15 Fictional Princesses Who Are Hotter Than Princess Leia

Let's start by giving Princess Leia her fair due. She is clearly a fan favorite and for very good reasons. She burst onto the big screen with fire and spunk, an independent woman afraid of nothing. In addition to being a spunky, beautiful Princess, she had the ability to fight and spit verbal fire with the best of them. This is why the Han Solo/Princess Leia chemistry worked so well. The two of them both had outlaw-like personalities; type-A figures who feared nothing and had the courage of a lion. Leia was special. She showed off her grit throughout the first two films released in the series, Episodes 4 and 5. She was compelling and strong, a combination not always portrayed by women. She had gravitas and we loved her for it.

Then came Return of the Jedi. When Jedi arrived, Leia went to a whole other level of greatness. Everyone loved her strength and personality, but upon seeing her chained to Jabba the Hutt, the world rejoiced in her sexuality. She was an unwilling slave dressed in carnal Halloween costume that, still to this day, reigns supreme as one of the most iconic sexy outfits of all time. Leia had it all, brains, spunk, fearlessness and beauty. So it's a pretty big hurdle to cross to be considered as good a catch as her. So, let's look at a few other fictional Princesses and see how they fare against out Star Wars beauty. When we strip out all the personality and grit and simply go for looks, that's where some of these epic beauties surpass the awesomeness of Leia. Keep in mind, there are hundreds and hundreds to choose from, but we did our best to compile a solid list that spans animation, play production, good fiction and feature films. Let's dig into 15 Fictional Princess Who Are Hotter Than Princess Leia and see if yours made our list!

15 Giselle (Enchanted)

Whether you are talking animated or live action, Giselle is one hot-to-trot Princess. Her beauty was brought to life by Amy Adams, a fan favorite who more recently is Superman's main squeeze, so you know she has some serious game. The animated version is more of a busty hourglass figure looking more like a perfectly sculpted Barbie Doll than a human being. But Adams does a good job of bringing the character to life, and even if you don't think she is as beautiful as Leia, the animated version carries the day without question. But combined we decided to throw Giselle into the mix for consideration as the animators clearly saw her as a big time stunner. Giselle has tremendous personality and intrigue in her bubbly role and the character is one that audiences gravitate to and love.

14 Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Belle is a classic beauty. The focus of the film Beauty and the Beast is another epic Disney character who struck a chord with the young audience as well as adults. As the song goes, it's a "tale as old as time." The classic animated version of Belle is a gorgeous beauty. The Broadway and live-action film versions also do not disappoint. Currently, Emma Watson is set to play the famous character in the upcoming film due out shortly. Emma Watson is definitely no slouch and if you have seen a few of her photos lately, the young sex symbol has an independent heart and mind. As for the original film, it grossed an astounding $425 million in 1991 and continued Disney's incredible run of success. Numerous hit songs were spawned from the film and the classic portrayal of love being blind struck a chord with audiences. And of course, everyone loved the beautiful Belle.

13 Guinevere (King Arthur and Lancelot fame)

If there is a female character who is as enlightened and intriguing as Princess Leia, we like Princess Guinevere for the part. The story of Guinevere is an interesting one told again and again. Some of the stories point to King Arthur calling on then, Princess Gwenevere, and asking for her hand in marriage. Once that happened, she became Queen by his side. Now, Arthur famously had his Knights of the Roundtable. And Sir Lancelot was a very loyal part of this crew. Unfortunately, Lancelot and Guinevere fell into a forbidden love that was more epic than Romeo and Juliet. Lancelot's loving feelings for her betrayed his honor in swearing to protect King Arthur. Also, Guinevere is smoking hot in every story filmed or played out on stage. Lancelot and Guinevere were eventually caught together in bed and a massive fight ensued. Lancelot was able to escape but Guinevere was tried. The two would never be together again and Guinevere ended up a nun while Lancelot ended his days as a hermit. Their love cost them their honor and stature. Rough. But she still was pretty smoking hot! In many of the tales she also can hold her own in a fight.

12 Snow White (Snow White)

Okay, aside from the Disney portrayal of her, Snow White is truly known as one of the most beautiful princesses Disney has ever created. Her signature attributes of kindness and beauty are legendary. Her sweet and gentle demeanor and acceptance of all, she was truly the kind of royalty everyone wished existed in the world. She seemed to be giving whether it was to Dwarves or the animals in the forest. Snow white is often a brunette beauty. More recently, a live-action portrayal had Kristen Stewart playing a more edgy version of the character in Snow White & the Huntsman. There have been a ton of incarnations of the Snow White character, but all of them have been dark haired, fair-skinned beauties. Think of her as a more polished version of Princess Leia and Leia as the more rugged version.

11 Princess Buttercup (The Princess Bride)

Hey Princess Bride fans, rejoice! We fondly look back at one of the greatest love stories ever told. This beautifully constructed film was nothing less than a classic masterpiece and Princess Buttercup was at the heart of the story. Played brilliantly by a beautiful and endearing Robin Wright, the amazingly written and acted story had a slew of memorable characters that we could go on-and-on about. But we will instead focus on Wright’s portrayal of Buttercup who killed it. She was a gorgeous Princess in this fairy tale story and we give extra props for this movie being one of the top films of all time, hitting top lists in many categories. Two big thumbs up for Wright and that grabs her number two on our list.

10 Ella of Frell (Ella Enchanted)

When you have Anne Hathaway as your lead, you are bound to hit a pretty good list. The story of Ella Enchanted has been a classic comedy that plays right into the fairy tale genre but in live-action form as opposed to the usual animation delivery method. Ella Enchanted is a modern day Cinderella story told effectively with Hathaway as its lead. The story is intriguing and has become somewhat of a small screen classic. It is always shown on television and having a young Hathaway leading the charge has created a classic character that is beloved by young girls and women alike. As for how she looks, there is no denying that Hathaway is a beauty and is worth the watch.

9 Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Ariel was The Little Mermaid. This movie was part of Disney's classic period of making massively successful animated movies. The film scored over $200 million at the box office. The film is originally based on a Danish fairy tale of the same name. And if you have ever gone to the live-action show, you know Ariel is a more than just a pretty red-headed cartoon character. She is a beauty who wears a shell bra. Many in the film industry site The Little Mermaid with aiding Disney's Renaissance and allowing them to pump out numerous hit animated films following this release.

8 Anastasia (Anastasia)

As Princesses go, Anastasia is tough not to love. The Russian beauty starts out as an unsuspecting poor girl who ends up on an adventure with a money-schemer. But at the end of the story, she comes to find that despite being brought in as a fake, she actually is the real deal and the lone survivor from the famed Romanov family. The actual truth behind the family's final moments are terrible and horrifying. They were the Russian ruling family and were overthrown with the family being brought out into the woods and brutally massacred, children and all. The fairy tale comes about with the hope that a single one of them, a small girl, Anastasia Romanov, escaped in the madness deep in the snowy forest and was able to survive the event with significant memory loss. Her grandmother, the lone surviving member lives in Europe and when Anastasia is brought to her, their family ties are rekindled and Anastasia takes her place as the rightful Princess in name she always was, which includes the keys to the family fortune.

7 Princess Jasmine (Aladdin)

We're going to leave the animated version of this beauty in the article because Princess Jasmine was built to be an absolute stunning picture of hotness. The film was Aladdin and the classic Disney movie hit the theaters in 1992 and brought home a stunning $500 million in sales. The incredible score was a combination of a great story, amazing music, and the incredible talent of Robin Williams. Whether it is the animated or live-action version, you will be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful Disney Princess. A few different live-action adaptations have taken place, but if you have ever seen Jasmine at Disneyland, on a Disney Cruise ship, or even at your local Perkins Restaurant, you know she is an Arabian beauty, the likes of nothing ever seen before by Disney. A fun tidbit on this one, super director Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes Films, Snatch) apparently signed on to direct the live-action version which is being developed and written as we speak.

6 Princess Tamina (Prince of Persia)

Princess Tamina isn't nearly as well known as many of the others on this list. She isn't as classic as the famed Disney characters on this list, but Tamina holds her own by virtue of her incredible Arabian hotness. The sexy Princess has a knockout body and is the protector of the Dagger of Time. With all that going for her, it is difficult not to pay attention to this true vision. She also has some pretty impressive time traveling abilities. The film and her character engage in tremendous drama and intrigue. With intense battles, the lure of resurrection and the death of a king, there is a lot of chasing and near death moments that are all captured by the perfect midriff of Princess Tamina shows off those incredible curves at abs at every turn. One word: impressive. With her Kardashian-like Persian appeal, Tamina is a big hit on this list despite not having nearly as much name recognition.

5 Padme Amidala (The Phantom Menace)

When you combine Natalie Portman and Star Wars you are definitely increasing awesomeness to an incredibly high level. The combination of these two extraordinary forces is more powerful than the Force itself. Portman became a massive fan favorite with her arrival in Hollywood with the film “The Professional.” She was an immediate hit with fans and has since continued to be a dark-haired hottie. The highly intelligent Portman flexed her far, far away muscles in round 2 of the Star Wars relaunch. She was very Leia-esque in her own right but Portman always gets extra points for, well, being Natalie Portman.

4 Cinderella (Cinderella)

Cinderella is a gorgeous beauty. The closet Princess who is hotter than everyone around her but constantly is second-fiddle to her less-hot step-sisters. Cinderella’s story has been told a thousand times over with each time showcasing the grungy hottie getting the short end of the stick only to capture the handsome Prince’s heart. Of course, there is always something left behind, a glass slipper being the go-to, prior to Cinderella facing the dreaded midnight curfew in which her fairy tale ends. Whichever story version you enjoy, one thing is for certain, this timeless classic always features one really hot blonde beauty.

3 Princess Anna (Frozen)

Frozen’s Anna arrives. She is the more “regular” looking of the two Princesses in the family. The younger sister of the two, Anna is a beautiful brunette with the tough and confident kind of talk that makes her a fun catch. Her personality has her coming right out of the Princess Leia mold. The toughness Anna exhibits makes her likable and lovable all at the same time. In addition to her fiery personality, she is quite athletic and when she dresses up, she has a beautiful royal quality to boot. Frozen is a monster hit, as in billions in revenue from movie sales and merchandising, and was coupled with more Disney timeless tunes. Anna drives the story and girls everywhere have been hooked ever since!

2 Tiana (Princess and the Frog)

We head into the Deep South of the United States, namely New Orleans, Louisiana. The Princess and the Frog is another Disney classic that brought home well over 200 million at the box office. With elements of Voodoo and the amazing and vibrant culture of New Orleans brought to life, this classic tale deals with hallmark Disney elements of classicism and taking leaps of faith for love. The main force in this one is Tiana, the dark-skinned beauty who gets turned into a frog. Her stunning figure, strength and beautiful personality are all big draws for this Disney Princess. After she and her true love are turned into frogs, they decide they would rather be frogs in love together than humans apart and their spells are broken, returning them back to human form. Happily ever after.

1 Princess Elsa (Frozen)

Who is the fairest princess of them all? We are voting a hard number one for the Snow Queen herself, Princess Elsa. Ever been to a restaurant that has a Frozen character night? Elsa is the hot blonde dressed up in a skinny tight dress that makes every father struggle to not get in trouble for grabbing a few extra peaks. Elsa is an incredibly beautiful and powerful blonde that has an hourglass figure to kill for. The beauty in animation form is constructed as very hot but in human form is downright gorgeous. The live versions of Princess Elsa are ridiculous. Only the hottest of the hottest even bother. With that said, there are many fictional Princesses with incredible looks to rival Princess Leia. But remember, Leia was beauty and spunk. She was a special something. I'm quite certain there are a few others who could fall onto this list, but we definitely give Elsa the number one spot bar-none. Heck, she created her own ice castle and is wickedly hot!

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