15 Female Inmates We'd Trade Our Girlfriends For

One of the most popular shows on television (well, technically not television, but streaming services) right now is Orange is the New Black -- and with good reason. It's easy to see what the hype behind the show is about. Most critics tend to sight the show's strong performances and compelling story lines as reason enough to give the show a chance, but what not a lot of critics mention is that some guys like to watch the show because much of the female cast is drop-dead gorgeous. It may be a sexist thing to admit that everybody could use a little eye candy in his or her life, and we'd be amiss as human beings not to recognize it. With a cast helmed by the likes of Dascha Polanco, Danielle Brooks, Jackie Cruz, and Yael Stone, there's plenty of eye candy to choose from, which is shocking to a lot of viewers accustomed to seeing unattractive, scary-looking women portrayed on TV, although a quick Google search of female mugshots will tell you that some female inmates are quite attractive.

Usually, when female prison inmates are portrayed on television or film, they're presented as these ugly, horrendous, grotesque-looking women with signature mean mugs. While that may, in fact, be the case with a good handful of inmates inside of women's prisons, that doesn't mean this is always the case. Sometimes, the female inmates are actually quite attractive. In fact, despite the lack of makeup and being forced to wear gaudy orange jumpsuits, some female inmates retain their beauty while confined behind cell walls. Some female inmates are so hot that we would trade our girlfriends for them. Here are some of the hottest women to ever see the inside of a prison cell.


15 Angela Coates

On August 26th, 2014, at age 22, model Angela Coates was arrested for disorderly conduct. She was sent down to DeKalb County, George and released that same day. It didn't take long before Coates swept headlines as the "World's Hottest Mugshot" and a "New Mugshot Sensation." She even managed to hit the newsstands as Jet Magazine's "Beauty of the Week." While she never went too in depth about the nature of her arrest or what her record implied by "disorderly conduct" in the interviews that proceeded her infamy, she did take to Twitter shortly after her jail release to point out that she was "wrongfully arrested ... by an officer who abused his authority. In the same Twitter thread, Coates also said that just because she's pretty doesn't mean her life is easy and that she's just like everybody else.

14 Lorena Tavera


Lorena Tavera had already gained quite a bit of fame and clout in 2011. This is due in part to her winning the 2008 Miss El Paso beauty pageant and that same year, finished in sixth place for the Miss Texas USA beauty pageant. All things considered, it's understandable why so many were shocked to find out that the former beauty queen got busted for shoplifting in 2011. She allegedly tried to stuff a $69 top in her shopping bag before exiting a department store. She was quickly followed out by the store's employees and then arrested when officials hit the scene. To add insult to injury, she apparently already had two traffic court warrants for her arrests at the time of the incident.

13 Gabrielle Hill

Model Gabrielle Hill was arrested in 2009 in Tampa, Florida for being caught by police while in possession of drug paraphernalia, an unspecified controlled substance, and less than 20 grams of possessions. Her photogenic side allowed her to pull off a blue steel gaze in her mugshot that would make Derek Zoolander proud. Her mugshot blew up in ways that she never could've possibly imagined. While the model did always have dreams of being looked at in awe for her beauty, she probably didn't expect such a thing to happen like this. The internet infamy of her mugshot actually helped Hill acquire a few modeling gigs after she had been released from prison. This may not be the way that Hill expected to propel her modeling career, but a win is still a win, and this was certainly a winning mugshot.

12 "Attractive Convict"


Megan McCullough is a mother of four children and works in Florida as a medical assistant. In July 2010, McCullough got arrested for drunk driving. Before anyone knew her name, who she was, or even why she got arrested in the first place, her mugshot became an internet meme dubbed "Attractive Convict" years later. For whatever reason, in 2013, McCullough's mugshot resurfaced across social media and, initially, McCullough took her newfound attention in stride. She spoke openly about it and even considered posing for Playboy. However, in 2014, she did end up suing for using the image for monetary gain. While the memes were acceptable because they were for nothing more than fun jokes, made money by using the mugshot on their site without McCullough's permission.

11 "Cute Mugshot Girl"

Just about all of the mugshots on this list are mugshots that got leaked onto the internet somehow--the reason being that most people who get arrested aren't willing to release their own mugshot to the public. Then again, Alysa Bathrick is not like most girls. In late 2014, Bathrick took the internet by storm during a Twitter rant in the wake of her arrest and included a picture of her mugshot, which earned her the dubbing of "Cute Mugshot Girl." It was reported that Bathrick was arrested for being in possession of a Schedule IV substance (which Bathrick later revealed was Xanax) with intent to manufacture, sell, or deliver. Just a couple months later, she was arrested again for shoplifting. Considering she's been in and out of jail cells since 2012, her most recent arrest marked her sixth one to date. She narrowly avoided having to serve a two-year prison stint and is currently free as a jaybird.

10 Teanna Trump


Born Keanna Nichele Jones, Teanna Trump (no relation to Donald) has been a staple of the adult entertainment industry for years now, but she kicked off the summer of 2016 with a prison sentence. A year prior, she spent five days in jail after getting arrested for 6lbs of marijuana possession in the state of Oklahoma. She was then shocked to learn a year later that her sentence would be extended to a 180-day sentence, which she was released from on December 9th, 2016. In the wake of her release, since she's forced to stay in Oklahoma--a state that doesn't allow the production of adult films--she set up a fundraising page so that her fans could help "get her back on her feet." It was taken down days later, but she managed to rack up $500 from her fans altogether.

9 #PrisonBae

In May 2016, the mugshot of one Sarah Seawright surfaced on the internet and managed to go viral. The month prior, Seawright was brought into custody because she neglected to show up to court over a 2014 arrest for careless driving. Before that, Seawright was accused of robbery, kidnapping, and battery for taking part in a 2012 parking-lot theft. She spent some time in prison but is now out on bond. Her mugshot became infamous across the internet as #PrisonBae--and with good reason. For a woman who was just brought into police custody, Seawright is surprisingly glowing and photogenic. Seawright decided to take advantage of her newfound infamy by pursuing a modeling career, taking bookings from her Instagram.


8 Bridget Garcia


In April 2015, a Florida mother of four named Bridget Garcia was arrested after driving around with her teen son on the hood of her car. Prior to the incident, Garcia had a verbal fight with her 13-year-old son and advised him to stay home alone that night. She took his phone, grounded him, then left the house with three of his siblings with intentions to drive elsewhere. Her teen son, however, had other plans. As Garcia was pulling out of the driveway with her other children in the car, her son jumped on the hood of the car. She then reversed the car 200 ft. then drove forward another 200 ft. before slamming on her brakes, causing her son to fall to the ground and sustain minor injuries to his hip, right knee, and foot. The incident left Garcia arrested and charged with child abuse.

7 Haeli Wey

Haeli Wey was a special-education math teacher who used to work at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. Her teaching tenure was nullified when she was arrested in 2015 for having affairs with two 17-year-old students. One victim admitted to having sex with the teacher 10 times over a two-year period before their relationship ended as soon as she started seeing another student his same age. The first victim proceeded to tell his parents of their affair, and his parents notified authorities, leading to Wey's arrest. Wey was quickly fired from her job and voluntarily surrendered her teaching certificate. She was initially released on bail, but the case had been ongoing for the past couple years with two charges of felony improper relationship at her doorstep. Most recently, in 2017, Wey pled guilty but avoided extended prison time and instead was given a 10-year probation and 200 hours of community service.

6 Tori Black


Adult film enthusiasts will remember Tori Black best for starring in such films for the last decade. Not much is known about Black's life away from the cameras, but what we do know is that she's married to a man named Lydell Anderson. By the time the two were engaged in 2011, the couple had already had their first child. Black and Anderson had their second child in 2013, and the couple is still happily together, although things weren't such a happy sight in 2012 when they both got arrested on domestic battery charges. While in Las Vegas, Black came to their hotel room hammered after a night of partying. She and Anderson initially argued because they didn't have enough breast milk to feed their 5-month-old baby in the room, and moments later, Black repeatedly punched Anderson in the back of the head. After he pushed her against the wall, authorities were notified, and both were arrested.

5 Stephanie Beaudoin

Stephanie Beaudoin broke headlines (and the internet) in 2014 when she was arrested and charged with a whopping 114 counts of burglary as well as with illegally owning three firearms. Similar to the film The Bling Ring--the Emma Watson vehicle about a group of spoiled teens who make quick cash by breaking into celebrity houses--Beaudoin made a living in Canada by breaking into houses, having reportedly broken into 39 homes in the area. Working alongside three accomplices (aged 11, 13, and 17), Beaudoin racked up thousands of dollars to live a lavish lifestyle. In 2016, she was sentenced to 90 days in prison but only needs to serve those days on the weekends in order to fulfill her duties as a part-time model. The only catch is that she cannot promote her criminal past in the products that she sells under her brands.

4 Sandra Avila Beltran


Considered by many to be the biggest female drug lord to ever reach the underbelly of Mexico, Sandra Ávila Beltrán is a third-generation drug trafficker whose familial ties to the cartel industry helped allow her to break into the business in a big way. Dubbed "La Reina del Pacífico" (The Queen of the Pacific), Beltrán spent several years running her drug cartel. She kept her nose clean enough to avoid any suspicion from the police, but that all changed in 2002 when her son was kidnapped and she was urged to contact authorities. After she had paid his $5 million ransom, police were hot on her tail. Despite going on the run afterward, it took four years and 30 federal agents to finally nab Beltrán on charges of money laundering and possession of illegal firearms. She was arrested in 2007 and was only just released as early as 2015.

3 Vanessa Barceló

Vanessa Barceló first had all eyes on her in 2016 when she won the coveted honor of Miss Miami Lakes. Later that year, all eyes were on her once again but for a completely different reason. This time, Barceló had garnered attention last December for battering a guest at a party with a blue Nike aluminum baseball bat. As if the bat wasn't hard enough, Barceló also punched the victim repeatedly in the eye several times after the fact. She was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor, but the case was dismissed when further details were revealed to the judge. According to Barceló, her cousin, Tanya Terrero, got drunk and nearly passed out. The victim, DJ David Duperon, promised he'd help her out while rubbing Terrero's leg. When Barceló left to grab paper towels to clean up Terrero's vomit, she returned to find Duperon carrying Terrero's limp body to the master bathroom and proceeded to take off her clothes. His excuse was that he wanted to give Terrero a shower, but Barceló went into "panic mode" and attacked him.

2 Veronica Rodriguez


In 2010, in Hillsborough, Florida, one Veronica Rodriguez was pulled over while driving drunk. Getting nabbed for a DUI is bad enough, but Rodriguez didn't make matters any easier for herself when she refused to allow the police officer to test her blood-alcohol level. This added another charge to her record--an additional charge for obstructing justice. That and the aforementioned suspected DUI landed her some time in jail. For anyone curious to know what kind of person Rodriguez is outside of prison walls and wonder what she's up to nowadays, we're sad to say that no one was on hand following her release that could get a hold of the Hillsborough County Clerk's office to get an update on Ms. Rodriguez.

1 Jessie Alexander

Jessie Alexander is a Florida woman with a face that belongs in Hollywood. Alexander must've thought so as well considering that she spent years in Hollywood as a scam artist to the stars. Back in the '90s, Alexander got nabbed for burglary, prostitution, and battery. Alexander found a way to bounce back on her feet in the 2000s as a scam artist posing as a television producer tied to FOX 29. Despite having no affiliation with FOX at all, Alexander's scamming career took off with flying colors as evidenced by quick Google searches that see her hugged up with major celebs like Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, and Mel Gibson. Her unique friendships and "partnerships" helped Alexander rack up thousands of dollars, which she used for spa treatments and an overall luxurious life. She was finally caught in 2013 and arrested for fraud. She was released from jail on the condition that she would repay in full all of the celebrities and businesses she had scammed.;;


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