15 Female Celebs Who've Shown The Most Flesh On The Red Carpet

Being a celebrity is all about garnering the attention of the masses.

Being a celebrity is all about garnering the attention of the masses. There is an age-old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity and while receiving attention for plying your trade is probably most advantageous, any kind of attention can be a good thing. Perhaps that is why there are so many celebs that seem willing to do just about anything to have their image taken and disseminated to the masses. Seemingly one of the most popular manners of ensuring that you get the desired attention for celebrities is to show off their bodies, which makes perfect sense as so many of them are hot as hell. On top of that aspect, many of the famous people we are talking about are also the artistic types who are likely to see their fashion as a perfect medium to show off their sensibilities

An event that is unique to the celebrity world, there really isn’t anything quite like the red carpet. Filled to the brim with famous people and photographers looking to take their picture to be published online and in magazines and the like, it is designed to get the attention of the masses. One of the best way to “win” one of these events is to wear an outfit that will make sure that people talk about you more than the rest of the celebrity rabble that attends the event too. Of course, the easiest way to do just that is probably always going to be by wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination. A lot of the famous women of the last few decades seem to have gotten that memo judging by the fact that they are smart enough to do just that a lot these days. Realizing that inspired us to put together this list of fifteen female celebrities who’ve shown the most flesh on the red carpet.

For the purposes of this list, we’ll be looking at specific outfits that famed women wore on the red carpet instead of the people who habitually wear less clothing than their peers. In order for an outfit to be considered, it first and foremost needs to have been worn by a famous lady. It doesn’t matter if they received their acclaim for contributions to the acting, music, sports, or any other world, as long as they have managed to make a name for themselves at least among a sizeable group of people. Next, it needs to have been worn on a red carpet of some sort. Whether they changed the color of the carpet, as sometimes happens, or what kind of event that it is outside of doesn’t matter, as long as it involves famous folk having their image taken en masse.

15 Paris Hilton

Somebody who is famous for being famous, you’d better bet that Paris Hilton has figured out how to get attention for no good reason. A socialite who owes her position in life to being related to Conrad Hilton, the man who built the Hilton Hotel empire, because of the insane wealth of her family she turned nightlife into a profession of sorts for herself. Going on to spread her wings by becoming a reality TV star, her show The Simple Life, where she and her best friend at the time, Nicole Richie, experienced everyday life for the rest of us became a sensation. Also well-known for being the star of a sex tape and movies, writing a book and having a surprisingly successful music career for a time, she has accomplished quite a bit. Shown here on the red carpet at the 2014 pre-Grammy party, her dress is see-through in strategic areas which ensures that we get a good look at much of her body.

14 Roselyn Sanchez

A multi-faceted woman from Puerto Rico, Roselyn has made quite the name for herself in North America. Best known due to her acting career, she has made a massive impact on television through her work on the police procedural Without a Trace which ran between 2005 and 2009. Also a movie star, she appeared in movies like Rush Hour 2, Boat Trip, The Game Plan and Act of Valor, among others. A singer in her homeland, she also released an album in 2003 called Borinqueña, which had a song called “Amor Amor” that charted on the US Hot Latin charts. Seen here at the 15th annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas which took place in 2014, her dress and underwear cover up her naughty bits but we see almost every inch of her body. Some of her torso is covered by see-through fabric but the fact that you can still make it out almost serves to make it a little bit hotter.

13 Bella Hadid

Voted Model of the Year for 2016 in’s annual awards, Bella Hadid is certainly a powerhouse in that world. Alongside her sister Gigi, it seems like there isn’t anyone in the industry that can hold a candle to the notoriety they’ve built in the last few years. Pictured here in a red dress that she wore at the Cannes Film Festival red carpet in 2016, it has been compared to the look we associate Jessica Rabbit with. Due to a neckline that showed off oodles of cleavage and slits down the side that did little to contain her legs, it is safe to say that this dress had to be included on a list like this one.

12 Samantha Mumba

Someone that seemed poised to take over pop culture for a time in the 2000s, Samantha was a popular singer whose debut single “Gotta Tell You” reached the top 10 on the charts of several countries. Opting to focus on an acting career, she moved on to star in movies like The Time Machine, Spin the Bottle and Boy Eats Girl, and for a while, she seemed to be on the tongues of casting directors everywhere. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had a whole lot of success in the last several years but she was a big enough star at one point to attend the 2004 premiere of Spider-Man. Arriving in a dress that was clearly inspired by the web-slinger, it wasn’t very big and featured several holes in the fabric that was there.

11 Rita Ora

This British singer came to the attention of the world when she was featured on DJ Fresh’s song “Hot Right Now”. Moving on to release songs like “R.I.P.”, “How We Do (Party)”, and “I Will Never Let You Down” herself, it seems like she might be here to stay. On top of that, if she never released another hit song she has spread her wings by becoming an actress and a judge on the UK version of The Voice. If that weren’t enough she is also the designer of her own brand of Adidas shoes too. In this picture of Rita at the MTV Video Music Awards, she can be seen in a red dress that looks incredible on her. Somehow tight enough to show off her curves, slinky enough that her cleavage is irresistible and with a slit down the side that shows off her legs, it is a marvel. The fact that she would later reveal that she was wearing nothing underneath makes it all the more tantalizing.

10 Irina Shayk

The first Russian model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, Irina Shayk was ranked by as the eighth biggest model in the world at one time. Walking catwalks for a long list of designers and appearing in campaigns for far too many companies to list here, it is clear that people react when her face and body are used to advertise things. Wearing a dress that is black in part and see-through in others, it certainly gives us a very good idea of what she is working with. In fact, this outfit would be higher on this list if it had repositioned itself ever so slightly and shown off parts of her that weren’t intended.

9 Chrissy Teigen

One of the few people left who have a legitimate claim to being a supermodel, Chrissy Teigen’s body has taken her all over the world. Appearing in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Esquire, Glamour, Galore and Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, she can depended upon to look amazing. Also turning into a television host in recent years, her talents have been used on shows like Lip Sync Battle. Wearing this dress at the 2016 American Music Awards, it left very little to the imagination, especially from a certain angle. That is why she ended up issuing an apology for pretty much flashing the world.

8 Jaimie Alexander

Someone who has made several appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date, in both Thor movies and on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., that is where you are likely to recognize her from. Another possibility is from the NBC series Blindspot, which Jaimie has been the star of since its debut in 2015. Wearing this gorgeous dress to the 2013 debut of Thor: The Dark World, it was a skin tight black dress that is highlighted by the fact that see-through fabric runs across the front. That means that it revealed her cleavage, midriff and one of her legs. However, she received headlines he may not have expected since it turned out that a few photographers got pictures of her at an angle that gave a pretty good view of her nether regions.

7 Adrienne Bailon

One of the lesser known figures on this list, Adrienne Bailon earned a name for herself via music, acting, and her love life. A member of two successful girl groups, 3LW and The Cheetah Girls, the latter group was the subject of more than one Disney movie. Also gaining a lot of attention for her relationship with Rob Kardashian, which went from 2007 until 2009, any association with his famous family is certain to become tabloid fodder. Wearing this outfit at The Escape to Total Rewards Event in New York City in 2012, we’re not certain if she revealed so much of her body by accident or on purpose. An outfit that consisted of a ruffle of cloth in the front and back that was meant to cover any sensitive areas and see through fabric on the sides, the wind seemed to affect it. We say that because photos of her were taken as she progressed down the red carpet where the ruffle was dislodged, leaving her private parts exposed since she went panties-free.

6 Toni Braxton

A tragic figure in the music industry due to signing a contract that ensured she made very little money despite achieving humongous success, Toni Braxton’s career is a cautionary tale. On the other hand, she is one of the most beautiful singers we’ve ever seen. Remembered for a pair of songs that sold many copies, "You're Makin' Me High" and "Un-Break My Heart", the latter song was declared "the most successful song by a solo artist in the Billboard Hot 100 history". Wearing this white dress at the 2001 Grammy Awards, the fact that there was almost no fabric on either side of her body meant that much of her supple skin was on display.

5 Amber Rose

Somebody who seemed to come out of nowhere to become famous due to her outrageous body and relationship with Kanye West, Amber Rose has done a lot since. A former model who walked the catwalk and appeared in print, she has also appeared in many music videos, has released music of her own and has become quite the entrepreneur. A former stripper who is clearly okay with showing off her body, she wore a dress at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards that left a lot of tongues wagging. Consisting of a pair of underwear and what appears to be strings of chain-link, it allowed the world to have a great view of her curvaceous body.

4 Jennifer Lopez

One of the biggest stars in the world throughout much of the 2000s, Jennifer Lopez seemed to be everywhere for a while, including movies, music videos and magazine covers. A former “fly girl” on the show In Living Color, it is crazy to think that at that time she was just a player in the background. That is because she has had several hit songs and acted in movies like Out of Sight, The Cell, The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan and What to Expect When You're Expecting. Seen here in a dress she wore to the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards which were aired in 2000, her outfit turned a lot of heads. In fact, she presented an award with David Duchovny who took a moment to stare at her body in appreciation and pretty much nobody could blame him.

3 Lil’ Kim

A trailblazer in the industry, Lil’ Kim was one of the first prominent female rappers. Associated with Notorious B.I.G. through her early years, she also played a part in the group he mentored, Junior M.A.F.I.A. for a time. Best remembered for her contributions to the massively popular cover of the song “Lady Marmalade”, in which she performed alongside several other popular female talent, that isn’t all we recall about her. No, we’ll never be able to forget her fashion sense, as she always seemed all too happy to dress provocatively. Case in point, is this outfit she wore to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. Fairly tame for the most part, it is the fact that it left her one breast completely uncovered aside from a pasty that makes it unforgettable. That and the fact that during the telecast Diana Ross opted to pat her exposed boob in front of the world.

2 Rihanna

A singer that oozes sex from her every pore, there are few women in the world that seem as comfortable with their body as Rihanna is. A pop princess that is known for songs like “We Found Love”, “Live Your Life”, “Love the Way You Lie”, “Umbrella”, “Disturbia” and too many more to list, she is almost without peers in modern music. Also appearing in several films, she played parts in movies like Battleship, This Is the End, Annie, and the upcoming production of Ocean’s Eight. Seen here at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, where she was presented with the 2014 CFDA Fashion Icon Award, she must have set out to turn heads. That is because her dress for the event was see-through, which resulted in her thong and scarf serving as her only real coverings and if the latter wasn’t positioned just right in this photo, her boobs would be totally visible.

1 Rose McGowan

Someone who recently made headlines for rallying against the systemic sexism in the acting industry, it should come as no surprise that Rose is a strong woman. An actress that first came to prominence with her film work, over the years she’s been in movies like Scream, Phantoms, Jawbreaker, Ready to Rumble, Planet Terror, and much more. However, in our opinion, her greatest role to date came as one of the witches on the long-running WB show Charmed, which ran through the early 2000s. She wore this infamous dress at the 1998 MTV VMAs where she was accompanying her boyfriend at the time, Marilyn Manson. A piece of clothing that is likely scorched into the brains of anyone who is attracted to women and was coming of age at the time, it covered up next to nothing of her body. In fact, the only reason why her entire body isn’t on display is due to the fact that she has a thong on underneath.

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