15 Female Celebs You Didn't Know Secretly Dated Other Women

Oh, to be a famous face in Hollywood. Having the entire world focus on every single thing you do sounds like a blast, doesn't it? It is what can only be described as the dark side of fame, though the individuals who have been in the game long enough are able to take things in stride and not let menial headlines bring them down. Having said that, isn't it weirdly entertaining learning about what some would perceive as scandalous behavior from the world's most famous people? Among the juicy headlines and photos that we love to see, Hollywood hookups are among the most popular, especially when the subject at hand is a beautiful woman locking lips with another woman. Photos that leak of such an encounter set the media on fire, and people on social media in particular are quickly able to get these headlines trending.

These 15 women may normally be in a relationship with a man, but they have all openly admitted to hooking up with other women, and in some cases, we even have the photos to prove it. Because of their celebrity status, a few of these images managed to break the Internet, while others have caught the world completely off guard. Regardless of which of these categories the stories we have fall in, each beautiful woman on this list is more than happy to hook up with other women. Do us a favor and try to keep it together while browsing these 15 steamy stories.


15 Michelle Rodriguez

Given the fact that Michelle Roriguez has starred in several movies that have crossed the coveted $1 billion mark, we are willing to wager that you have seen her act in countless movies. At this point in her career, Rodriguez may be one of the biggest female action stars on the planet, and she is incredibly hot to boot. She originally broke out in the entertainment industry back in 2001 by appearing in the film The Fast and the Furious, and she has not looked back since. Fast and Furious films aside, Rodriguez has also been in the series Lost, and she was featured in the film Avatar, which remains the highest grossing film of all-time.

Rodriguez has openly come out as bisexual to the media back in 2013, and has even been spotted locking lips with the young woman above who just may find her way on to this list later on. Art imitates life, and she has even had a lesbian scene in one of her films.

14 Megan Fox


At just 31 years old, the gorgeous Megan Fox has already put together an impressive career on the big screen. Her first predominant role came in the series Ocean Ave. in which she was featured in 122 episodes. She landed a pretty decent role in the film Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but she was still looking to become a star in Hollywood. Her casting in the first Transformers film completely changed the game for the actress, and her film career quickly took off. Seven years after Transformers, she was tasked with kicking off another film franchise with her role as April in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the film was big enough to spawn a sequel that she took part in.

Fox has been in a high-profile marriage since 2010, but that hasn't stopped people in the media from poking and prodding about her sexual history. In 2009, she revealed to the world that she was bi, and she had even dated a stripper once upon a time.

13 Drew Barrymore

Former child star and romantic comedy queen Drew Barrymore has been acting in Hollywood over the course of four separate decades, and she has had a career filled with ups and downs. Her first major role came when she was just a child in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and from there, she would have a steady stream of movies released as she was growing up. In 1996, the actress starred in the wildly popular film Scream, which helped breathe life into the slasher genre. Her run of success would continue through the latter part of the decade and even into the new millennium. Her most notable roles during this time came in The Wedding SingerDonnie Darko, and Charlie's Angels.

Barrymore, having been a successful child star, is no stranger to being in the public eye, and her relationships have been heavily covered by the media. The actress has been married three times, but did you know that she has dated a woman? That's right, the performer admitted in 2003 that she had previous affairs with women.

12 Gillian Anderson


As one of Hollywood's hottest red-heads in the 1990s, Gillian Anderson rose to prominence in the series The X-Files. The show was one of the most popular shows of the 1990s, and Anderson appeared in 208 episodes of the show's original run. Needless to say, she quickly became one of the hottest women in the world of sci-fi, and her success on the series opened plenty of other opportunities for her. The popular series spawned two big screen adaptations, and Anderson was featured in both projects. Elsewhere in film, she landed a role in the critically acclaimed The Last King of Scotland, as well as a role in the upcoming The Spy Who Dumped Me, which will star Mila Kunis.

Though she has been married on two occasions, Anderson has also dated women in her past, and her relationship with the woman lasted for several years. Though she kept it under wraps for years, Anderson finally went public with the news several years ago.

11 Fergie

She may be best-known these days for her work with the group The Black Eyed Peas and from her solo music, but most people seem to forget that Fergie was a child star on television in the 1980s. That's right, for nearly six years, the performer was the lead on the Disney series Kids Incorporated back when she was just a kid. She continued acting throughout the 80s, though she had very few acting gigs in the 1990s. Fergie would eventually become a huge force in the music industry once the Black Eyes Peas gained international popularity, and the group's rise opened other opportunities. Fergie then blew up as a solo performer, and her success in the 2000s helped her get back into the world of film and television.

Fergie has had no issues with telling the world that she is a proud bisexual woman who is married. In fact, she openly admitted to having sexual relationships with women when she was much younger, though she never actually revealed the number of women that she had been with. Judging by her wording, we're willing to bet that it's not a modest number.

10 Evan Rachel Wood


Evan Rachel Wood is fast approaching her 30th birthday, and she has put together quite an interesting career in Hollywood thus far. She had appeared in 55 episodes of the series Once and Again, though this role wouldn't be the one to get things heated up. Her breakout role came back in 2003 with the release of the film Thirteen. The film's focus on adult things involving teenage girls was controversial at the time, but the film was met with critical acclaim, and Evan was suddenly a performer to keep an eye on. Outside of Thirteen, Evan's biggest projects have been The WrestlerThe Ides of March, and Whatever Works.

Evan Rachel Wood's relationships have been heavily covered in the media, most notably her relationship with musician Marilyn Manson back in 2007. She would then go on to marry Jamie Bell, but maintained that she was bisexual. When their marriage ended, Wood began dating actress Katherine Moennig.

9 Amber Heard

Bit roles in successful films might not make you a star, but being smoking hot and getting noticed could give you the opportunity that you need to get your foot in the door. Heard's career began with smaller roles in some successful projects like Friday Night Lights, but her true moment to shine came in the stoner comedy Pineapple Express. Not only was she too hot to ignore, but Heard was funny in the movie, and she quickly gained legions of fans. Heard has had a pretty successful career since her big break, but things are about to reach another level with her upcoming role as Mera in the DCEU films Justice League and Aquaman If you love her already, then you're in for a treat, because she is about to be everywhere.

Amber Heard has been very public about her sexuality, and she has engaged in a now high-profile relationship with another woman. The duos relationship has been sandwiched around Amber's ill-fated marriage to Johnny Depp.


8 Cara Delevingne


Starting off her career as a model, the last few years have seen Cara Delevingne explode in popularity, and the young star is heavily followed on social media, and she is constantly in the tabloids. The 25-year-old was already a success in the modeling industry before landing her first film role in 2012's Anna Karenina. Her true breakout role came in the movie Paper Towns, and her newfound acting success led to bigger and better opportunities. In 2016, Delevingne was cast as the character Enchantress in the DCEU film Suicide Squad. Critics hated it, but a $745 million box office haul tells us that Suicide Squad was a huge hit.

Cara Delevingne is one of the most outspoken people about her sexuality, and she has been seen countless times dating other women. In fact, Cara Delevingne is in fact the woman from our entry about Michelle Rodriguez, and the duo's relationship had the media going wild.

7 Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin was just a kid went she first stepped foot into the entertainment industry, and her career has seen her achieve massive success in film and television. Her true breakout film role came in the superhero film X-Men, and that film was instrumental in the rise and popularity of comic book adaptations making their way to the big screen. In total, Paquin has appeared in four X-Men films, making the projects the most successful of her film career. On television, Paquin landed the lead role on the series True Blood. The series was a massive success, and Paquin anchored all 80 episodes of the beloved series.

In 2014, Paquin set media outlets on fire when she revealed that she was a "happily married bisexual mother." Needless to say, the headline quickly caught the attention of people around the world, and Paquin has since been a huge supporter of the LGBT community.

6 Vanessa Carlton


If her name doesn't ring a bell at first, then her song "A Thousand Miles" will no doubt have you reminiscing about a much simpler time in your life. "A Thousand Miles" was Vanessa Carlton's debut single, and it would prove to be the most successful of her career. At its white-hot peak, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing the song, and its use in the film White Chicks forever cemented the song as one of the most remembered from the era. The single catapulted her album Be Not Nobody to incredible sales, and the album has since been certified platinum. She continues to write music and perform to this day, but most will remember her music for the now infamous scene in White Chicks.

Despite being in relationships with other musicians, Carlton would eventually come out as bisexual in front of a cheering and supportive crowd. Up to that point, Carlton had never publicly come out, and it was a huge moment for her.

5 Bai Ling

Chinese actress Bai Ling, if you couldn't tell from her eccentric style and behavior, is no stranger to being in the headlines. She first became a known figure in the United States after she appeared in the film The Crow as the character Myca. The film generated $50 million at the box office, but is perhaps best known for the tragic death of actor Brandon Lee which occurred during an accident while filming. Nevertheless, the film was a success, and it has since gained a huge cult following. Bai Ling would continue acting in English films, and she even made appearances in prominent television shows. She did have a role in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, but her scene was later edited out.

Not only has Bai Ling been fairly open about her sexuality with the media, but she has also taken part in lesbian scenes in films. The actress has also been explicit in detailing her sexual history, and her stories have made more than a few headlines.

4 Lady Gaga


As arguably one of the biggest celebrities walking the face of the planet right now, Lady Gaga has continued to wow fans and audiences for years now. Her music career is what initially put her on the map, and her album, The Fame, would go on to sell an astonishing 15 million copies around the world. After busting out back in 2008, Lady Gaga would continue releasing songs that would dominate the airwaves up until 2016 when she released her most recent album, Joanne. As if her career as a musician wasn't amazing enough, Gaga decided to pursue an acting career, and this would go over better than anyone could have expected. She would go on to win a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her performance on American Horror Story: Hotel.

From the onset of her wildly successful career, Lady Gaga has pulled no punches when discussing her sexuality. She has openly admitted that she is bisexual, and she has been a major activist throughout her career.

3 Amber Rose

Unlike most every person on this list, Amber Rose became famous by dating a famous person. While some of the beautiful women cut their teeth in the entertainment industry in either film or television, Amber Rose's relationship with superstar rapper Kanye West helped her become a household name. Rose was already a video model, but she was relatively unknown until dating Yeezy. After their split, Rose would go on to be with rapper Wiz Khalifa. Thanks to her newfound fame from dating rappers, Rose would start to make a career all her own, and she has since landed roles in film and television, and even had her own talk show on VH1.

Despite being in relationships with a number of high-profile rappers, Rose has made it clear that her sexual preference does not lie solely in men. She has said that she could see herself dating a woman, and had in fact done so prior to her fortuitous relationship with Kanye West.

2 Angelina Jolie


Much like Lady Gaga, Angeline Jolie is one of the most famous women in the world, though her fame extends back much further than Lady Gaga. The actress has received immense amounts of critical acclaims for her work on the big screen, and she has even taken home an Academy Award for Best Actress. Jolie has anchored a number of massively successful films, and she has been one of Hollywood's most bankable stars for the last two decades. Tomb RaiderMr. & Mrs. Smith, and Kung Fu Panda have all been wildly successful films for the actress, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Not only has Jolie played a lesbian character in the HBO film Gia, but she has also been engaged in a relationship with a woman. Her relationship with model Jenny Shimizu occurred during the 1990s, and Jolie has been very outspoken about women's rights throughout the years.

1 Lindsay Lohan

Is there anything that Lindsay Lohan has done in the last 15 years that people haven't found out about? Once at the top of the entertainment industry, former child star Lindsay Lohan was one of the most covered women in the world by the media, and the girl practically grew up in the headlines. She was the star of hit films, and even found success when she decided to pursue a career in music. She seemed to be unstoppable in the early 2000s, but thanks to some much-publicized legal problems, her once red-hot career cooled off considerably over the years. Lohan has survived it all, and is looking to make her big comeback soon.

The talented star, after several high-profile relationships, would soon be spotted with DJ Samantha Ronson. Many speculated about the pair, and it would come to light that the ladies were engaged in an on-again off-again relationship that spanned roughly two years. She may be dating a man once again, but Lohan is a bisexual star that has had plenty of fun with women.


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