15 Female Celebs We Put Up With Because They're Hot AF

There are plenty of female celebs out there who grind our gears to no end thanks to their idiotic comments or attention-grabbing antics.

The status of celebrity is a tricky one to fully grasp. The status of celebrity can be reached by a few chosen ones by various means. Fame and celebrity status don't necessarily equate to obtaining a one-of-a-kind talent; nor does it mean they're always famous for the right reasons. It appears as though the go-to means to become a famous celebrity is to either do something incredulously stupid on the internet and go viral for it or to just look unanimously attractive, the latter of which has not only given birth to many a celebrity over the year but also helped plenty of celebs retain their celebrity status.

People tend to forget and forgive a lot of things if the offender happens to be attractive. No one gives ugly people the benefit of the doubt when they do something wrong or annoying, not when they lack the cute puppy-dog-eyed demeanor of a Vogue cover star. Attractive people tend to get away with a lot because no matter what they do, we tend to turn the other cheek in favor of ogling them or drooling over their intoxicating image. This tends to be the case often with celebrities, especially female celebrities. After all, all men are just perverted, sexually hungry -- and let's not forget, bafflingly stupid -- and we usually get easily distracted by anything with an appealing tail feather attached to it. There are plenty of female celebs out there who grind our gears to no end thanks to their idiotic comments or attention-grabbing antics, and even if we're turned off by their personalities, the bulk of us guys will be infinitely turned on by their beauty. Here are some examples of such women.

15 Kylie Jenner

This is going to be the start of an ongoing trend for this list whereby members of the Kardashian clan are going to frequently appear. There's just something about those Kardashian sisters that just grind our gears to no end. The youngest member of the family's siblings, Kylie Jenner, is no different. Even back when she was still underage, the girl was subject to many a perv's desire. She even inspired young teens to distort their own lips with the "Kylie Jenner Challenge." Without any talent, skills, or profession of her own to speak of, Kylie Jenner has gotten by off of her intoxicating looks that the general public seems to gravitate toward. She pops up in the news so often just for being hot that her sheer presence has become aggravating at this point.

14 Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila's fame (or infamy, depending on how you view it) is literally a result of how many people around the world found her attractive back in the day. Her sex appeal resulted in her becoming the most popular person on MySpace, which provided her a heap of other new opportunities, namely, her own dating show called A Shot at Love. To be fair, the dating show did have a unique premise in that it catered to Tequila's bisexual preferences. The idea of both men and women lusting after Tila Tequila was something new and different for tv audiences in 2007, which is why the season premiere was the second-highest rated premiere for MTV that year. Despite the unique premise, the show also gave Tequila a chance to showcase her irritating personality, which called for her to act way dumber than any adult human being should be allowed to act on a major platform. It's a personality that remains prevalent to this day and has inspired controversy, such as when she openly supported Adolf Hitler and anti-semitism.

13 Ronda Rousey

Until recent years, when her UFC undefeated streak ended, Ronda Rousey was considered by much of the UFC audience to be a stunning knockout of an MMA fighter. However, as soon as she suffered her first loss to Holly Holm in late 2015, Rousey exposed herself as a major crybaby. Seeing as this was the first time when Rousey couldn't back up all of the trash talk she directed toward her opponent, this was an opportunity when Rousey could've taken her blows on the chin, remained humble, and trained harder for her next fight. Instead, she threw a temper tantrum toward anyone who criticized her, and in light of her loss, poured her eyes out on national television for sympathy. It all just reeks of the efforts to complain on behalf of a sore loser.

12 Stacey Dash

Okay, this one might be cheating considering that if we look at more current pictures of Stacey Dash, she hasn't exactly been aging well. However, we'll always have the absolutely stunning pictures of the Clueless actress in her prime. Looking back at just how mighty fine she used to be makes us want to forget just how clueless Dash herself has been acting over the last few years. Even if we can look past her political flip-flop of parties from Democrat to Republican, we cannot so easily look past her more controversial claims -- claims like how she thinks that transgender rights "infringe upon her own" in the wake of last year's big bathroom debate or when she was in support of banning the immigration of Middle Easterners in the wake of the Pulse nightclub shooting. It's both disappointing and incensing to see what this former bombshell has become.

11 Kim Kardashian

It's both incredible and incredibly perplexing that one leaked sex tape with Ray J gave birth to one of the biggest and most infamous family empires in all of entertainment. The Kardashian empire has single-handedly branched out into movies, music, and television, and -- if Kanye West's promises (or threats, depends on who you ask) of running for President become fulfilled in time for 2020 -- the White House. And it all started with Kim Kardashian. Honestly, we have to give credit where credit is due to Kim Kardashian for taking the negative of a leaked tape and turning it into positive business endeavors, but the fact that it has all led to us having to hear about every single thing that her family does is reason enough to find her annoying.

10 Kourtney Kardashian

Though she's not nearly as active of a presence in the media as the rest of her sisters, people find Kourtney Kardashian to be the most infuriating Kardashian. Ironically enough, many seem to cite her as the most attractive of that wild bunch as well, but above anything else, people seem to despise her more than most of the other Kardashian family members. Even passionate viewers of Keeping Up With The Kardashian seem to be ticked off by Kourtney's screeching voice and unappealing antics, especially when it's related to the antics of her ex, Scott Disick. On the show, Kourtney tends to slander Scott and complain about him to her sisters on a regular basis. Yet, whenever her sisters criticize Scott in the slightest of ways, Kourtney is quick to defend him and lashes out at her sisters for bad mouthing her bae. Make up your mind, Kourtney.

9 Katy Perry

Boobs, boobs, and more boobs. That's pretty much what most media outlets were obsessed with when Katy Perry first broke into the music industry. She always made good music, but people were always more obsessed with her physique and stature more than anything else. That's something that annoys her fans more than anything else. Now, in light of recent events, Perry has been in the news enough to tick off her fans, her haters, and casuals alike. Now, since Perry has begun her 2017 celebrating her new found "wokeness" by dancing badly on stage with Migos and being interviewed by BLM activist Deray McKesson on social issues, audiences have a whole new reason to be annoyed by Perry and her antics, which come off as far too forced to take seriously. But will people still give her the time of day? Of course. Why? Because boobs, of course.

8 Farrah Abraham

This Teen Mom alum was expected to just be another flash in the pan once her 15 minutes of fame with MTV were up. However, Farrah Abraham decided to prolong her celebrity status by releasing a "leaked" sex tape (which was later revealed to be completely staged) alongside infamous porn star, James Deen, in 2013. Since then, Abraham has managed to remain in the limelight no matter how badly we all want her to go away. As with most cases of talentless celebs who are more famous for their bodies than any sort of skill that they may or may not have, Abraham has us scratching our heads as to why her star has yet to fizzle out. Sadly, for those of us sick of her, we'll be seeing more and more of her in the future in light of her appearance on the latest season of Marriage Boot Camp.

7 Taylor Swift

She may have left the country music industry ages ago in favor of a more career-rejuvenating pop direction, but Taylor Swift's music is still as repetitive as ever. No matter what album we pull out, we'll find that the bulk of her track lists include diss tracks to ex-boyfriends and pro-feminist messages for naive little girls despite her denial of the feminist movement until it became a profitable commodity. She outright skirted around feminism and publicly said she wasn't a feminist until very recently changing her mind. This kind of social flip-flopping has made people weary of the message she attempts to put out in her songs, especially when that message is sometimes presented as a diss track against her fellow artists, just as "Bad Blood" was to Katy Perry. However, like Perry, Swift will remain a staple of the music genre as long as she retains her good looks.

6 Lea Michele

Lea Michele has wound up becoming the runaway breakout star from the Glee series. Whether it's because she's actually a good actress or just because she's hot is up for debate. On the surface, when just presented with Michele's acting resume, there's nothing to complain about. Her shocking performance on Scream Queens proved she has enough acting chops to earn her spot in Hollywood. But when we're presented with her alleged antics outside of what we see on-screen, Michele makes us raise an eyebrow in her direction, especially when former co-stars like Naya Rivera reveal Michele as an on set control freak and spotlight hogger. Knowing her attitude isn't nearly as pretty as her face makes Michele come off as an obnoxious brat.

5 Kendall Jenner

For the longest time, people perceived Kendall Jenner as the only Kardashian with her head on straight. She was controversy-free, kept her nose clean, and there was never a moment when she got on our nerves. That was until Kendall's Pepsi ad garnered a heap of controversy. That one ill-advised commercial was reason enough for many to call Kendall the biggest airhead of them all. Now, Kendall has earned even more hate in light of her and Kylie releasing a line of vintage t-shirts, which overlap their faces on top of the photographs of famous dead musicians. The fact that neither sister received permission from the estates of any of these musicians is disrespectful and disgusting. It's also a move that proves to be biting both Jenners in their backsides as they're currently being sued by the guy who took the original Tupac photograph and have received cease and desist letters from Biggie's mom and The Doors.

4 Blac Chyna

There's no denying that Blac Chyna is an absolute baddie. After all, there's a reason why both Tyga and Rob Kardashian both had children with the Lashed make-up brand owner. In fact, Chyna's dazzling beauty is reason enough why Rob Kardashian tried to wife her up before the flame between them eventually fizzled out. Unfortunately, the messy aftermath of their relationship is what continues to grind our gears. Granted, the whole Chyna/Rob situation isn't entirely Chyna's fault as him leaking her nudes was a foul move on his part. But the ongoing drama between Blac Chyna and The Kardashians is what we're all annoyed about. A feud grown out of gossip, pettiness, rumors, and backstabbing is a feud that gets new coverage seemingly every time we turn our heads. Frankly, we're sick of hearing about it, and in turn, despite her beauty, it makes us sick of hearing about Blac Chyna.

3 Lady Gaga

It almost goes without saying that Lady Gaga has an incredible musical resume in addition to having a widely accepted sexual appeal. Ever since she first hit the scene with The Fame and The Fame Monster albums, Gaga has consistently dropped impressive musical feats, which have ranged from charmingly electric and heartbreakingly emotional. If we could only judge her by her music, we would all love her unconditionally, but since we're presented with her public persona as well, that can make her a little harder to warm up to. Most audiences find her public image to be mystifying to the point of aggravating, as if Gaga tries too hard to be different or flat-out weird. Judging by some of the outfits that she's been seen wearing on countless red carpets, she has more than succeeded in looking as bizarre as possible but at the price of alienating most of her mainstream audiences.

2 Paris Hilton

The question "Why is Paris Hilton famous?" seems to be a question that we've all been asking ourselves for the past couple decades. That same question seems to have evolved into "Why is Paris Hilton still famous?" over the the past couple years. When Hilton was hot off of the attention garnered from her 1 Night in Paris sex tape and her Simple Life reality series, we could at least chalk up her success to America's fascination with attractive heiresses who make nonsensical remarks in a robotic tone. Superficial reasoning, yes, but she really had nothing that could last her more than her 15 minutes of fame. And yet, she still remains an active presence in celebrity lifestyles. Despite her 2006 album flopping, her music career is ongoing with an upcoming second album and a continuing DJ career. It really seems as though just being attractive can take people far in life.

1 Miley Cyrus

Upon leaving the Disney life in her rear view mirror in 2012, Miley Cyrus went through a drastic makeover in both appearance and personality. In appearance, she cut her hair and dyed it blonde. In personality, she started promoting a more overtly sexual and provocative image that the media turned into a whirlwind of gossip. Tabloids were utterly fascinated and obsessed with the transformation, so much so that Cyrus couldn't stick her tongue out, shake her butt, or buy groceries without the paps reporting about it. The general public either didn't care nearly as much about Cyrus as the media thought we did or were offended by what some deem to be Cyrus's cultural appropriation of the black community. If you fell into either category, you were probably annoyed by Cyrus's presence on every major media outlet.


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