15 Female Celebs Who Acted In Their Birthday Suit In 2016

Do you have a favorite naughty scene from film or television? Maybe it dates back to the days of Barbarella or Fatal Attraction, or perhaps you prefer modern-day masterpieces such as Orange is the New

Do you have a favorite naughty scene from film or television? Maybe it dates back to the days of Barbarella or Fatal Attraction, or perhaps you prefer modern-day masterpieces such as Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones. Whatever it is, we are sure that we will get you excited all over again with our list of 15 Female Celebs Who Acted in Their Birthday Suit in 2016.

There really is something here for everyone: good ol’ American beauties, as well as more exotic actresses from Brazil, Germany, and Ireland. Plus, these women are not only attractive, but they are empowering; they use their skills and talents to hone their craft and do great work. They stun us with their beauty as well as their acting chops, and in a world where women are still treated as the lesser sex in some cases, it is wonderful to see ladies owning their power and potential.

So we invite you to sit back for a bit and take in the splendor of these women. They are busy at work on their movies and TV shows, and some of them are even delving into other endeavors, such as fashion, voice work, and advocacy. How inspiring is that? You really can be gorgeous and have a brain, so take a cue from these actresses and work what your momma gave you! Motivation aside, you can also feel free to salivate a bit over these actresses and the racy scenes they have filmed. Baring it all on the big or silver screen can’t be easy, but these women make it look absolutely flawless!

15 Morena Baccarin - Deadpool

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You really can’t go wrong with a Brazilian actress, and that is what viewers got when they tuned in to see the Deadpool movie. There are various sexy scenes in which Morena Baccarin (Vanessa) and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) flirtatious associate with each other. One scene in particular will get you hot under the collar. Baccarin gets stripped down to her undies by Reynolds and those panties eventually come off. It is hot and spicy, and it’s a sex scene that will not disappoint. In fact, the Deadpool movie is scary sexy, if you can get past all the violence and creepy tactics of the antagonist, but we don’t want to give too much away! See it for yourself, and if you want to see more of beautiful Baccarin, check out the Stargate series or film (she plays the character of Adria), or find her in Gotham as Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

14 Laverne Cox - Orange is the New Black

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LGBTQ extraordinaire Laverne Cox is no stranger to putting herself out there, and when it comes to the prized TV series Orange is the New Black, she leaves little to the imagination. Granted, this is a series that features a whole lot of sexiness (as you will see from the other entries on our list), and we could not exclude Cox from it. The actress portrays the role of Sophia Burset on Orange is the New Black, and she had some steamy sexual scenes with her co-stars. She is also the very first transgender woman to receive a Primetime Emmy nod. Of course, Cox is being featured in many places these days, what with her great acting skills, profound message, and killer confidence. Besides Orange is the New Black, you should try spotting her in the 2016 film Freak Show (she plays Felicia). As far as films are concerned, 2016 was filled with projects, including The Rocky Horror Picture Show reboot, Doubt, and Lip Sync Battle.

13 Taylor Schilling - Orange is the New Black

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The 32-year-old American actress is sizzling, both in her appearance and her career. She plays the character of Piper Chapman on Orange is the New Black, which earned her awards and recognitions galore. She’s got seven industry awards, in case you were wondering! Besides all of that though, Schilling is an actress who has really made a name for herself in the past eight or nine years. She started out in Dark Matter, a 2007 independent film, before launching herself into Mercy and The Lucky One, opposite Zac Efron (ooh, la la!) As for her sexiness in 2016, she did not disappoint viewers with her appearances in Orange is the New Black. She and co-star Laura Prepon gave us a riveting display of girl-on-girl action by getting it on in the shower at the on-screen prison. Talk about hot and steamy, both literally and figuratively! Is there more of that to come in 2017?

12 Laura Prepon - Orange is the New Black

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A beauty with brains and wit to match, Laura Prepon is sexy in basically every sense of the word. On the hit series Orange is the New Black, she stars alongside other sirens, such as Laverne Cox, Taylor Schilling, and Ruby Rose. Prepon plays the character of Alex Vause, lesbian lover to Schilling’s Piper Chapman. Prepon also portrayed Cathy in the 2016 film The Girl on the Train. Her escapades of the year fall heavily on that hot lesbian shower scene in Orange is the New Black. But don’t get too excited, everyone, because Prepon is currently taken by someone else. In real life, she is dating Ben Foster, an actor known for his role in Warcraft: The Beginning. We are pretty sure that Foster knows what to expect from Prepon in the bedroom...especially if he is a Netflix subscriber! What a lucky man he must feel like.

11 Ruby Rose - Orange is the New Black

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If there is any actress who makes both men and women feel certain things, it is Ruby Rose. The Aussie celeb made a breakout statement in Orange is the New Black during the third and fourth seasons, when she showed up as the new girl, Stella Carlin. Obviously, everyone wants her to return to the series and reprise her role as the badass character, so we’ll see. Rose is pretty busy doing her own thing; she is always scheduled with celebrity appearances, tour dates, and guest appearances on other shows and programs. On top of that, she is a firm supporter of LGBTQ rights and she is passionate about raising awareness for mental illnesses. So not only can she bare it all in a super hot scene, but she has a huge heart as well. That’s worthy of a 10 out of 10 rating (and a 2016 GLAAD Media Award!)

10 Tilda Swinton - A Bigger Splash

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Receiving a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes, the 2016 film A Bigger Splash features lots of intensity and some intriguing subjects. Tilda Swinton stars as Marianne Lane, a rocker gal who is recovering from vocal cord surgery when she just happens to bump into her ex after years of separation. Sound exciting already? Well, the film also includes splashes of hot action (pardon the pun), and we would just like to take a moment to applaud Swinton for being a 55-year-old on-screen maven. Whether it is her fiery red hair, her superb acting chops, or her undeniable confidence (which let’s be honest, is extremely attractive in a woman), Swinton never ceases to amaze audiences and film critics. Be sure to check out A Bigger Splash, and then segue into Doctor Strange, where you can find Swinton starring as The Ancient One. Clearly, this actress seriously knows how to take good roles!

9 Lizzy Caplan - Masters of Sex

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Somewhere between her role as Janis Ian in Mean Girls and present day, actress Lizzy Caplan’s career has skyrocketed, and we are so glad it did. In 2004, Lizzy was a fan favorite in the Lindsay Lohan film, Mean Girls, but then we didn’t really pay any attention to her. That is until 2013, when Lizzy began to play the role of Virginia Johnson in Masters of Sex. Virginia Johnson was one of the female pioneers of the sexual revolution back in the 1960s, and Lizzy does a great job of portraying this persona on the Showtime series. Given that Masters of Sex is featured on subscription-only TV channel, the show is permitted to include ample amounts of skin, so guess whose bod viewers can see on full display? That’s right: Lizzy’s! The 2016 season of Masters of Sex included a whole lot of, action and the audience had plenty of opportunities to spot Lizzy in her birthday suit. The actress explained that she is as cozy as possible in her own skin, even on TV!

8 Caitriona Balfe - Outlanders

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Never underestimate the seductive powers of an Irish lass. Caitriona Balfe plays Claire Beauchamp in the TV series Outlanders, and she does a mighty good job at lassoing in both her co-stars and her audience. Her on-screen talents and skills have earned her a People’s Choice Award and two Saturn Awards for Outlanders, and she is bound to continue racking up acclaim and recognition. If the 37-year-old beauty seems drop-dead gorgeous, that’s because she really is. In fact, Balfe previously worked as a model (in Paris, France of all places), before focusing more on acting. And it’s not just viewers who have noticed her appeal; her Outlanders co-star, Sam Heughan is rumored to be dating the Irish actress. Could it be that untangling Balfe from those Outlander-era corsets awoke something else inside of him? By baring her luscious skin on the silver screen, Balfe fulfilled the fantasies of many a male viewer.

7 Olivia Wilde - Vinyl

Via inverse

Those cheekbones, though. And that booty!! Actress Olivia Wilde left little to the imagination when she undressed for her appearance in Vinyl. The TV series provides viewers a full-frontal glimpse of Wilde’s goods, and they are fine indeed. She was even a real sport and donned a merkin (false hair down there!) to give her nether regions a more natural look (and then she joked about it on Twitter! What’s not to love about this woman?) This is the stuff you can get away with on HBO, which is where you can find the TV series Vinyl. We highly recommend that you get on board with it! That being said, Wilde isn’t only gorgeous and alluring when she is in this show; whether she is on the red carpet or just waltzing around town, she looks like a true beauty. Catch her as Sunshine in the upcoming film Black Dog, Red Dog.

6 Eliza Dushku - Banshee

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With an 88% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, plus the fact that Eliza Dushku has an intimate scene in it, you really have no excuse not to see Banshee. The Cinemax TV series has been critically acclaimed, and audiences everywhere have been seriously happy to see Eliza in the buff. We already know that she looks absolutely smashing in workout clothes or a swimsuit; in Banshee you can see her as Veronica Dawson, a special agent with the FBI who is not only a kick-butt character, but rounded out with struggles of her own. While she tries to track down a serial killer, she finds herself letting off some steam with other characters. Anyway, to see Eliza in Banshee, you will have to watch the fourth season, although the entire TV series is worth a watch, if you have the time. Next to Game of Thrones, it’s probably one of the most exciting cable series.

5 Dakota Johnson - A Bigger Splash

Via theplaylist

Starring alongside Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes in A Bigger Splash, Dakota Johnson provides some much-needed refreshment and youth (no offense to the other actors). Most people will already know of Johnson from her role as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey (by the way, Fifty Shades Darker is slated for a February 10, 2017 release, so mark your calendars). Johnson was also in the film How to Be Single, opposite Rebel Wilson. Is it just us, or does Johnson just very easily command the screen no matter what movie she’s in? The 27-year-old astounds audiences with her curves, porcelain skin, and pouty lips. News would have it that Johnson is a lesbian and has opted to date celebrity Cara Delevingne. Who knows? No matter who she ends up with, that person will be one of the luckiest people on the planet, to have free rein of Johnson’s perfect physique.

4 Teresa Palmer - The Choice

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Is there some unwritten law that all women from Australia need to be gorgeous? First it was Ruby Rose, and now it is Teresa Palmer. She starred in the 2016 film The Choice, and blew us away with her rocking body and sexiness. The 30-year-old had already solidified her name in Hollywood with roles in Lights Out and Warm Bodies. In The Choice, she plays Gabby Holland, who quickly falls in love with her neighbor, Travis Shaw (portrayed by Benjamin Walker). The film is an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel by the same name, so you can bet that things get intimate and romantic. Gabby must choose between her current boyfriend (played by the hot Tom Wells), or this new seductive neighbor, Travis. Needless to say, there is some hanky panky that you might be interested in! If you can’t get enough of Palmer, prepare for 2:22, Berlin Syndrome, and Message From the King.

3 Yvonne Strahovski - Manhattan Night

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First of all, she’s Australian, which already makes Yvonne Strahovski super hot. Secondly, you can see her in Manhattan Night, a 2016 film in which Yvonne stars opposite Adrien Brody. In the movie, Yvonne’s character is trying to come to terms with the death of her husband, who was murdered. She seeks the help of a private investigator to find out who killed her husband off, but it seems that the P.I. is checking Yvonne out, too. A steamy scene has Yvonne stripped down to nothing as she gets hot and heavy with the investigator. Anyway, you might also recognize Yvonne from TV series such as Dexter, Chuck, and 24: Live Another Day. For 2017, she is slated to appear in ten episodes of the TV series The Handmaid’s Tale, adapted from Margaret Atwood’s acclaimed novel. If there was ever a reason to grab a library would be in anticipation of hot Yvonne Strahovski.

2 Aubrey Plaza - Dirty Grandpa

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Leave it to actress Aubrey Plaza to star in a movie called Dirty Grandpa, opposite Robert De Niro. The 32-year-old Plaza may have made a household name of herself by playing April on the TV series Parks and Recreation, but she has since branched out into other roles to prove that she can portray a wide variety of characters. Take for instance, Dirty Grandpa, in which Plaza plays the role of Lenore, a young woman who happens to have a thing for older men. In a funny (and creepy) turn of events during the movie’s filming, Plaza discovered something personal about De Niro. He does not like attention paid to his nipples. During the scene - which took a whole day to shoot - Plaza tried seducing De Niro by sucking his nips, but he was so not into it. Bummer…? If you ask us, Plaza deserves a medal for working with Robert De Niro in that way.

1 Rachel Brosnahan - Louder Than Bombs

Via yifimovie

If you haven’t heard of Rachel Brosnahan yet, you will very soon. The 25-year-old American actress has starred in The Unborn and Beautiful Creatures, and with the 2016 movie Louder Than Bombs, she bares it all to show the world what she’s got. And it’s good. Louder Than Bombs features Brosnahan as Erin, and the film has a focus on death and sorrow, but don’t let that fool you. It still has plenty to offer in terms of excitement and action. Plus, Brosnahan got to act opposite Jesse Eisenberg for this film. Oh, and TV buffs will definitely remember Brosnahan’s face from her role as Rachel Posner in House of Cards. The actress may be petite, but that is part of her appeal. She has enough talent to make it in the big times, and at her young age, we can expect to see her in many more productions in the coming years. In fact, she is slated to appear in The Finest Hours, The Fixer, and Patriot's Day.

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15 Female Celebs Who Acted In Their Birthday Suit In 2016