15 Female Celebs Who Resemble Male Stars

Oftentimes, female celebrities are held to a higher standard in regards to their physical appearance. While male heartthrobs are revered for their pronounced jawlines and equally large noses, women ar

Oftentimes, female celebrities are held to a higher standard in regards to their physical appearance. While male heartthrobs are revered for their pronounced jawlines and equally large noses, women are expected to have ultra feminine features in order to be considered leading lady material. Many people have blamed the media for this type of backward thinking, especially when so many publications have worked hard at promoting a particular look that is deemed favorable for females. Playboy magazine has been notorious for their specific guidelines on beauty over the years, and even some of the most infamous playmates have commented on how precise the magazine needed their women to be. Holly Madison made numerous comments on how imperfect her nose was compared to the standard beauty of Playboy models, and the Shannon twins went on Botched and spoke out about many of the Playboy models using the same plastic surgeon to ensure a uniform look in the magazine.

While a cute button nose and pouty lips are often revered as the ultimate in feminine beauty, that doesn’t mean that every woman can fit into that specific category. In actuality, many women have the same masculine features as their male counterparts. This is especially true in the entertainment industry, where numerous female celebrities look almost identical to some of Hollywood’s leading men. While it can sometimes work in their favor, it can also be pretty disheartening for the woman. After all, what woman wants to be told that they look like a man? Check out our list of 15 female celebrities that resemble male stars, and see how some of Hollywood’s biggest stars can mirror one another in physical appearance.

15 Sarah Jessica Parker And Adam Sandler


Sarah Jessica Parker is best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw on the hit series, Sex and the City. While she has been able to transform herself into a style icon both on and off the red carpet, she didn’t exactly start off as leading lady material. In fact, her most memorable big screen role before her HBO TV series role was playing a witch in Hocus Pocus. Even her Carrie Bradshaw character started off without much appeal appearance-wise, but somehow Hollywood and the general public has been able to look beyond her physical shortcomings. What is a little more difficult to look past is the striking comparison between her and Adam Sandler. Obviously, Adam Sandler is not exactly known for being one of the hottest leading men in Hollywood, so being compared to him isn’t quite a compliment. Regardless, everything from the shape of the eyes to the elongated chin are comparable in both of these A-list stars, but it’s the nose that truly gives it away.

14 Mayim Bialik And Ryan Gosling

via USA Today/Fanpop

Ryan Gosling is often thought of as one of the hottest men in Hollywood. Women flock to his films, swoon over his interview appearances, and secretly hope his romances will fall through so they will somehow have a shot with this A-list hottie. On the flip side, Mayim Bialik is definitely not in the category of Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie in the looks department, but she has always been a highly respected actress in the entertainment industry. From her small film roles that have become iconic to her TV characters that have become beloved by all, Bialik has been able to overcome her physical shortcomings to achieve huge success as an actress. Yet, it’s interesting to see how the physical characteristics that give Ryan Gosling a distinguished appeal can achieve the opposite effect on Mayim Bialik. Apparently, women aren’t supposed to have the strong chin and prominent nose, even though it’s quite fetching on a man.

13 Emma Stone And Rupert Grint

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Rupert Grint is an English actor that is best known for his role as Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter films, but has since grown up to be far more than just the red-haired friend of Harry. Like his fellow actors, Grint is starting to take a hand at acting as more than just a child actor, and can be seen on and off the red carpet with a more grownup look. The female starlet that resembles Grint is none other than the luscious Emma Stone. Typically, when a female celebrity resembles a male star, the result isn’t always favorable for the starlet. Yet, somehow it seems to work for Stone. She has changed her hair numerous times over the years, so it’s not just the red locks that are similar to Grint. From the green eyes to the pronounced cheek bones, the two have an odd similarity that is complementary to both genders. However, Stone is able to amp up her look through the use of makeup to help accentuate the facial features. Grint would probably benefit from a few pumps of black mascara as well, but not all men in Hollywood are keen on wearing makeup.

12 Brooke Hogan And David Charvet

via Perth Now/Celebuzz

Brooke Hogan has always been criticized for her ultra manly look, but what more can be expected from the daughter of Hulk Hogan. Her strong facial features have always been pronounced, but her increasing age has only magnified her masculine look. While she tries to hide her masculine look through fake tanning and an abundance of makeup, she hasn’t done a great job at creating a soft and girlish appearance. On the contrary, she actually resembles a younger version of David Charvet. Charvet is best known for his role as Matt Brody in the hit series, Baywatch, and was thought of as one of the hottest leading men on TV back in the ‘90s. Looking a bit closer, it’s interesting how similar these two are in their facial features. They both seem to have the same narrow bridge in their nose and the same shape to their eyes and brows. Even their lips our similar in their shape, which brings attention to both of their strong jawlines. In fact, slapping a bit of makeup on Charvet will create the Brooke Hogan look with ease. Obviously, Charvet wins in this comparison because he makes a much more handsome man than Hogan as a female.

11 Nia Vardalos And Breckin Meyer

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Nia Vardalos is an actress that’s best known for her role as Toula Portokalos from the My Big Fat Greek Wedding film series. She may have achieved commercial success through this portrayal, but she definitely didn’t earn full leading lady status. She started off in the first film as the ultra frumpy daughter that “surprisingly” was still a virgin, and yet somehow was able to land the super hot John Corbett in the end. There comes the point in time when moviegoers come to the realization that this is just a film, and would probably never happen in this fashion in the real world. In the meantime, Breckin Meyer has had a little less commercial success but is thought of as considerably more attractive. Many fans will remember him as the stoner with a heart of gold from the iconic film, Clueless, but offscreen he is much better looking when he’s all cleaned up. While it’s true that both Meyer and Vardalos share the same oversized nose and practically nonexistent top lip, Meyer seems to be able to pull it off as incredibly debonair.

10 Maisie Williams And Frankie Muniz


Frankie Muniz was first introduced to audiences when he starred on the hit Fox series, Malcolm in the Middle. As a child actor, Muniz ruled the tube and earned a number of accolades during his run throughout his teenage years. Transitioning into adulthood, Muniz chose to go a different route than some of his fellow actors from the show. Nowadays, he has made a name for himself in the racing world and has even dabbled in the music industry. Perhaps he could give a few pointers to his female counterpart, Maisie Williams. Williams has also created a name for herself on TV, and started acting in the hit series, Game of Thrones, when she was still a child. Yet, her time on the show has allowed fans to watch her grow up in front of the cameras. Yet, the two have more than that in common since they share similar facial characteristics. While their iris may not be the exact shade, they both share the eyes as their main facial feature. They also have a prominent nose, smaller lips, high cheek bones, and a pointed chin. These are favorable characteristics in general, but even more so for someone still in their younger years.

9 Alison Wright And Ant McPartlin

via Daily Express/Zimbio

Anthony “Ant” McPartlin is the Ryan Seacrest equivalent across the pond, and seems to host (or co-host) all of the most popular shows on English television. As part of the Ant & Dec duo, he is a staple on British television. Yet, he doesn’t have the same stellar good looks as America’s Ryan Seacrest. McPartlin may have the personality that complements his partner, Declan Donnelly, but his looks are more comparable to a Lord of the Rings character. Alison Wright has a similar look to McPartlin due to her enlarged forehead and thinned out bridge to her nose. The two also have a similar arch to their eyebrows, with one more masculine than the other. Perhaps this is because they are both British, or perhaps they have some sort of family connection with their ancestors. Whatever the case, Wright has been quite successful in her career as an actress on the hit series, The Americans. While both seem to have an odd appearance, they haven’t let it stop them from achieving fame in the entertainment industry.

8 Jennifer Connelly And Daniel Day Lewis

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This is another example of how certain facial features can work well with either a man or a woman. Jennifer Connelly is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, and Daniel Day Lewis is one of the most respected method actors of all time. Connelly started her career back in the ‘80s when she starred in her first film, Once Upon a Time in America, and yet her looks never seem to fade. She looks even better now than when fans were first introduced to her since she no longer has the baby faced pudge on her cheeks. Nowadays, the slimmed out version is very much like Daniel Day Lewis, especially since they both have the squared chin feature. Pairing that with the dark hair and contrasting light eyes has given both of them an exotic look that only makes them even more appealing. They both seem to have a mysterious look about them that has made her ultra sexy on film, and has undoubtedly helped him to delve deeper into the characters he has portrayed.

7 Anne Hathaway And Michael Jackson

via BecomeGorgeous/StyleBlazer

The late Michael Jackson is still thought of as one of the greatest artists of all time, even though his life was filled with numerous controversies. From the skin bleaching allegations to the sexual assault cases, his personal life was filled with a myriad of public stains. Yet, the public was able to separate the controversies from his personal life with the accomplishments in his professional career. After his passing, the world has seemed able to further separate themselves from the strife in his personal life. One celebrity that has also had some changes in public persona is Anne Hathaway. Yet, public opinion wasn’t changed due to intense personal drama. Instead, it seemed that people just got tired of seeing Hathaway on the red carpet trying to look like America’s sweetheart. This made Hathaway take a break from the limelight for awhile, but before she left, people couldn’t help but make comparisons to her appearance with the late King of Pop. The porcelain skin, dark hair, and over-pronounced lips made for an odd similarity that is almost amusing if it weren’t so sad.

6 Glenn Close And Robin Williams

via Lifetime/People

Glenn Close has always been very masculine in her look, and has even played a man pretending to be a woman on the big screen. Her 2011 film, Albert Nobbs, was critically acclaimed and even earned her an Academy Award nomination. Yet, it also proved what audiences always knew, which was that she looks pretty convincing as a man. Her masculine facial features haven’t seemed to hurt her opportunities in Hollywood since she’s been casted numerous times for various leading lady roles. However, some have likened her appearance to that of the late Robin Williams. The world lost Williams when he was 63-years-old due to a hanging suicide. This was an ultra shocking event, considering Williams made a living as a comedian that brought joy into other people’s lives. The comparisons made between the appearance of Glenn Close and Robin Williams can either be thought of as eery or incredibly saddening, depending on how the public chooses to look at it.

5 Mischa Barton And Elijah Wood

via Cine Racional

Mischa Barton is an actress that many are still rooting for since she started off with such a promising future in Hollywood. From soap operas to Nickelodeon to The O.C., it seemed that Barton was on her way to official leading lady status despite having most of her success on television. Yet, stardom is a hard challenge for some, and Barton chose to handle it by partying hard and taking everything to excess. She was seen falling out of nightclubs with numerous photographs by the paparazzi, and then she proceeded to gain an obscene amount of weight that made people wonder whether or not it was even the same person. Elijah Wood, on the other hand, chose to handle his fame in a totally different way. He also started off as a child actor, but was able to transition into adulthood by legitimizing himself on the big screen. Nowadays, he is best known for his role as Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings series, and continues to be a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. Barton has since lost the weight she gained during her partying years, but the damage has already been done to her celebrity status. While the two may look alike in their facial features, they have a completely different persona and work ethic in the entertainment industry.

4 Kesha And John Travolta

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John Travolta is an actor that has changed drastically over the years, both in appearance and public opinion. While he started off as America’s favorite heartthrob on the big screen, it’s been quite awhile since he was last thought of as the ultra fit Danny Zuko character from Grease. He has since gained a huge amount of weight that has seemed to settle around his face, and has even been photographed without wearing his wig on a number of occasions. From the bald revelation to the numerous allegations from male masseuses, Travolta has taken quite a blow to his public persona. Kesha has also had her fair share of drama in the public eye since she continues to fight with her label over sexual assault allegations regarding her assigned manager. Kesha has never been thought of as a stick figure artist, so it’s not surprising that her fuller face has a similar roundness similar to Travolta. The pair also has a number of other comparisons, from the eyebrow shape to the straight bridge of their nose and the shape of their smile. They may not be identical twins, but they sure do resemble one another when compared side-by-side.

3 Ellen DeGeneres And Owen Wilson

via eBaum’s World

Ellen DeGeneres has always fought against the typical female standard of beauty, which might have something to do with her being open about her homosexuality. Her younger years were filled with oversized clothing and even a mullet hairstyle, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she is looking like a female version of Owen Wilson nowadays. Wilson has been sporting a shaggy blonde hairstyle for years, and it’s shockingly similar to a hairstyle that Ellen DeGeneres has also sported for years. From the light eyes to the bulbous nose, these two look more like twins from another mother than just fellow celebrities in Hollywood. This is actually not so bad for Wilson since he could use a bit of a softer appeal to his hardened look, but it’s not exactly favorable for DeGeneres. She is supposed to be a CoverGirl and yet, she isn’t the feminine creature that makeup endorsements are typically seeking out.

2 Katy Perry And Tom Hiddleston

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Katy Perry first started out in the music industry in a way that was quite similar to Lady Gaga in that she partook in over-the-top costumes and looks to allow her to stand out from all of the other pop artists. Yet, people saw her true appearance beyond the cupcake bras and turquoise wigs when her ex-husband, Russell Brand, posted a makeup-free picture of her on his social media page. However, even with a full face of makeup, it’s interesting to see just how manly her facial features are when compared to Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston was best known for his role as the comic book character, Loki, but has since made a name for himself beyond his villainous character. His role on the TV series, The Night Manager, made many sit up and take notice since he was able to hold his own alongside Hugh Laurie. He also had a short-lived romance with Taylor Swift, so that helped to introduce him to a much younger audience as a potential dreamboat. Perhaps looking like a male version of Katy Perry will also end up being favorable for him.

1 Eva Marcille And Terrence Howard

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While there are some celebrities that can boast a few similarities in differing features, there aren’t many that can truly exhibit the twin features like Eva Marcille and Terrence Howard. Both feature caramel-colored skin that works well onscreen. Yet, the amber-colored eyes are the true feature that help to offset their unique look. Marcille made it work in her favor when she came out as a winner on America’s Next Top Model, and has since gone on to work as a television personality and actress. Terrence Howard has made a huge name for himself on the big screen and has even received an Oscar nod for his portrayal in the 2005 film, Hustle & Flow. Yet, he has made a huge splash on TV as well in his most recent endeavor in the hit television series, Empire. Howard is just another actor that has turned to television due to dwindling film roles and less than stellar film plots to choose from. With both of them on television, it’s easier to catch a glimpse of them on their own. Perhaps, Howard could suggest a role for her on Empire as his long-lost twin sister.

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