15 Female TV Doctors We Wished Gave Us A Lollipop

Just like it is sexy to see firefighters boldly and bravely saving helpless civilians, or to see knights in shining armor sweeping damsels in distress off their feet, everyone loves a good, sexy TV doctor. There's something about the position that is just so attractive, whether it's the tireless work these doctors put in to helping their patients, the overwhelming knowledge they've accumulated about the human body, or the long hours spent working hard to do whatever it takes to be the best at their job. Whatever the reason, TV docs have got it going on.

We see these lists all the time, listing dreamy doctors (Dr. McDreamy usually topping the list). As soon as we click on it to check out the ranking of hot docs, we realize that the list was meant for fan girls and women, and it spends its time listing dreamy dude docs who spend their time administering their medicine. Okay, fine. Doctors are sexy to women: big surprise. But lady doctors are WAAAAY sexier. Think of all the work these women do, overcoming stereotypes in the medical industry, climbing their way up the medical ladder to prove themselves worthy and be better at their job than anyone else- and they manage to do it all with flawless hair and makeup, sometimes even in heels! These women are goddesses.

So forget Dr. McDreamy and all that bologna- we're here to talk about the docs we're really tuning in to the show for. Here are fifteen of the dreamiest (lady) doctors on television:

15 Dr. Zoe Hart

Remember when everybody thought that Rachel Bilson was going to have a ridiculously explosive career? Yeah, that's because of the show Hart of Dixie where she got her big break (well, after the big break of The O.C. where she played Summer Roberts) as Dr. Zoe Hart, a young doctor from New York City that moves down to middle of nowhere Alabama to run a practice that she's practically inherited. It was a cute little comedy that she starred in for four years, but none of us really watched it for the one-liners and witty retorts; we really just tuned in because damn, Dr. Zoe Hart was gorgeous. She was stunning and radiant and untrusting and guarded and we just wanted her to open up to us- not to Wade Kinsella, the undeserving redneck... but we're not bitter or anything. It's just a TV show, so we don't care or anything...

14 Dr. Elliot Reid

Screw medical dramas- medical comedies are where it's really at. We're not going so far as to bring up doctors from Children's Hospital, but we're talking about the medical comedy that kept us rolling in our seats for all of the 2000s: Scrubs. Starring Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and John C. McGinley, this hilarious comedy made it look like it might actually be fun to work in a hospital. One of the best parts of the show was Dr. Elliot Reid, played by Sarah Chalke. Why was she so great? Because she is the kind of woman that every man eventually wants to wind up with! Clumsy, kind of awkward, a goof, a hard worker, a caring peer, a best friend, a mega flirt, and, most importantly, overwhelmingly sexy. Her character arc in the series was arguably the best written. She was way too good to ever end up with J.D!

13 Dr. Sara Tancredi

Though Dr. Tancredi was on a show administering health advice to men trying to break out of prison, we gladly would have gone to prison to get a taste of Sara's medicine. Played by Sarah Wayne Callies before she hit her truly big break in The Walking Dead (as Lori Grimes), this Prison Break star was really one of the best reasons to watch the show. A star in all four seasons of the show, she starred along Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller in the series about an innocent man wrongfully sent to death row and the brother trying to break him out in time to save his life. So not only did we get to see Dr. Sara Tancredi being a sexy bad ass doctor, but we got to see her working in a prison around dangerous men and risking a lot to do her job... and something about that is ten times sexier.

12 Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley

Last and absolutely, certainly, with a doubt not least is Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley from the popular medical drama House. Starring alongside Hugh Laurie and Omar Epps, she joined the series in season four and rapidly became on of the most popular characters on the show. Like Dr. Gregory House, Thirteen was known for adamantly demanding a separation of work and personal life. Yet, with House, that was never really a possibility. The character, portrayed by the always sexy model/actress Olivia Wilde, was jaded, guarded, fearful, angry, and shockingly vulnerable. She was lonely and afraid of her family's medical history and of her future, though she rarely let those fears show to anyone but Dr. House. She was the perfect counterpart to House's addict, pissed off, cold sensibilities. And we loved when we got to see her in your lounge wear. Olivia Wilde could wear anything and make it look gorgeous, including a white doctor's coat.

11 Dr. Camille "Cam" Saroyan

This Bones star was one of the best reasons to watch the show; certainly better than tuning in for the antics of Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. Played by the way sexy actress, Tamara Taylor, this doc has got it going on. She's been acting in Bones since the beginning of the series (a whopping eleven years now, if you can believe it), playing the doctor at the head of the Jeffersonian Institute's Forensic Division. So what makes her so sexy? Well, besides her stunning looks and voice that sounds like silk? And everything else about her? Possibly her attitude; she's a badass and she knows it, literally cutting up cadavers for a living. She's not afraid to call out her peers, let them know they're wrong, and impose her advice. "There's a loop, people, and I'm in it," she boldly remarked to her coworkers one day. "Not only am I in it, I'm the big curvy part."

10 Dr. Olivia Benford

Don't remember this sexy doc? Well, not a whole lot of people do. She was one of the main characters of the short lived series that only ran two years, Flash Forward. In the show, where everyone on Earth seems to blackout simultaneously and has a vision of their future, actress Sonya Walger played the wife of the main character Mark Benford (it actually had quite the star-studded cast, including Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, and Dominic Monaghan). Through Mark's vision, it's clear that some drama is soon to come in the couples' relationship- but we won't give away any spoilers! Dr. Olivia Benford was one of those doctors that would stay ridiculously long hours at her hospital, working tirelessly to give her patients everything they could ever need- so you can see how this may have negatively impacted her relationships. If you've never seen the series, find a way to check out Olivia hard at work because this sexy doc is exactly who you'd have visions of.

9 Dr. Meredith Grey

Even if you've never watched a medical drama show in your life, you know who Meredith Grey is. Played by Ellen Pompeo, who has also starred in Ben Affleck's Daredevil and Catch Me If You Can, ran this medical drama (which had plenty of moments of lighthearted comedy) about what it is like to be a surgical intern- or even just to live most of your life in the stressful context of a hospital. The show was one of the most popular medical dramas ever created; in fact, it's probably one of the most popular of all time. And why? Because EVERYONE loved Meredith Grey. She was relatable to female viewers, and insanely sexy to everyone who watched her daily life. Her foibles were funny and her tragedies brought us all to tears. Tracking this character's magnificent career and life was all most of us cared about for the twelve years that the series has run.

8 Dr. Quinn

Oh yeah, everyone's gotta love a throwback. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is something the youths of today make fun of due to throwaway references in other shows and movies, but that's just because they never watched it. This show, starring a young and sizzling hot Jane Seymour as well as Joe Lando and Shawn Toovey, was about a female doctor in a small Wild West town doing her best to keep everyone healthy (when she clearly had many obstacles to face). The show started back in 1993 and ran five years, so no one can say it was unpopular. But you know why most of us keep watching reruns to this day? Because even in Wild West garments and dresses that reached down to her wrists and up to her chin, Jane Seymour is mega hot. She's the kind of lady you would stick your foot in a trap for, just for the chance to see that snarky smile.

7 Dr. Mindy Lahiri

Anyone that thinks Mindy Kaling isn't sexy can challenge us to a duel. This woman is so perfectly sexy and unabashedly herself- she's practically the ideal woman.

Dr. Mindy Lahiri isn't trying to be sexy at all. She eats doughnuts for breakfast, works with lady parts and babies all day, makes herself available around the clock to be with her patients, is ambitious enough to put her career above all else, wears pajama pants everywhere it is acceptable to, has a baby she's obsessed with, and does what she wants. Yet, she is one of the sexiest ladies. Even with all of her mistakes and foibles and clumsy tumbles, she is gorgeous and sexy and real! The Mindy Project is so painfully realistic that it makes it seem like Mindy Lahiri could be real. And we'd canvas all the gynecologists in New York City to find her practice and ask her out.

6 Dr. Juliet Burke

We want to skip back to another show that has doctors in it, though is certainly not about doctors or the medical industry or anything of the sort. Watching the series Lost, there were a lot of sexy professionals in their field, whether they worked in the music industry, police force, or something much more secretive. But one of the sexiest ladies on six year long show was Dr. Juliet Burke, an obstetrician/gynecologist that was roped into doing the bidding of Benjamin Linus and his ilk. The doctor, who wants nothing more than to restore fertility in women who can't have babies, was destined to fail as soon as she stepped on the island. But even hardened and jaded and distrustful, she was one of the most gorgeous, kick ass, brilliant characters on the show. And we won't spoil her ending, but... ahhh it was perfect and we'll never stop loving her!

5 Dr. Izzie Stevens

Of course there were going to be multiple Grey's Anatomy doctors on here- how could you think there wouldn't be? If Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital were a real place, we'd all make sure we'd be heading there in an emergency because DAMN: all their doctors were mega hot. Forget Meredith Grey- sure, she was the main character, but there's a reason this doc's career exploded after the show. Dr. Izzie Stevens, played by Katherine Heigl, was by far one of the most adorable characters on the show. We'd give almost anything every episode to see a flash of her gorgeous smile! Having the good fortune to track her career from internship to end was such a delight and privilege, and we'll probably never love Katherine in any other role as much as we loved Dr. Stevens- certainly not if she keeps making movies like Life As We Know It and Home Sweet Hell.

4 Dr. Grace Devlin

Dr. Grace Devlin wasn't around very long, since her series The Mob Doctor only lasted two seasons, but we can't deny how stunning, tough, kick ass, and sexy she was. The series, about a young doctor who becomes indebted to a southern Chicago mob and is made to moonlight for them, was only moderately captivating despite some of it's star studded cast (including William Forsythe, James Carpinello, and Zach Gilford). Dr. Devlin, played by Jordana Spiro, was mega sexy and lucked out that the mob preferred to utilize her for her medical expertise over any of her other... ahem... assets. And while we won't try to convince you that the series was any good, we're certain anyone would have enjoyed watching at least a few episodes, if only to get a good luck at this sexy young doctor doing all she can to save lives and pay off her debt.

3 Dr. Meredith Fell

What could be sexier than a medical drama? Maybe something with a dangerous, supernatural element to it- like vampires. What happens if you put the two together? Well, shit- you're on to something there.

Dr. Meredith Fell is a character from seasons three and four of the popular series, The Vampire Diaries. She's a very professional and ambitious doctor at Mystic Falls Hospital (nice name, totally not suspicious at all) who learns about Alaric's (played by Matthew Davis) supernatural powers and ability to heal. The two developed a relationship and we got to see a lot of Meredith, much to our delight. However, once Alaric becomes The Darkness, a resurrection of himself, things get complicated- as one may have expected. She leaves Alaric and the series to move on to happier and less dramatic places. With her departure, a lot of fans stopped watching the show- we missed this sexy doc, played by Torrey Devitto, and the show just wasn't the same without her.

2 Dr. Christina Hawthorne

Alright, you caught us: we fudging a little bit. Technically, Christina Hawthorne is not really a doctor- as you may have guessed from the name of her three-year running show, HawthoRNe); she's actually a nurse. But not just any nurse! Christina is one boss-ass lady. Literally. Not only was she Director of Nursing at James River Hospital, she was Chief Operating Officer and President. This was one badass lady, more qualified and committed to her work than any of the doctors that she worked with. In any role playing situations she would have had with her romantic counterpart, played by Michael Vartan, she would have been the boss. Furthermore, she was played by Jada Pinkett Smith, who is just as sexy and cool and professional as the title character she played. It's a darn shame that the show was discontinued because damn, Christina Hawthorne was one hell of a role model.

1 Dr. Neela Rasgotra

We couldn't get through this list without referencing one of the most iconic medical dramas at all time, perhaps the father of all modern medical dramas: ER! The show, which ran for fifteen years total, was likely used as inspiration for a majority of the writing, casting, and structure of Grey's Anatomy, as it had all the great dramatic and comedic writing and some of the sexiest casting we've ever seen (including George Clooney, Julianna Margulies, and Noah Wyle). However, the sexiest doctor was undoubtedly Dr. Neela Rasgotra, played by the jaw dropping Parminder Nagra. The actress, who went on to star in Bend It Like Beckham and Ella Enchanted, has never looked better than she did in cheap blue scrubs or covered in blood. She was downright stunning, and even if she was just standing around the hospital catching up on paperwork, we were happy to tune in to the show.

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