15 Female Celebs Who Think They’re More Attractive Than They Are

Although everyone knows that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it's possible for all of us to look at an individual and unanimously agree that she is indeed beautiful. However, we can also look at another individual and fail to come up with a unanimous conclusion, and each of us would have our individual reasons to support our own conclusions.

When it comes to celebrities, many of us desire to be like them, because these men and women appear to be perfect in everything. They always wear the trendiest and most expensive clothes and shoes, they get professionals to apply their make-up and do their hair, and they have the money to change whatever they feel is preventing them from being perfect. An individual who does not have the wealth or pressure to look as good as these idols need not desire to live up to the ridiculous demands such a lifestyle would attract. From the outside, it might appear to be fun, but in reality, it's a prison of sorts.

Female celebrities are possibly the hardest hit when it comes to society's demands and expectations since they should look nothing less than perfect, a goal no woman can achieve, regardless of her access to resources and professionals. However, this impossibility has attracted many female celebrity challengers, who draw close to perfection but fall short only slightly.

Here's a list of the female celebrities who think they're more attractive than they actually are – women who've done everything they can to look beautiful but still fall short. Which other celebrity would you include on this list?

15 Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashians, and the loyal followers of Keeping up with the Kardashian have seen her literally grow up because the show started when she was just nine years old. Since she couldn't go through all the enhancements her sister Kim Kardashian went through in an attempt to reach perfection, which she has really tried and failed, people used to call her ugly.

It was rude and foolish for people to judge her in the way they did since they forced her to transform the way she looked when she got older in order to please everyone. If you look at many of her earlier images and compare them with her most recent ones, you will not need anyone convincing you she has had some serious work done, although she has often denied it.

Although she does look attractive, we can't help but feel sorry for her because she clearly thinks she's more attractive in her head than she actually is. Unlike most other women on this list, Kylie's inclusion here is a bit sad, since society is to blame for the terrible path she's on.

14 Paris Hilton

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We can all appreciate that Paris Hilton's fragrances bring in a lot of money and have contributed to her immense wealth. She's a philanthropic giver, and she's famous the world over. However, it's also important to appreciate she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and arguably wouldn't have been anywhere close to where she is, were it not for the inheritance she received.

Hilton was desperate to make it in the reality TV world, and she was doing quite well in the 2000s, but the Kardashians have since overtaken her with their different shows. However, Hilton and Kim Kardashian have a lot in common, because people argue they both have no talent, they're only famous for being famous, they used leaked tapes to become famous, and they try too hard to look hot.

We can credit the phrase "that's hot" to Hilton, but the ridiculous claim that she invented the selfie is just shameful. She's on this list because although she's a beautiful woman, she undoubtedly thinks she's far much hotter than anyone else sees or even cares.

13 Megan Fox

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Although many people consider Megan Fox to be one of the present day female s*x symbols, arguably more people out there claim she's not that hot. Fox is a model and an actress, so we can all agree she's above average when it comes to how hot she is, but the biggest problem is that she probably thinks she's much hotter than she actually is.

Some of the most successful film projects she has been part of include Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Transformers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Since rumors have it that she's difficult to work with, and haters have continued to claim she can't act, Fox's movie career does not seem to be as bright as it's supposed to be.

Many people agree that Fox is overrated both as an actor and as a hot girl, claiming she receives too much attention than she deserves. On the other hand, some people believe she's not overrated, because not many people think too highly of her, and therefore her ratings are where they're supposed to be: low.

12 Katy Perry

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There's no denying just how successful Katy Perry is, since she started singing in church when she was very young, and even has a gospel music album which was not a commercial success. However, within 10 years, she rose from a literally unknown artist to an award-winning and best-selling musician with over 100 million record sales globally.

This sassy celebrity has made it on this list because she obviously thinks she's hotter than she actually is. Of course, she looks amazing and any man would love to call her his own, but the only thing that truly stands out about her is her voice.

When she started a one-sided feud with Taylor Swift she showed us all just how immature she can be, and she lost many fans as a result.

11 Heidi Montag

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Reality TV star, actress, and singer Heidi Montag can do anything to become beautiful and famous, but she's not as attractive as she probably thinks she is. Heidi is famous for her love of enhancements, which have dramatically transformed her face and body over the years into what we see today. Even though Heidi spent $30,000 on these enhancements, which she had the same day, her body is still far from perfect, which would make someone wonder why she even went through with them.

Heidi claims she spends 14 hours in a day working out to transform her figure, but we all know such claims might not be accurate. There's no question on whether Heidi got enhancements. She also wears a load of makeup to hide the flaws which persist.

10 Kim Kardashian

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It's hard to come across another celebrity on the planet who has tried so hard to look hot as Kim Kardashian has. Kim and the rest of her family have made reality TV their life, so they have to make us believe that everything we see in their shows is real, while almost everything we see is fake.

In order to keep her audiences tuned in and her followers glued to her every move, Kim has to keep everyone talking, and her attempts to look perfect have truly turned all the attention her way. The terrible thing about this situation is that she was very beautiful before she started trying to change herself, and her attempts to look like a Barbie doll have just made her lose the exotic beauty she had before.

Kim has gone through numerous enhancements to "improve" almost all her assets, and the worst thing is that she does not look half as beautiful as she thinks she does. Her desperation to look perfect has just set her up for a future of looking ugly and fake, and we can't wait to see how that turns out.

9 Kaley Cuoco

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The Big Bang Theory is still one of the best sitcoms on TV today, since the characters and the situations they get themselves into are, to say the least, extremely hilarious. Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny in the show, is the character we have all come to believe is the hottest girl in the bunch, but that’s just because it's what the show wants us to believe.

Many people will be outraged by her inclusion on this list because she's sweet and has not been in any serious controversy, as many others on this list have been. Kaley is indeed hot, but not that hot. In the show, she's the one who appears to be sexy, and it's obvious that her portrayal in the show has spilled over to her personal life, which is perfectly normal.

However, when you just look at her and compare her with other celebrities, you will realize she's just one among the many beauties who don't really stand out, but she might not know that.

8 Madonna

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It's impossible to talk about the best in the music industry without mentioning the "Queen of Pop," Madonna. She's the best-selling female recording artist and highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time, and she's one of the greatest women in music and songwriters.

One of the reasons Madonna has had such a huge impact in the music industry from the 1980s to today is her ability to push the boundaries. Her lyrics, dancing, stage performances, visual imagery, and videos are anything but conventional, and they've not only contributed to making her the Queen of Pop, but all portrayed her as provocative and sexy.

Madonna will be sixty in less than nine months, and although reality ought to have set in by now, she still probably thinks she's as hot as she used to be thirty years ago. How then would you explain the time she kissed Drake and grossed him out? She's almost twice his age. If she were as attractive as she thinks she is, Drake would have probably loved the kiss.

7 Kourtney Kardashian

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Since Kourtney is a Kardashian, she has automatically won a spot on this list, because all five girls Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie, would do absolutely anything to become famous and feel beautiful. Kourtney is the oldest and she's almost 40 years old, but fans or in this case, haters, of the Kardashians claim she at times acts like a 19-year-old.

Kourtney works out, follows a strict diet, and is very particular about what she drinks. She does all this just to achieve the perfect body. Although many women would kill to have her body and many men would love to date her, some people, like Scott Disick, her former partner of nine years, claim she's too masculine and looks like a drag queen.

As much as we all agree she has a great body and her face isn't bad, she probably thinks she's ten times more attractive than she actually is. All the attention and the millions of fans, some of whom adore her, are enough to make her think she's much more than she actually is because she's not all that.

6 Kesha

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Although we know her only as Kesha, her full name is Kesha Rose Sebert, and she is a very successful singer, songwriter, and rapper. Towards the end of 2013, Kesha had already sold over 76 million records, 59 million of which were in the United States. She has also received many awards and nominations, including the 2010 MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act.

The main reasons Kesha was quiet for a number of years was her unending legal battle with her record producer Lukasz Gottwald, otherwise known as Dr. Luke. Kesha claimed Gottwald assaulted, battered, and harassed her, emotionally abused her, and violated proper business practices.

If you look at her recent images and compare them to those from a few years back, you might notice some major changes in her lips and cheeks. The changes make her look a bit fake and may be evidence of enhancements. Many people argue she looked much better before going through whatever she underwent, so she probably thinks she looks more attractive than she really is.

5 Kristen Stewart

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Every time we look at Kristen Stewart, she looks sleepy, bored, or on something. It seems like all she does is weep about how the paparazzi make her miserable, how the press is wrong about her, and how people are mistaken about her. The fact that she's in showbiz she should have the ability to handle herself better with the press.

Kristen is overrated; people can't quite decide whether she has the talent an actress in her league should have or even the looks some of her fans claim she has. Remember when she played the leading role in Snow White and the Huntsman? Audiences were outraged, wondering why the evil witch, played by Charlize Theron was far hotter than Snow White played by Kristen.

In addition, she has played roles that demean her such as in Adventureland, where she plays a manipulative, selfish, and self-loathing character, and we can't shake the feeling she could share a lot of qualities with the character. Kristen may think she's one of those girls whose beauty attracts everyone around her, but sadly she's not.

4 Amy Schumer

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Amy Schumer is a stand-up comedian and actress who you can catch in her long-running Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer, which she created, co-writes, and co-produces. For the show, she received a Peabody Award and has won and been nominated for other prestigious awards. However, Amy has really changed for the worst in the last few years. It's sad that she started off as America's sweetheart but just a few years back people could only define her as a train wreck.

She used to deal with relatable women issues in the past but has become vile and vulgar, consequently becoming very unattractive on all fronts. Her self-loathing acts and attitude are not attractive either and she has become a laughing stock in comedy circles.

As much as the tabloids call her fat and ugly, which might not be very fair, her self-destructive words and vulgar dress code may not help her much. Although she knows she's a beautiful woman, she might probably be thinking more of herself than she ought to.

3 Amber Rose

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Amber Rose is a model, and just by looking at her, you can tell why she is such a successful model and actress. Amber has her fair share of adoring fans and fierce haters because her personality will only give you the option of loving her or despising her.

Judging by her behavior, how she dresses, and how much she loves exposing her body, she probably thinks she's the hottest woman to walk the earth, and given an opportunity, she would gladly claim she was. When she does wear clothes, she picks the ones which accentuate her curves, as well as those that barely hide anything.

With regard to just how much attention she craves for, she would be a close contender to the Kardashians who currently hold the title, which is probably one of the reasons she has so much beef with them. Although she definitely has what it takes to turn every man's head, she's not half as hot as she thinks she is.

2 Nicki Minaj

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It's hard to come across another female rapper who can compete with Nicki Minaj, because she's truly in a league of her own, and she has the numerous awards and nominations to prove it. She's one of the most influential people in the world according to Time magazine, and her unique fast flow, costumes, and wigs make her special.

However, Minaj is on this list because she obviously thinks she's far more attractive than she actually is. Some people have claimed she has risen to such levels in her career owing to just how beautiful her body is, a claim she does not take too well. We can't deny she's hot, in every sense of the word, but she's not even close to being the hottest celebrity out there.

Just like the other celebrities on this list who think their bodies are too hot for decent clothing, Minaj can attend an award show or pose for a shoot with the most provocative and indecent clothing ever invented. These celebrities would behave with decency if they realized they're not as hot as they think they are.

1 Donatella Versace

via: vogue.com

When you first lay eyes on Donatella Versace, it's hard to pick out where the problem is, because she does not look good. When you look at her pictures before 1998, you will appreciate how much of a beauty she used to be, especially when you compare her with current images.

Although her addiction to drugs for years could have played a small role in changing her appearance, when she claimed she doesn't believe that a woman shouldn't be all-natural in the mid-2000s, it was clear she was having enhancements and her face was clearly showing it.

his great Italian fashion designer and Vice-president of the Versace group might think she looks better than she did before she started doing all the enhancements, but even her thoughts might be more attractive than she actually is.

Sources: People.com, Rollingstone.com, Inquisitr.com, Dailymail.co.uk.

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