15 Female Comic Book Characters Who Need Their Own Movie ASAP

Comic books have been around for decades, and they seem to only grow in popularity. The best part of our generation of comic books is that we can watch them being turned into movies. There’s nothing like having your favorite characters brought to life right before our eyes. The way Marvel and DC comics are doing these days, it seems like we get a new comic-book-inspired movie every other month. We can’t get enough of it, and all we can say is "Keep them coming!" We're even starting to see more female characters being brought to life on the silver screen, and that's certainly a little refreshing.

We're still in the age where equality isn’t quite where it should be, but we're seeing more female comic book characters brought to life. They're creating TV shows as well as movies based on their female badasses, and we can’t seem to get enough. These days, we're seeing Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, and Jessica Jones on the big screen, and the characters are giving a new understanding of what it means to be a female heroine. There are so many more characters, however, that we have yet to get to know. Unless you have your head in comic books all the time, you may not know any of them at all. There is a whole world of female comic book characters that we have yet to see on screen, and they are most deserving of our attention. Take a look at these comic book characters that deserve to have their own movie.


15 Lady Death

Not only is Lady Death the personification of death, but she also has a love affair with Deadpool at one point. How cool is that? We would love to see the two of them in a movie inspired by her character. She’s had many lovers, however, including Thanos. She appeared in Avengers: Infinity War, and it would be cool to see her have her own movie after that portrayal. It’s possible that we may even see her pop up in the Deadpool sequel as well. Who's to say? She could start a war between Thanos and Deadpool alone based on her affairs with both of them. There's a lot that could be done with her character if she was given her own movie, and hell, just imagine how far they could go with a character based on the personification of death. Talk about one badass character.

14 Gwen Dylan


Well, Gwen likes to eat brains, but are we really going to fault her for that? She's a zombie after all. We believe that Gwen would be a really cool comic-book character for the big screen because of her unusual life. Not only is Gwen cool but she also interacts with a bunch of other pretty cool supernatural beings. There are many different supernatural beings in the town like vampires, were-terriers, and ghosts. Boo! The great thing about Gwen is she doesn’t want to eat brains or be a zombie; that’s not the life for her, so you see her struggle with her new lifestyle. Imagine how cool this character would be in her own movie. She doesn’t like the taste of brains, and we really can’t blame her. She even struggles with wrapping her head around how she even became a zombie in the first place.

13 Poison Ivy

We got a taste of Poison Ivy’s character on the big screen in Batman & Robin where she was played by Uma Thurman, but 1997 was a long time ago. Not only that, but the movie itself wasn’t received very well; it was one of the worst Batman movies out there. Poison Ivy is deserving of her own movie because she is such a badass character. She started off as a regular woman, a Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, an intelligent botanist. That was until she was poisoned by her teacher and became Poison Ivy. There are some weird aspects of her character like the fact that she is obsessed with plants, but that’s what makes her so interesting. Not to mention, she is sexy AF with that long red hair. It’s just a small part of what makes her such an awesome character, and seeing her story put together on the big screen would truly be something else. Add in Harley Quinn’s relationship with her and we would see one hell of a trailer.

12 Harley Quinn


We got a small taste of the madness that is Harley Quinn from her part in the Suicide Squad, but it wasn’t nearly enough. We need a full movie of her to see how it all started with her and The Joker and how she came to be the crazy character that she is. The great thing about Harley is she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her; she's just herself, all the time, no matter what. There’s no doubt about it: Harley is fit for a straight jacket, but we can’t help but love her craziness. We want to be able to dig in deep to her life as a psychiatrist and to understand how someone like her could lose her marbles so eloquently. We all know what an obsessive love can do to people when they're starved for attention. In Harley’s case, she loved The Joker so much and he treated her so badly that it literally drove her insane.

11 Zatanna

Zatanna is a mistress of magic and not the kind of woman that you want to mess with. She gets her wonderful gifts from her father, who is the Golden Age hero-magician Giovanni Zatarra. She is known as a Justice League member with some serious tricks up her sleeve. So, why is it important for her to have her own movie? Because she is ridiculously cool; that’s why. She can take the dark world of magic and play with it at her whim, and she loves to do it in such a theatrical way. Not only is she badass, but she dresses the part as well, and we have to appreciate her sense of style. How can you not have a superhero with such a great costume as she does -- fishnets are the future! What more can you ask for in a heroine when she can use magic to deal with the bad guys?

10 Nimona


If you love badass comic book characters, then you're going to love Nimona. Not only is she a badass, but she’s a shapeshifter as well. She’s not from a comic book but a graphic novel that was created from a webcomic. She has supreme confidence, which makes her a perfect example for the female generation being raised today. In the graphic novels, she teams up with a villain and his sidekick to get the job done just the way she likes it. It doesn’t delve into romantic relationships and instead focuses on the importance of having non-romantic ones. Comic book fans are just obsessed with her, and it would be amazing for her to get her own movie and really show us how she can wreak some havoc. Not only is she a badass, but she can be very charming as well -- you won’t be able to get enough of her.

9 Alana

Alana is a badass comic book character with a heart of gold. She's a bubble-gum blowing, book-reading, former army soldier that knows how to kick some serious ass. She left the army in order to help a man break out of prison. That man later became her husband and the father of her child. Once he was out of prison, the two had to go on the lam in order to protect their love child. The two have bred a cross-species child, and it was the only one that lived past two weeks, so it was Alana’s desire to keep her alive at all costs. She is a deep character that has a backstory involving an abusive father, being on the run, and being in the military. She has wit and a sharp tongue, which make for a great silver-screen character, especially since she’s a woman.


8 Dex Parios 


If you like characters that are similar to detectives, then you'll love Dex Parios because she's a private investigator with a hell of an attitude. She makes for an interesting character because she handles everything with sass. She’s got some interesting faults as well, such as a gambling problem and a habit of attracting people who want her dead. The great part about having her on the big screen is we would be brought back into the old-school world of detectives like Dick Tracy. And who doesn’t love that kind of history? She is a deep character that we would love to see in the flesh on the big screen. We couldn’t imagine a comic book character more worthy of her own movie. She's flawed to the nines, but she's determined to do her job and to do it well.

7 Batgirl

Batgirl is a young character that has to find her way into the world of being a superhero. In the comics, these days, Batgirl is a modern superhero -- one that carries a smartphone and is linked to social media. You don’t get more modern than that. As she finds her feet in the modern world, we get to learn a lot about the character. I think Batgirl would do well as a TV show in the same way that Supergirl has been brought to life. It’s possible they could make a movie out of her if they dug into her short past a little bit. This character is very much like Spiderman as she is still navigating college while also being a superhero. We believe that the TV show could be brought to life in the same way that the Batman series was, and we would be able to watch her navigate her normal life while still fighting crime to the best of her abilities.

6 She-Hulk


We've been dying to have a female version of the Hulk, haven’t we? With all the powerlifting women in the world, we can use an example of a woman so strong she can punch through a wall. She’s green, she has muscles, and she’s seriously badass -- how much sexier can you get? Jennifer Walters started out as nothing more than a talented lawyer with a bright future ahead of her. That was until she turned into the terrifying She-Hulk. It would be awesome to see her on the big screen taking on bad guys in the same way that we're used to seeing the Hulk take matters into his own hands. She has a lot of personality behind her as well; she’s not just a Neanderthal with the ability to punch through anything. Nothing would be better than for Marvel to take on this character and add some comedic elements to it as well to make a great movie.

5 Amora

We've seen Amora’s sister, Lorelei on the big screen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Lorelei does well as a character on screen, so it’s not hard to imagine Amora fitting in the same way. The great thing about Amora, however, is that she has an interesting past, and the best superhero always does. She's an Asgardian, a creature that has been around for a very long time, so her wisdom is unparalleled. Imagine a superhero that has powers of sorcery, though she does manage to use it to seduce people -- but you work with the gifts that you have. If you even try to get in her way, her powers of seduction will have the best of you. But I bet you can’t think of a better way to die. If you're a fan of Thor and Loki, you might be interested to know that the lovely Amora has a long-term relationship with Loki, so imagine how cool it would be to see them both together on the silver screen.

4 Cinderella


We're not talking about the Cinderella that you're used to seeing from the fairy-tale world. No, this isn't the girl who wants to find a prince and get married, living happily ever after. This character is a spy, and she's tossed her gown away and only wears catsuits -- sexy ones at that. She's the kind of superspy that should terrify you. She needs to have her own movie because it’s these kinds of badass spy characters that bring Angelina Jolie out of the woodwork to provide us with a cold and calculated spy. After all, who else has ever been considered to be the lead in a movie like this? It’s a great way to revamp the image of Cinderella and bring a whole new meaning to the name. The creators could even mix the idea of a spy and a fairy tale all in one and bring us a movie that is truly unique.

3 Verity Willis

She likes to drink, and she has a ton of tattoos. What more could you want from a badass character? She's also one of the best friends of the God of Lies, Loki. What’s surprising about her friendship with Loki is that she's a human lie-detector machine. She can see through any lie that you tell her. I wonder how well she does in relationships? She got this amazing ability after she swallowed a strange ring that gave her these powers as a kid. The great thing about Verity is that she truly believes in the goodness of people, and what more could you want from a heroine? When Loki tries to become a better person, it's Verity that stands by him no matter what even when other people are telling him that he will never change. Seeing her on the silver screen would be great because she can see through not only lies but any form of manipulation, such as advertising and even when people try to tell partial truths. It must be a hard lifestyle for her because she's always bombarded with sensory information, but she stays an optimist even though she's faced with so many lies.

2 Big Barda


Big Barda is a long forgotten Kirby creation that has been overlooked for far too long as a comic book character. She would be amazing on the big screen because she's a no-nonsense character that just loves to kick ass in many different ways. Back when she was created, she was considered to be a character ahead of her time, so she would probably fit in very well into our world today. From birth, she was trained to hunt and kill, and she did it during a time when the world was in ruins. She's tough, and she has no problem getting her hands dirty. Big Barda was a huge fan-favorite back in the day, and it would be fun to see her come to life for real because she's a tough hero and one like nothing we've seen before.

1 Lady Sif

She’s technically not a superhero, but she comes pretty close to being one. She's been featured in the Thor movies as well as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so it wouldn’t be a big reach for her to have her own flick. Thor and Lady Sif are two characters that become romantically entangled together, so there's always the option to have Thor in the movie as well. She fights for Asgard and has shown tremendous loyalty and bravery to the cause. She's considered to be a warrior, and she's shared in the same battles that Thor has in regard to saving Asgard from their enemies. It’s obvious that they could easily create a badass flick with this character as the lead. We would love to see a female hero take on a war and win it. There would be drama, insane battles between good and evil, and a possible love story between her and Thor.

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