15 Female Celebs Who Are Fit But Love To Eat

Out of Hollywood's hottest ladies, who are the ones who truly love to eat?

It's no secret that maintaining a Hollywood physique takes an enormous amount of time, dedication, and discipline. It's actually so difficult that a lot of stars will hire outside help to keep them on track and ensure they're doing exactly what they need to do to look as hot as is humanly possible (and even after all that they still need Photoshop!). But just because it's a necessary part of the job, that doesn't mean that the entertainers who subject themselves to such rigorous regimens actually enjoy it. Eating and training like an athlete just to make sure you look pretty is not much fun for anyone, and there are quite a few celebs who relish every chance they get to splurge and break their strict routines every once in a while.

There are some stars who like to take their splurging a step further though. Some famous faces like to give themselves the chance to cheat every so often, and some like to treat treating themselves like it's a major event. Not to mention, cooking and baking are pretty popular hobbies that millions of people enjoy, so when it comes to celebrities it's really no different. Some entertainers truly love to indulge in fancy or delicious food whenever they get the chance to. So out of Hollywood's hottest ladies, who are the ones who truly love to eat? It might be the junkiest junk you can get from McDonald's or it might be a delicious meal from one of the nation's most expensive restaurants, but either way you cut it, these girls do love to eat.

15 Chrissy Teigen


It's kind of amazing that Chrissy Teigen has managed to be super successful in two seemingly contradictory fields of work, modelling and cooking, but Teigen does somehow manage to be a successful swimsuit model while writing and blogging about her love of cooking and food. And her foodie credentials are no joke. Teigen actually had her own secret food and cooking blog since 2011, so clearly she's not just trying to capitalize on her success to make money off of whatever she can. And since Chrissy has been working on her love of food almost as long as she has been a working model, it makes sense that she has now even published her own cookbooks and hosted a few cooking shows and specials along with maintaining her foodie blog, So Delushious. And she certainly doesn't stick to just rabbit food, Chrissy has openly professed her love for steak, bacon, Buffalo wings, and Frito pie.

14 Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick is another entertainer who loves to bake and share her foodie exploits on social media. In an interview with Food & Wine, Anna explained that “I’ve always loved baking — it feels like the stakes are high. Cooking isn’t precise enough for me; I’m a little OCD, and I like the way baking makes my brain feel.” Aside from the baking fanaticism she also loves every type of food under the sun, and is a self-admitted fast food fan with a particular affection for fried chicken and Taco Bell. And like most celebrity foodies, Anna loves to share her favorite eats on social media, especially on her Twitter. Presumably Anna squeezes some healthy food into her diet on a fairly regular basis, but it would seem that dieting isn't really for her. She once compared women who are on diets talking about food to Star Wars fans talking about Star Wars.

13 Emma Stone

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Academy Award winner Emma Stone is a big fan of baking and actually uses it as a way of maintaining her zen when she's feeling stressed out or anxious about things. Emma has actually used that as her main method of relaxation since she was a young girl, and found that the activity was a good way of calming her nerves when she was having a panic attack. If the years of experience weren't enough, Stone actually has hopes of possibly opening her own bakery someday. With her desire to maximize her dessert fun (she once speculated about how she could possibly stuff cupcakes with cookie dough in an interview with Vanity Fair) it seems like life as a baker might be a good fit if she ever decides to ditch the Hollywood lifestyle. That's not to say that Emma isn't somewhat health conscious, but clearly her ultra skinny frame doesn't betray her sugar addiction a bit.

12 Beyonce


Beyonce Knowles certainly sticks to a strict diet when she feels like she needs to. She even went through a super extreme "Master Cleanse" fast for weeks in preparation for her role in Dreamgirls, which essentially means she only drank spicy lemonade (ironic, right?), tea, or water for the entire time, with no food and nothing else to drink. But the fact that she's willing to go to such extremes for the body she wants doesn't mean that she still doesn't love food. When she does decide to splurge she goes for some pretty obvious junk food classics, like pizza, chicken, and In-N-Out. And although the singing superstar had a brief flirtation with going vegan, the Houston native foodie just couldn't stick with it, even though it inspired her to be more conscious about her food choices in general. You do have to give her credit for always being prepared, though. Yonce likes to keep hot sauce in her bag at all times in case she feels a need for it.

11 Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz is really well known for her slim and athletic figure, and the actress and author has made a concerted effort to age as naturally and healthily as she can. She even wrote a book called The Longevity Book, which is a collection of tips and information about how to stay healthy and happy as you age. And of course, that advice also includes information and recipes about how to eat healthy food that's still really tasty. And Cameron's methods for keeping fit are pretty simple; she doesn't follow any strict diets or regimens but she does abide by a simple 80/20 rule. She makes sure her diet is 80% healthy food and she eats whatever she wants for the other 20%. She's also an admitted cheese freak and lists pretty much anything cheesy as her cheat foods, and even if she's cheating with a food that isn't normally cheesy she might slap some on there just for fun.

10 Ashley Tisdale


Ashley Tisdale, the super muscular star of High School Musical, consumes as much protein as she can stomach in order to keep her ultra fit physique. She also likes to pack a lot of whole grains and vegetables into her diet to keep healthy, and overall she seems to eat an extremely clean diet for the most part. She even cut out dairy and most refined carbs to take her already healthy diet to the next level. But she doesn't eat 100% healthy 100% of the time either. The repeat Starbucks customer still indulges in her caramel frappucinos, and when she is in the mood for something more on the unhealthy side Ashley favors French toast and pizza. But given how lean Ashley looks on a daily basis it's impressive that she ever indulges her cravings even for a second, because getting and staying that level of shredded is no easy feat.

9 Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift might be 8 feet tall and unbelievably slim, but that doesn't mean that the country star doesn't love food just as much as the rest of us. Swifty likes to stick to a pretty strict and healthy diet during the weekdays, but allows herself weekends to splurge and indulge on what she really wants. Taylor loves baked goods, both the kinds she makes herself and the ones that come from fancy bakeries, and she says that when she goes for any bad foods she tends to choose comfort foods. When she's eating out she tends to go for some interesting choices. She adores sweet potato casserole, pancakes topped with ham, cheese, and an egg, and she's even a fan of the classic white girl fave, a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. Taylor also likes to share the wealth on her Instagram and Tumblr, she often posts the recipes she likes to use on her social media.

8 Miley Cyrus


Actress and pop star Miley Cyrus has actually taken on a vegan and gluten-free diet over the last few years, both for the sake of her health and for moral reasons. She also operates on a pretty strict diet and exercise regime to stay healthy and in shape, and she even quit smoking in an effort to feel better. But that doesn't mean that Hannah Montana doesn't love to eat. Miley normally likes to incorporate as much fruits and veggies into her diet as she can, but that doesn't mean that she won't indulge in the occasional New York style vegan pizza or or scarf down some vegan turkey. In fact, during one Thanksgiving people were speculating that Miley might be pregnant because she was spotted sporting a bulging belly, but Miley denied it and explained that she had just pigged out for the holiday and was only showing a food baby.

7 Blake Lively


Blake Lively might have a body to die for, but that doesn't mean she likes to hold back when it comes to her love of food either. The Gossip Girl star actually has a habit of sharing her food faves on her Instagram, and she also loves too cook and bake her own food as much as she possibly can. Even when the star needs to stick to a specific diet for a project she apparently eschews hiring outside help or signing up for a service, instead opting to prepare and cook her specialized meals herself. Blake loves to cook her own food so much that she even went to school at the world renowned Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris in 2010. And she's not above sharing her culinary skill secrets with the world either. Aside from posting her own meals and recipes on her Instagram, she also made culinary tips and skills a major part of her lifestyle website Preserve.

6 Cara Delevingne


Being tall, lean, and super slim might be a requirement to be a successful model, but ultra successful model and new actress Cara Delevingne seems like the lucky type who can eat what she wants while still staying small. Apparently Cara would actually like to be curvier than she is now, but even indulging in some of the unhealthiest foods you can imagine doesn't cause her to put on the pounds. Cara's fitness trainer says that Cara eats whatever the hell she wants, she just limits herself to around 1,400 calories each day and keeps up with a solid exercise regimen. Cara is a big fan of fast food joints like McDonald's and In N Out Burger, and when asked about her favorite food she said that pretty much anything with meat and cheese is the fastest way to her heart and stomach. And she's such a big fan of bacon that she literally got the word tattooed on her foot.

5 Rihanna


Superstar Rihanna is as well known for her slammin' figure as she is for, well, everything else she does, so it makes sense that she would invest in a personal chef to manage her diet. But according to Rihanna's personal chef, the singer can be quite picky and is in the mood for different things every day, so she cooks a wide variety of foods and doesn't really plan out her menu beforehand. But Riri also likes to get some good bang for her caloric buck, so she doesn't cut corners on flavor and enjoyment just to keep it healthy. She packs in a lot of protein but also likes to eat pasta, pancakes, bacon, and jerk chicken on a pretty regular basis. She and her chef also likes to share Rihanna's meals on Instagram, and her chef doesn't just limit herself to cooking for one, as she also caters Rihanna's parties and events.

4 Amber Rose


Amber Rose became famous for her super famous boyfriends, but she stayed famous for her out-of-this-world curves and sassy attitude. You'd think that maintaining a body like that would take an enormous amount of work and you'd have to be born with some pretty great genes to begin with, but that doesn't mean that Amber doesn't enjoy noshing on some seriously good food either. Amber has been seen wolfing down all kinds of fast food, from burgers to burritos and everything in between (even some Subway when she was in the mood for a healthier fast food meal). Rose even had her own signature milkshake, the Amber Rose Blondie, at the now defunct West Hollywood eatery called Millions of Milkshakes. It's certainly impressive that Rose manages to maintain that body with a steady intake of all of the unhealthiest American standard foods, but if she can eat what she likes and look like that, then more power to her.

3 Shay Mitchell


Pretty Little Liars beauty Shay Mitchell manages to look like a supermodel even in candid paparazzi shots where she's pumping gas, so it's hard to imagine that her entire life isn't preened to perfection. And while Mitchell admittedly is very consistent with exercising and says that she actually enjoys physical activity, she also isn't the type to deny herself when she's in the mood for something not so healthy to eat. Shay seems to aim for a 1,500 calorie per day diet and tries to incorporate a lot of healthy and nutritious food into her daily regimen, but she says that if she's craving pizza or ice cream she definitely doesn't deny herself either. She even likes to make her own pizza from scratch at home, and while she does try to stick to the celebrity standard of lots of fresh foods she says that she really doesn't like to stick to a particular diet.

2 Lea Michele

Unlike a lot of the other entries on this list, Lea Michele admits that she sticks to an almost entirely healthy diet in order to maintain her physique. She eschews fast food, soda, and sugary treats, and says that she doesn't like to treat her body like a "garbage disposal." But the fact that she doesn't often go for junk food doesn't mean that she doesn't absolutely love to eat. In fact Lea likes to cook her own meals as much as possible, and after one glance at some of the recipes she uses it's easy to see that she's not just boiling some pasta and slapping some tomato sauce on top. Michele is such a huge food fan that she dedicated an entire chapter of her book Brunette Ambition to what she likes to eat and certain dishes that are her biggest standbys (and she definitely seems to favor things that are nutritious and delicious).

1 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian might make her living off of her appearance, but that doesn't mean that the reality star and glamour model doesn't love to indulge in all of the foods that you're really not supposed to eat. Kim has a pretty open and professed love for all kinds of food, but she is also an admitted junk food junkie. She loves to eat bad food so much that she even once shared her top five fast food orders (she seems to prefer the classics, like cheeseburgers, french fries, and chicken). She says that she has a lower tolerance for junk food since becoming a mom, but attributes that more to having to keep such a strict diet to ditch the baby weight than a sudden personal preference against it. Normally the reality mogul sticks to a pretty strict Atkins diet when she's looking to get fit, but she still says that when she decides to cheat she really likes to go hard.

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