15 Female Celebs Who Waited To Show It All...And It Was Worth It

Baring it all is something common for actresses in Hollywood. Some debut with nude scenes and it even helps launch them in their career (Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron come to mind). Other times, a woman can do a nude scene early, it’s not notable but once they become famous, it soon pops up again. Often, it’s a former child star who decides to bare all as soon as they can (Drew Barrymore and Alyssa Milano pop up there) and boost their careers more. But some ladies are notable for going years after their fame to finally bare it all. True, a few cases the wait isn’t worth it. Once, seeing Lindsay Lohan nude would have been spectacular but when she finally showed off, it was seen as a letdown. Other times, it can be too quick (Olivia Munn in Magic Mike) but other times, it can be something huge.

So often, it’s women who seemed to avoid it so often, using body doubles at times. Some women have made it clear they never will go nude like Julia Roberts and others but it’s important to note how choice is made. Sure, Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pics were big but they weren’t her decision to reveal and thus not counting for this list. Some are ladies who waited until they were settled into fame to show off but notable how a few waited quite a bit before baring all and showed they were great at any age. There are a lot of examples but these are the biggest, 15 famous ladies who waited to bare it all and well worth it for their slews of fans.


15 Katie Holmes

When Dawson’s Creek premiered in 1998, it instantly made its four stars major names. Katie Holmes had fans won over as Joey, the best friend in love with Dawson and their up and down relationship (which also involved Pacey) had them sucked in nicely. She was soon showing in movies like Disturbing Behavior, Wonder Boys and more and the classic “girl next door” beauty with a little edge. Which was why the Internet went crazy in late 2000 when caps from The Gift hit. The thriller had Holmes as the local “bad girl” of a town who meets an ugly end and the investigation to what happened. The big moment was a flashback of her seducing a man by the roadside and stripping to just her panties. The sight of Holmes’ bare breasts was an astounding one and elevated her to a true sexpot. True, she hit a career snarl due to her marriage to Tom Cruise but has been blossoming back since it ended. Holmes showed she was more than “a nice girl” with that scene and using that sex appeal since.

14 Halle Berry


From the start, Halle Berry showed she was more than a pretty face. When Spike Lee cast her in Jungle Fever, Berry didn’t bathe for two weeks so she’d be believable as a crack addict. It got her big attention but she found herself soon cast in hot and sexy roles like The Flintstones and then Storm in X-Men that got her more attention. In 1999, Berry played the legendary actress in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, an HBO movie that had her flaunting her rear end. It showed her talent, winning her an Emmy and Golden Globe.

In 2001, Berry got big attention for flashing her breasts in the otherwise forgettable action movie Swordfish and was paid a hefty amount for it. Months later, she got even more attention with hot sexy scenes in Monster’s Ball. This allowed Berry to make history winning the Best Actress Oscar. While she hasn’t bared it since, Berry continues to have a great career (well, aside from Catwoman) and proven waiting to show it off was a good move.

13 Anne Hathaway

Frank Marshall wanted a fresh face for the key leading role of his 2001 comedy The Princess Diaries. He found it in Anne Hathaway, an actress with limited TV roles. But her performance as a geek transformed into a beauty made the movie a hit and Hathaway an instant A-list star. She moved to some smaller stuff of family fare like a Princess sequel and Ella Enchanted, gorgeous and even sexy at times but nothing too major. In 2005, Hathaway decided to change her image to get bigger roles and she did it big time. First in Havoc and then the Oscar-winning Brokeback Mountain, Hathaway showed off as a tough gal cursing and in wild escapades. That included going nude in both films to show off a body much better than most expected. Hathaway would add to her resume with roles like Love & Other Drugs that had her nude for most of the movie. Hathaway has continued to balance her career from winning an Oscar to blockbusters to the recent acclaimed comedy Colossal and showed how baring it all helped push her big time.

12 Anna Paquin


It’s still astounding to see how much Anna Paquin has grown up. She is in that elite group to win an Oscar for her very first movie, her performance as Holly Hunter’s daughter in The Piano rocking critics with her skills. Paquin later came back in a variety of small roles before landing the key part of Rogue in X-Men. Some thought her not sexy enough for the part despite Paquin’s charms. In 2008, Paquin settled that once and for all when she took on the role of Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood. As the telepathic waitress in a world where vampires were open, Paquin stunned viewers by doffing it all, showing a far better body than expected to engage in some very kinky scenes. Whether just in red underwear or full-on nudity, Paquin showed she was sexy as hell and worthy of the part of Rogue. Few ladies have grown as nicely as Paquin has and worth waiting for her to grow and show it off.

11 Emmanuelle Chriqui

It seems odd that a woman can have a recurring role on a sexy HBO show and never show off her body. But Emmanuelle Chriqui did that with her part as Sloan on Entourage. Her role as the daughter of a studio chief was great, showing off in a variety of hot dresses and bikinis and showing great humor as well. The closest she came to nudity was a shoot in Allure magazine where she was covered over her important parts. Chriqui would show in roles like The Borgias and various films like Tortured but never really flashing the goods. It wasn’t until 2016 that Chriqui bared all, not in a movie or TV show. Rather, it was for Randall Slavin for an exhibition he had called Achromatic. Joining other models, Chriqui flaunted her full body off and looked glamorous doing so. It was a long wait but a worthwhile one for Chriqui flashing her fantastic form off.

10 Lucy Hale


The latest edition to the list and well worth it. The attractive Lucy Hale had been on TV in various roles like the little sister in the short-lived Bionic Woman reboot. She later won hails as a bratty rich girl on the CW’s Privileged but the show was axed after just one season. In 2011, Hale locked onto her biggest role as Aria Montgomery on the hit Pretty Little Liars. It lasted seven seasons, boosting her big time with some sexy stuff and a media starlet. She worked in a few minor film roles like Scream 4 but the show kept her busy. But Hale is now making waves with the indie film Dude which involves her first nude scene. The caps of her love scene are burning up the Internet, showing off a very nice body that so many imagined. Hale’s career is on the rise despite being something of a “veteran” in the business and this scene is truly amazing.

9 Michelle Rodriguez

From her debut in Girlfight, Michelle Rodriguez has shown off an amazing power in her roles. As a female boxer, she took critics by storm, a knockout in more ways than one. That soon led to her major role of Letty in The Fast and the Furious and its sequels that made her a must-watch for action fans. Rodriguez has added to it with Resident Evil, SWAT, Avatar and the TV show Lost, always as a tough gal with a sexy side but preferring her fists over her looks. It wasn’t until earlier in 2017 that Rodriguez finally doffed it on camera. The Assignment is a wild plot about a hitman who makes the mistake of killing the brother of a noted surgeon. She gets payback by having him undergo a massive procedure to turn him into a woman. Rodriguez plays it straight as her character strips off the bandages to take in “his” new body and horrified. That takes good acting as for many a fan, seeing Rodriguez in the nude is a fantastic sight worth waiting for and how she packs a punch in many ways.


8 Scarlett Johansson


For a while, Scarlett Johansson seemed to be one of those “close but not full-on” ladies when it came to nudity. She got attention as a young actress in The Horse Whisperer and then the acclaimed film Ghost World. She won a BAFTA for Lost in Translation which boosted her up nicely. She actually was ready to do a nude scene in The Island but, incredibly, Michael Bay told her he didn’t want it. Johansson soon rose to fame with hot roles in Vicky Christina Barcelona before her part as the Black Widow made her a sex symbol. In Under the Skin, Johansson finally stripped it all down. Her role as an alien in human form had her going full frontal in some scenes examining herself and it was an eye-opener to say the least. While fans can admire Johansson as the Widow, it’s hotter knowing what’s under those leather suits.

7 Tia Carrere

Few women ruled the 1990s as a sex symbol like Tia Carrere did. After a few appearances in various minor movies, she broke out huge as Cassandra in Wayne’s World. Her mix of hot looks and rocking music got her huge attention and a must-have pinup lady. She kept it up with roles in Rising Sun, Kull the Conqueror and others, her exotic looks adding to her great talents. In 2002, she became a hit with her voice work in the Disney film Lilo & Stitch and on TV with Relic Hunter. In 2003, Carrere doffed it for Playboy in a shoot as fantastic and exotic as Tia herself. It was lovely with her baring it all off and something fans of the ‘90s had been desiring for a long time. Carrere did a return shoot in 2006 and still does a good job showing in movies and voice work to remain a very hot way to make guys go “schwing!”

6 Sasha Alexander


A long-time “hey, it’s that lady” face on various TV shows, Sasha Alexander finally got attention for her role as Kate Todd on NCIS. She was around to help the show be a huge hit but Alexander felt the grind of the series wearing on her. So she talked the producers into killing Kate off in the second season finale to free her up. In 2010, Alexander returned to TV in the TNT hit Rizzoli & Isles, looking gorgeous as an upscale medical examiner and her chemistry with Angie Harmon rocking fans. However, it was Showtime’s Shameless that finally gave Alexander, at 42, the chance to show it all off. She played Helene, a professor soon into a relationship with Lip and the sight of Alexander’s nice chest and rear delighted her many fans. Their affair ends when it’s exposed and she’s fired but Alexander showed that her body is nothing to be ashamed about and worth waiting for.

5 Kirsten Dunst

In 1994, Kirsten Dunst exploded onto the scene in a big way in Interview With a Vampire. Her debut as Claudia, the vampire trapped in a child’s body, showed more talent and promise than actresses twice her age and an early child star. She added to it with roles in Jumanji and later comedies like Small Soldiers and Dick before hitting it big with Bring It On. Her role as Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man movies added to her box office cred and she soon moved to roles in more daring fare like Marie Antoinette. It was in 2011 that Dunst finally bared all in the bizarre film Melancholia. A mix of “end of the world” drama and romance, her scenes lying naked on a grassy field were amazing, showing her toned body off and looking terrific. Dunst has kept busy with an acclaimed turn in Fargo and winning a SAG as part of the cast for Hidden Figures. But her own figure was on full display in this film and worth the wait.

4 Lucy Lawless


No matter what else she does in her career (Battlestar Galactica, Salem, Ash vs Evil Dead), Lucy Lawless will always be Xena: Warrior Princess. Her breakout role in 1995 made Lawless a star, a former warlord turned into a heroine and taking off amazingly well. Lawless was soon showing a very sexy side with several episodes quite risqué showing her bare back and such. But she never did show it all despite the hopes of so many fans. But in 2009, Lawless came to Starz’s first original series, Spartacus. As Lucretia, a noblewoman with a sinister side, Lawless finally bared it all and then some. Through her three-season run, she had multiple hookups with men, a steamy encounter with Jamie Murray and several bath scenes that showed off her chest and rear that were still stunningly toned. She was easily the best part of the series and fans loved Lawless cutting loose in body and attitude. It showed it was well worth the wait to see Xena in the buff and Lawless still a queen in her own right.

3 Alison Brie

GLOW is being hailed as one of the best new shows of 2017 and it’s mostly for its leading lady. Alison Brie first got attention as Trudy, the straight-laced wife with a funny side on Mad Men. That soon led to her breakout role as Annie on Community. Her performance as a woman who tried to be studious but was really a nutcase was a key to the show being a beloved success for six seasons. Brie surprised many with her magazine spreads in swimsuits to show off a nice body and a delightful charm. Yet it’s still amazing how GLOW has her showing it all off in just the first episode. The first scene is short, just changing in a dressing room with a nice firm chest. Better is later when she gets into a wild sex scene with a man who turns out to be her best friend’s husband. Sure, seeing Brie in the spandex is great but those scenes are worth binging on to show how the quiet ladies can have amazing bodies.

2 Charisma Carpenter


There are some women that time just seems to stand still for. Charisma Carpenter is one of them. She was 27 when she landed the role of Cordelia Chase on Buffy the Vampire Slayer but totally believable as a high schooler. It made her an instant sex symbol, pushed by various magazine shoots. Carpenter reprised the role on the spin-off Angel and then various shows like Veronica Mars and Charmed. In 2004, Carpenter finally rewarded fans with a spread in Playboy and it was worth waiting for. Her nude body made the issue a huge seller, rocking fans by showing off all over and amazing to see as sexy as ever. Carpenter kept busy with TV shows like The Lying Game but still looks astounding. In 2015, at the age of 45, she appeared in the movie Bound with gripping love scenes that rocked the screen. She may be pushing 50 but Carpenter still retains the Charisma that makes her one of the hottest women to ever grace a TV screen.

1 Yvonne Strahvoski

The gorgeous Australian actress broke out very nice in 2006 with her role in Chuck. As Sarah Walker, the CIA agent protecting a geeky contact, Strahvoski, stood out from the start attacking guys, looking great in designer dresses and some hot costumes. Her American accent was perfect and showed her great skill off to make the show a hit for geek fans. Strahvoski followed that up with roles in Dexter, The Astronaut Wives Club and a variety of movies. But it took until 2016 for her to finally bare all in the thriller Manhattan Night. It was well worth the wait, Yvonne flaunting her still highly toned body for a hot scene hooking up with Adrien Brody and flaunting it nicely. Strahvoski may not be among the A-list but for fans who fell for her “hot agent” charms, she was worth waiting to see bare all and as hot as in any sexy costume.

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