15 Fights Between Wrestlers That Weren't Scripted

15 of the most extreme examples of when real life tension led to some unbelievable fights that you may not know about.

With the incredible amount of time professional wrestlers spend on the road together, it is inevitable that some minor disagreements and confrontations will emerge between the various stars. The purpose of this list, however, is to identify those wrestlers whose conflicts have gone on to become more than simple disagreements. As such, this list will count down 15 wrestling fights that actually happened.

For the purposes of entertainment, those fights which were especially crazy, as well as those which are notable for other reasons, will be especially highlighted. I think those reading this will be surprised not only at the star power of the wrestlers listed but also at the intensity of some of these frays.

The facts and dates described in this article are taken from or are from the first-hand knowledge of the author.

15 Randy Savage vs. Road Warrior Hawk

Fights between these two actually took place on two separate occasions, but with the second one being more famous (and definitely more hilarious) we will discuss it here. Apparently Randy Savage and Road Warrior Hawk did not like each other very much. In fact, their feelings were so strong that this fight occurred when both men were retired, several years after they had last seen each other.

When Hawk spotted Savage at a Kid Rock concert (having been to a Kid Rock concert I can tell you that white trash fights like this are commonplace) he immediately came over and started making trouble. When this fight started getting physical, both Hawk's and Savage's wives decided to get involved in the fray. This was clearly Savage's second wife, as I doubt the aristocratic Miss Elizabeth would ever have gotten involved in such a low-class affair.

14 Edge vs. Randy Orton

This entry is one of the few fights on our list that actually impacted the TV program. During an episode of Raw, it was billed (and publicized during the show earlier that evening) that two blockbuster matches would take place during that Raw; Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena (a rematch of their blockbuster WrestleMania match) and Edge vs. Randy Orton (an aftermath of the collapse of Rated RKO).

The Cena-Michaels match began at 10 pm (Raw, of course, ends at 11 pm), and it was assumed that Edge vs. Orton would follow. The Cena-HBK match, however, would last for over an hour and close out the show. It was later revealed that Edge and Orton had gotten into some sort of confrontation backstage and that both men were so heated that producers decided against them wrestling each other that night.

13 Great Khali vs. Big Show

While this fight is not very well known, I decided to include it because of the sheer magnitude of the combatants. Could you imagine standing in the locker room and seeing these two seven footers (plus) duking it out? WWE Superstar, Chris Jericho, had this opportunity, comparing it to Godzilla and King Kong going at it.

This fight occurred shortly after Khali's debut in WWE and was reportedly the result of Big Show not respecting Khali's work ethic (or lack thereof) in the WWE. These two reportedly landed several punches on each other before it was broken up by WWE officials. How the backstage staff was able to break up these two behemoths is beyond me, but I can imagine that the entire episode was something to behold.

12 Goldberg vs. William Regal

I debated including this entry on our list because it isn't exactly a "fight" in the way other entries were. After seeing a video of an exhausted Goldberg after this gruelling match, however, I decided to include it here at #12. This match occurred in WCW shortly after Goldberg's debut. At this point in his career, he was still performing "squash matches" against no name talents. As such, his match blueprint included a couple basic wrestling maneuvers accompanied by his signature Spear and Jackhammer finishers (those of you who have followed Goldberg's recent WWE run will realize that not a lot has changed).

Regal, however, (according to his testimony) was told to test Goldberg by putting him through the rigors of a six-minute technical wrestling bout. This amounted to six embarrassing minutes of Regal absolutely pummelling Goldberg. If this was a real fight, we would have had to award the victory to Regal.

11 Marty Jannetty vs. Shawn Michaels

It may surprise many people to know that this fight (or fights) took place prior to the breakup of these two men's tag-team, the Rockers.

There were, of course, numerous fights between these two so it is hard to pinpoint an exact reason for the conflict. If I had to pick an overarching theme, however, I would say that these tussles were largely the result of the fact that up until very recently Shawn Michaels was a gigantic dick. Michaels is arguably the greatest wrestling performer of all time, and for much of his career, he was very aware of it.

This led to several fights between him and his (admittedly far less talented) tag-team partner, Jannetty. The most notable of these took place right before their breakup and may have led to the group's ultimate split.

10 Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff 

Writing this entry, I had a hard time deciding which I would rather do; become a record 16x World Heavyweight Champion, or have just one chance to punch Eric Bischoff square in the mouth. I think I would eventually choose the championships, but it would be a tough decision.

There is just something about Bischoff's smarmy nature which seems to rub people the wrong way. The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair apparently felt the same way, as hard feelings left over from the two men's time with WCW led to a conflict in the early 2000's when they were both working for WWE. The actual confrontation is little to write home about, as Bischoff predictably scuttled away before Flair was able to do any real damage, but we're sure it's a memory Flair still holds close to his heart.

9 Batista vs. Booker T

Many of the fights on this list occurred due to rivalries between individual wrestlers, but this one appears to have occurred because of the rivalry between the two WWE brands. According to reports, the confrontation between Batista and Booker T occurred largely because of some disparaging remarks Batista made about Smackdown following his trade to the Raw brand.

Batista made some comments alleging that the recent drop in Smackdown ratings was a result of him leaving and that Smackdown was a subordinate show to Raw. Booker T apparently took offense to these remarks and proceeded to kick Batista's ass.

Multiple reports have stated that Batista (despite his size and build) is relatively soft, so it is unsurprising that someone like Booker T (who has had a very hard and exciting life) would get the better of him in a fight.

8 MVP vs. Bill Demott 

I imagine that quite a few wrestlers who have gone through the WWE Performance Center are jealous of the fact that MVP got into it with Bill Demott. Long before Demott was forced to resign for accusations of bullying and racism, he was one of the most hated trainers in the company. Future WWE superstar MVP was subject to particularly brutal comments and actions by Demott, causing the young man to fire back. The day after Demott had berated him in a session, MVP stormed into Demott's office and started yelling. MVP warned Demott that if he ever talked to him that way again that he would knock him out cold. Being the true coward that he is, Demott told MVP that he would leave him alone and never bothered him again.

7 Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart

When you think about backstage confrontations between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, you likely assume that they took place after the infamous "Montreal screw job". Such is not the case, as the most famous fight between these two actually took place about a month before the Montreal title match. Essentially a pissing contest about who was the top guy in the company, small backstage matchups between Hart and Michaels were fairly common during this time.

One fight, in particular, got extra escalated, however, with both Michaels and Hart repeatedly going after each other and having to be restrained by several men. Many believe that the bad feelings between Michaels and Hart (including this notable episode) were part of the reason why Michaels was so willing to be involved in the Montreal screw job.

6 Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

If you were going to pick a fight with someone in the locker room, why the hell would you pick one with an Olympic Gold Medalist. Especially for someone of Eddie Guerrero's size and stature, choosing to fight somebody with the technical wrestling background of Kurt Angle is just ludicrous. That didn't stop Eddie from getting heated with Kurt during an exchange backstage on an episode of Smackdown.

Kurt easily took down Latino Heat (I would guess that Eddie's "Latin fire" had a little to do with this exchange) and the whole thing was broken up by John Laurinaitis. It is reported that immediately after the fight, Guerrero was asked why he would pick a fight with Angle, to which he said, "cause I'm stupid". We agree with Eddie.

5 Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Puder

I asked in the last entry why anyone would pick a fight with an Olympic Gold Medalist, but apparently, in WWE this kind of crap happens all the time. The funny thing about the #5 entry on our list, however, was that Daniel Puder actually won this fight. A former MMA fighter, Puder was a contestant on one of the early seasons of WWE's Tough Enough. During one of the shows, WWE Superstar Kurt Angle challenged the contestants to try and take him down. Puder did just that, locking Angle in a Kimura lock. Instead of letting go, however, Puder insisted on keeping Angle in the submission until he gave up. Angle refused, and the two had to be forcibly separated.

4 Edge vs. Matt Hardy

With the plethora of relationships that take place within WWE, I am surprised that more fights do not take place between (and because of) the fairer sex. One example which did occur was the dramatic love triangle of Matt Hardy, Lita, and Edge. Most people will remember that the on-screen relationship of Matt Hardy and Lita was based on actual fact. Many people do not know, however, that Lita's on-screen relationship with Edge was also real. During Hardy's injury, Edge "stole"Lita away from him, causing serious tension between the two wrestlers. WWE would seek to capitalize on this by creating a love storyline very similar to what actually happened. With emotions running so high between these three it is easy to guess that confrontations (both verbal and physical) were very common in this working relationship.

3 Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg

A few months ago we saw Goldberg make an appearance on Raw to confront then Universal Champion Kevin Owens and his cohort Chris Jericho. During the exchange, Jericho made some comment to Goldberg to the effect of "I don't like you, I've never liked you". Those of you who know the history between these wrestlers know that this is very much the truth. There was a time in WCW when a very over heel Jericho was doing everything in his power to get a match with top contender Bill Goldberg. Goldberg consistently refused a feud with Jericho, however, because he didn't think it was realistic for him to take a loss to someone so much smaller than him. The tensions would boil over between these two on two separate occasions, with Jericho getting the better of the bigger man both times. So much for Y2J beating him up not being realistic.

2 Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon

Despite the fact that he was once a legitimate main event star, I think the fact that Bret Hart is so widely known in the wrestling world is partly due to the incident that happened backstage following the infamous "Montreal screw job". Immediately after the match, Hart confronted Vince, who he had also previously spit on in front of everyone, again. Things got progressively heated until Hart hit McMahon with an uppercut in the jaw, levelling him.

Hart was dragged off by WWE personnel while Vince lay flat on his back on the locker room floor. The ultimate technician, Hart later admitted that he decided on the uppercut in the fear that an overhead punch would have been blocked by the people circling them. Through this incident, Hart was able to live out the fantasy of hundreds of WWE wrestlers and officials of punching Vince McMahon in the face.

1 Sid Vicious vs. Arn Anderson

I remember being absolutely shocked when I first heard about this fight. During their time with WCW Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson got into a fight because of some arrogant comments Sid had said about him "being the future" and old timers like Anderson and Ric Flair "needing to retire". The initial scuffle between these two backstage was similar to the other entries on this list. Things really got dicey later that evening, however, as Sid would show up at Anderson's hotel room to continue the fight. At some point during the confrontation, Sid got ahold of a pair of scissors and proceeded to stab Anderson multiple times in the back. Sid would eventually flee the scene, and Anderson was rushed to the hospital. This is certainly the wildest backstage wrestling fight to ever occur.

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15 Fights Between Wrestlers That Weren't Scripted