15 Films That Are Allegedly Linked To The Illuminati

Surely most of you internet explorers are familiar, to some extent, with the Illuminati. Anyone who has played an Assassin's Creed game, or watched National Treasure will have got a hint of it as well. All of the Freemason garbage that litters media of all sorts is hard not to notice. And with every mention of Masonic dealings, there comes some sort of reference to the Illuminati.

This once secret society of light now has websites and Facebook pages all over the place, promoting their special kind of plan for paradise on Earth. They claim to know the truth and claim to be a group of influential business folk, artists, world leaders, and authorities in other fields.

Some of the connections to the Illuminati that people claim seem a little far-fetched, and I think the whole notion of this historically secret organization has simply become the stuff of memes and internet trolling. All the same, below are 15 films that have an alleged connection to the mysterious and influential group known as the Illuminati. So, next time you watch these films, see if you can tell just how they're trying to get you.

15 A Clockwork Orange

"A large segment of society depends on welfare to make ends meet. This movie is the elite’s social engineers letting you know what they are up to. Note that the central character is only cured once he licks the boot of his oppressor. One of the cops has the badge number 665, signifying that the Beast (666)’s coming is approaching. The Illuminati is revealing its method to our subconscious before doing it in reality." Apparently, A Clockwork Orange is all about the impending doom of the arrival of our so-far-secret overlords. Which apparently also means that our overlords have something to do with Satan...or at least like to be compared to Satan. So, that's fairly terrifying. Of course, it helps to know that there is no real secret superpower waiting to come and command us all...or maybe they already have got us!

14 The Matrix

"The Matrix film carries a powerful anti-Illuminati message. We are many, they are few. If we awaken, we can defeat our Masters. However, the sequels fail to measure up to the original with weird Christ parallels and an ambiguous ending which leaves you wondering who won." So, here's something rather unexpected. There aren't just pro-Illuminati films out there, there are those who create films in order to fight back against the rather secret oppression we are all apparently facing. There are all sorts of references including Morpheus representing the Roman god of dream, from which morphine is derived (because the Illuminati apparently keeps us in a drugged could). And at times Morpheus holds his hands in the shape of an upside down pyramid, which is an opposition to the "pyramid of wealth".

13 Eyes Wide Shut

"Even if there isn't an official Illuminati, there are groups of extremely wealthy and influential individuals with a disproportionate level of global and national power, and these people do meet in private on a regular basis (some describe these meetings as the Grand Chessboard) to direct public policy. At a very small and select number of these get-togethers, elites do participate in celebrations of the ancient mystery school. With "Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick provided a gateway for the inquisitive to investigate this sort of thing for themselves." It seems that Kubrick is all over the Illuminati films in Hollywood. Maybe he's a member himself. Or maybe he's trying to subtly warn people about the occult nature of the wealthy, and powerful members of the Illuminati.

12 The Devil's Advocate

"They tell us about the conspiracy because they want us to be compromised. Just as lower-ranked Freemasons or ordinary Jews or Americans or Europeans are compromised by their support for war. They want us all to become demons." So the Illuminati wants us all to be aware that they're trying to take our souls. And so they give us films like A Devil's Advocate, where Keanu Reeves is constantly tempted by the devil Al Pacino. And, while Reeves does manage to off himself rather than serve his master, Pacino shows up at the end as if to say that our servitude to our master is inevitable. Apparently, the Illuminati "...have a wager with God. They can win us over to Lucifer. But they have to give us free will, the ability to make a choice."

11 The Omen

It's interesting that people can never seem to get right whether or not the Illuminati are partially a society for Jesus or for Satan. In the case of The Devil's Advocate, it would seem that people are suggesting we have no choice but to eventually follow our enlightened masters to the glory of Satan. But then with films like Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, and The Omen, it seems as though people think that these are all a Jesuit ploy of mass propaganda and manipulation. And apparently, the whole point of this mass manipulation is to keep people away from the power of Satan. Though, given that the Illuminati's main symbol is the pyramid of wealth (and love of money is the root of all evil), it's difficult to see the Illuminati as an organization to bring us to the bosom of Jesus.

10 V For Vendetta

There are those out there who honestly think that V For Vendetta was shot in order to cover up the original story of Guy Fawkes and his mask (now largely used by the internet superpower Anonymous). The film version is all about overthrowing a tyrannical government, but the original story was apparently more than that. Guy Fawkes' whole plan was to kill King James and those men who aided him in promoting Protestantism in England with his King James Bible. It was all a Catholic plot to save the power of the pope. This story even goes as deep as people believing that Pope Francis is a Jesuit soldier who is involved in UFO cover-ups. Apparently, UFOs are actually demonic beings that can travel through dimensions. See how much of this actually shows up in the film.

9 The Shining

"...it could be sort of like David Icke’s theories where these Illuminati types are into the pre-pubescent hormones because that is what the reptilian shape shifters feed off of for sustenance." That's the sort of garbage out there on the internet with regards to the Illuminati. Reptilian shape shifters? Apparently, filmmaker Stanley Kubrick was responsible for hiding Illuminati secrets regarding the faking of the Moon landing (because Kubrick allegedly filmed the Moon landing). In an artistic way, Kubrick has apparently leaked plenty of tiny Easter eggs in The Shining that hint at his cover-up. The whole film is littered with red, white and blue, the hotel carpet is made of shapes similar to the Apollo 11 launch pad, and there is a photo of a rocket on a fridge in one scene. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of articles about the crazy connections.

8 American Psycho

Surprisingly, the connections that American Psycho has to the Illuminati is very much based in current politics. Apparently, the author of the novel on which the film is based was a huge fan of Donald Trump and basically made him the main character of his book. Patrick Bateman was a very wealthy tycoon who could only stay connected to reality through murder. While the author didn't give name Trump in the book, nor in the film adaptation, Bateman's age was made to be 27 in reference to the fact that it takes 270 votes in the electoral college to become president. And, apparently, the creator of American Psycho knew that Trump was going to be president as early as the writing of the book and obviously also when the movie was being created. The Illuminati deemed it so.

7 Raiders Of The Lost Ark

"I remember sitting in a theatre in the early 80's and clearly being able to make out a "Hail Satan" and "Sa-tan" being made audible at precisely the same time a loud booming thunder crashed as the Nazi's were opening the Ark in Raiders of the Lost Ark." This is the sort of stuff that films have to deal with today. People hearing supposed hidden messages and then applying it to some sort of mind control ploy set up by the wealthy members of the Illuminati. Partially a religious organization and partially an elite organization of rich people who think they know what's best for mankind, apparently the Illuminati has been working mind control in film as far back as Star Wars. And they have planted it in shows as recent as Goosebumps, Gargoyles, and even Sailor Moon.

6 The Wicker Man

Now, this is a fun film. And no, this isn't the Nicolas Cage film about him punching girls in the face, and getting suffocated in bees. No, this was the original Wicker Man, which was actually a good film. At least by comparison. However, it wouldn't be on this list if it wasn't for some sort of involvement with the Illuminati. It turns out that the island on which the action takes place is littered with flashes of the "eye of providence", or the "all-seeing eye". And the whole film is about the islanders manipulating the main character so that they may ultimately sacrifice him for a good harvest of crops. That smells like a conspiracy to me. Apparently, the all-seeing god is always watching, and waiting for his servants to do work in his name.

5 Stargate

Well, this is a pretty clear Illuminati image right here. And while it likely has nothing to do with it, there are so many people who immediately see a pyramid and think of the Illuminati. I can only wonder what the same people think of when they see Egypt. "Thousands of years ago, Stargate technology from an ancient alien civilization on earth was lost. Prophecy says this lost ancient technology will be rediscovered by the year 2012. Ancient prophecy says this will bring the birth of a new matrix of reality and a new type of human. According to ancient texts, what is needed is the Cloak of the Illuminati, a super-skin with astounding, supernatural power which makes safe passage through Stargates possible." This quotation is from an actual documentary synopsis that basically made up a bunch of bullsh*t after watching the 1994 film Stargate.

4 Ninth Gate

This film is full of occult and satanic symbolism and ritual. It doesn't hide it at all. You can clearly see the pentagram sticking out of the character's throat in this shot. And while it seems people can't decide if the Illuminati are for Jesus or Satan, it's pretty clear that those who promote this film, and their "enlightened" followers are on Satan's side. And the people who break down the movie, and list all of the references to the Illuminati go so far as to say that "Brad Pitt is a member of the secret society." After all, The Ninth Gate is a "Luceriferian initiation rite movie". And since Pitt was in it, it only makes sense, right? Or it could just be that he's an actor. And it should also be noted that people harping about Pitt's involvement in the Illuminati should get the facts right...it was actually Johnny Depp in the film, not Brad Pitt.

3 Mulholland Drive

"Lynch’s greatest mishap plays alongside what might be his most sublime accomplishment, Mulholland Drive, in which the filmmaker vents his frustrations of compromising a personal vision to boardrooms of unimaginative studio suits, who are here portrayed as a kind of demonic Illuminati with ties to that nether Red Room world Lynch glimpsed at in Twin Peaks and Lost Highway." I mean, this can't be too surprising. David Lynch is probably one of the strangest filmmakers in the world. So, for him to be associated in some way with the Illuminati simply based on demonic-seeming suits is no real surprise. What's interesting is that even though it's looked on as a semi-Illuminati film, it's also apparently seen as Lynch's greatest mishap. This person was clearly not a fan.

2 Cloud Atlas

"Cloud Atlas is a reminder the world is run by a satanic cult. Hollywood makes the cult's home movies which remove us from truth and transport us to a sick occult world. The good news: this movie bombed at the box office." Well, it may be a scathing review of Cloud Atlas, but make no mistake, this guy is talking about the Illuminati. And he seems to really feel that the secret organization is very clearly an evil one. It is full of all the wealthy and powerful after all. And we all know they are evil. But, seriously, all you have to do is look at the above photo and understand that that is how the super elite actually look. Oh, wait, no, they are actually lizard people who take the form of people like George Bush. Sometimes I wonder how people have so much time on their hands.

1 The Master

The Master is a film all about manipulation and mind control. The movie is loosely based on the life of L. Ron Hubbard. If that name doesn't sound familiar, then let me enlighten you. He's the crazy creator of Scientology. And before he created the ridiculous Church of Scientology, he was heavily involved in the occult. He was also a science fiction writer. And, no surprise, many conspiracy theorists connect him to the Illuminati. Why is that? Well because Hubbard was a master of manipulation. Hence the title of the film: The Master. If you ever want a lesson in just how the "New World Order", at the behest of the "Illuminati" is manipulating you through the mass media...just take a watch of this film. They want you to know that they own you...

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