swap showers for baby wipes. No wonder Christina Applegate dumped him at an awards show for someone else!

11 Cameron Diaz Wears The Same Clothes 4 Days In A Row

Cameron Diaz won over everyone in the 1995 movie There's Something About Mary with her quirky, girl-next-door persona. She's gone on to star in many comedies, such as Charlie's Angels and The Sweetest Thing, proving that she's a really funny woman. For over two decades she's been considered one of America's sweethearts. More like America's stink-hearts! Cameron is an avid member of Hollywood's ''no-deodorant club'' (which a lot of actors seem to be a part of). She also wears the same clothes for up to four days in a row and then just throws them away instead of washing them. Oh, to be rich enough to be able to afford to throw away clothes so often! Wouldn’t it be easier to just shower regularly, use deodorant, and wash the clothes (or pay someone to wash them)? It's not that much of a hassle!

10 Bradley Cooper Believes His Body 'Self-Cleans'

Bradley Cooper has both made us laugh in The Hangover movies and shown off his more serious acting in The Silver Linings Playbook. But what’s no laughing matter is his questionable hygiene and biology knowledge. He’s one of the many celebrities who refuse to wear deodorant, but while others at least openly admit to not caring enough about their personal hygiene, Cooper claims he doesn’t need deodorant because his body "self-cleans" — something he discovered way back in 2000 while hosting Treks in a Wild World. He later revealed in another interview that he showers up to three times a day, but would he need that if his body’s able to clean itself? You’d think it would be easier and cheaper to shower once and put on some deodorant, right?

9 Britney Spears Refuses To Shower And Leaves Filth All Over The Place

Britney Spears is one of the ultimate Pop Princesses. Baby One More Time sent her to the top of the game in 1998 and she's still going strong. However, she almost didn't make it as she battled mental health issues and substance abuse, culminating in a mental breakdown in 2007 when she shaved her head in public. Luckily, she managed to recover and make a comeback. She's topped the charts and headlined a Las Vegas show. Her former housekeepers probably aren't rooting for her, as according to them she wouldn't wear deodorant, didn't shower for days, and left half-eaten plates of food everywhere. Though most of this probably came from her bad days when she probably didn't feel like doing anything. So to those former housekeepers: leave Britney alone!

8 Jessica Simpson Never Brushes Her Teeth

Since Jessica Simpson has a gorgeous smile, you'd assume she brushes her pearly whites all the time, right? Well, that's not the case! When she was a guest on The Ellen Show, Jessica revealed to Ellen that she never brushes her teeth because she doesn't like the squeaky-clean feel of brushed teeth. Instead, she uses mouthwash (Listerine, to be specific) and then wipes them with a cloth or rag. Naturally, Ellen was shocked and disgusted, as anyone would be. Let's face it, people brushing their teeth at least twice a day is one of the most basic forms of hygiene, so you don't really expect to find out that a well-known pop star never brushes them, even if that pop star doesn't know the difference between tuna and chicken!

7 Johnny Depp Only Changes His Clothes When His Odor Becomes Unbearable

Johnny Depp has been one of the biggest names in Hollywood for many years now. Starting out in the 80's on the TV series 21 Jump Street, he went on to star in quirky and versatile roles. Best known for his frequent collaborations with Tim Burton and for the beloved role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Depp has won over both critics and fans and brought in the big bucks. However, things haven't been so great for him in the last couple of years, with box-office bombs, controversial roles (like starring as the Native American character, Tonto, in The Lone Ranger, despite being white) and domestic violence accusations. Oh, and he really, really smells! Johnny doesn't like showers and only changes his clothes when his body odor becomes unbearable. Yikes!

6 Kristen Stewart Leaves Cigarette Butts Everywhere

Kristen Stewart is probably best known for starring as the mild-mannered, doe-eyed human-turned-vampire Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise. Not much is known about her private life apart from her highly-publicized relationships, but apparently, the pale-skinned actress is a chain smoker, according to her former housekeeper. ''Well, so are many people, what's the big deal?'' some might ask. Well, if what the former housekeeper says is true, it seems that K-Stew has never heard of ashtrays! Instead, she leaves her cigarette butts EVERYWHERE – in the shower, in the plant pots, even in the fridge! That is SO gross! No wonder the housekeeper no longer works for her, no money is good enough to put up with such disgusting and inconsiderate habits! Here's hoping she quits smoking and shows future housekeepers more consideration.

5 Orlando Bloom Wears The Same Clothes Day And Night 

Orlando Bloom is one of the many charming British actors to make it in Hollywood. He was adored as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings franchise, partly thanks to that beautiful blonde wig he wore for the role. He also starred alongside Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, meaning he’s set for life and doesn’t need to worry about saving money on deodorant or showers... yet he still goes for days without showering or changing his clothes. He even wears those clothes to bed and just rolls out of them in the morning! To make matters worse, his dog sleeps in the bed with him and drools everywhere, so add dog smell and drool to the body odor.

4 Matthew McConaughey's Dreadful Body Odor

Matthew McConaughey has charmed many women with his work in romantic comedies, but would they all still drool after him if they knew about his poor hygiene? The occasionally eccentric Matthew — his neighbors once called the cops because he was playing the bongos naked — doesn't believe in deodorant. His excuse is that he doesn't like to smell like anything or anyone else. He prefers his own natural scent, claiming that he ''smells like a man'' and that women find that attractive. Err, whatever you say, Matthew, but most women go for clean dudes! Apparently one of his co-stars even offered him their deodorant because he smelled so bad, but he still refused! However, he claims that if his smell is bothering someone, he'll take a shower. What's he gonna do, shower once an hour?

3 Robert Pattinson Smells So Bad, It's Ridiculous

Robert Pattinson is best known for starring as the brooding vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, with millions of young girls going crazy for Rob and his hair. How does he achieve that hairstyle? By not washing it! He's been known to not wash it for up to six weeks at a time because he just doesn't see the point. He also doesn't see the point in cleaning his apartment either, admitting in an interview that his apartment is just for sleeping in and his hair just hangs out of his head. So why bother cleaning either of them? His body odor gets so bad that the smell is unbearable even to him, and that's when he finally gets in the shower! He might've been Team Edward, but he's certainly not Team Shower!

2 Joan Rivers Refused To Use Deodorant

It's not nice to speak ill of the dead, but pretty much everyone hated Joan Rivers when she was alive. Though comedians are known for making fun of everything and everyone, Joan always took things way too far and joked with things that shouldn't be joked with, and if she was getting called out in a world that wasn't as politically correct as it is today, then we know it was really bad! Another thing that was bad was her personal hygiene. Joan was one of the many celebrities who refused to use deodorant (maybe she started the trend. Thanks a lot, Joan!). She instead mixed vodka and water in a spray bottle and used that instead. Maybe she thought the alcohol in the vodka would kill the bacteria that causes body odor? It doesn't work that way, Joan!

1 Anderson Cooper Wore The Same Pants For 6 Months

While hosting Anderson Live in 2012, Anderson Cooper revealed to Stacy London of TLC’s show What Not To Wear that he’s not into fashion. Nothing wrong with that, but what’s really wrong is Anderson’s terrible hygiene, which he also talked about. He admitted to wearing the same pair of jeans for the last six months, only washing them twice in that period! But he might as well have not washed them at all, because he didn’t take them off and throw them in the washing machine – he prefers instead to get into the shower wearing them and just rub some soap on them! But talking about the poor hygiene habits, let’s just hope that those two showers weren’t the only ones he took in that six-month period.

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