15 Female Celebs Who Only Date Men Nearly Twice Their Age

They say love is blind. When you find the person you're destined to spend the rest of your life with, it doesn't matter what they look like, what race they are, or how old they are. All that matters is their personality and their soul. This is the beautiful thing about love, although many times people get judged for the people they marry or date. Sometimes, people look at a couple and think, "Why the hell is she with him?" Or, "She must be dating that guy just because he has money." But it's not always that simple. Sometimes women really do fall in love with men who are twice their age, and we can't judge them for that.

But sometimes it's hard not to wonder. What kind of young girl in her 20s would marry an old man? That's when the word "gold digger" starts to get thrown around. And we can't deny that there are certain women who date older guys just because of their money. But what a lot of people don't understand is that there are many other reasons why a woman would want to date an older guy.

With many years under their belt, older men are more experienced and much more mature. They've usually been with their fair share of women, and know how to treat a lady. There's usually not as much drama with an older guy, and women seem to feel safer and more secure with a more aged gentleman. Here are some examples of female celebrities who prefer to date guys who are twice their age.


15 Crystal Harris

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This list wouldn't be complete without Crystal Harris, one of the most famous Playboy Bunnies and long time companion of the now deceased Hugh Hefner. She is the widow of Hefner, and married him in 2012. In fact, she is still known publicly as Crystal Hefner, not Crystal Harris. She has appeared in many reality TV shows, and has numerous talents you wouldn't expect. She actually majored in psychology during her time at college. And she's also a talented DJ, if you can believe that. But she's best known for her modelling, which she did for numerous swimsuit lines, and of course, Playboy magazine.

Her marriage to Hugh Hefner was also a large part of her fame, and still is to some extent. When they were married, Hugh Hefner was a whopping 60 years older than her. Although she did in fact marry Hefner, it wasn't that straightforward. She actually backed out of the marriage once, before changing her mind and going ahead with it. It's hard to believe that she's still only 31 years old.

14 Anna Nicole Smith

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Anna Nicole-Smith was one of the most famous celebrities in the 90s, and her tale is a tragic one. She was a very popular model in her heyday, posing for publications like Playboy, and also modelling for brands like Guess jeans. The biggest source of her fame, however, came from the man she married. Howard J. Marshall was an oil Tycoon who she met while working in a club. The two were married when Anna Nicole-Smith was 26, and Marshall was 89 years old. Obviously, the first thought on everyone's mind was that she did it for the money.

Following Marshall's death, Anna Nicole-Smith fought in court for the inheritance money, which she claimed rightfully belonged to her. She claimed that she never lived in the same house as him, never slept with him, and never even kissed him on the mouth more than ten times. Despite this, she said she loved him for who he was and that age didn't matter to her.

13 Katie Holmes

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Katie Holmes is one of the most well-known actresses in the world, and she seemingly has a preference for dating older guys. You may know her from a huge range of projects, although she first got a lot of attention from her role in the hit show Dawson's Creek. This show launched her career, and soon enough she was appearing in high profile movies, such as Batman Begins, in which she played Rachel Dawes along with Christian Bale. Lately, she's received a lot of attention for her role in The Kennedys miniseries, as well as its spin-off.

In terms of her personal life, the biggest event was her marriage to Tom Cruise. This dominated headlines for years, and soon enough the couple divorced amidst all kinds of crazy rumors, mostly to do with Tom Cruise's affiliation with the church of Scientology. When she married Cruise, she was almost half his age. Nowadays, she's been linked with Jamie Foxx, who is also many years her senior.

12 Calista Flockhart

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Calista Flockhart is another very well-known actress, and she also seems to prefer the older gentleman. She's had a long and illustrious career, starring in many films and television shows, and you've probably seen her face at least once. She's probably best known for playing the title character in the law drama TV show, Ally McBeal. But she's also appeared in films such as A Midsummer Night's Dream, and many others. Lately, she's been on the hit show Supergirl.

Calista Flockhart's taste in men has been a huge subject for gossip. She famously married Harrison Ford when she was only half his age, and the marriage has proven to be a lasting one. Calista is still with Ford, and together they have one adopted son. We certainly can't critique her taste in men, as Harrison Ford is quite a catch.

11 Milla Jovovich

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Another face you might recognize is Milla Jovovich. This immensely talented model and actress is famous for starring as the leading lady in countless action flicks, most notably the Resident Evil series. But you might also recognize her from the Fifth Element, in which she played a beautiful alien that everyone is trying to catch. She grew up in the Ukraine before she moved to California at a young age. After years of trying to get into the business, she finally made it big.

She met her first husband on the set of Dazed And Confused, and she was just 16 years of age. The man in question was actor Shawn Andrews, who played her boyfriend in the movie. He was 21 years old. That marriage fell apart, but she went on to marry the director of The Fifth Element, Luc Besson in 1997, who was also much older than her. Finally, she married the director of Resident Evil, Paul Anderson, who again is much older than she is.

10 Mena Suvari

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Mena Suvari is a name you don't hear much of anymore, although she was huge back in the 90s. She has a very recognizable face, and at her prime she was known as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She has appeared in many films and television shows, such as American Beauty, American Pie, American Pie 2, and Loser. She also appeared in quite a few TV shows, such as Six Feet Under and is still working on several projects in 2017.

Any guy would be lucky to have her, but she has very particular tastes. She seems to prefer men who are older and much more mature. In 2000, Suvari married a man who was a whopping 17 years older than she is, a German photographer by the name of Robert Brinkmann. Although she later married a much younger man, that marriage barely lasted a year.

9 Shania Twain

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Shania Twain is perhaps one of the most famous and popular women in the country music genre. This Canadian born woman has come out with countless hits, and she's actually the best-selling female artists in country music history with over 100 million records sold. Her nickname is the "Queen of Country Pop." She actually had to retire from singing when she found her voice deteriorating in 2004. She later got medical treatment, and returned to doing concerts. She recently released her fifth studio album in 2017.

Twain's marriages suggest that she too prefers men who are quite a bit older than she is. Her first husband is a producer by the name of Robert Lange, and he is considerably older than she is. They divorced because Lange had cheated on Twain, allegedly with her best friend. In a stunning twist, Twain then married the husband of her best friend (the same one that her husband cheated with), making it a bizarre "husband swap." Her new husband, Frédéric Thiébaud, is also much older than she is.


8 Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the most well-known actresses in the world, and she is of Welsh nationality. She's been involved in acting since a very young age, and it was her dream ever since she was a little girl. Well, her dream came true in a big way, with an incredible amount of success. Her big roles in Hollywood were Mask Of Zorro, in which she played Zorro's love interest, and also Traffic, where her performance was particularly admired. You might also recognize her from Ocean's Twelve.

Her dating and marriage history also suggest that she prefers much older men. After initially dating someone her age, she dated singer David Essex, who is 22 years older than her. When that didn't work out, Zeta-Jones found someone even older, mega celebrity Michael Douglas. He was 25 years older than her, and she found someone she could settle down with. Although they briefly separated, they got back together in 2014 and are now a very strong couple.

7 Adrianne Curry

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If you're a fan of America's Next Top Model, you'll definitely recognize Adrianne Curry. She won the first cycle of the famous reality TV show, and many people praised her for this amazing accomplishment. Her career has been amazing, and she's modelled for numerous publications, including Maxim magazine and Playboy. She's also been on tons of television shows, mostly reality shows. She either acts as a contestant or as a co-host, and people love to see her personality in pretty much anything. She's also appeared on The Surreal Life.

But her most famous reality TV show appearance was perhaps in My Fair Brady, a reality show that revolved around Curry dating Christopher Knight, who was of course an actor in The Brady Bunch. On the series finale of the show, Knight proposed and Curry accepted. Knight is 25 years older than Curry. They later broke up, and even appeared on Dr. Phil to try to stop their arguing before their inevitable divorce.

6 Sasha Pieterse

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Sasha Pieterse is another huge star that is just starting to make it big in Hollywood. This huge star was actually born in South Africa, and emigrated to the United States to become a star. That dream came true, and now Pieterse is one of the hottest new actors on the scene. You may recognize her from Pretty Little Liars, a show in which she plays a central role. She's also had tons of minor roles in a huge range of different projects, but right now she's starting to get really involved in Disney projects.

She recently announced that she was getting married to her long-term boyfriend, Hudson Sheaffer. He's definitely not as well-known as his fiancée, but one thing everyone has been talking about is how old he is. At 28, he's almost 8 years older than Sasha Pieterse, which is a pretty significant age gap. But it doesn't seem to get in the way of their relationship, and it seems like Sasha really values having an older man by her side.

5 Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato is another huge star that requires no introduction, and based on her history, it's safe to say she also prefers older guys. She started her career as a child actress in Barney & Friends, but it was music that was always going to be her true calling in life. Over the course of her career, she's released tons of amazing hits, such as one that will no doubt be played every time summer rolls around, her single "Cool for the Summer." She's also an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights, and has gained tons of recognition for this.

Her relationships are usually kept pretty secret, but one man that a lot of people were talking about was Wilmer Valderrama. You probably all recognize him from That '70s Show, and he is 12 years older than her. The relationship seemed stable, but they suddenly broke up in 2016, announcing their split on social media.

4 Dakota Fanning

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Dakota Fanning is a young rising star in Hollywood, and people are really starting to take notice of her. She's been starring in big movies ever since a young age, with performances in I Am SamCharlotte's Web, and War Of The Worlds. But her current projects are really getting a lot of attention. More recently, she's appeared in the Twilight movies, and is rumored to be part of the new movie Ocean's 8, which will be released in 2018. She's definitely a talented actress with a bright future ahead of her.

Fanning's recent romance fell flat on its face, and the man in question was a model in his late thirties. Dakota Fanning, by comparison, is still in her early 20s. Although she's moved on, she was definitely attracted by his age and experience. She is very tight-lipped about her personal life, although she has revealed that she hates first dates and she doesn't want to meet people she views as "freaks."

3 Hayley Williams

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Hayley Williams is another name you might be familiar with, and she's one of the most popular musicians right now. She's the lead singer of the band Paramore, which I'm sure most of you are familiar with. One of their most popular songs is the hit "Teenagers," which was also featured in the movie Jennifer's Body, featuring Megan Fox. Despite her punk rock image, Williams is a devout Christian, and publicly pledged not to drink alcohol or engage in drug use. She has an amazing job, and many music critics praise her abilities.

Her choice in men does suggest that she prefers older men. Her most publicized relationship was her marriage to Chad Gilbert, who is also a musician. He is the lead singer for the band New Found Glory, and he was once the lead singer for the hardcore punk band Shai Hulud. He is 8 years older than her. They separated recently in 2017.

2 Lorde

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Another extremely well-known musician is Lorde. Known for her unique music style and her vibrant personality, Lorde shot to fame with her hit single "Royals." She's known for criticizing and pointing out things that are wrong with the music industry, and the world in general. She's actually from New Zealand, and is undoubtedly one of the country's finest exports. Her music can be classified as "dreampop," although it's so unique that it's pretty hard to put into any category. She recently received a Grammy nomination for her album Melodrama in 2017.

Lorde's relationship status isn't something that's usually discussed, and that's because she was in a really stable relationship with her long-time boyfriend, James Lowe. Only a few months ago, she broke up with him, and it was a source of great heartbreak for the young singer. It can be said that Lorde prefers older guys, as James was her only notable relationship, and he was 8 years older than her.

1 Stephanie Seymour

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Stephanie Seymour was one of the most well-known models in the world, and she had an amazing career doing pretty much everything you can imagine. Not only was she a model, but she also had a few acting gigs, and she even posed for Playboy once. She started her career as a model when she was just 16 years old, and that was with Elite Modelling. Interestingly, she was one of the very first models for Victoria's Secret, a lingerie company that was just beginning to get started when Stephanie Seymour was in her prime as a model.

Her dating and marriage history suggests that she too is very much into older gentleman. Her first marriage was to John Casablancas, head of Elite Modelling. She was 16 and he was 42, making him considerably older than twice her age. She then married Tommy Andrews, a guitarist, before marrying Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns N' Roses. Finally, she started dating Peter Brant, a billionaire who was almost 20 years older than her. She then married him, divorced him, and then got back together with him.

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