15 Female Athletes Who Suck, But Are Super Hot

Sports are an incredible thing. They can take its participants and their fans to the highest levels of euphoria or they can cause them to crumble epically into a deep dark place of depression and the painful reality of loss. The highs and lows of sports are like nothing on this earth. The athletes themselves become iconic; celebrities in their own right who represent various global brands and, on rare occasions, they establish their own name as a brand (see Michael Jordan for the best case-in-point). Sports often dominate the news cycle. Millions upon millions of fans across the world watch such incredible spectacles as: The World Cup (Soccer/Futbol), the Super Bowl (America's Football Championship) and the NBA Championship. There are many other sports that draw massive crowds as sports seems to combine competitive spirit with personal investment by fans all across the globe.

Now, this may not be popular to say, but men's sports are far more popular than women's sports. It is a simple fact. The men draw more of a crowd to stadiums and draw a massive audience share on television while many women's sports struggle to get aired on television. Perhaps that may be why some female athletes have taken it upon themselves to cross-brand themselves beyond just being athletes. Although many women in many sports have made big headway in achieving much larger purses (like what the Williams Sisters have done for women's tennis), there still is a tremendous gap in star power and interest. So, just like in other fields, women go to great lengths to showcase some of their other talents for attention, namely, their bodies. And oftentimes, their looks far exceed their playing abilities. There are some rare occasions where they go hand-in-hand, but many female athletes who double as Internet sensations aren't exactly blazing it up for their sports. These are 15 Athletes Who Are Better Looking Than Talented.


15 Sierra Quitiquit

Known as one of the hottest women in skiing, Sierra Quitiquit is a gorgeous 5'10" blonde who impresses wherever she goes. This beauty is beyond comparison on the slopes when it comes to looks, but when it comes to her career, Sierra lands quite a few more endorsement deals as opposed to skiing championships. The list of big time brands lining up for Sierra are: American Eagle, Lululemon and Nike. Sierra competes all over the place but it is appearances like the one on America's Next Top Model that tell the bigger story about her life and career. Sierra ended upon on numerous International modeling campaigns from New York City to Tokyo. She landed gigs with Seventeen, US Weekly, People, Cosmo and Teen Vogue. Needless to say, she is hot and she can ski pretty well.

14 Natalie Gulbis


Natalie Gulbis is another LPGA golfer who struts her stuff in pretty impressive fashion. The beautiful blonde with blue eyes obviously has some pretty impressive assets to go along with her clubs. Now, Gulbis, isn't a big name in Golf but she has done a bit of winning. She played in her first LPGA Tour event at the tender age of 14. The 5' 9" beauty looks more model than golfer and she certainly hasn't been hurt by those looks. She won her first professional tourney in 2007 at the Evian Masters in France. That was her big score. She cracked the top 20 in 2006 but pretty much slid fast and furious downhill from there. It would be her swimwear modeling spread that caught the ire of the United States Golf Association who barred her photos from being sold at a golf event, labeling it "inappropriate." She has a much longer list of endorsement deals than golf tourney wins that include the likes of MasterCard, Pure Silk, Lake Las Vegas Resort, EA Sports and Lexus.

13 Anna Sidorova

Can you imagine a male curling athlete in this pose? Yeah, neither can I. But Anna Sidorova looks pretty damn fine in her lingerie so it makes sense that she is dressed like this and not Usain Bolt. Born in Moscow, Soviet Union/Russia, Anna was able to draw attention as a marginal curling talent. She was able to get to one curling finals during her career, thus far, but other than that appearance, has struggled to make the quarterfinals and qualify for playoff appearances at most of the events. She has appeared in the Olympics and was able to medal in a few of them with her fellow teammates, but hasn't been much of a force in the sport. She has turned to studying and going back to school in addition to doing some sexy modeling. We aren't sure about her curling skills, but we definitely dig the high heels.

12 Anna Rawson


Yes, that's a golf club you see in the hands of Anna Rawson. And if you're thinking that it might be a good time to play the back 9 with her, you are very correct. But bad sexual puns aside, this golfer doesn't exactly light up the leaderboard on the LPGA Tour. But it is clear that Anna Rawson is one hot commodity. The Australian golfer and model has never made much of an impact in any major. In fact, her highest finish at a professional golf event was 55th. Of course, her golf game may not be much to look at, but her body is quite the opposite. Her golf tour run was short-lived, but her modeling career has had a bit more sparkle.

11 Anna Semenovich

In this extremely inviting and athletic picture, Anna Semenovich takes her insane looks and applies them to pretty much anything she wants. She wears a lot of hats in the world, initially as an ice dancer and moving into modeling, acting and singing. Another Russian beauty, this gorgeous blonde sports a curvaceous body that has drawn her quite a bit of success in many different fields (and online). Anna experienced some minor success during her skating career, but it would be off the ice that she truly excelled. With her insane body and incredible physical attributes, Anna moved on to modeling and singing/acting full time, giving up the ice. She is a Russian pop singer in addition to her posing for various magazine spreads. While most people may not know about Anna, it is worth your time to take a tour of her photo spreads and make yourself familiar. It's definitely worth it.

10 Sophie Horn


Another female golfer with some good looks, Sophie Horn has made a bigger impact on the world with her Maxim spread than her golf game. Visit her website and you will see a gorgeous woman spread across a couch in a bra and tiny shorts. Her image is clear: Sex Symbol, not a serious athlete. In addition to her failed golfing career, Sophie models and is a presenter at various events. Sophie was a strong golfer at a young age. She captured an Under-21 title when she was only 15 years old. But as Sophie got older, her beauty was a bigger draw than her fading golf game. Sophie was good, but not elite. And she decided to dedicate herself to being a fitness guru and model and has moved away from golf.

9 Ellen Hoog

Ellen Hoog is a pretty stellar field hockey player. In fact, she did win gold medals in the Olympics during the 2008 and 2012 games. Born in Bloemendaal, Netherlands, Ellen is a stud midfielder for both the Dutch National Team as well as her regular team. Ellen is one of the best in her sport, an absolute stud. But she isn't known for her incredible play on the pitch. Field hockey is a sport that largely goes under the radar. But what isn't so "under the radar" is Ellen's appearance in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue. The blonde, green-eyed beauty is incredibly popular due to her modeling appearances. We will call her a double-threat with actual athletic success and beauty. But it is her hotness that has garnered most of Ellen's attention and with good reason.


8 Danica Patrick


Ah, the most famous racing girl in the world arrives in Danica Patrick. Many men in her field are jealous of the attention Danica gets for a being an attractive female as opposed to her abilities in the racing world. She is not an elite racer yet garners some of the biggest endorsement dollars in the sport. Aided heavily by years of sexy ads like the ones for, Danica has become a household name and her ability to market far exceeded her racing talents. Danica does hold the distinction of being the first ever woman in Indycar . In the Indycar Series, Danica grabbed one win in the 2008 Indy Japan 300. She has been spotty outside of that; a competitive driver but not a favorite by any means. Male drivers have been upset with Danica over the publicity she gets and the fact that she can race at a much lower weight than other drivers (that's true and hilarious all at the same time). No matter what, she is a massive draw who is represented by IMG talent agency and Excel Sports Management. She is a brand name who has also appeared in SI's Swimsuit Issue back in 2008. So she is hot...and can drive a car pretty well.

7 Blair O'Neal

More golf clubs and more hotness. That is the theme behind these wannabe golf pros who turn to modeling as opposed to pushing their athletic talents to the limit. Blair O'Neal is one hot golfer who was born in Macomb, Illinois. She grew up in Arizona, however, where she spent many hours at the Ranch Golf Club in Mesa, Arizona. Blaire was a good amateur player, capturing a scholarship to play at Arizona State University. She turned pro after college but injuries and the fact that she was super-hot led her to walk away from the game. Instead she moved into modeling. From there, she has been the face of Puma and largely been considered as one of the sexiest female golfers of all time (notice we didn't say one of the best). Blair definitely has golf game but her looks have taken her much further.

6 Liz Gorman


Yeah, by the picture above you pretty much know where we are going here. Okay, so Lingerie Football may not be catching fire anytime soon, but Elizabeth Gorman was both one of the best players in the league and one of the we had to add her to this list. Clearly her looks speak for themselves; fire-hot! She is an absolute 10, physically fit and incredibly beautiful. While playing in the LFL for the Los Angeles Temptation, she was the 2010 Defensive Player of the Year and also garnered All-Star awards for 2010 and 2011. Elizabeth was a true athlete before wearing almost no clothes and playing football. She got a scholarship to play soccer in college for Judson University. She is a model, personal trainer and generally makes the world a better place by just being in it.

5 Meghan Hardin

Meghan Hardin is incredibly fit and insanely sexy. That's where the conversation will begin about this gorgeous beauty. Sexy does not do her justice. She is yet another golfer that makes the list. Meghan has always been a competitor. She grew up in Lake Arrowhead, California. In high school, Meghan was a cheerleader to go along with becoming the first girl to ever make the men's golf team. She became the captain of both to no one's surprise. Meghan has struggled to find success in golf but that hasn't stopped her from exploding online with many "inspirational" photos. Meghan's medically enhanced sinful body has become something of legend while her golf game leaves a lot to be desired. Although she hasn't been able to do much in the professional ranks, that hasn't stopped the world from talking about her looks. For her golf game, Meghan has seemingly moved on, focusing more on high-priced real estate these days. Some of her photos though...legendary!

4 Allison Stokke


Pole vaulting isn't exactly a sport that garners a lot of money and attention. But it is a sport that Allison Stokke enjoyed competing in. Her fitness and beauty have never come into question. She started at a young age, becoming one of the best young pole vaulters in the United States. She won the 15/16 United States Title. Allison went on to the University of California, Berkeley. After college she moved on to become a professional vaulter, competing and modeling for Nike and Athleta. Allison has enjoyed some strong social media fame, her looks and abilities exciting the world abound. In 2015, Allison became a sportswear model and has worked with numerous companies. She has tremendous athleticism and undeniable beauty and appeal.

3 Roxy Louw

Is there anything sexier than a hot woman that knows how to handle her board? It's pretty exciting to see a gorgeous female surfer that can hang and outboard a number of the men out on the waves. Born in Cape Town, Africa, Roxy Louw is the daughter of ex-rugby legend Rob Louw. Athleticism is in her blood and she has always enjoyed the water. Roxy is a member of the Oakley Surfing Team and also doubles as one of their most popular models for their brand. In 2008, Roxy appeared in SI's Swimsuit Issue which helped launch her popularity and modeling career. She has been featured in some of the most famous magazines, including FHM, where in 2010 they named her "Hottest Woman in the World." Roxy has also moved into acting, as well, in addition to her successful modeling career.

2 Roberta Mancino


Skydiver Roberta Mancino is extremely comfortable with her body (and we mean EXTREMELY!). There is no shortage of seeing A LOT of Roberta online. She has posed for Playboy in addition to BASE jumping, skydiving and wingsuit flying. Make no mistake about it, Roberta, born in Anzio, Italy, is a fearless athlete who has literally climbed some of the highest mountains and flown off of them. In addition to her daring aerial abilities, she also is an international model whose sex appeal in undeniable. She has even gone of four skydives while completely naked! In 2010, Men's Fitness honored Roberta as the "World's Sexiest Female Athlete." Roberta has had five parachutes not open on her mid-jump (holy crap). She is one of the best in the air, a truly exceptional athlete. But the world knows her for her incredible physique and beauty, both of which are quite impressive.

1 Anna Kournikova

Has there ever been anyone who got more publicity and attention for her looks in sports than Anna Kournikova? We say, "no!" She is absolutely the queen of being the most over-hyped athlete of all time. But to be fair to Anna, the media enjoyed hyping her looks far more than her tennis game and she just went along for the ride. She was a pure beauty, a blonde angel who arrived out of Russia to dawn the tennis courts. Women competing against her were jealous of her looks and the attention she garnered. Anna had more endorsement deals than anyone and had far less success than many on the tour. Anna could compete, she could be above average in most tournaments, but she never sniffed a major title and she often was lacking in her game, having few strengths. She was able to tread water and compete on the court, but off the court, she was a massive success. She made millions upon millions in modeling and endorsement deals, dwarfing any money she made while playing tennis. At her height, no athlete was more popular who did as little in her sport. Her every move off the court was followed as if she was a star and she was to many.


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