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Aubrey Plaza, though already acclaimed for her role as April Ludgate in the television show Parks and Rec, recently achieved massive international recognition for her award-winning performance in Ingrid Goes West. In Parks and Rec as April Ludgate, Plaza plays the eccentric love-bird of Chris Pratt, who plays Andy

Dwyer. After dumping his previous girlfriend Anne Perkins, played by Rashida Jones to be with Aubrey Plaza, the two go on to form an adorably immature, but stronghold relationship. Pratt and Plaza undoubtedly made a comedic power-couple in the series, displaying on-screen awkwardness that had audiences praying for the formation of some kind of real life romance. Even the outtakes of the show exemplified the chemistry between the two, with Chris Pratt even owning up to getting aroused after Plaza slapped him when their characters are roleplaying in one of the show's nightclub scenes.

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